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  1. Hey guys good evening i just bought the new PMDG 737 and in the new operation centre it seems like i have to put pilot credentials. Does anyone know here you get the information for that thanks
  2. Hey guys i had a long brake and now i am back and i do apologise for this late reply. I would like to inform you guys that i have fixed it through pre-load sounds. Even do sometimes i get a bit of stuttering on 747. Its much more flyable than it used to be and thank you guys for all the support. Safe flights
  3. roger thanks guys i will try and remove 'fx_skidmark.fx' and see if that works as its the most used method from what i saw. I will update this if it works
  4. Hello hoping everyone is having a good day i was just wondering. I have always had micro stutters when the main gear has contact with the runway when landing (on the PMDG 747) and i have never found a good solution to this (this does not occur on aircraft such as the FSLABS or QW787) . I limited my frames, monitor refresh rate and settings and nothing seems to have done the trick yet. However not too long ago i found this in another forum from someone with this issue in 2014 in the FSX days saying: 'remove or rename fx_skidmark.fx from "effects" folder.' Apparently this worked for the people in the forum. Is this a valid fix and could someone that has tried or knows it will work let me know. Thanks
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