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  1. Thank you so very much Kevin and Romain, you both are right on the dot... I had landing lights illuminate ground checked, but not Dynamic Lighting. Yes, the CDU has the option there, I think I will just leave it off for now and click the FO PFD if I need it. While I have you guys here, sometimes my EZDoc camera runs smooth, sometimes jerky when switching views, I am using V2, any ideas on that, you 2 guys are very knowledgeable about a lot, so I will pick your brains... Also, what is CTD, I hear that a lot, but do not know what it means?
  2. Don't mess with aileron trim at all, especially with an A/P engaged. Sometimes in the real jets, you need a little up at cruise to fine tune the jet to fly as clean as possible, but generally leave it at zero... The only time you really need rudder trim is with an engine failure to relieve foot pedal pressure. If power is changed, then the rudder trim requirement is changed as well. Generally fly with your feet first, and then trim it out. More thrust, more trim, less thrust, less trim as power changes for airspeed requirements. Foot or rudder pedal pressure first, then trim it out with rudder trim. Aileron and rudder are required for crosswind takeoff and landings, but not aileron and rudder trim. In a heavy jet, aileron needs to be used sparingly as excess aileron can cause spoilers to come up and induce drag on takeoff. I agree with Rogwen on that one...
  3. Everything works fine on my PMDG 747-4 on Prepar3D V4, except 2 things: The landing lights and taxi/turnoff lights do not illuminate on the runway/taxiway at all... The Captains PFD is not selectable to pop out to a bigger display... Anyone have any ideas how to fix those issues? Thank you in advance...
  4. I cracked up at this. I was zooming around to find another camera angle and I ended up on the flight deck of the PMDG 747-400 and the FO looks like me. The little, baby alligator arms don't look like my long arms, but this guy has a resemblance to my pilot passport photo. I had a good laugh. If you have not gone on the flight deck to watch these guys in action for a couple of minutes, watch them move their heads, wipe their foreheads, and point to the overhead, it is pretty entertaining, or I am easily entertained.
  5. I thought that was spelled wrong...ORBX is better I think...
  6. Yes, I think you are right John, it was on every airplane I have been on, but some FCOM's do not mention it, so I believe it is an option. On the 787 I am not sure, I think it is standard on that airplane.
  7. I think you mean "DATA", the center VHF radio is normally used for ACARS and Data Link, when you took it out of DATA and tuned to 121.5 MHZ, now you took the Radio Tuning Panel out of Data Link and tuned it to a frequency, in this case the emergency guard frequency. That triggered all the Audio Panels to receive and be locked to receive on the C VHF. Yes, it is a good practice and a safety technique to monitor guard in case you would pick up an ELT or some other type of signal and report it. Also, if you missed a frequency change, eventually ATC might try the guard frequency to reach you.
  8. Yes, this is normal. If you select 121.5 on any radio tuning panel in the active frequency window, you will automatically trigger the guard function on the audio control panel receivers for that radio. They will illuminate green and you cannot deselect them. All audio control panels will now monitor the 121.5 frequency for that radio. As far as I know, all Boeings do that. I know the 747 and 787 do that, those are the jets I am rated on, I assume it does it on the 777 as well. Nice exploring Robert to discover that!
  9. I did not know about the ORBYX cross platform, thanks a bunch Vic. I did today purchase the Active Sky 2016 for Prepar3D V4 for the upgrade price, well worth the $20
  10. I was having major problems with FSX-SE, so I made the move to Prepar3D V4. I was a little reluctant to spend the money on the Pro version, but I am really liking it a lot. I do not have any add-ons on it other than the PMDG 747 thus far, but it runs great on my machine. Before installing anything, it is worth looking at the PMDG documentation on known issues, like making a PMDG airplane the default airplane. I did this without reviewing the documentation and it resulted in Prepar3D opening, tries to load, and then promptly shows nothing. The task manager does not show anything running, but under the background processes it shows the exe file running, but the start panel of V4 is nowhere to be found. Once I uninstalled it, and re-installed it and made the default a Prepar3D airplane, problem solved. A good lesson to review the documentation in PMDG because it warned me not to do that. But, now I have the problem of not having Orbx or Active Sky 2016, but the right out of the box Prepar3D V4 is pretty darn good in my opinion. I am really enjoying it...
  11. Currently, I am a Captain Instructor Pilot and FAA Examiner for a major jet manufacturer. I am rated on the B747-400, B747-8, B787, B757, B767, A320, and SD3 aircraft. When not doing that, since I am a flight training consultant, I am an equity and index option trader for my self direct accounts. More recently, within the last year I discovered how accurate these simulations of commercial airliners are, like the PMDG 777 and 747-4 V3 and iFly 747-400. So, as I continue to age (62, ugh), I want to get involved with the VATSIM network and have some fun...
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