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  1. Trim is used to remove pressure on the yoke........ Once you have your airspeed stable adjust the trim to remove any pressure from the yoke/stick.....that's all there is to it. If/when you change airspeed you will need to re-trim.
  2. I get the same problem..for me I close the sim then restart it and then the update works
  3. 757 my favorite....but I'll wait for the QW version.
  4. I had the same basic problem..... first time it wanted to reinstall....so I closed the sim and restarted it and the second time it took me to the download..... just more weird word not allowed from the devs'
  5. The VOR has nothing to do with the ILS...be sure you have the freq set into the correct radio.
  6. My solution...I use the trim switch on the YOKE for large adjustments and the Bravo wheel for minor ones....works like a charm!
  7. I let the FO handle the radios otherwise he gets bored 🙂
  8. Might want to check THEIR forum!
  9. If you are flying over 18,000 ft, it's the required setting (USA)..not sure about other countries
  10. First thing to do is remove all duplicate assignments for the switches......some of the toggles on the Bravo and the ones on the Alpha share the same function..... I left the Alpha as default and re-assigned the Bravo toggles.
  11. You could always ask in their forum..... http://qwsim.flight1.net/forums/forums.html
  12. There are keyboard commands for those but it would be a real pain.
  13. It is, check Sportys Pilot Shop online, they got a truckload in a few days ago
  14. With FSX my work PC was also my sim PC so I had to mount the yoke, throttle, etc everytime I flew, which was a pain since it was almost every day. For 2020 I decided to buy a PC dedicated to only flying....bought it on Newegg, got the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, kept the CH rudder pedals.... and now I hardly fly it.......$2500 dust collector!
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