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  1. It is about both, they merged them.
  2. Here ya go.... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/can-we-have-our-classic-flyby-views-and-tower-views-back-please/259979/53
  3. There is a post about this on the official 2020 site....upvote it and it may get ASOBO's attention. I used the FSX ATC function all the time in multiplayer, it was a hoot!
  4. Be sure you remove anything in the Community folder, then try again. I had the same problem and that fixed it here. As soon as I removed the one file I had in there the sim worked again.....then I added the file back and all is good, at least for now
  5. I know it won't help but holding down the right mouse button works ok here, as well as zooming with the wheel. so it is not broken for all of us, good luck finding the problem. Seems after every update there are new issues.
  6. Tks m8, just what I was looking for! My other thread was locked.
  7. Looking for feedback on the 737 is the MS2020 marketplace.....it looks fairly good, anyone flown it yet? (I'm jonsin for my Boeings!)
  8. The lights are a separate issue but the gear should work out of the box
  9. I used to fly the islands a lot....rule #1 is no flying at night. over water, single engine 🙂
  10. I also reported it around south Florida months ago.....and not a peep out of Asobo about it
  11. Yawnnnnnnnnnnn.......pretty much the same list every update.......I wish the wishlist listed wishes I wish for.....
  12. My next purchase would be my first purchase....so far not a darn thing offered is on my 'must have' list.
  13. Ahhhh the good ol days of FSX, when you could create a plan and then just grab the course line and drag it to where you want. So darn simple a cave man could do it!
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