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  1. I bought LVFR's LEMD 6 or so months ago.. ( I have only standard version of MSFS, so no "handicrafted version of LEMD). Bumps there and there and screen flickering, but at least it resembles LEMD with custom terminals. It's peculiar that the LEBL of LVFR is very good instead. Petteri
  2. New update arrived an hour ago.. still to be tested by me. Petteri
  3. It is okay, but I accidentally bought it from market place and so far havent got the update yet.
  4. All kind of things seem happen to you..
  5. I just purchased this add-on from IniBuilds' shop. At the parking in EGLL FPS was 26-27 when panning around, but no stutters. FSLTL traffic was on. I'm positively surprised over the quality of this add-on. Petteri
  6. Odd, I made a flight couple a days ago LIPE-EDDF (PMDG and excellent fluidity) and skies and airports were full of traffic and static planes. On Tuesday I planned to make LSZH ( FSDT) - LEMD (LVFR) (Fenix, and very poor fps in LSZH: only 11-12 😞 ) . No planes (0) - static or traffic- in Zuerich, some airborne according to LittleNavMap.But the poor frames led me to cancel my flight. Yesterday again with Fenix LOWW (Gaya) - LFLL. Fps was in Vienna 25-30 despite frequent traffic and parked planes, but after having flown around 20 mins, my fps dropped to 10-12. I stopped FSTL, but no improvement in fps. Turned it on again and suffered low fps until LFLL which was full of traffic. I think the problem lies in Fenix or MSFS, because since May 2022 my frames with Fenix have always been 25-30 ( I use RivaTuner to limit 30), but now a couple of flights have been suspicious i.e in LOWW fps 30, then airborne and fps 12??? Petteri
  7. I've a couple of times learned how to fly this beauty by having a checklist and tutorial videos, but I seem not to be able to start the engines.. 😞 Petteri
  8. And I got this message 5 mins ago.. 😞 Now starting up again after having rebooted. Petteri
  9. I, too had a CTD a minute ago. Fenix, EDDK-LOWW just after ETP. I had also 2 or 3 very bad stutterings/pauses already which have been uncommon to me. When it comes to in-flight CTD's, this is only 3rd or 4th for me, previous rare CTDs had happened already at the dep airport ( add-on sceneries?). Petteri
  10. Thanks, so E190 is even more "easy to fly" than A320? Petteri
  11. Hi, after years of staying grounded, I made a flight with E190. My seat was a center seat in 3rd line and I managed to see quite a lot to cockpit before the start. So, I have no knowledge of this plane and I became curious: How automatic is this plane? How does it compare to B737 or A320? If sombody would enlighten me, I'll be grateful. Petteri
  12. Thx Capt Piet, I installed Rivatuner and set fps limit to 30. Then I tested fen320 and was pretty satisfied as my fps' stayed in 30, everything was smooth and the hammering of my cpu and gpu reduced significantly. Petteri
  13. I made yesterday two flights and a320 behaved very well in Scandinavia. 32-36 fps. Today morning I installed the patch and made a leg egkkeddl. From the very beginning everything was a bit stutterish. Fps 25-27. I have Aig running and airtraffic in Central Europe is heavier than in the north. Maybe this could be the reason. Btw with pmdg737 i get 42-46fps ( ryzen 5 3600 and 1660). Petteri
  14. A few hours ago I bought this as a birthday gift to myself. I had B737 from PMDG already in FS9 and FSX so it isn't all new a plane to me. But it was 6 years ago when I last flew this.. Having brought to MSFS platform this plane is very good and I even had to d/l checklist to be able to fire up engines after all these years. LNAV and VNAV worked seamlessly during my first fllight ( EDDM-EBBR) and fps was around 45 ( compared to FSX 15-19) in the cruise. I've until this day flown only excellent FBW A320N and DA-62 and been more than satisfied with them. I'm happy with my present 🙂 but I don't think I'll need another version in the future. Petteri
  15. Well, d/l (4.7GiB) via Steams system was fast but I had nothing to d/l from marketplace and content mgr.
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