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  1. What I would like to see in MSFS ATC is kind of regocnizing runways in use in real time through data from FR24 etc. Petteri
  2. It means SEK 699 which equals about 67 euros.
  3. With regards to eslader's memories.. I by chance found a sim from Sublogic called ATP Pilot or something like that in the early 2000's, maybe 1992 -1994. I had then a 386Sx computer with which I did enjoy the tasks and flying really. Scenery was made up from triangles and other simple things, but the paper maps included and VORs made me enjoy flying across USA. Anybody else remember that thing? Petteri Pulkkinen EFNU
  4. Thanks Chris, I indeed had changed a new email address to pmdg shop.. Resolved. Petteri
  5. Hi, finally I took time and started uninstalling my PMDG products.. at the same time I tried to login to my account in PMDG shop in order to download the updated files for my planes ( NGX, 6700 and 777). I can not login to my account. Login page claims that my email address doesn't exist.. What to do? Can you help me? Petteri Pulkkinen
  6. I'll now comment this topic from my little knowledge. My points will maybe give some point of view to those still considering the purchase: - I bought FSL Airbus and installation was flawless, fluidity in the airports was hmmm moderate, but flying part in my FSX SP2 environemt full of payware- and freeware airports, ORBx FTX, Vector, Open LC , AS2016 etc was a bit slaggish and especially the T/O and landing were not nice. And remaining VAS was on the very low side. - I read about and tried Steve's DX10 Fixer - installed it and gained many fps' and VAS that were of big joy. The thing disturbing me was the graphic quality with my settings. Then I applied some Nvidia Inspector changes, loaded them from FSL forum FAQ or sth like that, and the quality of my scenery view was fantastic - much better than ever before. Now I was in the start position again in FSL A320 contexture. Sluggish in T/O and landing.. - After a fortnight of concentrating to FSL Airbus I did remember I have PMDG's 777 and NGX: Now let's try them with DX10's improved VAS handling and fluidity (+ better graphics): Wow! Both fps and fluidity were for me amazing. - Yesterday I flew with Aerosoft's A320X first time with DX10. Well the graphical quality of scenery and sky, the fluidity of the add-on plane etc. was very pleasing. So from cold and dark FSL brings a couple of more dings and texts in FMGC, but all the normal procedures were there. So my conclusion: DX10 is biggest improvement for FSX in VAS, quality and fps/fluidity, FSL A320 is a tad heavier than PMDG's favourites, AS A320 is quite a good add-on too. Petteri EFNU AMD FX-6350, 8GB, GTX-750Ti
  7. Well, it was quite straightforward.. I installed Steve's fixer, ran it and go.. - first flight gave quite good results but before second flight I went through http://mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bc/dx10/dx10.htm and made some changes to Nvidia setteings. Petteri
  8. I began with DX9 on Thursday and like previous poster was very near to VAS limit and fps' were poor. I changed to DX10 on Sunday and immediately saw the difference. No problems wit VAS and despite fps still being slowish, the sim performs better, more fluently. Petteri
  9. Jim, I put it maybe in an unclear way: I had FSX running with User Defined wx and ASN running for making the weather. The actual wx which I experienced in the sim was not the same what ASN said it should be. Petteri
  10. Hi, this was my second flight since the new SP ( CYWG-CYQR), and I found that ASN gives a different weather from that of FSX. In my destination ASN reported winds 130/7 but I found out that in FSX the wind was around 310/8. In addition to that the winds at altitude of 40,000ft were according to ASN 290/80 but in my flight 270/25. PFPX's wx was similar to ASN. What is wrong? Petteri Pulkkinen
  11. Hi, after many attempts I finally succeeded in upgrading from w7prof to w10. Now as my first sim flight is going on backround I found out that pmdg 777's clever auto time compression don't work. Anybody else yet seen this? Petteri
  12. Jim, this is sth I was wondering myself too. I've used FTX Vector elevation tool when necessary, but for LJLJ it wasn't needed. And now the airport in a "cave"
  13. Hi, I did a flight EGLL-LJLJ today. Before my flight I installed the above mentioned files. The result was that the scenery during my flight was deteorirated (like LOD 3.5...) and the fw LJLJ airport was deep in a canyon. Before this particular add-on has been correctly elevated. And I use FTXG, Global2011, and ORBX EU lc. Anybody else seen this? Petteri
  14. Hi, first this scenery is heavy but awesome. I have a small problem with it: Everytime I fly from this airport, atc assigns me rwy 18 for t/o even when there are strong northern winds ( today 340/10). Is there any means of correcting this and have some use for the IRL often used 36L/18R? Petteri Pulkkinen
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