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  1. Depends, but on my end Ryzen 5 3600 runs over 80degrees whereas my 1060 gpu runs some 50 to 60degrees.
  2. My problem is that whether I use AI off-line or Live Traffic ( MSFS' settings), Traffic Controller crashes after maybe 15 mins. Petteri
  3. Anyway MSFS updates itself with 180-187 MBPs when my max is 200.
  4. I tested yesterday AIG in Scandinavia in a way that I have a lot of airlines ( in the areas I fly frequently) installed, but I use MSFS' "real-time" on-line tfc. I had first empty airports, but after a couple of minutes the sky was populated and aircrafts with somewhat correct model and liveries landed and had nameplates. Today the same for KIAD-KROC: first empty airport.. let 5 min go and everywhere there was traffic.. Nice! Petteri
  5. Hi, I have a problem of this kind: Normally nearly everywhere the scenery has been sharp enough for me - even in the distance. Now on couple of flights ( FBWA320, Finland) the situation has been like: sharp scenery in the distance, but everything becomes gradually blurry and "dark" when near/under my plane.. Is it settings or isn't my GPU powerful enough? ( 1660/16GB) Petteri
  6. I think I had problems on Thursday, very ugly Southern France and notifications of lost internet connection. Today I returned home from weekend trip I flew ENAT-ENBO and views under the cloud deck were amazing.
  7. Regarding to https://flightsim.to/file/18285/easy-airlines-aircraft-matching-with-default-live-traffic I want to say it directly: unbelivable 🥵 from AIG side..
  8. We need something to happen.. right now in Sweden at FL200 +43C and the plane is exhausted.. 😞
  9. Funny things happened couple of minutes ago.. I returned from holiday yesterday and used the evening for updating msfs and got even CTDs. Today I put in my Community folder only FBW320N, LSZH and LIRF plus Ivao liveries etc for enhanced Live traffic.. and Global AI Ships folder. In Zuerich airport there was heavy traffic: maybe 10 planes with mostly correct livery and some of traffic were heavy container ships ( 3). I even saw a landing ship ( Lufthansa cityliner) 🙂 Petteri
  10. I am hoping and waiting a decent EDDF either payware or freeware.
  11. Hi, just finished my first flight for 5 days.. it was EFHK-ESSA, FBW A320N Finnair livery AI traffic was quite plentiful already in EFHK ( part of Finnair flights were called Westbird, numbers right) but planes had "default" livery. After the 44min flight I landed in Arlanda and SAS planes ( 5) had SAS liveries!! OK. I have SAS livery also in my library as I have Finnair liveries and a dozen others.. So there ( in ESSA) was also a flight ESTxxxx which had def livery ( green annd orange). Petteri😁
  12. I have exactly same problem. Specially for fbw320n made liveries in my community folder crash the sim before the welcome screen.
  13. I updated the sim today couple of hours ago.. CTD, then I started it again and CTD before Start screen. I read here that the dev version is the problem and I deleted the one I had and its add-on liveries. New install of the dev mode and FBW livery. Everything went smooth ( LFMN-LFBO) until above Marseille the ap lost its focus and began steep turning.. that was it. Petteri
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