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  1. I share the OP's message. I tested the sim yesterday with a VFR flight ( C172) in south-eastern Finland and I did remark that too many taller buildings were flat and small houses ( one-storey) were tall. I feel this was better in the original release. Petteri
  2. Maybe these if they really exist are the so calles hotfixes?
  3. I just found out that my first flight with this new "patch" was ok and vfr map was loaded at start. Now, my first CTD with 2020 appeared when I ( didn't have VFR map in the opening) was ready for push and wanted to see VFR map...
  4. I have been suspecting and sceptically receiving Live WX data here ( comparing all the time to other internet sources) but well, it's mostly quite goog nowadays ( since patch) and when I just 15 mins ago finished my flight EPWA-EVRA the wx in the sim was quite accurate compared to METARs. Maybe 10 deg difference in wd, but everything else well. Petteri
  5. I flew LRCV-LGKO with today's or yesterday's version and no problems.
  6. I just tested it, and yes - the left engine shut off after I shut down APU and I could not re-start it.. So A320 is useless now.. Petteri
  7. Yes, the Megapack brings the liveries to RW AI traffic, but they are placed randomly. I.e in EDDH Air New Zealand and in EFRO Air Tunisia..
  8. Now - if you search - there is a new beta. It has groundspolers armed, t.o.config etc. And it worked well on my EDDL-EGKK route!
  9. Hmm .. I have not experienced this.. and have flown many hours/flights with this one.. Petteri
  10. The version I applauded was 0.2.0. And I was glad about new functions, improved ap etc. but of course I saw the plane floating and sailing in cross wind of only 32 kts at fl350.
  11. Today afternoon I downloaded a betaversion and made a flight LSGG-EDDM and was amazed by the new properties. Even the AP has improved a lot. I had to land manually but most of the flight went seamlessly. I have experience from PSS A320, Blackbox A320, Aerosoft A320 and even FSL A320. Taken into account that it's just a bit more than 2 weeks since release the group are making a wonderful job compared to the Default. I sincerely hope that in a couple of months the community can deliver an Airbus of at least the same level than a couple of companies I referred to above. And it's free. Thank You community! Petteri
  12. I have a very under-powered rig ( but a new one is coming in couple of days I hope) and I decided to star with a Game Pass version. My computer is AMD FX-6350 with 8Gb RAM and GF GTX750Ti (2Gb). I get a warning when launching the sim, but it still runs.. I use the def Low End settings and well.. and nothing is especially charming visually. My FPS in A320N cockpit varies 13-18 and outside view in about 30 range. Petteri EFNU
  13. Kopteeni from Finland, I did very first time a transaction in Microsoft Store and purchased a Game Pass subscription. All of it went seamlessly and I even had dozens ( maybe hundreds of titles available). I am waiting for my new rig to arrive and decided to give GP a go on my old computer. I am planning to buy the Premium Deluxe Edition, but then decided to go and test the new sim this way for only 1€ for the first month. After I bought the Game Pass I loaded one game to my old rig and all the nearly 12Gb of downloaded with speed of some 150Mb/s ( my connection is 200). So I'm not very sceptical to MS despite having read here about bad experiences. Petteri
  14. What I would like to see in MSFS ATC is kind of regocnizing runways in use in real time through data from FR24 etc. Petteri
  15. It means SEK 699 which equals about 67 euros.
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