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  1. If you load the FP with engines running it will be loaded as the secondary FP, so maybe you are not seeing the one simbrief generated?
  2. This seems to be a bit of software named ‘aviaFlyByWire’, not the Flybywire A320NEO.
  3. If I remember correctly the parking brake (below the yoke) also puts the chocks in place.
  4. Having the same problem. I just manually move the payload slider and it resets to normaal values.
  5. It’s not exactly the same, but LittleNavmap contains most SIDs and STARs.
  6. Now flying from YSSY to YMHB in the FBW A320 with AIG. Working fine.
  7. I was on the beta too, but updated without any problem. Now flying as usual😊.
  8. I found rotating the inner and outer knobs with the mouse is very cumbersome. That’s the main reason why I prefer the GTN750. Did you find a solution for that?
  9. They definitely didn’t shut down! You can follow them on Discord.
  10. I use it when on the ground or in the vicinity of my departure or destination airport. In between I switch to Live Weather.
  11. Yes, I tried that. The problem is that both quadrants are randomly switched. So when I make a profile with two throttles and a prop control for my left quadrant and the second prop control and two mixture controls for the right one, next time I start MSFS I find the prop and mixtures on the left one. Or not…
  12. Same for me 😞. I have two Saitek throttle-quadrants and MSFS makes a mess of my bindings. So if I don’t want to configure them every time I go flying I have to use FSUIPC. Pity, because I want to try the DC-6!
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