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  1. I just ignored it, no problem with P3D.
  2. This is not a complete aircraft, only a sound pack for the Aerosoft Twinotter.
  3. JWvdH

    Twin Otter Extended for P3D V3

    Yes I did, there seem to be made several announcements there, I saw this one: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/117238-p3d-v3/. In this one Matthijs Kok talks about a new build and also the version for P3d is 1.2 and not 1.12. That's why I asked.
  4. JWvdH

    Twin Otter Extended for P3D V3

    It would be interesting to have a changelog. I wonder if it is just a new installer or if there have been made some improvements to the aircraft as well.
  5. JWvdH

    VAS OOM at only 92336?

    I am not an expert on the subject, but 1.3g is pretty low to start with. When you go flying over some complex (or badly designed) scenery that number will sink rapidly.
  6. JWvdH

    VAS OOM at only 92336?

    The nummer in the titlebar reflects the remaining virtual adres space, so you should encounter an error once it gets as low as you report! What was your VAS when you started your flight?
  7. JWvdH

    FsPassengers update for P3D v.3.4

    Just updated and no problems whatsoever! Worked fine in the past en still works fine in the present. I don't see any relation between FsPassengers and VAS-usage, not even when flying between two payware airports (Orbx). I only encounter VAS-problems when flying over the London (UK) area, with and without FsPassengers.
  8. JWvdH

    Cessna 180 for prepar3d

    So, not "shift F8" but "shift 8"!
  9. JWvdH

    Virtual company addons

    I have also been looking for company during my trips and for some destinations to fly to. I have tried them all (FS Passengers, FS Captain, FS Economy and Air Hauler 1and 2). FS Passengers creates a nice athmosphere on board but lacks a good economic model (first you get a number of passengers and then you decide where to take them). FS Captain is a sound program but never really appealed to me, I think because you only communicate via an ACARS-like instrument. FS Economy has a very nice economic model but offers no company at all. You feel very detached from that virtual world. Air Hauler is a great program and sometimes too absorbing for your real life! Version 2 is still under development but looks promising. Right now it is not as user-friendly as it could be, I hope this will improve. It doesn't add anything to the flying itself. Currently I am using FS Passengers and Air Hauler 2 simultaneously. Not very realisic, I admit, but it gives you an economic aspect and the ambience whilst in the cockpit.
  10. JWvdH

    TrackIR5 not working in P3D

    Have you tried starting up TrackIR first and then P3D? I used to start P3D first, but after install P3DV3 I could not get TrackIR to recognize P3D, untill I accidentally changed the order, and then it worked! Hope it does for you to.
  11. JWvdH

    VAS Management

    The only interesting thing I can add to this thread is that I usually start with roughly the same VAS remaining, around 1,3 Gb. Contrary to the OP it tends to stay above 1 Gb, unless I fly above "complicated" scenery, such as London in Orbx UK. In that area VAS remaining drops to around 800 Mb, sometimes a bit lower. I fly at least five flights per week and OOM's are rare, no more than once a month or so. Each OOM is annoying, but I must say I am very happy with P3DV3. I also have Vector installed, use ASN and fly A2A Cherokee or C182 or Twin Otter Extended.
  12. JWvdH

    Yoke Calibration Question

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough when I said I didn't "activate" my controls. I meant that I have not checkmarked "Enable controllers" in the "settings-Controls screen at all. Maybe I should give it a try, but not as long as things are working fine over here. And to be clear from my side, I am not suggesting anyone should use FSUIPC instead of P3D's own possibilities!
  13. JWvdH

    Yoke Calibration Question

    I don't think the OP needs this information, but I would like to respond to Rob's point of view regarding P3D calibration. I have configured and calibrated the Saitek Cessna Pro Yoke, pedals and the throttle-quadrant solely through FSUIPC and SPADNext. I haven't even activated them in P3D, and they are all working fine. So I don't think "it's highly like your input devices will not work as intended", as Rob's puts it. Maybe it is easier to use P3D only, but after my expieriences with FSX and older P3D-versions I didn't even consider that option. Maybe I will after having installed the next version of P3D :wink:. Regards.
  14. JWvdH

    Orbx FTX Global Base Question

    I had the same experience with FTX Global Vector. I had a file from last year (I think it was called 1.2) which only would install to P3D V2, so I downloaded the updates (1.30 and 1.35). Thay did have an installer option for P3D V3, but didn't install al the necessary files. After a lot of searching through forums I found out that I had to download 1.2 again. This now had the option to install to P3D V3! So it turned out that although the filename did not change, the contents were changed. Therefore it seems like a good advice to download your Global Base-file again and see if it has the right installer. I am pretty sure it has. Good luck!