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  1. As long as I can take off with the wheelchocks and engine covers in place, I don’t agree with you.
  2. I am having difficulties binding the mixture axis to my Homeycomb Bravo throttles. The manual says "Please make sure that your hardware bindings are using the Key Events (...)", I don't know how to do that in FSUIPC. Any advice?
  3. You know you can disable the interconnect? There are video’s on YouTube that show how to do it. I have done it and I prefer to fly that way.
  4. I have my max framerate set to 30, VSYNC on, and the AutoFPS framerate set to 29. Working fine so far.
  5. They are two (slightly) different apps from the same developer, both available from hits Discord-page.
  6. After having tried both apps, I have to admit I am confused which one I should choose to use permanently. Can you please give me a little guidance here?
  7. Yesterday I installed the Navigraph plug-in and everything was fine. After the update the PFD is largely non-functional, with no GPS and no radio’s.
  8. F9 also is a very usefull button when you have to fiddle with tablets or electronic navigation displays. It makers it far easier to hit the right spot with your mouse!
  9. Why would you want a converter? Forget the Asobo A320 and install and fly the FBW!
  10. I started using this mod because I hoped it would solve the “bandwith too low”-error. And it did in a very stable way. Because I use it so often, I decided to upgrade to the paid version. I think you see a little more tiling than with Bing-maps, but haven’t done a real comparison.
  11. I saw it just north of NZWN. It started building up as an enormous pile of lines, but after one or two minutes it looked like a cruise ship with just some lines over it. GAIST was enabled.
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