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  1. Paul J

    IVAO MTL in DX10

    NP! Glad it still works. pj
  2. Paul J

    IVAO MTL in DX10

    Hi Thiago: I saw this post and went looking in my old FSX backup folders - and found it!.... Of course whether it will still work (in light of more recent changes made by Steve and others perhaps) is up in the air. Anyway - I activated the OneDrive and here's a new link to it:!AueVg7eVAeXMhDbx3vSZDnRoPYO2 I'll follow this post to verify that the link works, but as I haven't touched the sim in a few years, (and not having the greatest memory!) I may not be able to "quickly" come up with more help if you need it. Cheers, pj
  3. Yes - of course - "my bad", Greg....sorry!! (old age is here) (sigh) e.g. if adsl over copper telephone wire is the ISP's protocol, the internet speeds are going to "suck", maybe in the order of 2 - 3Mb/sec... download - but that is only going to impact on-line flying or other online game latency. If it's a fiber link - you're laughing. As far a cost goes - 2 "good" ac pc adapters with antennae can cost as much as a four-port switch and two patch cords - and a lot more than a single crossover - but each method will work, all are do-able by the home user, and neither option is "expensive", nor difficult to set up. pj
  4. It'll depend to some degree on your home and how it's all arranged, Jump, but from your description - the advantage goes to hardwired ethernet - both speed and simplicity of setup. A single cross-over patch cord between the two pc's or two patch cords and a switch will do the trick. (Your internet modem probably has four ports on the back). Ethernet speed - minimum - is 10Mb/sec and is secure. Most switches, routers and pc network cards are capable of 10 Mb/s, 100Mb/s, and many will run at 1000Mb/sec (1Gb/s). Wifi comes in two speeds - either 2.4 Mb/sec (which is also extremely close to the Xohm/WiMAX cellular 'phone frequency - and can interfere), or 5Mb/sec. Most modern routers, extenders/adapters/modems are dual band (ac spec) and will work fine at 5 meg, but you must check this before you buy. A 5 Mb/s WiFi system can be quite successfully setup, and, while WiFi IS slower than ethernet - it's not hugely noticeable. The big keys are 1). the adapter for your pc, 2). the router or modem you're going to use: 3). the price, 4). the ease of setup, and compatibility with each other, as buying one wrong piece can set you scratching your head for days. Hope this helps. pj
  5. Hi Sambo: One man's experience, FWIW - an easier way to achieve that 30 frames+, with much greater immersion and without the connectivity, cost and space issues would be to make use of Nvidia's "Surround" function, along with NaturalPoint's "TrackIR" viewing system. The TrackIR reflector can be attached to the band of a headset with a couple of screws, rivets, w.h.y, in a minute or two, and Surround can be setup within ten minutes. Your 980 is more than capable of running three monitors at a pretty high resolution. I ran 3840 x 1024 for several years (three 19" @1280 x 1024 Viewsonics), and a friend of mine is running 5760 x 1080 (three 27" @1920 x 1080) on a pair of GTX 580's. If you then want to lessen the load with a second PC - get one and run your secondary FSX software on it. pj
  6. Paul J

    Nvidia inspector setting

    Yeah - I hear you Jose'. RC is a great way of pursuing "hobby aviation" without the cost of licenses, instructors, hourly rental prices - and then, what do you do once you have a PPL? It's fine for the more wealthy folks among us, but I'm an "average joe", (retired now) and a normal life takes up most of the income of most of the rest of us. RC has many other benefits, too - it's an outdoor sport - healthy; it satisfies the creative urges in us; we meet lots of folks who share this same crazy passion - and we get to stretch our imaginations, as we do in the flight sim: we are in the cockpit: it becomes "real"! I don't fly RC anymore, either, (the sim got in the way) but here's some old pics.. All the Best!
  7. Paul J

    Nvidia inspector setting

    I'm afraid I can't help you with Fixer settings anymore, Jose' - it's all gone out of my head! FSX is still on my machine, but I took all the cockpit hardware, pedals, yoke, etc., out, and it's now languishing in the back of my garage gathering dust. I haven't used FSX for over a year and I see that Steve has changed it so many times since then I wouldn't even begin to know where to start! I can only suggest you try ploughing through Steve's Wordpress achive: I think Steve will respond if you log in there and ask him - but you might be faster by doing the same here on the official DX10 support site here at Avsim. Sorry, my friend, Id love to help again, but the sands of time have shifted! All the Best, pj
  8. Paul J

    Nvidia inspector setting

    Hey Ric! Thank you for the post! It's nice to know the you're still around too! Yup - still get emails, and still visit here occasionally. There's a lot of folks that I really enjoyed conversing with - the list is too long, but you know them all. I miss everyone. All the Best! pj
  9. Paul J

    Nvidia inspector setting

    Hi Jim: The rule of thumb is that if you only have a single monitor - then set the Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration to Single-display performance mode. My setup (TH2G) was quite often set to "Multi", but I'd be pretty sure the GPU sees TH2G as a single monitor, TH2G having it's own independent control system, so it should probably be "Single". In any event - try each setting, recording your fps and simply set it accordingly - you're not going to hurt anything! pj
  10. Paul J

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    Absolutely: dhc11.air is the final version of the modified airfile, Holland, and is included, along with a couple of other sounds sets. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of her as I and hundreds of others have! pj
  11. Paul J

    Rick Piper Chipmunk V3 in DX10

    Very old member here, Holland... saw your post and went digging... Here she is... some pics... haven't flown her in a while, though.. may be a few rusty parts and a flat battery... fine in DX10. If you have problems ask back here - I'll watch for a day or two; All the Best, pj
  12. Nice of you to inquire JH - thank you - and all is well, but no, I'm not back; one can't recapture the past: people grow; lives change and folks move on to other interests. Too much water under the bridge, I'm afraid. Steve's Fixer has "fixed" most all of the DX10 issues that existed three years ago, and much of what remains is largely cosmetic. Also there is a large enough knowledgebase here - and on other sites - to help newcomers convert as they wish, and so the demand for whatever skills I may have had are not there any more - but I do like to drop in from time to time! Anyway - All the Best, pj
  13. You have a normal user on both machines, and are using that user to map the drive: After you've entered the mapping address - you are presented with a login interface. Is that user the owner of the folder, and does it have full permission granted? Some pics of this process are here. How much of this do you see? Another note: (sorry!) Here's a series of pics to show the process of changing network permissions on the pc. I've removed the "Everybody" user, and replaced it with "pj"., as "Everybody" includes the whole world...... Capture 9 shows some system items that should be checked, too. While you're about it - take a look at the "HomeGroup" sharing system of W7. It may work a little easier maybe?
  14. As quick addon to the above - a good move would also be to put your desired shared folders on a different drive completely, and share it - not the C drive. That way you will have access to all of the drive - you being the owner/creator. In the case of sharing the C drive - the system's hidden users will not permit "easy" sharing of most of the C drive folders. pj