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  1. Hrumph! Years ago I did as that very smart Dogmanbird fellow has done (and you can too) - get yourself a used car seat from the wreckers and mount it on a sheet of 3/4" plywood, with whatever 2 x 4's you need for height & 'slide-ability', then mount the rest of the gear as you see fit. For real do-it-yourselfer's - http://www.desktopaviator.com/ has many USB circuit boards that will make any controller you can build, use, convert, cobble together - interface to the simulator for hundreds of quid, bucks or yen far cheaper than this seat costs. Some rudimentary skills with a hammer. saw, screwdriver, same paint and a bit of imagination is all you need.
  2. Hi Manny: That folder - in C:\Users\...\AppData\..etc.. - is a link to the actual installation folder where the sim resides. I my case, that AppData folder is C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Local\Packages\, and it contains some 108 MS packages, each folder being a link to wherever you actually installed that particular Microsoft package (or program) (or "app" as they like to call their programs nowadays). My flightsim itself is actually on the "H" drive:- H:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-3869908899-3504216640-1147265394-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState You might try a search on your C:\, looking for ".pln". I did find an old plans folder this way from last October, but am not sure they were generated by MSFS or by LittleNavmap..
  3. Adding to Glenn's TrackIR advice - after moving to a 43" LG monitor, I found the higher angle (downward) setup gave me a lot of X-axis instability, but, having my PC in an 8-foot square room I have a wall directly behind my seat - so I stuck the IR unit on that wall right at head height, and reversed the clip (screwed) on top of the headset band. This will put the two pieces directly in line with each other and works perfectly. After the re- mount I needed to put a "tick" in the "Invert" box (above the two green curve arrows) to reverse a couple of the head view motions that will now be reversed - like the the Z-Axis. I also had to use a USB extender to reach the back of the PC. pj
  4. Hey Jose': I hope you're keeping safe and well: I don't want to hear of you cut down by this insidious plague.

    Just spotted your post: You can add/tie your new email to the old one that is/was used by MS. I have two newer email addys that will work, They are both tied back to my old "pj_3@sympatico.ca" account, which hasn't been used for 10 years or so. MS has an insane way of knowing you by the first email you ever used, and it creates havoc for many people. I've done this a couple of times, and can still log in to all MS accounts - like "OneDrive", Windows 10, or the XBox thingy for the sim.

    Where have I been?  Just watching the ugliness of the mfs 2020 and P3D v5.1 alternative evolve. Testing parts of each now and then. Going thro' all the aggro that you and thousands of others are experiencing. It has fully taken the shine off both flight sims for me - now visiting/using one or the other sim maybe once a week.

    Take care.


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      I have to wait a week to switch Alias back to old one.

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      Just wanted to let you know that it was all sorted yesterday. Support took care of it!


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  5. Hey Rocky! - Yah - 'twas very nice to see you here as well! You sound very healthy, (which is a good sign!). It's been a pleasure to come back in and meet 'n' greet the many other old fellers that are still here, and are still whinin' and complainin'! (Nothing changes, does it? !!!) I've touched base with a number of them, but have yet to become "properly active" here. I'm find it hard to pick up the pace - the focused interest - of the past, with so many new things happening in the FS world: The experience has become quite overwhelming... Anyway - money and time and a few patches will fix it all! All the Best, pj
  6. er. . um . . . 😚 not sure I should admit to that . . . . 🤔 could bring back some bad thoughts . . . But, yeah - it is nice to be back, Bob (even as sporadically as it's been thus far) - and especially to recognise old names like yours, and to renew the aquaintances and friendships that we've all shared. I do intend to be here and participate more often - for the most part I'm simply lurking, picking brains (like yours) here and there. . . There's so much new stuff my old mind has been boggling for weeks now! The learning curve and time spent on MSFS has been daunting, and with a decision made earlier this week to pursue v5.1 - there's more to come, as the expenditure for aircraft, scenery and all of the other addons has to be crammed into the day. Somewhere in there, there has to be a new GPU, too. (sigh) Yes - glad to see you!
  7. Adding to that - the RealAir Spit also works in P3D v5.1, too. . . . . . 😎 😍
  8. Agree completely: "Heavy-duty simming" since '85 or 6, I quit somewhere in 2016 - only to hear, in Nov. 2019 (with much excitement!) of the coming of MSFS. I rebuilt FSX, purchased P3D v4; rebuilt my cockpit, went to 4.5, adding old and new content - then added v5, (but Its crashes put me quickly back to v4.5) - either being a level above FSX for sure; I was impressed - no more fiddling with DX10 et al!! However - within days MFSF was released, I jumped, was captivated, amazed, hypnotized - even participating in a couple of on-line group flights . . . and then slowly became increasingly disillusioned as - along with the thousands of other simmers - the "shell" of the MS-Asobo product began to display - and continue to display - its "missed approaches". . . It's still on my new 2TB drive, and I look at it every now and then; I do the update thing; I glance through the "Flightsim.to" freebees etc., but now P3D v5.1 is my daily sim of choice. Besides the now-fixed stability of 5.1 - it offers so many plus's over msfs that I've moved back, and will probably stay with P3D. For me - and I suspect for many other simmers here, it is the act of flying an aircraft in as close-to-real a manner as is possible - that is what it is all about. In-sim we miss all the immersion of the real world of course - even msfs can't replicate that, but successfully engaging and immersing in the full, multiple, repeatable, in-flight real world procedures, IFR. VFR, differing weather situations, system authenticity, flight deck or cockpit authenticity, navigation & ATC fidelity, etc., in almost any aircraft, in almost any part of the world - in our FSX-P3D simulators - is paramount. It is not the "real scenery" driven simulator that Asobo offers as its attraction, and I reckon it will be a long time before the sim can achieve the maturity that P3Dv5.1 shows. "Beauty is only skin deep", and I reckon MSFS demonstrates just how good P3D and especially this newer version - is. (Sorry for being an ol' winbag) ATB, pj
  9. As no-one had mentioned it in the first two "help me!" sessions, Gunter - and Robert and I were able to connect during the second attempt, where I did not have "MultiPlayer" enabled - I think that would be correct. Both "Enable Multiplayer" in the MSFS "General", and the JoinFS application are both clients that will talk to the respective servers, but only JoinFS is "multi-fs_version". Maybe that also will come? 😄
  10. I'm not 1000% sure yet, Viking, but I'm starting to believe that if you're using FSX/P3D - and wanting to be a full participant in a group flight plan where there are MSF 2020 users - you will need JoinFS 1.5.x to see their aircraft. I was totally new to the multiplayer side of 2020, not seeing anyone else's aircraft, this being my first attempt at joining a group, and was following Ron's (and others) suggestions for a fix - but I didn't want to waste the time of a dozen guys with my problems: At that time I had not turned on Multiplayer, and knew diddly about the purpose and configuration of JoinFS, other than it was needed to enable differing versions the "older" sims to fly together and see each other's aircraft on-screen: v1.4 was not able to do that. I/we were unable to achieve that at that time, but during a later flight with JimB, using 2020 and JoinFS we discovered the need to be on the "WEST USA" server of MSFS, and that worked - he and I were able to see each other as we should. HOWEVER - the next day I saw Ron's "1.5.0 is here!!" post, and so installed it. I then got on DTP with Robert and we talked about the experience, and he wasn't using JoinFS, but was using 2020 - and I still couldn't see him, so he walked me through the full setup process (in the General section) to "multi-fly" without JoinFS - and that worked perfectly. This is the stock method, of course and doesn't permit P3D/FSX sharing the same group fly. From this I can only conclude that - as per my first para. - JoinFS ver. 1.5.x as Ron has said - is needed to allow the full sharing functionality of multiplayer flying between FSX/P3D and MSFS. "It's got a steep learning curve. . ." Jump in to confirm or correct, Ron!
  11. Hi Ron: following a good hint by Jim B we found my "can't see my aircraft" problem - he mentioned the MFS server time zone setting under the (top-right) username box: the first line showing the user on/off-line status, and the second showing which "area server" the user is connecting to. Not relating to JoinFS, but it seems that all users in the "air tour" group have to be connected to the same server. Everyone in my two lame attempts to join were in the "West USA" server: mine was connecting to the "East USA".. . . . . . Maybe this is common knowledge to most folks - I don't know - (too Noob at the moment), but it's something that could be added to a "Group Flight Config" sheet for first-timers. Maybe one already exists? I have to add my thanks to Jim, and to say that once it was up and running "properly" I had a great time yakking with him for another fifteen minutes or more about everything aviation under the sun - and especially our mutual involvement and experiences flying R/C aircraft over the last thirty-forty years! Retirement has suddenly become fun again, and that deserves a big "Thank You" to you personally, old friend, and also for the welcome you have extended to me, with similar going to Roger and the rest of the Saturday group. pj
  12. Leprechaunlive has my upvote! For me - the BN-2 Islander, specifically to re-create all the (FSX) fun of flying around the PNG area; for a long haul aircraft - it has to be the LH MD-80, though I wish it's price was less of a barrier!
  13. (Sigh) . . . . it's on its way down.... It's 2012 again . . 😂 Hi Jose!
  14. (Hi DJ!) So. . . . . As a newcomer to P3D (v4), how does one achieve a similar effect in P3D?
  15. I am stunned. I just dropped in here to dig up more on moving to X-Plane, only to come across this.sad, sad news. I don't think I've ever met anyone who was so much a part of the 'furniture' of an organization before, but he was certainly that to Avsim, and the daily input, help and enthusiasm he put into the dozens of forums here will be hard to match. My condolences to his friends and family. Jim will be missed. . pj
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