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  1. and then into a "Frenglish" pdf, with some consistency in terms of height, speed and distance, with a few "adjustments" in places where "Google Translate" didn't work so well . . . . Some parts may need a bit more tweaking, (or correction), so go ahead - feel free to do it! 👍 https://1drv.ms/b/s!AueVg7eVAeXMlU8Rf6t-N-_eejhg?e=e1H6Jj The pdf describes one pilot's experience of a test flight he did in the Magister back in 1955. It gives one a "sort-of" measure of what to look for in flying AzurPoly's pretty good little "Magister": or a 'feel' for how the aircraft 'should' behave under the same conditions: We've seen the videos - and many folks, now, I imagine - have this aircraft in their stables, and have a few hours flying it. My own earlier comments still stand, and I found the stall exactly as he describes it in the pdf, but the spin - well - I couldn't get a spin at all: spiral dive yes - not fast, nor increasing in speed, nor oscillating - but it wasn't a spin. Might well have been me, too. . . 🤥 On the other hand, the descent and approach, is spot on: it is one of the nicest, most easy to plan, most easy to adjust - visibity is tremendous, and can be as smooth and predictable as an LH Maddog flying an FMC STAR into your favorite airport. regards, pj
  2. Hmph. Honestly, 109 - I would not be a). running AL whilst the sim is running, and b). Until you are happy that the PC is very stable with say, X-P or any of the other sims - with a default BIOS - I would not be installing MSFS - and even when confident the PC is now ok - and you feel it's ready for MSFS - do the install per the book, with zero addons, lots of "low", and then run it for a week or two - simple VFR first and progressively building up the complexities - weather, distance, graphics, lots of flying and then bring in one addon at a time. There is a reason for the issues you're having, and just piling it all back together and hoping it's going to work, is the wrong way to do it. You need to be very methodical here - one change at a time, running tests, doing every change empirically, and making notes as you go. You might even dig up some of Nick Needham's old overclocking notes - just to read, and to glean his methodology in testing for stability under loads. There are many very smart PC builders here and around the weeb, but very few as deadly serious as Nick when it comes to testing.. I'm sure Maxis will be reading this to, and he may well, (I hope) jump in, if or when he feels the need. Meanwhile - keep the communication here going. Ok? pj
  3. Thanks Dominique! Very useful. Google Translate works well and I was able to get it copied into MS Word.
  4. Right! The sound is very reminiscent of the old Vampire - an awfully deep "moaning" sound, typical of a '50 radial-flow gas turbine at those lower rpms. I reckon the energy loss at those lower rpms and the aircraft's inherent stability, spoilers, plus the excellent ground visibility - would make a bungled circuit really hard to explain to your instructor . . . . . 😁
  5. Just an observation, 109: I also have the ASUS UEFI bios, and it does support a mouse interface - and when I went into the BIOS last week in an attempt to get my act together - mine didn't work either - the pointer 'floated' around at the bottom of the screen, responsive horizontally, but wouldn't move up the screen. Disconnecting my Logitech/Saitek Yoke and a reboot fixed it. I'm thinking you may have some strange issue with your USB system? Maybe?
  6. Hmmm... bought it four hours ago, and have had two beautiful fifteen-minute flights, so I have no answer to Ferg's issue above.. I found she handles every bit as AerOdessy has shown (and raved over!) in his vids, and had no issues installing or flying her. My interest in her? I was an RAF ground crew 'bod' at Little Rissington between 1962 and 1964 and still remember the experience of total astonishment of watching a French Air Force Fouga Magister flying up the peri track between our crew room and the main Jet Provost dispersal area - at about five feet of altitude and about 95 knots or so. Stable as a rock - and that is how this one flies, and so I really can't add much more than the videos show. She performs very smooth, flawless aerobatics, and gives me the impression that formation flying in the sim would be a snap. For me it's a very well-spent $30.00. . Thanks for your work too, AerO! My only complaint? This aircraft could really use the work of AzurPoly - or some talented person - to give the option of an English-language replacement of all of the French cockpit wording, and perhaps, too - replace the too-dark cockpit screenshots in the manual with some diagrams - perhaps copied from the Pilot's Notes if any still exist. The downloadable 22-page pdf is only "just about" adequate, and makes a tough job of learning to manage this one. . . . . . . . but it looks good, feels good - and is a dream to fly. . . 👍
  7. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/185108/en-us https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/geforce-497-09-whql-driver-download,39.html
  8. Using the 511.23 in the 3080Ti without issues now - I do keep all drivers, and the 472.12 is the previous one I have in my list, too. I've not heard of a game-ready 497.
  9. 2080Ti Drivers, Tomaz:- https://www.nvidia.com/download/find.aspx
  10. hahahahah!!.. I was right! You really DO have no life! 😆 😁 😎 . . .but it's bedtime here. Good luck with the beast. I hope it comes together ok. Catch you tomorrow.
  11. 👍 Good. Windows Update and then you can probably do the memtest stuff. Do you have 2 or 4 sticks installed?
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