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  1. Problem Solved. There appears to be an incompatibility between ORBX and Prepar3D when it comes to "frozen surfaces". You will notice, if you are using Vector and P3D, that many shorelines in the northern areas, especially around communities, have no shorelines. Vector leaves out the shorelines on purpose to avoid this problem (As with Circle City, AK). In the above screenshot, you can see, I added (manually) a shoreline where one was "missing." And the result was the black rectangles. Solution #1: If you go into Vector Configuration under Water Features, you need to UNCHECK the Frozen Surfaces (in winter only) button. Of course your lakes and rivers will not freeze in winter (showing ice), but the black rectangle problem is solved. Solution #2: The other way to solve the problem (without un-freezing the water) is to look in a scenery folder for a bgl that creates the shoreline and change that bgl from "bgl" to "off". The incompatibility is not a major problem as long as people who are doing scenery design are aware of it. I hope this post helps those people and will save them the time I've lost trying to solve the problem. Doug/RTMM
  2. I'm putting a scenery location in at Circle City (PACR). If you look at the community there, there is no shoreline for miles. So I used SBuilderX to put in a "line tool" shore line and it looks fine. EXCEPT I get black rectangles on the water that have a HARD surface. If I "slew" over it the plane's gear locks down. Just wondering if anybody else has seen this and if there is a fix for it. Thanks Doug
  3. JDLinn

    Night Panel

    Does the ADF work for you? I can't change the frequency on mine. Doug
  4. JDLinn

    Night Panel

    Thank you, just didn't want to think I was missing an obvious button or knob somewhere. Guess not. Thanks. Doug
  5. Is there a trick/tip to changing the frequency for the ADF on the Cardinal 177? Thank you Doug
  6. That was the reason. Thank you, working perfectly. Doug
  7. I recently installed the Virtualcol Saabs. I have the new patch, update and FSX zip ... all installed. The plane is working perfectly. But since installation, I am getting an error message every time I load a scenario in P3D V4.1 now ... it says: ================================= S:\P3D_V4\Gauges\dsd+p3d_xml_Sound_x64.dll Config File not found: Using Default: S:\P3D_V4\Gauges\dsd+p3d_xml_Sound_x64.ini ================================= I simply press the OK button and it goes away and nothing "bad" happens. Is there a way to get rid of this error message? (By the way, this is a VERY WELL DONE aircraft ... one of my new favorites!)
  8. JDLinn

    Cannot create child window

    Actually, for me, this is GOOD news. It tells me MY system is OK (P3D V3.4 with Win 10) and that the problems I'm having (Child Window errors), etc. don't belong to me. So I can sit back now and relax and wait for an update. I was going to go through the whole re-install routine. For other info, There is a BIG problem with IS3 with V3.4. I have found a way to make it happen if you are interested. For some of us scenery designers, with 3.4 gone, we are out of business. I can make IS3 work in 3.4 ... but again, not easily. Let me know by PM if you need to know how. Thanks to all for the posts above, good information. (Another minor point, V4.1 is working perfectly ... just no IS3 available for it yet). Doug/RTMM
  9. JDLinn

    FTX Central and Lorby

    OK ... fixed the problem. First of all, I have P3D V4 ... and did not have the new 1.18 installed. I see now that Lorby is putting these in as XML ... FTX Central does not "see" them, so you cannot use the insertion points tool. Also they are grayed out in the P3D Scenery Library and you cannot edit/move them. To "see them" they must be in the scenery.cfg file. To do that you click on a scenery (that is dark green), click on the button "move to scenery.cfg" and Submit/Save. The entry turns light green. You will now see the entry show up in FTX Central and also in the P3D V4 Scenery Library. So now I'll move them all over to the scenery.cfg folder and everything should be working.
  10. JDLinn

    FTX Central and Lorby

    Lorby has been a Godsend for getting things moved to P3D V4 (thank you). But is Lorby putting things in as xml? When I go to the FTX Central ... none of my addons are showing there, so I cannot use the insertion tool. Also all of my addons are "grayed out" in the P3D Scenery Library, meaning I cannot edit them or move them, etc. If it is going in as xml, causing the above problems. What will happen if I uninstall Lorby. With the Prepar3d.cfg and scenery.cfg still be intact? Doug/RTMM
  11. I had hoped the "cabin light" would give the dashboard some light at night. The gauges light up fine, but is there a way to lighten the dashboard so you can find the switches?
  12. JDLinn

    VfrFlight - new free VFR flight planner

    With 2.3.1 using P3D V4 ... I cannot get anything in the Simconnect area to work, the "move plane to this location" doesn't work and the connection drops out frequently. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the 64 bit simconnect module? Doug
  13. JDLinn

    P3D v4 (CTD)

    Go to "outside spot" view. Slowly rotate right to 50 degrees, I bet this gives you a CTD when you hit 50 degrees magnetic. Doing the same rotating left to 145 degrees can cause it too. "Something" (and I don't know what) can cause a "dead zone between 50 and 145 magnetic. If you have this problem and If you are trying to start on a runway with a heading in that zone, the whole thing will load and it will CTD before you see the plane. To get rid of this (I've had it happen now 3 times), I delete the P3DV4.cfg file in the Users area. Then restart. (Of course you lose some of the settings), but the CTD will be gone. That isn't the "solution" ... only a band aid. I'm pretty sure they are working on this one. But this might get you going until it is fixed. Many of my friends have NOT seen this ... so it is an intermittent. Hope this helps Doug
  14. Somehow I think I ticked on a button that screwed me up. ASN is working perfectly, but when I come out of the flight sim, it stays active (along with Active Cloud) ... I have to go to task manager to shut it down each night. I no longer shows in the tray (which I think was a setting) ... how do I get back to the settings to make it show again and shut down when P3D shuts down? Doug
  15. JDLinn

    Vector - Weird Water

    If you look in the area of these co-ordinates ... N63 14.4198 W145 40.7123 ... what's with the water levels around the lake and the road in the water? I have Global Base/Global Vector (no mesh) and this looks pretty weird. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way Vector thinks it is "supposed" to be? Doug/RTMM