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  1. My Skylark's buttons don't work. I lost the special livery I had for it. The Cub Amphibian is now "gone". Telling me things are still "installed" when they obviously are not is a bit aggravating. So, where to start to get this thing running correctly again? Doug
  2. OK, I found that little black bar ... top left of the MF2020 screen (I'll be darned!). The FPS in it is turned off. I turned it on just to see what would happen, and got a very colorful FPS display ... pretty neat. Then I turned it off. So the little green number doesn't seem to be coming from that. In Steam, i have the gam FPS turned off ... but again wouldn't have known with out Aktorstyl's comment. So that is checked. It sure acts like a frame rate and the numbers are about what I would expect for FPS. But the number doesn't change, it overwrites itself. That's why it is so hard to see. But when I first start up (the first 10 seconds) the number is very clear and is about 30 ... then it gets overwritten. It only shows in that External Camera view, doesn't show in the cockpit view. And sometimes it can be in a different position, but I think that is because I'm swinging the camera around. This isn't a "big deal" ... but makes be curious. Appreciate the comments ... a great way to learn this sim is listen to you folks! Thank you. Doug
  3. OK, THANK YOU!!! For all the great information. "Flying in a Cessna" ... that was a VERY helpful explanation and now I better understand the process of what is happening. I solved the problem using JoeC63 ... I turned that gyro off and the "notification" has not returned. (Now I'll probably wind up in Egypt instead of Newark! 🙂 Thanks everyone! Doug
  4. I’m not a pilot. So tell me, when the D key is pressed, what is supposed to be going on? How would I manually do it, not using the D key? (Does that sync heading have anything to do with it?)
  5. OK, thank you. When I open that Developer page, there is nothing on it ... I can only turn it off and on. Using "steam" wonder if something got lost in the download?
  6. I should have mentioned, I'm seeing it in the 152 and the 172. Haven't tried the others yet.
  7. Lotharen, have you got "STEAM" ... I've not used steam before, would there be a difference?
  8. Would that have anything to do with the "DEVELOPER" information not being there?
  9. Nope, the "D" key doesn't do anything, then the notification comes back about 30 seconds later. I just turned notifications off ... at least now I don't see it.
  10. Now I'm pretty sure it is frame rates. I'm told this can be turned on and off in the "Developer" menu, but when I open that, there is nothing in it. (I'm using Steam).
  11. OK, got it. Thank you very much. DOug
  12. I'm using Steam. I don't have anything showing up when I open the Developer View, just a blank page with the option to turn it on and off. (I'm trying to get rid of the little green frame rates number)
  13. I haven't yet found a way to set the cruising altitude for a flight plan. I can make the plan fine (and it works very well), but how do I set the cruising altitude. Yesterday I let the copilot fly and he magically already knew to go to 8400 feet ... I'd like to know how "he" figured that out! 🙂 Doug
  14. What is the "green number" (or whatever it is) to the right of the aircraft? Thank you. Doug
  15. I keep getting a notification to Press D to reset my heading indicator ... nothing happens when I press D.
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