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  1. Robin, thank you for your detailed answer regarding my question on long-haul trips.
  2. Interesting thread, still sitting on the fence with an open mind regarding SF3... I am doing a lot of transcontinental flights, such as CYYZ to SBGR yesterday leaving Toronto at midnight when temperatures are -25°C and reaching Sao Paulo with a string of thunderstorms, heavy clouds all around. I am using ASCA with AS16 + ENVTEX and never had to bother with choosing a set of clouds or skies. My question to the SF3 users is: How can SF3 manage a flight like this one above? Do I have to pick and choose in SF3 a set of clouds with what I would like to see on a ten-hour route, and how can such a set cover a huge geographical area with so different weather systems, that for me is really difficult to understand after reading those eight pages. Thank you for any clarification.
  3. FlyTampa had the good taste to release quick and easy fixes for all their sceneries free of charge for all "upgraders" to P3Dv4, this is not the case of a number of other developers (scenery or airplane) who did not hesitate to charge either a partial fee or a full charge for a P3Dv4 update (and those do have P3Dv4 installers...!). There are times when we ought to demonstrate some gratefulness for what comes free and use a limited tiny effort to move a file to a folder! Enjoy a happy festive season!
  4. Thank you Dave, I moved from FSX this week and i have to confess that my last install of FSX was some years ago and could not remember where that file was, as for Google... Now it is UTLive that creates a CTD for P3Dv4. The long long learning curve only starts... Thank you for your help.
  5. I recently installed P3Dv4 and Ultimate Traffic Live. All UTL aircraft are shown properly, however the ATC still speaks to the stock AI traffic such as Orbit, etc. How can I remove the stock AI traffic files so that ATC actually manages UTL please? Thanks for any help.
  6. I also had this error - after installing the W10 Creators update - for FSLabs A320, PMDG 737NGX and PMDG 744 (interestingly the MD11 and 777 were not affected) and each time had a CTD with that error message when loading any one of these airplanes. Without me doing anything else than re-starting FSX several times, that error disappeared on its own and I made since several flights with each of these aircraft without any issues at all. I made sure I had the latest Nvidia graphics drivers and Windows update released after the so-called "Creators" version. Since I own a number of sceneries linked to FSDT scenery manager plus GSX, I ensured that all FSDT updates were downloaded and properly installed. Good luck!
  7. When closing FSX, AS16 shuts down automatically, and I take it that ASCA would also close down automatically with it, but this is not the case. After completing a flight, I shut down FSX and then my PC, but 9 times out of 10, I forget that ASCA would object and will prevent Windows 10 to shut down... Is there something in the settings of ASCA to change that, or is it supposed to be its normal behavior that can't be overruled? Thank you.
  8. Very interesting, because I am considering the same system as yours, could you kindly elaborate on the "massive" difference? On the P3D forum yesterday, I read exactly the opposite report with an i9 7980 XE stating that multi-core had no benefit on P3D, so your feedback would be terribly helpful! Thanks for your time.
  9. Thanks to all who took the time to answer my query. I now understand that there is not a vast difference performance wise between all three CPU. I come from FSX run on a 3770K, so I decided to move on to P3D v4 since at long last we have a stable 64bits platform with most my add-ons from FSX that can be upgraded even at a marginal cost, except PMDG... The other main components I am selecting are RAM: 32GB G.Skills Ripjaws V DDR4 3200MHz, MB: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon, HD: Samsung SSD 960 Evo M2 1 TB, Noctua NH-D15, GPU: I already have a Nvidia EVGA 1070 (to be upgraded next year with the new Volta). Does anyone have comments on those elements, for RAM I gave precedence to lower frequency vs faster timing, for HD I opted for the M2 version giving at least 4 times better performance both in writing and reading.
  10. Believe me Dave, I did, but after reading pages and pages of conflicting opinions, I have yet to be in a position to make an informed decision, be it only because of what is still unclear to me between the "one core" or the "multi-core" performances as per my question above, until I understand what P3D actually requires, with FSX we knew what was necessary, now that I am jumping to P3D v4, I am in uncharted waters so I need first to understand (from the various comments, it is far to be clear even to specialists) and then decide on my own what is best...
  11. I have read a number of threads here on AVSIM regarding the best CPU to run P3D v4 and remain perplex as to which CPU I should acquire for my next PC (exclusively for P3D) to be ordered shortly. Hence my list of CPU above in the title. The latest Intel CPU i7 8700K would seem to be the logical choice, but some recent performance comparisons with the 7700K were less than convincing, I read also that the i7 7740X would comfortably top it in single core performance of - 485 vs 535 in the benchmark test of Guru 3d - which P3D (if I understood correctly the various informed comments) would capitalise on. Is this a correct assumption or did I misunderstand this debate since the multicore performance test was 3702 vs 2725, that is the opposite result...? Lastly in terms of OC, it would appear that 5.0GHz is about the maximum one can expect regardless of the CPU, is that a fair assessment? I would really appreciate any precise input from the knowledgeable few, which I - unfortunately - am not part of.
  12. I own both FSL A320 and PMDG B747 V2. even though my system is by far not the latest available, I can't really tell if there is a significant performance difference between the two. So if your system can handle the PMDG 747 V2, most likely, it can also perform fine with the A320 Regarding flight plans, you can import them from flight-planners such as PFPX (please see further info here), finally your impressions/apprehensions of textures being of a lesser quality are not - in my opinion - justified, but this is too subjective to be debated in a post, perhaps watch more videos and look at the latest shots provided for P3D V4 on FSLabs forum. Good luck in your decision, but I would be inclined to think that you wont regret acquiring this bird when it becomes available for P3D V4.
  13. OK Alan, what license did you say you're flying with, full details are necessary to revoke it... And we'll need a blood sample as well... Please! Dont even think of trying any airplane under the Arc de Triomphe, we shall put a mosquito net!
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