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  1. I have the same configuration as yours (Sim PC on Ethernet and iPad on Wifi) and everything works perfectly from the word GO. Are you sure you entered your IP address correctly xxx.x.xxx.xxx:8125 with no space after your IP address?
  2. It all depends what you mean by "lacking information" I really can't think of what could be missing. I am not in a position to compare with Navigraph Charts or LNM because I don't use them. I tried very briefly Navigraph charts upon release but got so confused with its numerous tabs/options that I reverted to Aivlasoft EFB, it does not mean it is not a good product, simply not for me. As to the details of Aivlasoft maps, according to my previous real world experience, they are perfectly adequate and provide sufficient information for IFR flights both enroule and in terminal areas with all SID & STAR, safe altitudes, detailed profiles for approaches, relief wherever available, radio frequencies, airports charts and taxi guidance from the gate to the runway, visualisation of AI traffic both in the air and on the ground (showing which gate is available at a busy airport when you land), TAF and METAR at any airport (imported from NOAA), NAT, PACOT, AUSOT, and of course all airways high and low altitude. Perhaps one of my preferred feature is the capability to visualise a SID or a STAR before adding it to your route. In MSFS for stock airplanes, the flight plan is automatically imported from the EFB into your plane GPS.
  3. Not in my case, I have been using Aivlasoft EFB since its first release 10 or 12 years ago with FSX and P3D and did have a look at Navigraph charts, but opted for a one time purchase since I really don't care about the regular updates at all, I sim for pleasure. In addition, I feel that EFB gives me all I need for my flights regardless of their nature, it is very simple to use, extremely versatile detailed and accurate, going well beyond the chart part if you wish. For twenty five years I had to sort out all my Jeppesen new updated charts one by one in their leather binders every month or so when I was flying. I am so happy to be relieved of this tedious task... digitally as well!... Enjoy Navigraph!
  4. Refer to this thread it is self explanatory. It so happened that I had a subscription with Navigraph for P3D until March last year and my Aivlasoft therefore was updated until that date, when I switched to MSFS I stopped my subscription, hence my Aivlasoft database had its latest update at that time. But I stand to be corrected on that, you can verify with the Aivlasoft forum.
  5. Yes, and it is - as of now - the only chart module that will work with both. However, this is not necessary if you don't want the extra cost, both add-ons work perfectly with the MSFS database..
  6. Please note that AIRAC for SimBrief although from Navigraph, don't need to be updated to the latest. I have been running Aivlasoft EFB and SimBrief with the same set of AIRAC dating back to March last year. So what you could do - if the latest AIRACs are not important for you - is to buy a one month database from Navigraph, update Simbrief, PMDG and Aivlasoft and leave them alone afterwards. Your option. Regarding the future PMDG FMS flight-plans, you can make your flight plans with SimBrief (free), transfer them to MSFS, PMDG and Aivlasoft EFB in ONE click with the SimBrief downloader. Then (I am sure PMDG will make sure its future add-on will use the SimBrief flight-plans), your flight-plan will be available on all three platforms and will be in sync.
  7. Dominique please have a look at this thread regarding how to use an iPad with the Aivlasoft Client, that may give you some hints.
  8. As tup61 mentioned in his post above, a good option to learn how to plan your flights, starting from scratch, would be to use SkyVectors, this is a free online manual flight planning tool offering worldwide information on airports including Notams, weather METAR or TAF (you can select and superimpose a real time weather satellite map showing icing, precipitations, Sigmets, turbulences, etc) and coverage of updated IFR low and high airways. Should you fly VFR, an excellent world relief map is available too with all airports, TMAs and safe altitudes. It can happen that a few areas may not be available for the IFR coverage, this is occasional but not permanent. Very often, when I am not satisfied with what SimBrief offers me as a routing I use SkyVectors to make my own, copy and paste it into SimBrief, then transfer to MSFS and Aivlasoft EFB. This is even more fun.
  9. May I recommend you to take a look and a free trial of Aivlasoft EFB v2, it's all in one package, you will have all procedures (STARs and SIDs) and approaches to all airports, all en route charts, you will be able to follow your flight on an iPad or secondary PC networked to your sim, build your flight plans or import them from Simbrief. Using it is simple and there are simple tutorials available. The developer is friendly and helpful. Finally as indicated you have a free trial available, so no risk on your side, if you don't like it, dump it. There is no subscription necessary, it's a one time purchase. If you wish (but it is not necessary) you can also subscribe to a Navigraph Airac update.
  10. This digital age will never cease to be surprising: Problem: "To have to wait fifteen seconds to download a piece of freeware is too long, especially if my screen is populated with ads paying for the free service I receive". Solution: "I demand a premium service with no ad and no waiting time (i.e. 15 seconds...) and a price to pay! " Some may think there is decidedly no limit to human vacuity in this (rich) world. Would they be wrong?
  11. Did you install MSFS on the C drive or another? Using the Windows Search can you locate your MSFS "UserCfg.opt"? Mine is located on a secondary drive: E:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2664669059-4195190780-4106683977-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache If so, can you open it and scroll down to the bottom of that file and see what is the path of your simulator package files? (it should normally be the same as the UserCfg.opt but it's worth a check). Are your MSFS files here? Eventually - please save a copy of your UserCfg.opt file - change that last line with: InstalledPackagesPath "C:\Users\PC name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages" and see if there is any change, are your MSFS files in that location?
  12. I am sure you are aware that this concept is the only way for us to enjoy (normally...) detailed and realistic world sceneries. How else would you have that on your hard disk? We have sometimes to accept some degree of compromise. The alternative is to go back to P3D and/or XP.
  13. There is a simple method to transfer your add-ons from the Community folder into one located outside MSFS, that can then be used by Add-on Linker as mentioned three times already in this thread (please note that credit for this should go to VG Baron one of the AVSIM moderators): Zip your add-on one by one from the Community folder into the folder of your choice outside MSFS (for example Addon Airplanes/Scenery/Tools/Liveries, etc). This can be done with 7Zip free version. Unzip the file in your new folder and delete the original one in the Community folder Link it with Add-on Linker. Done You will never have to worry about your add-ons again. I am surprised by the number of experienced simmers who are not aware of this tool that simplifies so much the management of add-ons. I have hundreds of them, mostly freeware like liveries, and organising them with Add-on linker is so much easier and faster. Beside this already considerable benefit, you can visualise all your scenery add-ons on one map and activate them as you wish making your MSFS faster. Another benefit is that you can start a few other tools simultaneously with MSFS (like Aivlasoft EFB, Track IR, FBW MCDU tablet linker, etc).
  14. There is actually no need to do that either if you want to make your life simpler: Create a folder in which you have and sort all your add-ons (payware and freeware) and use the excellent freeware Addon Linker. Whatever happens to your MSFS will not mean having to re-download or re-install your add-ons, simply click on the links you need, done!
  15. Try ENVA (I just did with the CJ4). Low ceiling, mix of rain and snow, winds at 240/27 knots gusting to 47 knots. Mountainous terrain on the approach path makes for an interesting approach and landing on RWY 27. Good luck!
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