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  1. I have been using Track IR for more than twelve years with a projector facing my screen - and thus my Track IR device - with no issue. The trick is to find the proper location for the device not to pick the other light sources (in my case the projector). However, using a projector also means having a room that is dimly lit otherwise one would loose on the quality of the image projected. The result though is that nothing beats this for total immersion since the image is real life size and Track IR gives total freedom to move around with almost no limits. Food for thoughts.
  2. I have 14 GF modules and all of them are working after many trials and errors. You do not need any additional software simply the latest GF version 2.28 (if my memory serves me well since I am away from my PC for the next three months). What you need though is an old FSX disc and install it. From your GoFlight folder extract the FSX exe file and put it on your desktop. In your GF configuration select FSX. When you start MSFS, start also the GF FSX.exe file and MSFS will trigger your GF modules. I tried to explain all of this out of memory but I may have missed something. In case you have a problem, go to the official MSFS forum and read this thread, scroll to post 103, you will have a more detailed explanation and can interact with other GF users who have resolved this issue as I did. Also, if you have the registered version of FSUIPC, you can programme most of your modules in case you do not have an FSX disc.
  3. You could also make a FREE (thirty-day) trial with Multi Crew Experience and realise that it is highly customisable (Flows and checklists designed for each aircraft that you can modify if you wish), interacts with ATC (including through the Co-Pilot), ground and cabin crew, and can be used with ANY aircraft at no additional cost, meaning that after using it with two aircraft, you will save on the other piece of software that you will need to buy for each aircraft.
  4. Airplanes: Commercial: FBW A320, Inibuilds A310, Salty B748, General Aviation: FSW Cessna 414, BlackSquare Beechcraft King Air Tools: AI traffic: AIG, GAIST, Others: FSUIPC, Addon-Linker, Navigation and planning: Navigraph FMS data, Simbrief, Aivlasoft EFB v2 Ground: GSX
  5. That is quite a harsh condescending statement for a group of people who are working their heart out to provide us with one of the very best A320 there is as of today for this platform. Following your judgement, the same could be said about the Fenix A320 using Prosim, and yet, it is not freeware! Personally, I find your post neither factually correct nor fair for FBW.
  6. I am surprised to see how the Salty B748 seems to be ignored or brushed aside as a non entity (perhaps because it is free) although it cannot - yet - be considered as a "study level" plane, it certainly meet the standard of an excellent rendition of the plane. If you have the FBW downloader, try it (I suggest the Development version), you might be asking yourself why you did not do so earlier.
  7. With this very detailed rendition of a massive airport, huge AIG traffic and GSX, is this scenery not a supreme candidate for the MSFS "out of object limit" syndrome? No comment on this so far, do you mean that using full AI traffic and GSX, one can have a destination airport addon correctly loaded and not only a runway texture?
  8. Today, I started my flight with the - superb - (FSW) Cessna 414 on the tarmac of Kobe (RJBE) at 17.00 local time. Next to me were two (AIG) aircraft one B737 and one A320, two more aircraft were on approach to runway 9. When I started to taxi, I could spot five (GAIST v3) ships gliding next to the airport island (Kobe airport is - like Osaka - built on an artificial island), three huge container ships, one cargo and one tanker, more could be seen in the distance. Having taken off, I turned right to my destination heading to Takamatsu, the sun was slowly setting down, glaring straight in my eyes, I lowered the sun screen and all was fine. ATC was busy talking to several aircraft on the frequency. The sky started to display nuances of yellow, orange, red and the ground was getting darker. On approach, my plane was gently "dancing" to the tune of very light turbulences, I landed on RWY 26 and taxied to my parking next to two (AIG) AI aircraft at their gates (These two excellent airport sceneries by the way are freeware at flightsim.to). I shut down my engines and my PC. and went up for my supper... when I realised that it was morning at my home in Switzerland! Thanks to MSFS, I finally discovered what total immersion in a flight simulator means: When everything looks, feels and sounds so real that our mind is carried away into this virtual world.
  9. This was also a paradox of this fast airplane When flying back from JFK, it was difficult to have good passenger loads as it was arriving too late in the afternoon after a short flight... Many passengers flying the Atlantic Eastbound preferred the confort of a first class seat on a regular flight overnight and arrived relaxed and ready for their day work.
  10. Two quick points: Comments on the lack of this or that in MSFS are very much "déjà vu" and one by one fell down as and when developers released new products contradicting such statements (like a year ago: no, PMDG cannot release their planes due to the lack of SDK, blah, blah, blah...), Secondly, FSL developers have to pay their bills and salaries, I am sure they realise that P3D has become a niche market for a niche product (Concorde), so I would bet the release for MSFS wont be very long after P3D!
  11. This is by far the most demanding commercial airplane to fly IRL as in a simulator - especially with a one man crew - and indeed the most rewarding, it is by no means a plane one can master in a short time, and FSL simulations are known to reflect a number of tiny details that most other developers don't bother to replicate (see for example the story about the Pepsi livery...). Perhaps this will be the "excuse" for Ray to - finally - join MSFS😎!!! Second thought, no he won't... no historical weather in MSFS. I look forward to that release.
  12. Noel, did you try the Salty B748? It has made some good progress and is a pleasure to fly. Download it with the FlyByWire platform and select the Development version preferably. The FMC is rather complete, much more than the 787 HD. I wonder which version of the 787 HD you fly, I just completed two flights this week with the Dev version and everything was fine, except for this SID and STAR programming that never seems to get accepted by the AP. I also avoid using my Aivlasoft EFB otherwise the plane will go into an unending right turn! By the way an update was released yesterday. Otherwise, I can only echo the numerous favorable opinions regarding the FBW A320, it is for me the best freeware ever developed, and still being refined that has reached a long time ago a status as good as a payware.
  13. I am getting an excellent volume of aircraft at all my airports, but I cannot say that I am too happy about the traffic I am seeing at the gates which is, unfortunately, often totally unrealistic and does not reflect the actual situation of that airport. Yesterday again I had FOUR Swiss A340 at the gates in FAOR, before I had four TAP Embraer at LSGG (none of these are accurate in real life), and I noticed the same phenomenon at several other airports. This may not be obvious if you only use large airports where the volume will hide the problem, but the rendition of parked aircraft seems to be off quite dramatically.
  14. Not one mention about FBW A320 before the end of page 2?!!! The same would go for Salty B748. They simply cannot be ignored.
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