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  1. You are very far from the truth, AL allows you to categorize your addons (liveries/airplanes/sceneries by countries or regions/panels/AI traffic/Sea traffic/tools/assets, etc) so that you don't need to go through hundreds of files often identified in bizarre ways by their creators making them difficult to remember, all accumulated in one Community folder. You can also prepare, if you wish, presets of sceneries for example. Dependencies associate two or three addons when one is selected (for example OMDB airport and Dubai city, or one aircraft and a GPS addon). When updating addon files, you avoid searching where is the previous version is,AL has it all sorted for you. In short, Addon-Linker is the best way to organise your portfolio of addons and keep them up-to-date, regardless of whether - or not - it adds performance benefits of any kind. The initial work necessary to create your folder categorisation is paid back easily and speedily if you like to keep a tidy sim.
  2. So if I understand correctly, it will be limited (reduced) by Vox ATC and not reliant on the AIGTC user selected value?
  3. Thank you for this video Kevin, could you please clarify on this very AI point: by "its own AI" do you mean that Vox injects a "selection" of the AIG traffic or all of it? In other words, if we are at a busy airport, will the 100% of AIG traffic be injected or will it be adapted (reduced) by Vox to remain manageable?
  4. You're forgiven for this time, but promise to use spell checkers no more, and go in peace!
  5. https://fselite.net/content/tfdi-design-md-11-feature-complete-nearing-release/ Is there any - positive or otherwise - feedback from early adopters at this stage before the "full feature" release? I never used a TDFI simulation before and could be interested by the MD 11 exceptionally (not very fond of airliners anymore in MSFS).
  6. I evidently missed it, @Tuskin38 is hard to beat when it comes to MSFS news! Sorry to see it did not raise interest though as this team of young developers is working hard to deliver a fine and detailed product to the community.
  7. How about "peaceful corners" instead, people who have enough real wars to deal with on a daily basis in our tragically sad, full of agression and hate, world without adding yet another flavour in what is today a virtual peaceful simulated world we can fly over - without *dreaming" to annihilate half of the planet?! Perhaps DCS could include realistic bombs that would destroy the gamer's computer along - for good measure - his home. That would be real fun, as real as it gets! ... and give gamers a first hand taste of what destruction lives and properties is all about. Don't folks have enough choice of simulated wars (air, sea, land), and fight games today, probably more than 80% of games are about conflicts, combat and other abominations? Let MSFS be a "civil" and peaceful game and, should one be unable to "survive" this predicament, buy one of these numerous titles dedicated to what the human race seems to adore so much. Rating or no rating! I know that, when writing this post, I commit a capital crime today, I dare referring to moral values, and I should know better that this word is dead!
  8. No I don’t Carl, I believe that this has to do with my sticking to the weight and balance procedure in the FMC and the EFB as I described it several times in this thread and also using the two Simbrief profiles for the RR and GE versions when planning my flights. Try to make it shorter and you are likely to experience the takeoff difficulties you (and many others) experience. Or - more simply - I may be lucky! But I prefer the first option...
  9. What a great new package, thank you @KL791 and team! Today I landed in Hong Kong and took the time to use the drone to review your wonderful work, quite impressive indeed. FYI, I spotted one Coast Guard (I believe?) vessel which had no livery textures, only the pinkish chessboard all over, it has an helicopter platform (I think) on the stern, two large cranes in the middle, and a gun on the bow. It was anchored on the South West coast of Hong Kong island about half a mile from the coast. Other than that, in a place like HK, this is adding a crowded life to an otherwise empty sea. Congratulations.
  10. @Boeing_Driver OK understood. I tried the following scenario for you not using Simbrief: RJTT-RJOA I filled up my weight & balance manually on the relevant FMC page at Index>Settings>Weight & Balance as follows: PAX 312, Cargo 10900 Kg, Fuel 50750 KG, (computed by FMC) ZFW 166354, (Computed by FMC) CG 21.62. I filled up the Performance page, did not input any flight plan neither did I select a CI (the CI is computed by Simbrief), only selected a departure RJTT RWY 34R and a destination RJOA for the sake of trying the TO. On the EFB (Performance page), I copied automatically the FMC data with the button on the bottom left, input Wind 040/04, OAT 17C, QNH 1008, RTG > TO, MAX > ATM, 5 > Flaps, Engine Auto > A/I, clicked on Calculate: Results V1 154, VR 160, V2 166, clicked on Send Output (bottom left), on the FMC clicked on "Accept", the calculated CG remains 21 and the Trim 6.25 is set accordingly. Now, if you wish, try your VR with this scenario and see if there is a difference with your previous experiences (of course I assume you have the latest version of the HS 789).
  11. So as to understand your take-off difficulty and help you out of it, could you @Boeing_Driver and @cavaricooper please explain how you load (weight and balance I mean) your B789 via Simbrief and the FMC, what you describe was indeed true upon release but has since then been corrected a long time ago, so there is most certainly a way to overcome your challenge.
  12. Did any one in this thread try what @sd_flyer suggested in the second post? This is (most probably) the solution (except for windowed screen to be solved with SU15) but no one seems to pay attention very much as it may sound too simple...😎 We tend to forget these updates of Window Store and Xbox even if we don't use one. In some extreme cases, you may have to uninstall the Xbox App and reinstall it.
  13. This is going to hurt the wallet a bit more soon! Jo Erlend never sleeps, his Oslo scenery hit the market today and here he goes with EDDF nearing completion!
  14. This excellent ATCC software was developed 20 years ago and does not work anymore under Windows 11, but perhaps you could contact the developer (see contact page) and see if he can be of assistance for your project. Good luck! http://www.xavius.com/atcc.html
  15. When in Simbrief, after selecting the "Aircraft Type" Boeing 787 (800 or 900), make sure you also select the proper profile in the next box called "Variant or Airframe", you do have two different profiles available for the Horizon 789 (RR and GE) and one for the Kuro 788 for Simbrief planning. The Coast Index (CI) will be computed automatically in Simbrief.
  16. I had a similar issue when I came back from a four-month trip. Check in your Window Store Library what programmes need to be updated and you will likely find Xbox updates to be made. Once I did that, everything was back to normal.
  17. I will settle for a weather system creating dangerous turbulences when flying in CBs, this is needed more often than tornadoes worldwide!... Along with a few cirrus clouds where appropriate. Beside this a working ATC that would keep away the prospect of having to pay for something that is marginally better. That would make it a month 6 purchase for me when -and if - the initial post-release dramas fade away, allowing me to - selfishly - sim when some will chase the bugs 👻.
  18. Two suggestions to help you: Make sure you have the latest version of the Horizon 789, for that you can use the updater of the Airbus A339. The take-off issues were resolved a long time ago last year and there is no such problem now. In order to ensure you won't have a wrong CG, and thus a takeoff challenge, you need to follow a few points: DO NOT use the MSFS weight and balance window, but inport your Simbrief calculated weights into the FMC > Index > Settings > Weights and Balance > Set from OFP and wait for "Completed" Fill up all your FMC pages importing your Simbrief data, including flight plan, runways, SID and STAR, except the last Take Off page Go to your EFB Performance page and click on "Copy your FMC Data" into the EFB (button on bottom left), check each line and fill up when appropriate (wind, OAT and QNH), select Thrust and Flaps until you have the "Calculate" button on top right illuminated, click on it. Your performances is now available Click on "Send output" to the FMC Takeoff page, and click "Accept" on the FMC. Set your takeoff Trim to the indicated value in the FMC Your plane is ready and you shall not have a "sticky" takeoff.. These last two days, I flew it from OMAA to WSSS and WSSS to RJTT with not a single issue.
  19. This is your opinion - which is respected - but not necessarily shared. Again a matter of opinion as to what a "serious" simmer is! According to your assessment, I am not among them.. Actually you are right, I only "sim" for my enjoyment, and although I had plenty of real world stick time world wide, it was again only for my pleasure and I never took it seriously!
  20. Horizon and Working Title have done an excellent job to improve the 788/9/X, and it is doubtful that PMDG will venture into this knowing full well that these freeware will be further developed and improved. The same probably happened to FSLabs with the inflation of A320 in MSFS, what is left for them if they were to release an A320 line of aircraft? I had the QualityWing 787 in P3D but would not buy it for MSFS even if they released it tomorrow. Neither would I buy an FSLabs A320. FBW, Horizon have redefined what a freeware aircraft is in any flightsim, more to come (A380 among others). Healthy competition perhaps, but let's face it, we now have something we never had in the past, passionate, competent, organised and innovative freeware developers.
  21. @KERNEL32 Let me try to explain what happen as clearly as my (old) brain allows... My MSFS is on my C drive, and AIM with OCI is on my E drive. It is linked to my Community folder via Addon-Linker (and it has been so for the past two years with no issue) Yesterday I updated the Models and the Flightplans in AIM. The flight plans were correctly updated and the red button became green. Models were shown in red too, so I run update, at the end of the process it said "Done", but the button remained red. When I started MSFS, I had no traffic at all at EGLL... I then checked my Community folder and saw a new OCI SimObjects folder in it containing a few airplanes (which was never there before since I am linking my OCI from my E drive to the Community folder with Addon-Linker). So I moved the content of this "new" OCI-SimObjects folder from the Community folder into my original OCI-SimObjects folder on my E drive. Problem solved, evidently the double OCI folder was the issue. I thought that perhaps, the same happened to you and your OCI-SimObjects folder was still intact but you had another rogue OCI-SimObjects folder in your Community folder? In which case AIM would have created it.
  22. After further investigation this morning, it appears that AIM "could" have created an additional Airplane file into my Community folder. I certainly did not create that file myself since my OCI folder was always on a separate drive and linked to my MSFS Community through AddonLinker (from day 1 two years ago), so this is impossible, yet it was here hence a conflict having two OCI and no traffic at all in MSFS. Furthermore, when I moved that "new" Airplane file to my original OCI Airplane folder, nothing was overwritten meaning that those aircraft were not the same as the one of my original Airplane OCI folder, so clearly something went wrong with AIM during the update process. @KERNEL32 May i suggest you check this as well to see if my issue is similar to yours and then we could inform @Kaiii3 accordingly? In addition, the Simobjects and Models Update buttons relain red whatever I do. At least now I do have my AI traffic back to the fullest.
  23. I too wish to express my gratefulness for the backup files sent to me by message, AVSIM never ceases to amaze me with the number of simmers willing to help each other.
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