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  1. Performance was quite poor for me when I enabled the static (ground traffic) during the configuration process, however after turning that off it’s running much better. Not sure why this would have such an impact. Very happy with FSLTL. Extremely simple to set up.
  2. It scales everything up by 2 and then downsamples it to your monitor (like 2x Supersampling). The result is a sharper output with much less pixilation and smoother curves. On a 4K monitor and 3080Ti, I set primary scaling at 0.7 and then secondary scaling at 2.0. The result is very smooth and sharp anti-aliasing effect. Adding some sharpening filters improves the quality further. It's not for everyone but the sim only looks good to my eyes using the above method.
  3. if you have the GPU horsepower, DLSS Quality + 2x Secondary Scaling in UserCFG looks better than TAA.
  4. Looks amazing. I hope it's not a performance killer though
  5. P3D V4.5 and MSFS running extremely well on this driver.
  6. Thanks. I updated to the latest drivers and all is fixed for me too.
  7. The DLSS option has magically disappeared for me. I swear it was still there when I ran MSFS a few days ago on the latest beta and it's been working fine up until now. Weird.
  8. This update is running wonderfully for me. The previous build was causing me stutters. I wish we weren't forced to update the software and can at least play the game (but unsupported) on a previous version that runs well. It's a major drawback of this platform - absolutely zero control of an update being pushed and your entire simulator being turned upside down.
  9. Yes, although I’m not sure either are necessary in 5.3 as the lighting is generally better. Not sure about colour banding. I’ve not used 5+.
  10. Nice thanks! Reshade definitely makes a nice improvement on P3D v4.5. I use the Deband filter to get rid of the awful colour banding in the sky during dawn/dusk/night. Also the Ambient Light filter makes everything much brighter and even works intelligently by increasing it's intensity when the skies are clear and not cloudy.
  11. Dual MSFS and P3Dv4.5 Simmer here as well. I still like P3D...and fly it. It remains consistent, and I don't have to worry about an impromptu update breaking things. MSFS is wonderful, but it still has a long way to go until things are stable.
  12. I think the LNAV v2 will probably make it to the P3D products eventually. As most of the logic developed would be transferrable between the P3D and MSFS lines. Although the 777 VC almost certainly is dead I'd say.
  13. Me too. Interesting how they’re calling it spreading ‘deliberate misinformation’ as opposed to ‘seeking clarification’. Interesting way to treat your loyal customers. I won’t be giving them another cent.
  14. I don't think P3D is dead although unfortunately addon developers may decide not to continue developing for it. I hope that LM might know this and perhaps implement a way to ensure backward compatibility with addons designed for V4.5+ or V5+ to ensure the eco-system isn't lost. This would incentivize developers to continue providing addons for the platform given minimal work required to support future versions.
  15. Which is the latest version that is compatible with P3D V4.5? I tried loading but I'm getting a crash to desktop after the splash screen.
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