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  1. DLSS DLL version 3.7 and preset left at default (N/A) seems to look and run best for me. Preset E made things smear/ghost a bit, especially on light poles and gauges.
  2. Big quality improvements for me. Really surprised how much to be honest. Looks and feels almost as good as 8xSSAA that I was using on P3D!
  3. DLSS 3.7 DLL now available. Just tested on MSFS and looking VERY clean on my sim.
  4. This would make sense as it sounds like you're using DLSS Ultra Quality (I'm only on Quality) which has a render resolution at around 77% so the scaling up and then down must be proportional.
  5. I wouldn't say it's solved but it does make the lights much sharper and defined. I prefer the DLSS look to be honest.
  6. I used to use higher than 0.66x (1.0x) but the quality was far worse. I think because the ratio isn't quite right and the down scaling results in some blurry distortion, whereas 3.0 down scales to 1.0 seamlessly. I was surprised at how much of an improvement there was.
  7. Outstanding visual quality with this one. Hot tip, if you have the GPU horsepower, set DLSS in-game to Quality and these parameters in UserCfg.opt PrimaryScaling 0.670000 SecondaryScaling 2.000000 Because DLSS Quality renders at 66.6% of the native resolution, this tells the game to render at the same amount. DLSS Quality then upscales to 1.50X and the secondary scaling parameter doubles it to be an exact of 3.0x which is then down-sampled to your monitor. The result is fantastic extremely sharp visuals especially if you have a 4K monitor with a good GPU.
  8. Thanks for the update! Very promising!
  9. I noticed the same but I upped the Cloud Turbulence Scalar to 150 and it improved it a bit. Far better than nothing.
  10. Looks like it might be server related. Photogrammetry is always very hit and miss as there is a high dependency on connection speed, latency and bandwidth.
  11. I hate the look of the bloom In MSFS. I wish we had the ability to adjust its strength.
  12. FSDT are one of the best developers for adding new features, updates and functionality to existing product lines. There are some add-ons I have that were purchased in 2021 which released 3/4 completed and are yet to have any updates.
  13. I've not noticed any issues however I'm using FSLTL with FS Traffic pack.
  14. There's not really any comparison, the ORBX is much better and covers a vast area including autogen buildings. IniBuilds feels like it just replaces a number of structures but most the area is left default. Best is to use both.
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