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  1. Nothing to complain about here. Very smooth and snappy loading times. Very good update.
  2. BMWorld is actually of a pretty high standard now in my opinion assuming you have good hardware. But FlightBeam is top of market. Glad we have options.
  3. Neither active or passive are going to show exactly the way it looks in real life. Both will depict based on a data source. The difference is active mode does a better job (in my opinion) of showing a believable weather scene that one would see in real life. Perhaps at the expense of some accuracy given the API limitations. The issue I think with passive/default is that all cloud types and patterns look so similar and predictable/cookie cutter. Cumulus clouds are overused and everything is also overly-transparent. Cloud fronts don’t even look like fronts, but rather just transparent blur which ends up becoming a cloud as you get closer. But it’s a subjective matter. I’m grateful we have choice!
  4. I think that it means if enabled, that your weather will refresh/rebuild every 7 min regardless of the download interval. So if you’ve flown over an area with different weather before another download happens, it will transition.
  5. I consider passive mode as default. I think what I mean is that the depiction looks more believable with ActiveSky generating the visuals. They use variety of cloud coverage, types, transparencies, humidity and the cloudscapes just look more similar to what one would witness out the window of a commercial flight. Subjective opinion though, but it’s nice we have options.
  6. From your video, ActiveSky’s representation looks wildly better to me. Default just looks so simple and almost two dimensional. ActiveSky looks exactly like the weather I saw out of my window on my real world flight yesterday. I’m grateful we have options available to us regardless!
  7. Thank you @Damian Clark for the huge update and particularly reverting the excessive humidity!
  8. Same I can’t sign up to the official forum either. No confirmation email gets sent.
  9. I noticed this myself. I couldn't really see the weather change much unless I have a flight plan loaded. Something I'm sure many people oversee and then complain about 😁
  10. Is anyone finding that the humidity levels are too high everywhere since the last update...even in areas which don't have high humidity causing an overly bright atmosphere at all times of the day... I didn't notice this at all before the most recent update. AS Default @Damian Clark Is there any possibility of adding an option to disable humidity rendering or clamping it to a fixed maximum value?
  11. A possible improvement I think might be to include a humidity strength / clamp setting. Sometimes MSFS’s depiction of humidity can be really over the top.
  12. It was probably just that the area you were flying in had stratus clouds rather than cumulus. AS generates both whereas Live weather only generates cumulus everywhere.
  13. A few things I've noticed since using ASFS: - Rainbows and storms show up which seem to never when using default live weather - Volumetric lighting from the aircraft appears in humid conditions which never occurred using default I think default live weather is actually broken and just doesn't use the sim's weather model to it's full potential. ASFS fills this gap.
  14. It’s bizarre to me that that so many people on Reddit and other communities are unable to see the improvements that ASFS offers and are saying they prefer the default. The depiction of the weather, turbulence, humidity, cloud types with various shapes and density is so much better than the default live weather in my opinion. Switching back to live weather, it becomes so evident that the full capabilities of the engine aren’t even used. The turbulence and random chop feels natural and variable whereas default is very binary and more ‘programmed’. I took off from Singapore yesterday and instantly noticed that the atmosphere looked different because of the higher humidity in the region. I’ve never seen live weather do this. The cloud types selected for the area were also spot on for the tropical climate.
  15. I just bought ASFS. Really happy with it. Similar to the experience we had using FSX/P3D. It would be great if some of those older features like wing fade and in-cloud motion effects can be brought in at some point!
  16. The weather depiction without a doubt looks far better than MSFS Live to me. Its layering and cloud variations particularly. Look forward to trying it out.
  17. Surely it would be a pretty hard sell if it was that bad?
  18. DLSS DLL version 3.7 and preset left at default (N/A) seems to look and run best for me. Preset E made things smear/ghost a bit, especially on light poles and gauges.
  19. Big quality improvements for me. Really surprised how much to be honest. Looks and feels almost as good as 8xSSAA that I was using on P3D!
  20. DLSS 3.7 DLL now available. Just tested on MSFS and looking VERY clean on my sim.
  21. This would make sense as it sounds like you're using DLSS Ultra Quality (I'm only on Quality) which has a render resolution at around 77% so the scaling up and then down must be proportional.
  22. I wouldn't say it's solved but it does make the lights much sharper and defined. I prefer the DLSS look to be honest.
  23. I used to use higher than 0.66x (1.0x) but the quality was far worse. I think because the ratio isn't quite right and the down scaling results in some blurry distortion, whereas 3.0 down scales to 1.0 seamlessly. I was surprised at how much of an improvement there was.
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