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  1. nels161

    FT CYYZ Updated To P3D v4

    I disabled the Toronto LC and it does make a difference on my computer. I use Ultimate traffic at 100 % and there are lots of A/C at gates, taxing and on final and departure. Before I disabled LC it was a stutter show. I must also say I have scaled the effects of ver 1.3 alot but I wanted smooth flying on app rather that all the eye candy. With Toronto it is always hard on frames unless you have a really high end system. You have to deal with what you have and there will be trade offs to get to that acceptable point. YMMV. Nels
  2. nels161

    UTL offically released

    I have had two CTD also with this new version Nelson
  3. nels161

    UTL offically released

    You can download the offical release from Flight 1 web site according tp their forums. Download was good, no problems with the installation and no errors when I loaded it to P3D ver 4. Lots of traffic on ground and in the air. Seems they have finally got it working right. Nelson
  4. nels161

    Ultimate traffic live

    +1 your not kidding Nels
  5. nels161

    Ultimate traffic live

    I have to agree with Chapstick, stay away from this program and save your money. Even when it is officially released I would wait and see what the general consensus is from the flight sim community. Right now there are very few people running this program with NO problems. For those that are consider your selves lucky but if you look at all the posts in the forum there are far more unhappy simmers than happy ones. There are just too many things wrong at the moment and I hope they eventually get it sorted. As for Simbol, I just looked at their forum. No mention of the beta your talking about. It would be nice to let the people reading the UTL forum know what progress is happening. Nothing at all from the developer. PROATC at least lets it's readers know when a new bets has been sent to the beta team keeping them informed. Nels
  6. nels161

    Ultimate traffic live

    Sadly I am one of those who paid for this program, as for the update, to quote The Eagles " When Hell Freezes Over". I will never again buy a soft release. If your thinking of buying be forwarned. Sorry to be so negative but just read the heartache posts on their forum Nelson Lyon
  7. nels161

    V4.1 is out

    Done took me, 6 minutes for complete zip file Nelson
  8. nels161

    Prepar3D V4 Crash to Desktop

    They are having MAJOR problems with UT LIVE crashing the sim. I would try your sim without UT LIVE and see if you have any crashes or CTD going on when it is not on Nelson
  9. Elaine , can you tells me if there is a work around for having military a/c with my traffic 6 instead of having to deactivate the trafficmil BGL file. We used to have it before P3D V4 and the crashes. Thanks Nelson
  10. nels161

    UT LIVE VER 1.23

    So far they have not said what the issue was as far as I can tell Nels
  11. nels161

    UT LIVE VER 1.23

    Just installed the latest ver of UT LIVE 1.23 and it looks like they have solved the issue of no arrival traffic. All appears to work now so if you were having troubles in P3D V4 try the new build available from the UT live forums Cheers Nels
  12. nels161

    what are you waiting for in V4

    Truthfully I am not waiting for anything. I am not a fan of VC and prefer a 2 D cockpit. I have that now with the IFLY B737 NG plus WX radar thanks to active sky and them. The hotfix improves performance. I have ORBX and don't need Vector as I have road traffic with ultimate terrian . All in all everything is working just like I hoped it would in P3D V4. BTW the update to the IFLY didn't cost a penny and my sim has never been smoother using this a/c. So instead of waiting I am flying Cheers Nelson
  13. First off let me say I hate VC and have tried many. I prefer 2D panels, I can hear the gasps LOL. Well I do and I am very happy the folks made the B737 version compatible with P3D ver 4 and also provided a hotfix that helps with performance. The folks at QW might take a lesson here but I some how doubt it.They also provided a 2D for their B757 panel but decided not to update to a version of P3d V4 so far. BTW the upgrade didn't cost a penny another plus. All I can say is it works very well for me and the sim is very smooth and I don't have a real high end system. Happy flying.. Cheers Nels
  14. nels161

    Got stutters with V4? Try this -

    Thanks Paul, it appears to work. Didn't know I had a refresh rate of 59 but there it was. It has certainly made it a lot smoother in the turns when these micro stutters are the worse. Thanks for posting this Cheers Nelson
  15. If I could ask where did you find Dino's miltary a/c you are talking about. Do any of them have a 2D cockpit?. Thanks Nelson