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  1. Ok that's clear :) I don't understand this highlighted: What is the purpose of disabling ENVTEX textures for e.g. airport, grass or water? Does SkyForce also have these?
  2. I will for sure use Active Sky for the weather engine. I'm wondering, which option will give me best looking clouds - I mean as real as possible.
  3. Pilots, there are following options explained: 1. REX Sky Force 3D only2. REX Sky Force 3D and Active Sky3. REX Sky Force 3D and Active Sky plus ASCA for dynamic skies4. REX Sky Force 3D and Active Sky plus ASCA for dynamic skies with ENVTEX sky textures Based on your experience which is the best choose and why? I have all these apps and I'm a little bit confused what to do.
  4. How to turn on mouse ministick on X56? I configured this in the way showed below but still cursor doesn't move. Any ideas?
  5. Is there any way to preview liveries in *.ptp files? Maybe there's some editor, which I can use to open PTP file and see how it looks before install?
  6. Yes it was confirmed to me by one of BVAI developers.
  7. I see that it's not recognizing Lufthansa livery for B777-200. I have some aircrafts with DLHxxx callsigns in Air Traffic and it shows as all white. Other fleets looks to be ok e.g. BAW, Enter, Easy, KLM, SAS, United, Delta, Alaska... It also doesn't recognize AAxx... Is the reason that for instance Lufthansa doesn't have B777-200 in their fleet in real?
  8. Regarding exporting of presets. I know that I can upload every preset separately to the community to archive it, but is there a possibility to export whole list (all presets for a single aircraft) of presets for e.g. PMDG 737 to one separate file?
  9. Ok - small update. I did what you recommended and for some areas it worked well. But recently when I was flying around Zurich I've noticed these weird textures again. Look at this screenshot: There are some areas - especially on the left, which are not dark. They're - let say - highlighted. I've noticed that this is related with Orbx Open LC Europe because after turning it off in the scenery library it looks as shown below: So on the second screenshot it looks better - however it's still one highlighted area in front of the aircraft (a little bit to the left). I have the latest version of openLC Europe. All ORBX libraries are up to date. The ordering of my sceneries is according to these rules: http://c-aviation.net/fsx-scenery-library-order-orbx-global/ What's wrong with this?
  10. This was a very good idea. It looks good now. Thank you!
  11. I've noticed that my textures don't look good. Look at the screenshot. There are black areas, which are changing it's state cyclically during the flight. Look at these black squares - it looks horrible :( In that view I have almost 60 FPS. What is causing this? Is this related with shaders or scenery? I have ASP4+ASCA, ENVTEX & ENVSHADE and some scenery addons.
  12. Ok that was easy indeed ;) Thank you very much. I was looking inside ASCA settings not ASP4. Thanks!
  13. Pilots, how to disable these ASCA green pop-ups in P3D. It shows cyclically that ASCA is loading/updating etc.
  14. Pilots, The were a lot of discussions about poor VATSIM audio quality in the past. Anyway I've found an info on the VATSIM website from the last year , which states as follows: New Voice Codec Voice quality on VATSIM has long been the subject of much discussion on our network, with the compatibility of older pilot clients being a barrier to upgrading to a new voice codec which would improve voice quality for our pilots and controllers. At Connexion 2017, Kieran Hardern, who sits on the VATSIM Board of Governors, made an announcement that VATSIM has a team actively working on the implementation of a new voice codec. A number of tests of specific codecs have already been completed and VATSIM is committed to make this happen. As with any voluntary project, we won't be putting an estimated time of release out on this but hope this announcement is of interest to our members who have been eagerly waiting for this upgrade. Source: https://www.vatsim.net/news/new-voice-codec-voice-unicom It was almost year ago. Are there any leaks about the release date of this new codec?
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