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  1. But will the current version work for P3Dv4.5 with the latest FSLabs Update?
  2. No, I didn’t touch down on the first approach. I went around before the MDA. I did have the panel open, everything was normal. I‘m on button control so there is no way to skip the procedure. The second clibout/approach was normal, I got all correct actions, checklists etc. Even after landing I had the correct procedure. „Set the lights“, „after landing checklist“, „taxilights off“.... But the PM did not speak after touchdown, did not perform after landing flows. He did turn off the taxilights though. I‘ll try to make a video. As I said, I‘m not even sure if Irmelas just some sort of hiccup or if is a real bug. Just noticed it twice. Stu
  3. Hi, I don't do go-arounds often, but for the second time now the PM stopped "working" after the final touchdown (button control). So I initiated went around, called G/A-flaps, worked through all phases/checklists and positioned for another approach. I got all commands as expected, PM reacted normal, setting flaps, gear, calling minimum etc.... but after touchdown I didn't get "spoilers - reverse green - decel - seventy knots" and also the PM didn't perform an after landing flows anymore. Is this a bug due to the G/A or could be something else broken here? Thanks, Stu
  4. True. Like autobrake MAX for landing.... 😉 😄
  5. Tbh I‘ve never seen the PM replying „checked“ to the phrase „continue“. Maybe because there is actually nothing really to check, it is just the PF announcing that he commits to a landing because the rquirements are met (having the rwy in sight in most cases). As Bryan said, this might be airline optional. But „land“ is the mandatory call out of the LAND mode engaging on the PFD which the PM can indeed „check“ if he looks on his PFD.
  6. Sounds great, thanks. A consideration of „pack 2 off“ for the after landing flows in this scenario would be also very nice.
  7. Hi, when I use single pack ops (ie EZY uses only pack 1 on ground) and packs off for t/o, with button control the PM will switch off pack 1 correctly before takeoff but doesn‘t recognize pack 2 being off already and will switch that one on. Did I miss something in the options? BR Stu
  8. Hi there, I installed P3Dv5 on a separate drive yesterday, since then my until now flawlessly working v4.5 crashes with a .NET Runtime unhandled exception error. First one happened after 20min, still on ground, second one after over an hour into the flight. I've never had this one before, google doesn't tell me much. Anyone got a hint what could cause this? Thanks for any advise! Stu Log: Anwendung: Prepar3D.exe Frameworkversion: v4.0.30319 Beschreibung: Der Prozess wurde aufgrund einer unbehandelten Ausnahme beendet. Ausnahmeinformationen: Ausnahmecode c0000005, Ausnahmeadresse 0000000000000000
  9. Keven's solution worked! I actually already had my licenses transferred, but VFX central was still installed, so apparently there was some sort of mess/conflict. Thanks guys! Stu
  10. ORBX Central is on v4.1.1 but checking for updates tells me there are no available. Will try Keven, thanks.
  11. Hi there, After I installed P3Dv5 parallel to v4 (on a different drive) I get this error message whenever I try to start Chaseplane. Uninstalling/reinstalling didn't help. What can I do to resolve this? Thank!
  12. Oh I see! Thanks!! I usually skip setting this. 🙂 So if done correctly, the PM will switch on Pack1 at ThrRed and Pack2 after flaps up? EDIT: it works as you said, though he's switching on both packs after another when reaching ThrRed height. I always thought the leave more time in between, but I guess that's airline dependent...
  13. *** Button control *** Hi. I just had a strange behavior when I tried a packs off takeoff: Packs were off (set on the DEP page), I performed the take off. After "positive rate" I pressed the button to command "Gear up" (as usual), but the PM did not do anything. Then after a few more seconds (without me doing anything), the PM said "packs on", switched on BOTH packs and then said "Gear up" and retracted the gear. (SmartCars shows "Gear lever raised at 902 ft"). Did I set or do something wrong? Stu
  14. Really? ..... that‘s odd. Why would you even need that? You can’t arm a/b max during flight on the FSLabs. I can see why „off“ can be an option in certain situations but „max“? .... Well, anyway... Allrighty then. Thanks! Cheers
  15. Hi, I don’t know if it came with the latest update, but now you apparently can select autobrake MAX for landing, which you can not (and never would) do in the Airbus..... Did I miss the purpose of this option or is it a bug? bR stu
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