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  1. I know you don't want to drown us in options, but I'd really appreciate an option "no after takeoff / climb checklist" in button control, as most airlines I know don't use this checklist. Thanks!
  2. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/29199-fs2crew-and-the-new-sharklets/&tab=comments#comment-233857
  3. Works without promblem for me too btw. Thanks
  4. Can you tell me how? Nevermind, got it 🙂
  5. I think the sharklets are not supported yet. As you can see in the Fs2Crew setup, it's only showing A319-X, A320-X and A321-X. But maybe we can "copy over" something to make it work on the sharklets as well?
  6. Hi Bryan, will FS2Crew work with today's update v5.0.1.160 (& Sharklet release)? Thx
  7. I'm no legal expert, but I don't think that it's 100% legit if you list the content of a product you are selling, and then after the customers paid in full, just don't deliver all parts that were advertised. Anyways, at least they should update their product description and "detailed program guide" so people who (consider to) buy now don't think they will get everything that is listed there. It is still showing the full program on their website with the last module due Feb23 !
  8. That is correct, but unlikely to happen I think. You'd probably run out of runway when you wait this long 🙂 From what I understand, after t/d the instructor disarms the spoilers and calls "Stand Up" for you advance the thrust levers a few centimetres in order to avoid the engines going into ground idle, then wait for the trim to reset and then the Instructor would call "Go". While this may take a few seconds, I doubt you'll reach VR within that time on this thrust setting. If you choose to add a few seconds between the two, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Ah, I see! Okay, then it's not triggered by anything I do. Good to know. From what I have seen in videos, the time between "Stand Up " and "Go" is usually longer (5-10 sec, depending on how fast the trim resets), so I was a little confused. Cheers
  10. Thanks for your patience. But this I should have seen.;) Still, I'm having some issue I can't find answers to... It's working really well until I touch down, where the PM just blindly calls "Stand Up - Go - Thrust Set" in a row, without me doing anything yet... And he's not re-setting the trim to the initially calculated CG, so I barely get the thing back in the air again when I have a pretty low CG (the airbus itself is resetting to 0.0 THS afaik). ..... Do I maybe have to set certain things first? I seem to be missing something. There is no tutorial PDF for this, right?
  11. My sincerest apologies, I was not aware of this. I did read that there is a visual pattern approach mode, but it was mentioned so briefly what it means, it must have slipped by me. I remember trying it out before, but I messed something up and thought it's just for visual approaches. Sorry, shame on me. I will give it another try! Thanks!!!
  12. Hi Bryan, thanks for your response. But I'm not sure I agree with you 100%. Training circuits are indeed in some parts different from actual flights, and touch-and-go's are not the same as go-arounds. For instance, the flap setting is different, and the thrust reduction altitude might be as well etc.. If you look at Airbus' Base Training Syllabi, the procedures and callouts of an instructor can be quite different to a PM's duties too...
  13. Hi, Just an idea, I’d love a “Training Crew Expansion Pack”. Maybe some day you’ll find the time to develop a training captain, who will perform all necessary flows during a base training circuit especially during touch-and-go’s. The official Airbus Base Training Syllabi show quite an amount of duties/actions that are pretty challenging to do properly when flying alone (setting speed brakes, flaps, trim, rudder etc., all while staying in the centreline and handling thrust and controls in the correct way and order). I know, far fetched, nevertheless I put the idea out there 🙂 Thanks, Stu
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