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  1. Hi, I wasn't reporting any issue, I just wanted to make sure it works before I buy a license 🙂 And it indeed is working. Thanks
  2. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before: Should the Flight Monitor work with the Fenix A320? Thanks
  3. Additional ideas: - Add Yaw/Rudder graphs - Add direction of the center line deviation (L/R)
  4. Hi, I've been using aviaserver/flight monitor for months not and updated to the latest version today when I found out that while aviaserver is running, my joystick inputs won't "reach" the sim (I'm using the FSLabs A320-X). Aileron and Elevator controls are completely dead, it's only when I close aviaserver, they are working again. Any advice? Thanks, Stu
  5. @srcooke Oh man, thank you so much!!! Worked perfectly! That was a super-easy 3-click fix, awesome! Solved! 🙂 Cheers Stu
  6. Thanks guys, really appreciate your help and patience. While I was able to point the application to the correct SDK plugins, it's still giving me errors while compiling, although I only changed one ILS frequency. Unable to do this. Will avoid 27L when going to to EDDV. 😄
  7. Okay, you know what, I give up. Apparently I'm missing some paths/files, a bglcomp exe which I can't find in any SDK, ADE asks me for the sim I'm using but the drop down menu isnt working, I can't enter the scenerey.cfg location manually... I guess this is for very FS9/FSX sceneries, not P3D. But thanks for your patience and help. I'll just use the default ILS freq then.
  8. Well, it's neither in the location you mentioned nor at the path that is set in my settings above... It always saves only the project file, no bgl.
  9. Thanks, but it's not quite working yet. In the options you mentioned, I have a "With Bgl File" option, but even when I activate it, it will still only save a .ad4 file. I guess I'm still doing something wrong....
  10. Sorry, maybe I expressed myself unclear here. 🙂 Thanks for the advice, but I did actually manage to change the frequency, not problem there. What I was asking was how I can save this modification into the BGL I opened. I don't see any command or anything for this....I can only save as a "project".
  11. Thanks for the tip. I have no experience with ADE, but I managed to open the BGL I thought was the right one and changed the frequency for the ILS 27L to 109.95. But I couldn't figure out how to "save" the bgl... Can you give me another hint? Did I even do this correctly? 🙂 Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, so I recently purchased JustSim's EDDV and noticed, that it uses wrong/old/default ILS frequencies. The correct ones currently published in the charts do not work. So is there a way I can correct this myself somehow? Couldn't find any update/fix online... BR & thanks for any advice, Stu
  13. Hi, I guess since the graphs are basically images, we can't have them "interactive", where you can hover over/along those graphs to see the values at a specific point/time etc... But would it be feasible to define one or more events in the options, at which the system would "mark" the graphs with a vertical line (similar to the touchdown line)? For example, a line at 30ft AGL, to evaluate the timing on the flare etc. Thanks!
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