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  1. Hi, so I‘m currently using the Thrustmaster Warthog base with a A320 stick from flightsimprojects. Now I‘m thinking about switching to a Virpil WarBRD base and since the website states it is compatible with Thristmaster grips, I wonder if my A320 stick will then fit on there too. Flightism projects sell separate A320 sticks for both bases, so it would seem the one doesn’t fit the other, but since Virpil says TM sticks will fit, I am confused. Does anyone know? Thanks Stu PS: I of course also asked the guys at flightsimprojects, but they (suspiciously 🙂 ) never responded.
  2. Quite some time has passed, just wanted to report, Gatwick has still issues... It tells me I'm off by 650ft to the centerline, which btw is exactly the distance between rwy 26L and 26R.
  3. Hi Marc, just a small request, would it be possible to add a "bounce detection" of some sort? Right now, when I bounce a landing, it will record only the final touchdown, which after a bounce is more than a greaser and not really what I'm interested in afterwards. Slamming it down on the "first" t/d isn't recorded but the smooth second one is, which tells me nothing about where (and how bad) I messed up 😄 Can it detect both? Or at least rather the first one than the other(s) 😉 Thanks PS: also still hoping for a vertical altitude marker/line on the graph where that I can set somewhere.....(in my case 30ft - Airbus flare mode activates). Would make it easier to evaluate the timing during flare etc....
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually own most of them, but unfortunately none provide the above functionality afaik, mostly due to inaccurate schedules/data or lack of an option to exclude certain airports etc. A pilot‘s life comes close (although their airline schedules are also out of date), but it‘s all in a career context, unable to use it only to create a roster of just any airline, so not exactly what I am looking for. I will take a look into the two I don‘t have though, so thanks again for the list. BR
  5. Hi, before I try to code something like this myself, I was wondering if anyone knows of a tool or similar that creates random flight rosters or schedules based on real world flights (ie for VA flying)…. ? So basically a tool where I can set an airline, destinations/airports I own, desired max flight time etc. and the tool spits out a random list of real route pairs of that airline, either A-B, B-C, C-D etc. or A-B, B-A, A-C, C-A etc… Does something lime this exist? cheers
  6. Okay, got it, thanks for the explanation. Well, by "challenge" I mean the general possibility that you approach/depart a runway and another plane comes in head on from the other side 🙂 But then again, that's kinda always a bit of a challenge with AI. Thanks again, BR
  7. thanks. okay, so this poses a bit of a challenge then, since it might lead to AI using a different runway (the one that was used when the flight actually took place) than the live MSFS weather situation would suggest. am I correct?
  8. Hi, I'm thinking about implementing this PSXT/RealTraffic setup and before I go ahead and purchase anything, I'd like to know how the historic traffic (a must for me) acts regarding the weather situation in MSFS. Since MSFS doesn't yet provide historic weather, it would be a historic traffic in real time weather. Does the traffic then use the runway that is suitable for the current MSFS weather condition, or will it fly the track that has been "recorded" when the flight took place IRL? (not sure how this works, if it's just the aircraft that are historic or the complete flight incl. flight plans and departures/arrivals etc.) Thanks for any info! Stu
  9. Hi there, I recently noticed that on my last 30+ landings, the report's landing information always shows a 1° bank on touch down. I find this "consistency" a bit strange, and I know that I have had very leveled out touchdowns as well. Plus, on the curves you can also always see a 1° "bank" even during rollout. Could it be that the Fenix and Aviaserver are somehow misaligned? Cheers Stu
  10. Hi, I wasn't reporting any issue, I just wanted to make sure it works before I buy a license 🙂 And it indeed is working. Thanks
  11. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before: Should the Flight Monitor work with the Fenix A320? Thanks
  12. Additional ideas: - Add Yaw/Rudder graphs - Add direction of the center line deviation (L/R)
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