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  1. disco79stu

    Lights (Runways / Taxiways / Cities) in P3D v4.x

    Okay, but that‘s just for the deafailt airports, right? Are 3rd party airports affected too? (ie Aerosoft / Justsim / FlyTampa / SimWings etc....)
  2. disco79stu

    Lights (Runways / Taxiways / Cities) in P3D v4.x

    Does REX Texture Direct change all the (Runway)lights?
  3. Hi there, I really dislike the lights in P3D. Back in my FSX-days, you could change the lights (i.e. "halo") via freee replacement textures or REX etc. This doesn't seem to be possible in P3D. But for me, the lights (especially RWY lights) are way to white / "whiteish". I would prefere a more amber or yellowish look, since that looks more realistic for me. Is there a way to change the lights / color in P3D (free- or payware, PTA etc.) to look more like this (real image)? BG Stu
  4. disco79stu

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    To be perfectly honest, I never understood those "lock at 30 fps"- or "smooth performance is not high fps"-comments. Of course I tried and tested those concepts, but i think it looks just "unfluent" and strange if I have my frames locked at 20 or 30. Higher framerates always look better, smoother, more fluent to me. 40, 50 or even 60 fps, the more the better, not only in flightsim but also in other games. I get a very very noticeable "stu-tt-er" when I change views inside the cockpit with only 20 fps. It looks awful in my opinion. Many say that locking fps will give you a better over-all performance because the system can use the saved ressources for other things but I never experienced that. And setting the monitor to 30Htz (with 30fps locked) didnt give me a "smooth" expierience but just a headdache. But that's just me, maybe I got use to fluent 60+ fps that I can't stand everything below 40 anymore 🙂
  5. disco79stu

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    You're absolutely right. My rig: i7 2600k (OC to 4.2 GHz), GTX 1070, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, Win10. ActiveSky (2 cloud layers) with ASCA (lowest tex size for everything), ENVTEX (set to lowest possible), OrbX FTX Global + Open LC Europe + Trees HD Settings in P3D all "in the mid" with shadows to low (not cloud, autogen or terrain shadows), water low, no AI, no dynamix lighting, no vol. fog. 4x MSAA. Nvidia settings are pretty standard with anitrosophic filtering to "application controled", transparent AA set to multisampling and Vsync to "fast". As I said, all in all the performance is great with 30-40 fps in the FSL A320. I would expect the performance to go down with autogen (as it did with FSX) but the impact shocks me and makes me wonder if something isn't right here. BG and thanks for all the replies, Stu
  6. disco79stu

    Massive FPS drop with autogen

    I tweaked everything there is to tweak, believe me, and the sim is running at its optimum for my system. But even the minimum settings of autogen (draw distance included) reduces my performance significantly. I expect a drop, don‘t get me wrong, but by over 20 fps? That seems extreme. But maybe that‘s the case.... Does anyone know if the „autogen per cell“ tweak in the cfg file works for p3d? Does orbx HD trees improve or reduce performance? Stu
  7. Hi, is it normal that I get a drop in fps of 50% with autogen on? (P3d v4) for example, sitting at gate on justsims eddl, fsl a320x, orbx global, lc_europe, orbx hd trees, i get 15-20 fps wirh autogen set to sparse and 40-50 fps with all autogen deactivated. I know autogen affects performance, but THIS much and when sitting on an airport???? it‘s similar when I‘m airborne, without autogen everything is supersmooth, but even the lowest autogen settings will kill my frames. is there a way to reduce autogen resolution or can I somehow improve it? I only want to see some trees on final, otherwise the terrain looks flat and unrealistic... bg stu
  8. disco79stu

    Suddenly all settings + addons GONE

    That sounds scary. Is LM somehow changing things on my machine? Anyway, waiting for 4.3 before reinstalling everything sounds like a good plan. Bg
  9. disco79stu

    Suddenly all settings + addons GONE

    well, oviously something was deleted, but I really wonder why this happened. It‘s kinda scary and unfortunate, I will have to re-install everything now (better yet, uninstall everything that is left first, to male sure I have a clean installation). windows10s admin logic could be an issue, because it‘s really confusing a times. thanks for the reply, bg stu
  10. Hi there, today something strange happend. I boot up P3D and it asked me if I want to activate certain plugins. Furthermore, it didn't start active sky, UTL and chase plane etc. with the application. So I guess the exe.xml got rewritten. But not only that all of my settings were back to default, also every add on scenery was gone. Every default scenario was also back in there (i deleted them a while ago). It's just like I re-installed P3D, except my planes are still there and so are my saved scenarios. Has anyone an Idea what happended here? Did P3D somehow trashed my scenery.cfg, p3d.cfg and exe.xml? Has that something to do with the upcoming v4.3? Thanks for any hints, Stu