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  1. Thanks guys. Finally figured it out. Somehow the "Online Functionality" tab got turned off. Haven't been on FS for a while so didn't check it.
  2. Ever since I installed the latest update I cannot connect to a server. Tried logging out and back in but still not working. Any ideas???? Thanks.
  3. Can't figure out why when I fill out a flight plan in LNM and then send it to the PMS50 GTN750, when I open it, the destination is ALWAYS somewhere in the middle of the flight plan. I try the "Insert After" or "Insert Before" but can't get it to work. So I end up manually filling out a flight plan in the PMS50 GTN750 prior to flight. Can someone please tell me how to correct this? Thanks for the help. Rodger
  4. Is there a way to save my graphics settings and not have to reset them every time I start a flight?
  5. After the update I had to go back and redo my flight controls. Elevator was really out to lunch.
  6. I did try setting the departure and arrival as the same airport, but that didn't work. Didn't think of adding a VOR in between. I'll try your suggestions. Thanks.
  7. I'm kind of new to this GTN 750 and I was wondering if someone can tell me how to set it up correctly if I wanted to go to my local airport and practice flying an ILS. I have no problem flying an ILS as long as it is set in a flight plan to another destination. I just want to go and practice flying an ILS but no matter what I do I cannot get it to work at my local airport without setting a different destination. In P3D I had no problem whatsoever setting up the ILS while doing transition at my local airport. I have tried every way I can think of but nothing works. What am I doing wrong??
  8. I'd just like to see it work.....I just did 12 touch and goes at different airports and no landings at all were logged.
  9. I didn't see that. Cool, thanks for the help. Appreciate it.
  10. Ok, thanks Bert. Seems it was a little easier in the GTN 750 in P3D.
  11. I can't seem to figure out how to send a LNM flight plan to the pms50 gtn 750. I can't change the path in order to get it to the correct folder. This is the path that showing where the gtn 750 fpl.pln needs to go. D:>msfs2020>community>pms50-instrument-gtn750>fpl. PMS50 flight plan needs to be fpl.pln. Can someone please explain how I go about doing this? Thanks, Rodger
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