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  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator 02 External Camera Control The external camera can be controlled via the mouse (right click hold and move) and it also has quick views (Ctrl Arrow) and Instrument Views (Ctrl 1,2,3…). What it lacks are keyboard shortcuts for moving the camera. These can be added in the Control Settings by configuring keys for move up, down, left and right. The Arrow keys seem a logical choice. Keyboard camera moves are rather fast. Much smoother control can be achieved using a second joystick and create the bindings for it in the Control Settings. Link to the video. Link to the article.
  2. See this nice overview of the visual effect of the different settings and what impact they might have on fps. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-3-16-2021/132407 Bloom has very little fps impact.
  3. In my previous reaction I said "Not a single fps gained here with me. Anyhow ... latest driver ... no issues as far as I could see ... let's keep it." Today I suffered from a screen flicker every random n seconds. I rolled back to the previous drivers, restarted, and the flicker was gone. Has anyone else had any screen flicker with these new drivers?
  4. Somethng worth to check. Go to the old Windows Control Panel by typing control in the search field. Go to Printers and Devices. Select your joystick and go to properties. If it's a device that can be calibrated, then perform the calibration. Check if all control axis displays are at zero when you don't touch the stick. If that's OK, go to the control settings in MSFS and click on Sensitivity. Check if all control axis behave normal and are at zero if you don't touch them. They should be. If needed, give them a few % of dead zone. The airplane should not pitch down now in straight and level flight. If it does, something else is causing it. The most probable cause is another control that's interfering. You can do a search for the elevator to check if the joystick is the only one controlling it. Also check the elevator trim control. Of course it could be a bug in MSFS, I can't tell what the likelyhood of that would be.
  5. Always nice to have fun and enjoy yourself.
  6. Installed just now .. not a single fps change here with me. Anyhow ... latest driver ... no issues as far as I could see ... let's keep it.
  7. I liked to add the link to the blog post that was made today on Cockpit Camera Control. It demonstrates all shortcuts used but I couldn't edit the previous post anymore. Here's the link to the blog article with an overview of all the shortcuts for Cockput Camera Control.
  8. Lol ... I don't know yet ... it'll for sure be higher than it was before. Although .. it's not an i9 with a 3090 that can draw almost a kW. I'm actually positively surprised how well the i7 and 3070 handles 4k. I'm satisfied with high settings ... in my eyes the difference between high and ultra is often minimal at a relatively high 'cost".
  9. Part of it also is this whole bitcoin mining madness. If the whole idea is they need to be scarce and hard to get ... I'll gladly volunteer to hand them out personally ... slowly ... one by one ... against a reasonable fee. 🙂
  10. @styckx Yes, it's crazy when you come to think of it. The going price for a 3070 is around €1400 at the moment ... and that's with a web shop that usually is one of the cheapest in the Netherlands. I paid €749 for an MSI 3070 Gaming X Trio, also not cheap, but I couldn't find a better deal. OK, I had to buy a computer with it, but that was the plan anyhow. PS: You're welcome to secretly hate me for that. 🙂
  11. @RichieFly Yes, I do like to tinker with Arduino's and with software. This joystick and throttle was not a very complicated project, the software library already was available. I do have a Saitek X52, which obviously has much better looks, but it by far can't beat the smoothness of this wooden box stick.
  12. @sanh Yes, it's probably true we hear less of all those where everything went well, which makes the general feel on a forum often leans more to what did not go well. I'm happy that so far everything seems to go well here with me. Let's hope nothing is broken after the next update ... I haven't had the experience of an update yet. I do feel it's quite annoying it keeps checking for updates every time it's started. This high frequency feels unnecessary to me and it eats away time just at a moment you're anxious to get started. I haven't found an option yet to postpone updates for a couple of days, like Windows has, or to make it check only once a week, or a month.
  13. @109Sqn, @Will Fly For Cheese Lol, yes, it's a bit overkill alright ... but it does give one hell of a Ding Dong sound! 🙂
  14. From the moment the new nVidia 3000 series video cards were released in September 2020 it was almost impossible to acquire one. Even now, half a year later, most (online) shops still can’t deliver them, or they have a few that they sell at more than double the original release price. This whole market went bezerk. In my country, as of March 2021 several PC system builders had some video cards delivered to them. They were offered at reasonable prices, if a complete (custom built) PC was bought with them. I found a shop that had good reviews and they built a PC to my specifications and at a competitive price. Finally a 32GB, I7-10700KF, RTX3070 PC is standing besides my desk. I also pampered myself with an LG OLED CX48, which has G-SYNC and can do 120Hz. See this video on how to set that up. Last weekend I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator. Luckily all went well. The sim is running smoothly on 4k. With all settings on high I get some 48 FPS, without the GPU and CPU running hot, both stay well under 70°C, with very low fan noise thanks to the careful selection of components. Of course I read on this forum and on Reddit and on the MSFS forum how MSFS fared after release. The feeling I got is that one is lucky if there are no issues and it runs smoothly. Many seemed to have run into troubles and some still do, even after many updates so far. I may just be lucky, but so far I have not encountered issues running MSFS (knock on wood). It’s very well possible that having had to wait for six months before I could dive in has kept me out of trouble. I bet MS / Asobo in the meantime weeded out most of the installation issues and also the sim behavior has undergone numerous improvements. After having watched the ‘leaked videos’ (lol … remember the turmoil around those?) I was rather sceptical about the plane behaviour. It seemed to me that plane movement, seen from the drone or external cam, was very twitchy and jumpy, almost as if the planes had no mass. They looked more like RC planes to me. Luckily I can say that flying is a joy and plane movement looks and feels quite nice … probably also thanks to my super smooth DIY joystick (see here on how to build one) and reduced sensitivity curve settings in the sim. All and all I feel like a happy camper, or rather ‘armchair pilot’, right now. I’m happily flying around, glancing at a 48 inch 4k screen that shows Planet Earth in wonderful OLED colors with smooth FPS. Finally I can commence the video series on Flight Sim Navigation that I started in 2020 but that I put on halt when MSFS was released. The series aims to show basic things in easy steps, but I just could not add more videos made on an old PC that even stuttered running FSX. I plan to redo most of them now with MSFS, meanwhile also adding some MSFS 'how to' videos. A new video on Cockpit Camera Control has been posted there just now. Rudy.
  15. Microsoft Flight Simulator 01 Cockpit Camera Control Finally as of April 2021 I have a new rig: i7 10700KF, 32GB, RTX3070, LG OLED CX48 4k. I plan to commence the video series on Flight Sim Navigation. And because the quality of some of the old videos was in fact sub par I also plan to redo most of them. Before instrument navigation commences I planned on doing a couple of videos on basic operations in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the first of those: Cockpit Camera Control - Rotation - Translation - Quick View - Instrument Views - Custom Views (save / recall your own camera views) Link to the video.
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