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  1. Have not used this update yet. That said, for about the past year I have been getting poorer and poorer performance on each update, and have never recovered the old "good performance" days. It could just be my install in that I had too many addons. Kind of waiting for FS 2024 at this point anyhow.
  2. Some of the best ortho in the US is around Northern Georgia lakes region, Hiawassee to Blairsville to Blue Ridge. Love flying that area, though it's sparsely populated so not many airports in the mountains themselves, just a couple. Not that far from Atlanta unless you are flying a slow aircraft. Great weather there too, best weather in the SE US anyhow. Haven't flown that area in a while, going to do a flight there now (off to flying). Take off from KDZJ, fly East, and then loop back around, awesome flight.
  3. It's not going to hurt anything to delete it, just like you could get a random file in your downloads that doesn't open properly even though it passed a CRC check, so it's possible to get a bad cache file triggering an error handler ignoring said file slowing down performance. It's not so much that it would load the file and it's unlikely to crash a game these days, but it could slow stuff down. It probably fairly unlikely and won't help to be honest, but placebos can be good for flight sim.
  4. I'd rather crash in MSFS than grease it in Xplane is where I'm at. Due to various factors beyond my control, it's less and less likely I'll ever get a real pilot's license unless I decide to try ultralights or gliders, and both of them scare the living daylights out of me, as I have a fear of heights. In a regular plane, the height thing isn't so bad, though I haven't been in that many small planes, but an ultralight I can only imagine. So for now, MSFS is where it's at bruthas.
  5. Good info, haven't cleaned anything in ages, probably should be doing this at least once every 3 months.
  6. You are again confusing complexity and dealing with a lot of information. Sometimes dealing with a lot of information can make things complex, but in this case, it's all basic conditionals and relatively simple logic.It also depends how perfect someone needs it, if you want an exact duplicate of ATC speaking back and forth that comes OOTB as having every potential response exactly like ATC would respond in real-life, then yah that's a bit of an AI problem there, but it could be a performance issue too in that case. However, even if they made it this way, there would always be "naysayers" saying ATC would never say that. I've heard ATC make some weird jokes before. I mean even that problem is somewhat easily solvable with an AI bot, but it will degrade performance. Also, I've listened to real ATC on Youtube channels, and increasing the number of conditions does not greatly increase complexity, because the logic remains simple. Again, it's the difference between being complex and tedious.
  7. People using it as a training tool have very different wants and desires compared to people using it for entertainment. I just use it for entertainment, so visual improvements would be nice, but I also realize how hard it would be to further optimize the land detail or to post-process the aerial imagery. I just think they are probably compressing the aerial imagery too much. Using Bing at full res looks better than using Bing in MSFS (not always but at times and in certain places, not sure why but maybe the compression).
  8. They probably want someone that has interacted with real ATC before. People often confuse complexity with tedious or having specialty knowledge. I mean entering a thousand values into a database is tedious, but it's not complex. Designing the most efficient math equation for some obscure optimization issue, that is extremely complex, even though it isn't tedious.
  9. Agree... I'm probably not like the type of programmer that would want complex optimization work, but I would take a job designing ATC, very simple comparatively to the rest of the Asobo code base. MSFS continually impresses me, and YES, a lot of stuff is extremely complicated, ATC just isn't.
  10. Are you always this pleasant? It's really not, sorry this seems to mentally disturb you. It's a lot of work, but complex compared to other parts of MSFS, absolutely not. It is more difficult for a third-party because of the tricky integration work and lack of exposed data you need, but it's not very difficult for the creators of the original code, especially when you have direct support from the team that wrote the code base, one programmer doesn't need to know EVERYTHING in this case. When it comes to optimization issues, one programmer does pretty much need to know everything. Designing a plane from scratch with decent physics - difficult. Dealing with LOD and GPU optimization in C++ - difficult. Designing ATC - not THAT difficult. Having worked in software for many years and managed other programmers, this is something I would assign the JR or less-skilled programmers, any average programmer can do it because it's easy to revise the code and get support from others.
  11. I'm amazed they don't do ATC, it's not a complex programming problem. The reason sims don't do a good ATC is because they've gotten away with it all these years so they just look at as an unnecessary expense. I mean they also are going to figure if you are using the sim for REAL training, then people will just use VatSim and nothing can come close to a real person, so in that sense they figure it's probably not useful. I wouldn't mind a better ATC, but it's pretty low on my list of things to address to be frank. I would rather they address extra gaming functionality and land detail and improved aerial. That would help keep the SIM alive for pretty much ever.
  12. I am flying it now, does the auto-pilot support ILS, and if so, can someone give me a quick checklist of things for an ILS landing? I have some parts of the auto-pilot working but not others. FYI, so far so good, I don't regret the purchase at all, but I agree needs a new cockpit skin, hopefully someone will upload mods to Flightsim.to.
  13. I mean even having been in a commercial jet and landed so many times, I can tell the ground physics still need work. Though they also needed work in the other games as well, in different ways. A real plane has a much springier absorption to the downward momentum on the landing, it's like planes in this game are using metal tires. Sure, there is a hard landing in real life many times, but not nearly as many times as this game. You have to grease the landing in some planes to prevent a bounce, not realistic.
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