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  1. Before AI can really get a lot better, it has to be simplified and layered better. Programmers aren't good enough to use it properly, only a handful of programmers per hundred thousand are actually very good at it, it's a certain specialized type of skill. Anyone can do it, but most do it incorrectly because it is so difficult.
  2. Such as re-formatting its memory if it landed in the Hudson, might be too traumatic for the AI to handle.
  3. There are a lot of crazy smallish airports in south-central Oregon about halfway between Medford and Bend, if you want to try some really challenging stuff. The airports I am talking about are generally 3000 - 5000 feet in length and surrounded by 3000-6000 foot hills and mountains. I don't know if it's a bug in the game with tree height and placement (probably), but some of the landings are almost suicide without a tree mod. These airports are more difficult to land at than most of the foreign ones in the mountains of France, Italy, or similar places.
  4. In the US, they are currently going for $2,000 to $2,500. No thank you. Scalpers reign supreme once again.
  5. In the US it's scalpers more than miners causing the issue. I know of a guy that currently has well over 100 RTX 4090's. I don't know him personally, but someone I know that knows him tried to sell me one. He wouldn't give me a good enough price, but I wouldn't buy it even for MSRP, I offered $1200 and it was a NO GO.
  6. The performance in SU 11 is just poor, I'm having issues in planes and airports I never had before. For instance, landing at KCRW I was getting stutters and occasional dips under 35 fps in the c414. I used to get 50+ in SU 10. Even switching camera views in planes is triggering a quick pause like stutter sometimes, it used to be instant. Oh I was in DX 12, switching back to DX 11...
  7. Spoke too soon, the performance is definitely a bit worse in SU 11. Stutters are much more likely near airports with a lot of custom objects.
  8. I had my first stutter in ages approaching Aspen, I would call it a hard macro-stutter rather than a micro-stutter, lasted about 10 seconds. I was in the BAE-146.
  9. SU 11 is buggier, SU 10 was better. The new planes are nice, but they should have left the other stuff out of the build until it was ironed out.
  10. I have the latest GRD Nvidia driver I installed about 3 days ago, just got the same CTD - "Your graphics device has encountered a problem". I had very very few addons loaded, like almost nothing, and it gave me that error right after launch (maybe 2 mins after). Never seen that error prior, especially on launch of all places. There is something less stable, hopefully it won't affect flying too much. I haven't had any CTD's while flying, YET...
  11. In all honesty, this A310 is... Amazing for free, way better than I even expected. It is easily one of the most interesting planes to fly in the game. The GPS is a bit finnicky to capture the path (I had to basically align to the path myself before it would say GPS, but I assume because it's old school). I don't think I had any issues doing an ILS landing though. Overall, 5 stars, this could easily be worth $40 or more.
  12. People should fly it in more rural areas until they fix it, meaning NOT KLAX... It's one of the better airliners in the game IMO. The Dash 7 from Simworks Studios is the one I'm waiting for, this is the one I'm betting is going to be a totally "new" flying experience.
  13. Yup, I just noticed that, had to turn everything back ON and now I will restart again. Hopefully working now.
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