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  1. not sure if anyone has seen this but it looks like they can use it for flightsim.
  2. Recently I have been toying with the idea of building my own cockpit for the Pmdg 737. But then thinking about the oculus, that might be a better and cheaper option for me. Just wondering if ya guys have tried it out yet? I know the consumer version ain't out yet, but I can wait. Thanks guys
  3. So I can go to this Leo bodnar site and buy a small board. And it will allow me to connect switches to the board that I can assign to the Pmdg cockpit? How many buttons or switches can I connect to one board? Thanks guys
  4. Yeah I know. For the Pmdg it seems like the extra money would be worth not dealing with the hassle of building all this stuff and countless hours trying to make these work. I am thinking of buying a the cdu first. Then maybe 6 months later a mcp and so on
  5. Okay cool. That's a good idea. It would be nice to learn how to set up all the different switches. And then have enough money left over the different displays in the cockpit
  6. i have been looking around and seeing sites out there like flightdeck solutions and thier jet max 737 kit. That would be so darn cool. Just so expensive. And people with Thier wrap around screens. That would be so awesome. Has anyone here done anything like that for under 10,000 dollars? It would be fun just to have a working cdu. Just so much money.
  7. Do you have any videos of your wrap around screen in action? This is quite amazing by the way!!
  8. Okay here ya go. This is what I am seeing at night. As ya can see all of the surrounding lights are working besides the landing and taxi lights. Thanks
  9. i got all surrounding lights. The terminal is all lit up. I got papi lights but that's it. There are just a few dim taxi lights but that's it. Very tough to land and taxi at night. I don't have a screenshot just yet. Just wondering if there is a quick fix I can do? Or just reinstall the airport. I have my ftx central set to global. And orbx liberies is above kpsp in the scenery libary. Thanks Greg.
  10. Yeah when kpsp first came out I would fly the rnav all the time. Oh well I am fine just lining up with the runways
  11. in the Pmdg 737 when I fly into orbx kpsp I choose the sbonno star and only vorb 31L is available. Looking at the charts there should be rnav approaches. I am up to date with my navigraph too. Thanks
  12. I think my fscuip isn't working since I installed gsx. I looked at my modules folder in the fsx folder and the last log file was from a month ago. Which was about the time I installed gsx. I also can't see fscuip from my add ons menu. Can I just delete it and reinstall it? Thanks.
  13. The weird thing is fsChatter is not recognizing my fscuip. Is that because it's the free version? Thanks guys
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