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  1. not sure if anyone has seen this but it looks like they can use it for flightsim.
  2. Recently I have been toying with the idea of building my own cockpit for the Pmdg 737. But then thinking about the oculus, that might be a better and cheaper option for me. Just wondering if ya guys have tried it out yet? I know the consumer version ain't out yet, but I can wait. Thanks guys
  3. Okay here ya go. This is what I am seeing at night. As ya can see all of the surrounding lights are working besides the landing and taxi lights. Thanks
  4. i got all surrounding lights. The terminal is all lit up. I got papi lights but that's it. There are just a few dim taxi lights but that's it. Very tough to land and taxi at night. I don't have a screenshot just yet. Just wondering if there is a quick fix I can do? Or just reinstall the airport. I have my ftx central set to global. And orbx liberies is above kpsp in the scenery libary. Thanks Greg.
  5. Are we ever gonna see a new flight simulator in the next 10 years? I really have my doubts
  6. How about making the aircraft wheels not looking like they are sinking into the ground.
  7. i downloaded the Kdtw scenery and by the looks of it the roof is missing and so are the building textures. When looking at the airport roof there is about 1/8 of the silver roof flickering. I am quite confused on this one. I followed the readme instructions to a T. The only thing I can think of is it told me to take two jfk textures and copy and paste them. But I followed everything right. Thanks What the airport should look like: What I am seeing in game:
  8. Will this livery work with the Pmdg 737 800? It says there are a bunch of hd features included. Just wondering. Thanks. http://library.avsim.net/sendfile.php?Location=AVSIM&Proto=file&ImageID=396173
  9. I am looking for a JetBlue for the ngx 800wl. Can't seem to find one. Is there one out there?
  10. Is there another key I should press to activate it? Nothing is showing up in my opening rotating screen
  11. I copied and pasted the two files in my fsx directory. And I can't get this to work. In the fsx start screen I am not seeing the enb text next to the spinning aircraft. I am using rex4 texture direct. Asn. Pmdg 737. Dx9. Simple sun mod. Window 7.
  12. Okay I tried everything again. The outside works great! In my vc I can't seem to get the flare? I am using ezdok
  13. Okay I was able to figure out how to save the camera and aircraft cfg files. My sun is smaller now. But I still can't seem to get that sweet lens flare. I disabled the sun effects in rex4 texture direct. Made all my showlensflare=true on my cameras and Pmdg aircraft cfg. Which I went into simobjects and found the aircraft.cfg. I also have lens flare checked in my fsx settings Here's what I am seeing.
  14. My windows won't let me edit my cameras cfg file I go and edit the cameras file and it tells me it already esists and access denied. I am a little confused here. I am not running fsx while trying to edit the cameras folder
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