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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, I have a question about how may I update the VOR, NDB, Waypoints, etc. for my simulator, P3D v3.4 I have the AIRAC Cycle 1704 and inside I have a lot of files and folders, and I really don't know how to install this. I saw a videotutorial explaining the process for X-Plane 10 and 11, and for those simulators is very easy. You have a RAR file which says xplane10_native_1704.zip and xplane11_native_1704.zip For X-Plane is so easy as uncompress those files in certain folder of the simulator (Xplane 11 or Xplane 10), you use Xplane10_native for X-Plane 10 and xplane11_native for X-Plane 11, and that is all, very easy. However, for Prepar3D I have no idea about how to do this. I see there are a lot of folders inside, and I suspect those folders are for certain aircraft you can purchase... for example I see the zip file jardesign_a320neo_native_1704.zip, and it is clear that file is to provide the AIRAC data cycle 1704 to that particular plane. However, what I want right now is to update the simualtor, that is, the VOR, NDB, waypoints, etc. get updated. I want the default aircrafts be updated, and the default database for all aircrafts, inside P3D v3.4 be updated. How may I do this? I really don't know what file should I run to update the simulator. Your help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi, first of all, a small disclaimer, I am new to this software. I think what encountered is a bug but I cannot be 100% certain. And another note to mention that I use the software without a microphone (so with the sayit and sayit+ functions), on a second computer, connected via widefs to my p3d v4.1 computer. That being said here is the problem. I flew several flight to LFMN and would like to perform a VOR B 22R, using radar vectors to the IAF BADPO. I am currently using Aerosoft 1711 cycle and pilot2atc I wish to fly the NISAR 6R arrival. In the flight plan I select RW22R, Arrival NISA6R, transition NISAR AND CLICK LOAD. Everything works fine here. But then I select the approach. I select runway RW22R, then VOR_DME - RW22R - D22RB , transition vectors to BADPO. Everything looks fine on the mini map as I can see the procedure and a magenta Line going to BADPO and the following points. But then, when I click on load, what happens is the plan goes direct from MUS (the last waypoint of the NISAR6R arrival) to BADPO. When flying the flight, ATC clears me for the whole procedure from NISAR and expects me to fly that and I am never vectored. In the config menu, I unchecked ATC assigns SIDs STARs and Approaches, and Randomize SID STARS. I checked Force Pilot Runway selection. When I saw I was not being vectored, I wanted to try and ask for vectors using the sayit+ menu. But I then discovered that in this menu, I could request radar vectors for ILS, RNAV or Visual. But I could only request a VOR without vectors. Perhaps this is somehow connected to my issue. I made several attempts with the same result each time. Please tell me if you need some other details. Best regards. Charles MOULIN
  3. can any1 pl explain how to do vordme approaches when vor is not near the runway?. the reason i am asking is that 1. when vor is not near the runway and we set the course in the vor from the approach it does not lead us towards the runway as the vor station is away from the runway. In such cases if i LOC the vor then i will not take me toward the runway. eg is below link https://1drv.ms/i/s!AsC_T1OTnSaeyg3YaoJUwuERNDzQ if i set a course of 177 in vor , then it will not lead me towards the runway. please advise if iam not getting things correct
  4. Hi all, I tried a forum search on this in addition to looking through the manuals but could not locate an answer. For an unknown reason, I can't get NAV1 radio to operate. Whether I input a VOR station frequency or an ILS frequency - it is not responding / working. NAV 2 is fine. Anyone have a clue as to what's going on? I've looked at the Radio Stack and the Overhead Panel and all looks ok.....I'm obviously missing something. Appreciate any assistance.
  5. Hi guys, So I want to try to fly using VOR so I used SkyVector to create a flight plan but I realized I have a question or two. My flight plan is: KHQM -> HQM -> V27 -> AST -> KAST How would you guys go about flying this route? Say you have to takeoff from runway 06: do you fly directly over the HQM VOR or would you turn and intercept the V27 airway? Also, on the takeoff minimums page at KHQM for departing procedure it says: TAKEOFF MINIMUMS: Rwy 6, 600-2 or std. with a min. climb of 260' per NM to 600. DEPARTURE PROCEDURE: Rwy 6, climbing right turn heading 110°: Can someone explain to me what "600-2 or std" means? And if you were flying out in real life at what point would you turn right heading 110? Sorry for all of the questions and thanks for any help! I'd post pictures but alas I don't know. I saved a screenshot of my SkyVector but I can't figure out how to post it in the forum. Thank you.
  6. Hi, As far as I know the Bonanza A36 from Carenado don't have a RMI - Route Magnetic Indicator in the cockpit... and many times when I am departing from an Airport, I need to tackle a VOR/DME arc. Many of the tutorials I find to proceed with a VOR/DME arc, requiere a RMI instrument, and I think I don't have any inside the Bonanza A36, so I am wondering if do we have any videotutorial or tutorial available showing me how to follow a VOR/DME arc without RMI? Cheers I don't see any RMI ?
  7. Hello! Just one question. Does NGX support automatic radio tuning. Because many airlines have that option. I can't find a button for enabling it from my CDU. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Can someone give me an example of how you do VOR navigation on the J41? Typical example: I'm outbound on a VOR1 on a radial and I need to monitor VOR2 for crossing another radial and then turn to follow that radial. I'm interested in how you use the EHSI, EFIS Display Controller and/or the RMI. (In fact, the RMI is a complete mystery to me at this point.) I can see that the left and right dials on the EFIS Display Controller 'turn on' the circle and the diamond but I have no idea what it means. I can also see that I can flip back and forth between NAV1 and NAV2 display using V/L. But I have yet to figure out how it all interacts with the autopilot. The AOM is very thin on this. Any help is, as always, much appreciated. Gregg
  9. Hi Take a look at the picture included. It's a VOR approach chart RWY 11 EPGD. Can this approach be performed using LVL change button down to minimums and taking over manually from there? Like LVL change from 3500ft at UVRIK down to GD502, 2500ft (762m), then LVL change at FAF down to 1000ft (325m) [minimums]. Or what would be a proper way to perform this VOR approach. geir
  10. Installed dual rxp 530w gps with unlimited pack. Crossfilled. Cannot tune the #2 vor separate from #1 vor. They are linked to the EHSI only. Also when I use the small nav knob of the # 2 gps it tunes the com freq. I can only change the nav freq using the nearest vor selection. This only relates to the #2 gps.
  11. de belles images et un vol avec des explications (pour débutant ou autres 😉 )Bon visionnage.CLIQUEZ ICIBons vols à tous.Eric
  12. Name: Quick Tips: Autoland Capability Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:33 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Can I Autoland on That? A discussion on what types of approaches you can use for autolands, common misconceptions of ILS, and a side note to try your own hand at approaches. View Video
  13. I have a question: How should I navigate if both of the IRS (L and R) fail? Because when I switch them off inflight my ND goes blank and all that I have left is the old-school magnetic compass. I understand that autoland doesnt work because of the loss of IRS data mut it should not affect the GPS? Shouldn't the GPS of the aircraft be sufficient to provide waypoints, distances etc to the ND? Of course the atc can give me vectors etc but I dont believe its realistic that all the aids for navigation are lost if both IRS fail? Only procedure I can find in the QRH is the one that tells me to put the IRS to att to get attitude information and I get that but what shoud I do to know where I am and where I am going?? Could someone with more knowledge about IRS/GPS systems of the 737-/800/900 explain this to me? Thanks in advance!
  14. Here is a terrific interactive tutorial on VOR, explaining how it works, and how to use it... http://selair.selkirk.ca/Training/instrument-rating/IFR-simulations/How-VOR-works.html
  15. Hi peeps. I´m having trouble with my ESGG scenery by Swedflight (nowadays freeware). I have not flown to ESGG many times, but a few months ago I realized that the ILS was not working.. (I got to realize this the hard way.. Coming in to lock on the VOR in low visibility.. it ended with me doing four laps and then finally getting her down on the visual) Anyway.. I tried different AFCADs back and forth but no luck.. I finally decided to remove the scenery and re-install. STILL no ILS/VOR... And the problem is that when I open the actual AFCAD file in AFX, and then choose "Navaids", that window is totally blank. I cannot either try and add a new ILS, since the "Select Runway" drop down list is also blank... I had some contact with a fellow swedish simmer who sent me another AFCAD, with which he had good navaids, but ALSO THAT FILE, did not have any Navaids when I checked it... Does ANYONE have a clue here??? Kind regs /Johan
  16. Hi, I was flying a Ryanair route (RYR0118) from Dublin (EIDW) to Gatwick (EGKK). I did the flight in the Ryanair configuration that comes with the Ryanair skin I downloaded from PMDG. I was on approach to EGKK runway 26L flying on A/P with VNAV and LNAV on. I tuned to the localiser and set the course (using the FSX info from the map page-the course on FMC approach page was different to FSX, which one should I use?). I like to arm the localiser, whilst on approach so it kicks in. I clicked VOR LOC, and nothing happened, the light didn't come on, I don't think it engaged. I clicked APP and that engaged showing G/S and something like F/S?? This confused me, as I thought I'd done everything correct. On my PFD, it said BZB/261(course I set), and then DME with no number, and ILS. I did have a DME at about 75 DME, I look away and look back and it's now blank, this came back before I realised that I was not low enough and imminently about to crash. I was concentrating on why this wasn't working, not looking at my instruments and ended up having to go around, and then ending the flight cause I had run out of fuel. I am a novice (I've only done a hand full of flights) and I've learnt from YouTube and just guess work. One thing I am confused about is setting minimums. Is that on the panel where you adjust the efis, and indicates Baro on the PFD ?? This isn't the first time I've struggled with landing, I can't always get the VOR to engage, and so I just click APP and VOR repetadely until something happens. I'm sorry to bombard you all, I've just got a few questions that I can't seem to find answers to! Many thanks for any help you can give. Kind regards. C I forgot to add, the plan I used was to takeoff on runway 10 (I couldn't find a sid that fitted in my plan so just executed it on 10) and land me on 26L, but I couldn't find a STAR that brought me in, so I just clicked ILS 26L and execute, was this wrong?
  17. Hello, Guys! What are VORs and NDBs? I know that these are navigation beacons but Every Aircraft has GPS in it and Pilot can easily go through by GPS, but despite of GPS why we have needed VOR and NDB? I've read about these on Wikipedia but unable to clear my concept. So please help me out here. What're the advantages of VOR and NDB to pilot? Many Aircraft goes away from VORs and NDBs and many of them goes over these beacons and follow them. So what actually the matter is? What kind of info, these beacons give to pilot? Even they've no human in them and how pilots contact these? Please explain me briefly. Regards, AP,
  18. Hi all I'm wondering if I am missing here. If I tune nav 1 to (I have checked 10) random airports in the uk for example eggd, Bristol 110.15 I get the morse code and the CDI moves correctly however when turning the OBS to centre the CDI, it won't centre I can move OBS 360degrees and the CDI remains as it were. If I visually fly to the approach eventually the CDI will centre correctly on its own and glide me down perfectly. If I fly anywhere in the USA all is perfect I can move the OBS to centre the CDI no problems. As I have said am I missing something? Is there a bug in fs9 Any help/pointers would be much appreciated Cheers Stuart
  19. Hi there, When flying with the PMDG 737 800, I can't get any vor dme approaches, to airports that I know have them. I am using the latest navigraph airac. I have included a picture to show the issue. At LPMA, I should have a option to fly a vor dme approach, and none of the approaches match up with the approach plate. How do I get a vor dme approach? Regards DcoltGaming
  20. Imagine following scenario with PMDG 737 -800 at TNCM. TNCM RWY 10 MULLET ONE DEPARTURE to JUICE transition. Initial climb and right turn to D10 is OK. What comes next is more challenging. According to the SID chart: ".....track 315, intercept B-520 " How should I intercept B-520 on radial 292 PJM if I need to follow the chart exactly. Can this be done with a 737? Sincerely -Geir
  21. Hi Guys, can anyone give me a hand on muting the VOR ident tone on the PMDG 737NGX? I tried the knobs on the Comm Panel, as depicted. Didn't help - it just keeps on beeping and annoys the heck out of me... Maybe I do have the wrong approach here. Just for the reference: I fly using the Prepar3D Version 1.4 and the PMDG 737NGX 800 (SP1c). Thanks, Tobi
  22. Hello there my fellow aviators. I think that FSX navaids have too much range, according to what I've read in wikipedia... it states that the range is limited to the horizon but also gives some ranges passing 100nm as well... dont understand. I also now about skywave propagation of NDBs, so I'm not SO noob :D Here are the FSX values (used ADEx to check,, from varius airports around the world): DME High Altitude: 195.05NM DME low altitude: 60.02NM VOR/DME Low Altitude: 60.02NM VOR/DME High Altitude:195.05NM VOR High Altitude: 195.05 NM VOR Low Altitude: 60.02NM NDB HH: 112.53NM and one managed to throw 75.02NM NDB H: 75.05NM NDB MH: 37.51NM NDB Compass Locator: 22.51NM I mostly fly GA aviation in alaska and below 7500ft (Unpressurized aircrafts btw). I simulate air taxi and bush flying, my goal is to make it as realistic as possible, I don't even use GPS! (yes, I'm a vintage virtual flyer :D:D:D) Any imput from a Real world Pilot is appreciated, as i'm just a virtual one. Cheers and Happy Flying!! ltnicolas (Nicolas)
  23. Hi, I'm fairly new to the Carenado B200 King Air and I'm quickly getting use to it's systems in the cockpit. However there are a few navigation issues I'm having and would love some advice or help. Whenever I type in a VOR code, and are in limits of range my aircraft never seems to follow it, nor ADF. I'm not to sure what 'PRE, ACT or XFR' are on the course knob, but I'm convinced it's something to do with my problem. I'm doing everything else correct (I think) with the active bearing points, and I understand how the course control symbol works. I'm also pressing the 'NAV' button with my autopilot, but nothing seems to happen and my aircraft will just fly straight not turning towards the VOR/ADF. If anyone could help me with this matter it would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Conner
  24. Name: SYSK - Understanding Approaches Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:36 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: Approaches have more similarities than differences. This video explains why you should look at an approach as an approach, and not a specific type of approach. View Video
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