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  1. Thanks for a quick response guys. Should I have the NULL ZONEs at 0? All they way to the left? I have Logitech Extreme 3D PRO. Geir
  2. Hi After a fresh installation of PMDG 737 I'm experiencing a strange problem. When approaching mins. I turn off A/T and A/P...about 50 FT above the runway I turn back the throttles and initiate a nice flare. What happens just before touchdown is really strange....the engines spool up and it initiate a kind of go around. I don't understand why it does so. I have never experienced this before. Any idea how to fix this. I mean it should never initiate this strange behavior. The A/T and A/P are both turned off I never use the TOGA button. Still it seem like it wants me to go around just before touchdown. Sincerely Geir
  3. Since its' a non-precision I presume they can manually operate the autopilot modes. What seems to be hard to understand is how to program the FMC. I tend to get "route discontinuity" when I add the RWY 23 point in FMC just after MCT D12.3. I'm not sure if this the way it's done....according to the youtube the pilots manually operate the autopilot modes down to MDA then they take over visually. It's an hard and demanding approach. But it's fun. You learn a lot. But still... i'm not sure if I can fly with "route discontinuity" in the fmc. Any thoughts on that?
  4. Hi I'm trying to program FMC pmdg 737 vor/dme egcc 23R approach. Attached picture shows the chart. What seems to be problematic is how to program it after MCT D12.3 turning heading 003. Any suggestion on how to program this kind of approach,....I will use VOR lock when doing turn to radial 228. My approach would be based on Baltic Aviation Academy simulation with an older 737: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RzCB6ZcTLA According to what they say during the simulation the last fmc point seems to be MCT D12.3....so after that there is maybe only RWY 23 R point? Sincerely Geir
  5. I agree. There even exists a GNSS SID for RWY 10 departure. But I sometimes find it interesting to fly in "old fashion" way to gain some more experience. TNCM departures are more challenging I think if flown with VOR/DME departures and not GNSS. Geir
  6. Imagine following scenario with PMDG 737 -800 at TNCM. TNCM RWY 10 MULLET ONE DEPARTURE to JUICE transition. Initial climb and right turn to D10 is OK. What comes next is more challenging. According to the SID chart: ".....track 315, intercept B-520 " How should I intercept B-520 on radial 292 PJM if I need to follow the chart exactly. Can this be done with a 737? Sincerely -Geir
  7. I'm sorry about that. Can moderator move this topic to NGX subforum? -Geir
  8. Hi Will the push of (to/ga) switch/button command the autopilot to fly a missed approach pattern if in fmc? -Geir
  9. Thanks for good tips guys. LOWI, VHHX, LYTV and MHTG are all some exciting airport where visual adjustment at some point is of importance. What I find difficult with for instance offset LDA is to decide exactly when to line up or when to start adjusting. Is't very easy to overshoot and miss the runway. Experience and fingerspitzengefühl must be key words here. Good tips are always welcome. -Geir
  10. Hi I know this one is about practicing a lot but I would like to ask for some general tips concerning approaches with some degrees offset in LOC (ILS). I tend to land beside the runway. Should I start adjusting for the runway center line at or below minimums (A/P turned off)? Should I use ND in anyway...like trying to line up according to the airdrome extension center line? -Geir
  11. yes, alomst at the same time. A/T goes first then A/P. I have seen this done in real 737 flights (youtube). I don't experience this strange thing to happen when flying to other locations. -Geir
  12. Hi I'm experiencing som strange stuff with Kraków Balice 2012 X. When approaching RWY 25 ILS or RNAV or whatever approach the speed suddenly increases at approximately 1300 ft (BARO). Even thought all settings in FSX are set to custom weather with no winds in order to make it easy. But still the speed increases sharply when turning off auto pilot, papi get white and the nice and smooth approach is messed up. It only happens with this approach. I fly PMDG 737-700. Any suggestion on what can be the problem. Settings in FSX are set to easy in order to practice. Geir
  13. Hi Included is a picture showing VOR approach HESH O4L. The red arrow shows approach heading to VOR SHM. Can this approach be performed using VNAV/LNAV with VOR LOCK at base turn to final? It works quite well with pmdg 737-700 but I'm not sure if this could be done in real life. Any thoughts ? -Geir
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