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  1. conrex1

    NGX P3D v4 VNAV Issue

    Cheers for your help budbud, My mother board is ASUS, thanks again. John Smith.
  2. conrex1

    NGX P3D v4 VNAV Issue

    Hi bud bud, Yes I do have FSUIPC, I shall try creating a new profile. Funny you mentioned that because the clock on my computer keeps loosing time. I think the battery in the motherboard has gone. Do you think this could be the course? Cheers for the idea!
  3. conrex1

    NGX P3D v4 VNAV Issue

    John Smith. Can I have some usfull information on what to do now please now you've seen the problem?
  4. conrex1

    NGX P3D v4 VNAV Issue

    Show in the image attached via the link, VNAV & LNAV are clearly engaged but the aircraft deviated from course, speed and height randomly about an hour into the flight. This is the third time I've flown the NGX in V4 on my system now that this has happened.
  5. conrex1

    NGX P3D v4 VNAV Issue

    I would post a photo of the problem but I don't know how... In flight VNAV simply stops following the flight plan allocated, deviates of altitude hold and switches to and from N1 and speed hold. Hope this is enough information. Not sure what other detail I can provide other than what happened.... Being flying PMDG and the NGX for years on FSX. I believe this to be a bug with the NGX in V4.
  6. conrex1

    NGX P3D v4 VNAV Issue

    Hi, Every time I've gone to fly the NGX in P3D V4 on a chartered flight in the ngx VNAV has failed about an hour into the flight. It also gives me problems on takeoff. Not sure if this has been reported yet. I'm flying with: Pro-ATC X and Active sky. Every autopilot function is disabled in pro-atc x is disabled and it's even happened without the software running. Thank you
  7. conrex1

    X-plane 10 Tacan

    Thank you Donor for your reply. That makes sense, I am using the sikorsky SH-3 (Sea king) and it has things like tacan switches to select but I just get a DME reading. Is there anyway to change the radio in the sea king in XP? Conner
  8. Hello, I've started flying helicopters in X-plane around Lincolnshire, UK and am trying to use RAF Cranwell, Waddington and Coningsby tacan's to navigate my way around. Whenever I enter a frequency into nav 1, and make it an active frequency I pick it up as DME, just not VOR. I personally thought tacan is basically a military version of a VOR, but it seems to me it's more like a DME. My question is am I write or wrong in my theory? Or is X-plane 10 portraying tacans in the wrong way (which I doubt) And also how do the military use tacan to navigate, and how can I start doing this? Thank you very much Conner.
  9. THE EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON IS OUT!!! Thank you so much to Dmax3D!!!!
  10. conrex1

    "Voice Button" not activating

    Hi Byork, Thank you very much for your reply. The problem was the first thing you said and mine was set on Uk, I changed it to us and it works perfectly. Sorry for inconvenience but thank you so much for helping me get it working, I very much appreciate it. Thank you, Conner
  11. Hi, I've just installed FS2crew for the Airbus extended X and I've installed everything it tells me to. However when I go into fsx and select the panel, the Voice button never stays in the on position. There for I cannot speak to the crew. Please help because I'm desperate to get this addon working as it's my first FS2Crew addon I have, Thank you Conner
  12. conrex1

    B200 ADF and VOR Navigation Problem.

    Okay. Thanks for your reply Bert. Been a big help. Conner
  13. conrex1

    B200 ADF and VOR Navigation Problem.

    Hi Bert, Thanks for your reply. My problem is all sorted now. Thanks for your help :-). I do have one question. Is DME the same as ADF in terms of flying with normal heading with the autopilot ? Thanks again, Conner :-)
  14. Hi, I'm fairly new to the Carenado B200 King Air and I'm quickly getting use to it's systems in the cockpit. However there are a few navigation issues I'm having and would love some advice or help. Whenever I type in a VOR code, and are in limits of range my aircraft never seems to follow it, nor ADF. I'm not to sure what 'PRE, ACT or XFR' are on the course knob, but I'm convinced it's something to do with my problem. I'm doing everything else correct (I think) with the active bearing points, and I understand how the course control symbol works. I'm also pressing the 'NAV' button with my autopilot, but nothing seems to happen and my aircraft will just fly straight not turning towards the VOR/ADF. If anyone could help me with this matter it would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Conner