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    I dont like GPS or planners; old-school bloke with VOR and NDBs and charts, man!

    +800hours FSX but never got aboard a real runnin' airplane.

    Contact me if you need a FSX guinea pig! :D
  1. bump.. looks no-one is interested in a Damage Mod for Carenado's CT210....
  2. Question as simple as that. Found POH for many Cessnas at: http://www.redskyventures.org/free_stuff.php And there is only one for the non-turbo M-variant (C210M) Why I ask? Just found a discrepancy on the Carenado's supplied document and this POH: VLE (Maximum landing gear extended speed) is 195kt on Carenado's Reference and 140kt on the C210M POH. Any light on this? If you help mme, i MIGHT make a damage mod for this wonderful plane. Thanks guys!!!
  3. +1, I am interested as well, but can't find your checklists. Where are they?
  4. <p>Yes!! And also check Nick Needham's guide for Ultra-Tuning Windows. Everything is explained there, what to do after your windows fresh install. That goy is really knowledgeable, and certainly is a FSX authority Nickn's guide: http://www.simforums.com/forums/setting-up-fsx-and-how-to-tune-it_topic29041.html Just in case you have GBs to spare, I heavily recommend CloneZilla for making whole partitions/Disks backups, just in case you want to restore FSX after making a mess. it works from a Pen-Drive!</p> <p> </p> <p>EDIT: ooops, looks like Nick's guide was posted just before. anyway, I stress once again it is really useful.</p>
  5. Hey guys!! I'm drawing Battleplans for my future FSX-dedicated rig, and came with this little doubt: I'm planning on Mid-Overclock i5 3570K (no more that 4.5GHz, needs to last 3 or 4 years) and de-lidding it. Aftermarket AirCooler too. check below I Came across AsRock Z77 Extreme4 ¡OR! Extreme4M. I have read good reviews about both mothers. Fact is that Extreme4M has 8+4 Power Phase, while the M has only 4+2. (NOTE that I have read they are all ANALOG PWM not digital, as AsRock markets both as DIGItal. check this: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1700041) So my question is: for that mid-overclock on air cooling, would the Extreme4M overclock the same as Extreme4 despite the power phase difference?? Regarding to ports i don't need the non-M additional ports. But I may save a couple of bucks and better airflow inside my Rig with a MicroATX board. Cheers and thanks much in advance!! Nicolás ****ADDITIONAL DATA in case you want to know: *i5 3570k already said. Planning on De-Lidding, replacing SuperCrappy stock TIM with Coolaboratory Liquid ULTRA (not Pro!) *coolerMaster 212 Hyper EVO (or, if I have the cash: Noctua NH-D14). *1 monitor only, no three-thingies for now *EVGA GTX-660 non-TI FTW! Signature 2 (maybe overkill for 1 monitor, but that question would in another forum . Was planning on the 760 when it came out). maybe ASUS *counterpart too. *Case, PSU and monitor not relevant, but haven't decided yet. Case will have more fans for 2 hard Drives, maybe 3. no SSD. ***********this is a "tentative" Rig, nothing has been bought yet.
  6. Man, it may be better to stick with 2*4GB RAM Dual-Channel. Aim to at least 1600MHZ and CAS9 Latency. maybe not the best suggestion i can make, but your rig specs seems so damn good i need to tell you this. Remember: FSX NEVER uses more than 4GB and Windows may not need 4GB at all. Go buy them as a kit, not the two separately. Hope to help (first post in this forum! ) Dual-Channel doubles the data rate between the memory controller and the RAM themselves. that's why 2*4GB is the best bet. It's no use having 16GB in a single stick
  7. Glad to see your PC works despite the flooding. Best wishes on your next cooler! Nicolás
  8. hey there my fellow simmers!! i love the CarenadoSkywagon, just i don't love that it doesn't have DME. So i came with a workaround with the default Bendix King Radio Stack gauge (2D). This is an alternative to bliksimpie's DME and ADF combined gauge. Just came with this crazy idea and made it happen. Check this example below: To simulate old-school bush flying, i removed the GPS and instead put this DME gauge as panel N°2. *****BACKUP THE PANEL.CFG FIRST! just in case you don't like/goes wrong Replace the [Window01] section of your panel.cfg with this one. This will replace the GPS with the DME. if you want to replace another gauge, just copy it to another section (for example: replace [window08] and/or whatever; got it?) if you want you can change the window's name, at the beggining of the panel.cfg it says [window Titles], change the corresponding window number with a new name (DME or whatever) So okay! here goes my contribution to the "Cause"! and as usual... Cheers and happy flying! [Window01] //don't copy this line if you want to replace another gauge Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=234,61 ///312,82!! window_size_ratio=1.000 position=4 visible=0 ident=DME zorder=0 gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio DME, 0,0,234,61
  9. Hey guys! what are your opinion 'bout an i5 3570k versus an i7 3570k ? Would like to hear it
  10. Planes are on my mind, you textbox!! planees!

  11. CoolP, I want to echo your comment. This kind of posting will not be much fruitful and can generate great discomfort if one of the developers of the listed products comes across this post. Great effort is required for creating addons and criticizing their jobs would be painful.
  12. Hello there! Just a little suggestion: put your FPS locked at a dividend (language error here) of your monitor refresh rate... is it 60Hz? then lock FPS at 30, 20, 15 whatever. This is recommended by 'bojote'. one of the top-tweakers round here. I have mine locked at 18 too (but because 20 is too much strain and 15 gets too choppy so no hypocresy! ), Glad to see you enjoying FSX! my crappy laptop struggles to handle. no ORBX, no HD craft... as we say in our country: "I healthily envy you" :D Cheers and keep happy flying! Nicolás
  13. There is a program that checks for corrupt entries in the logbook and fixes it. if that down't work, try deleting it but don't lose hope: you can look for some logbook editors to get back what you had in the broken one. there goes my 2 cents. Good luck! Nicolás
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