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  1. Gentlemen at PMDG... Ten days ago I paid for an extended download service for my previous order of the FSX 737. I got your Receipt and that's it, nothing more!!! ....I went to your site and there is no way I can communicate with you people so I had no alternative but to come here....How do I get my Link to the PAID service????? Thank You ORDER CODE: REMOVED BY ADMIN - DO NOT POST ORDER INFORMATION IN PUBLIC FORUMS
  2. Pilots that fly in the "Bush" are a unique bunch. We are those!!! At Bush Planet..Pilots-- we fly in the Himalayas, Andes, and most dangerous mountain countries. We fly in the Amazon, Mayan Jungle of Guatemala and lately we went to Papua New Guinea. If you lie this kind of flying adventure, Missions and would like to check our "New type of Expediitons" then take a look and join us: http://bppilots.iwopop.com/
  3. Hola Pilotos: Si te gusta Volar en areas peligrosas como el Africa, Amazonas, Selvas del mundo, los Himalayas, Andes o Alpes, visita nuestro sitio y unete a un grupo de pilotos que volamos en todos estos lugares con Vuelos peligrosos, Misiones y nuestras "Unicas Expediciones......quieres mas??? http://bppilots.iwopop.com/
  4. pilota

    Rudder Stuck to the right!

    Hi gp....heheheheh, right!!!!...I disconnected the pedals from the USB hub, I have 5 hubs, since I built my cockpit to resemble a GA turbo. Cleaned the contact and placed it in another hub then I re-calibrated the pedals with the CH utility. Started FSX, checked that no other control was referencing the rudder other than the pedals and opened a plane and there was the rudder perfectly straight. Flew around for a while and its is back to normal.....I guess a faulty hub connector or a dirty pedals one or the re-calibration, anyway I am a happy pilot again. Anyway I continue to delve in X-Plane which has never bothered me at all....Thank You again. Gera/Pilota...
  5. pilota

    Rudder Stuck to the right!

    Got it fixed....Thanks guys.
  6. pilota

    Rudder Stuck to the right!

    Hi guys, thanks for the answers....BobKK47, I tried twice using the CH calibration tool but did not do any good. Did it with FSX closed as you suggested....gboz:,(num pad 5) all it does is set the rudder to neutral but as soon as I touch the pedals the rudder jumps to the right again....
  7. Hi guys.... All of a sudden the Rudder of my planes tends to go to the right and I have not been able to "tune it" again to center. This is very anoying and FSX is beginning to be disliked by this pilot!!! can someone tell me what's going on??, I would hate to dis-install since I have it pretty full and am sure I would loose some stuff by doing so....Thank You I use: CH Eclipse Yoke and Pro Pedals.....
  8. pilota

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Señor Capitán:Thank you for this wonderful aircraft. I flew on them many times. From Guatemala City to New Orleans for all my grammar and high school years!!!! starting in 1954, PAA was the carrier. At the time It was a Love- hated relationship for it was my transportation to a bordering school!!!! not great fun. I think it cruised the Gulf of Mexico at around eight thousand feet and man the ride was bumpy, ups and downs galore.....:):) :(....the brown bags sure were a needed artifact!!!!!, poor those guys that had to clean the plane after a turbulent flight!!!!.....But I must say my love for the plane surged over the hate part....I have almost all DC-6s that have been made freeware for FS9 and FSX and constantly fly the ladies, all models. So, congratulations for your thoughts that brought you to having this most famous aircraft developed. I will check here constantly and hope you shoot it out of the manufacturing plant Fast!!!!!!....I will start making, tonight, a few Missions for it and obviously some Adventure Flights too....I have seen one or two landing in MPTO still, Latin American Airlines and many Freight lines used this baby for ages!!!! you can see some skeletons of it in many airports down south today.Gera
  9. Hey guys.....I was reading your woes and made a google search for "1722/1603 error" and found this:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...topic_id=393304Hope it helps, this guy seems to have fixed his problem.....Here is the MS page to download the fix (?) ....so they say (!)http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928080Gera
  10. OK....ThierryA slow 150 ft flight will get you the animals fine....I will be plasing tips on the flights in AdventureSky
  11. Hi Thigo...I had another pilot report the same thing. The Atolls are right in front of Belize city but there are some islands also there which confuse the situation...check the "real" map of the area in Google then go after the farthest atoll and you will see the ship and animals...The lifeboats with the animals in them are the hardest to find...you will have to fly no higher than 150 feet!! in order to see them for they are very small.....enclosed pictures of both:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/177154.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/177155.jpgHope this helps....Thank you for downloading the Adventure and glad you liked the area....Belize is quite beautiful.RegardsGera
  12. In the original zip file I forgot to add some .bgl files. Without them those flying it will not find the two new airports in Belize. MZ33 and MZ99.I have added an Update today.....please excuse the ommision.Hope you enjoy the "odd" SAR....If you have any ideas of otheradventures I would appreciate a word or two on them.Thank YouGera ;-)
  13. pilota


    We are a very very different Airway.Central America Freight & Tours Airways.......A concentration of International Pilots who fly all overthe world in all kinds of missions. In the last 6 months wehave Carried a Brazilian Circus to Morocco, Taken suppliesway down to Tierra del Fuego in Chile, Flown the "In the wholeAirports in Ecuador, Searched for the Mysterious Cities in theJungles of Panama, flown the Strange skies of Pakistan and rightnow are flying the Mysterious Lakes of Nepal!!! and so on andso forth.....Pilots are not allowed to fly without socks and should atall times wear their yellow scarf!!!!!.Each piloto receives a bgl file and a Route File *Navigator,if he so desires he flies by himself or joins the groupat our server and TS on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays...Withthese files he will be in the right track(route) and be ableto find the objects around it(bgl).....We a guarantee a lifeof excitement, good music, and no dough!!!!!Flying in our skiescan be pretty dangerous to any ones health that's for sure!!!!So, if you care to try and see about this dubiuos airwaysgo to our page: http://www.freewebs.com/caftaYou are in for a surprise......May the Condor be with ya!!!!