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Found 64 results

  1. Start making your home cockpit see below for available panels. Cessna 152 Cessna 172 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 172 Gauges Cessna 182 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 182 Steam Baron G58 G1000 Beechcraft C90 Boeing 737 MIP + Overhead Panel + Center DA62 F/A-18C Hornet MIP + Side Panels Huey UH-1 P28R Warthog A-10 TBM 930 + Overhead Panel For any questions or interest you can send me a PM. Files are in ESP - AI - PDF format.
  2. Flight1 told us today that they had released the Cessna Cardinal 177B. Flight1, in their press release, stated; "The Cessna 177B Cardinal II is a lightweight, high-wing General Aviation aircraft that was intended to replace the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Great for short strips or longer hops, the Cardinal II features a Lycoming 4-cylinder, air-cooled engine, with a constant speed propeller. It can safely and efficiently fly up to four people approximately 600 nautical miles at a cruise speed of approximately 130 knots. The aircraft's forward seat design, which is placed ahead of the wing leading edge, provides pilots with excellent flight model and visibility in this very detailed model. Accurate and highly detailed exterior, operating doors, custom paint schemes, plus wheel chocks, inlet covers and pilot/co-pilot models are also included with the model. Inside, the easy-to-use cockpit design features interactive panels, knobs, keys, and shade visors to go along with it’s great looking interior. Plane techies will feel right at home with the Garmin / S-TEC Autopilot Avionics setup featuring: dual Garmin GNS430 GPSs, a S-TEC 55X Autopilot, a Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel and GTX327 Transponder. The avionics come with FSX flight plan importability and an Auxiliary Panel option that supports Reality-XP Radio Stack Gauges round out the options available to users. The package also includes comprehensive and detailed pilot’s guide help you get in the air in no time." You can find more information about the product here along with screenshots.
  3. Just a few random shots from my approach into Sedona, it really is just incredible how good the sim looks after sunset!
  4. Hello guys! I have begun to be interested in smaller aircrafts, than I've flew till now (B737,B777), recently. So I began looking for them, but I'm disappointed a bit. Really, there's not any "best" bizjet on the market after aicraft model design, VC, realistic flight envelope, etc., or I'm just blind? I already tried out some add-ons, but they're not good enough, I think. Followed by list and reasons why I was not satisfied. Eaglesoft - Cessna Citation X (and any other) - alerting on issues when using Windows 8. Wilco/FeelThere - Embraer Phenom 100 - Really don't like addons by this developer, VCs are designed very poorly (textures are very strange as well), and working just from a half. Wilco/FeelThere - Embraer Legacy 600 - The same as above. Wilco/FeelThere - Regional Jets - The same as above. Also don't like Embraer 135/145, 175/195 are too large. Carenado - Embraer Phenom 100 - Have to admit, the design of the aircraft and virtual cockpit is simply awesome, but... No airac? They must be kidding us. Also I read somewhere that fuel burning is really quick in compare with real aircraft. But that's nothing compared to the absence of AIRAC updates. Flight 1 - Cessna Citation Mustang - That's also very nice processed, but there're issues with the map on MFD. I'm also not sure if all aircrafts works as should. Well, now tell me.. Is there any other choice, what I could focus at? I would like to fly small to mid-size business jet (something like Phenom 100 to Embraer Legacy) - CRJs and Embraer 175/195 or LineAge are too large. Another Embraer Phenom series, Embraer Legacy series, Bombardier LearJet/Challenger/Global series or Cessna Citation series? Thanks in advance for your help! Kind regards, Kuba
  5. My first repaint. Still tweaking details and trying to get the colors right. N4635K had beige instrument panel covers at one point, so I will be making an alternate version as well. Criticism welcome. Nitpick it. I'd like to make this as close as possible to the actual plane. But in many places, I have to get creative since the A2A geometry is significantly more modern than the referenced real-world aircraft, especially in the cockpit. N736HD is nearly identical to this aircraft, but the paint is faded, and the interior is worn and damaged. I plan to follow up with that plane later. I will post more photos as I progress.
  6. Name: MFiS (part 1) Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 20 November 2013 - 05:51 PM Submitter: vertical-studios.net Short Description: None Provided Mountain Flying in Switzerland Welcome to beautiful Geneva, Switzerland. Today is a gorgeous day to be taking your first mountain flight in the Swiss Alps. Your round trip will take you over two mountain passes, an airport in the middle of a steep sided canyon and another airport in the heart of the Alps. Each add-on mission for FSX includes: Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog Part 1: Col de Coux This first leg takes you from the grass runway in Geneva up and over a mountain pass named Col de Coux and down to an airport in a canyon. Along the way you’ll be able to enjoy all the beautiful scenery, including incredible views of the snow covered Alps and Lake Geneva, with its world famous jet d’eau. The chief flight instructor from the Aeroclub de Genève will help you navigate and also handle all the radio communications, but it will be up to you to safely arrive at your destination. You are the Pilot in Command! Chris Klein - Vertical Studios View Video
  7. Name: MFiS (part 2) Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 20 November 2013 - 05:49 PM Submitter: vertical-studios.net Short Description: None Provided Mountain Flying in Switzerland Welcome to beautiful Geneva, Switzerland. Today is a gorgeous day to be taking your first mountain flight in the Swiss Alps. Your round trip will take you over two mountain passes, an airport in the middle of a steep sided canyon and another airport in the heart of the Alps. Each add-on mission for FSX includes: Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog Part 2: Sanetsch Pass This second leg picks up from where you left off, in Sion. You will need to climb to 9,500 feet ASL to make it over the Sanetsch Pass, which is located very close to the Sion airport. Once over the pass, it’s a beautiful descent into the valley, where you will overfly Gstaad while maneuvering to land at the short runway of Saanen. You won’t be able to see the runway of Saanen until already on base, so listen carefully to the flight instructor, who of course is with you again for this leg. She’ll help you navigate and handle the radio, but once again it will be up to you to safely arrive at your destination. You are the Pilot in Command! Chris Klein - Vertical Studios View Video
  8. Name: Big Budget Blockbuster (part 1) Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 20 November 2013 - 05:27 PM Submitter: vertical-studios.net Short Description: None Provided Big Budget Blockbuster Welcome to the film business! We have a series of adventures in store for you, all related to the next Big Budget Blockbuster. First up is a visit to Hawaii where the filming is just wrapping up. In parts 2 and 3 the action is … to be continued! Each add-on mission for FSX includes: Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog Part 1: Welcome to Hawaii! Your old buddy from school, who is now a big shot movie producer, has invited you to Hawaii to check out the set of his latest action movie and to attend the wrap party with the cast and crew. You’re meeting up with him at the film’s makeshift production office at the Lihue Airport on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Today’s early morning flight will take you from Lihue, around the island, through the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, along the Na Pali Coast to the film’s dramatic shooting location, and finally to Princeville Airport for the wrap party. Chris Klein - Vertical Studios View Video
  9. My first attempt to fly from EGLC to LOWI yesterday was unfortunately cut shot on final approach by a bug with the MSFS Pause Button aka Game Freeze function, as I pressed that the aircraft literally fell out of the sky, just spiraled to the ground. I've always had an affinity towards the larger business jets, so I decided to give that route another try today with the Cessna Citation Longitude. The aircraft is far from hardcore, some would argue it isn't even up to the very basic "Carenado" standards, yet it is certainly stunning visually both externally and in the VC, plus it is actually quite functional and easy to get "flight ready" from cold & dark. Cold & dark at EGLC, the weather was certainly much better yesterday here in London! Unfortunately again no push-back service, I hope this bug gets fixed. There was really absolutely not enough space to turn, I decided my best option was to use reverse thrust to exit the parking position. As they say in German, Not macht erfinderisch! Imagine someone had shown you this image 30 years ago, when the first flight simulators were available, and told you that sometime in the future we will be able to enjoy such imagery on a PC! A RWY 09 departure today, straight out east over the Thames! The clouds certainly look interesting, the lighting is very impressive. Climbing out towards the UK coast, the flight plan has the route set for FL 410. The weather over the Channel was pretty murky, there was nothing eventful enroute, just a permanent cloud cover below most of the time. Arriving over the Alps, the weather seemed a lot better than yesterday. Heading towards the RTT VOR at FL 130. The very buggy ATC kept asking me to descend to 9500 ft, that would have been guaranteed CFIT. Very close to Innsbruck now, the weather again being grey and murky in patches. There is a lot of room to improve the overall mesh, nevertheless the Alps are certainly stunning! Close to the RTT VOR turning point now. Turning south and then west to intercept the Innsbruck localizer. This is going to be a visual approach, autopilot off, flaps and gear down. The hand flown approach was much smoother than I expected, the aircraft handled very well and was not too twitchy. The wind kept pushing me to the left, trying to correct and stay on the glideslope. Welcome to Innsbruck, touchdown right on the centre line, the reverse thrusters doing their job to slow the Cessna down. The sloped runway is subtle and so much more realistic than the standard fully level runways we've had for so many years in FSX and P3D. Quite mind-blowing that the grass in a flight simulator can look that good!
  10. So I started a journey a couple days ago, to fly from Cooking Lake (CEZ3) to somewhere in British Columbia, Canada. Haven't quite decided where to go, but most likely end up in greater Vancouver area. I figured I would track my journey somewhere, so coupled with screenshots, I'll put it here for now. Anywho, onto the flight. This is CEZ3, small airport in Central Alberta. 1 runway and a float plane base. This is the aircraft I'll be flying, the A2A C172R with a really nice repaint by jimmyrfr on the A2A forums. The photo taken below was on the way to the CYEG VOR, from there I'd be flying an outbound course towards Edson, Alberta. From there I'll head to Jasper and that's where things will get tricky. Mountain Navigation. At least tricky for someone used to punching in FMC details and what not. coming into Edson This was after arrival to Edson and parked at the airfield. I reloaded some scenery and it changed from Fall to winter textures. Strange but not a big deal. I don't really do flights during real time because I tend to get home later, with it getting later in the season and coming close to winter that also means night time occurs towards 6PM local. I flew to Jasper on local time, which of course was 8PMish, so pitch black navigating through mountains and at night. I'll get a shot of Jaspers grass field at the next departure, when I figure out where the next stop is! With the 20 pic limit per thread I'll add more into my flickr and then people can see a few more there, I'll link the album here; https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6RmDs5 For anyone interested in the addons you see here; Simaddons West ORBX FTX Global ORBX Northern Rockies ORBX PNW (later as I get closer to the coast) A2A 172R Rex texture direct
  11. Hi all, just want to share some screenshots of the Cessna 182S which has recently been released. More info at the FlightGear wiki page.
  12. We're a brand new VA, and we're looking for pilots. Here are some reasons to join our VA: CityLink Virtual Airlines has: Plenty of routes to do, so you won’t be bored. A select but great fleet, which exists out of – for instance – Fokker 50s. Check http://www.citylink-va.com/index.php/pages/planes for our whole fleet. 2 Hubs: EHBK (Maastricht) and EHRD (Rotterdam), both based in the Netherlands. A modern website A challenging ranking system Winter and Summer Events A user-friendly logging system, called CityLink kAcars. A forum where everything about the VA and flying can be asked. A twitter account (@CityLinkVA) Follow us, if you like. In case you haven’t got payware, there’s always a freeware version. If you have a question, feel free to contact us! Website: www.citylink-va.com Twitter: @CityLinkVA
  13. Having got checked out in a nice new 172 with the G1000 last week in the real world, I took A2A's gem for a nice flight from Revelstoke to Victoria. And yes, I was playing around with wheel pants and all that, which is why some shots have them and others don't...
  14. Took my A2A C182 all over the continent over the past month or so... some pictures of that journey. Cruising along the PNW coast Down towards the Grand Canyon Heading to Lake Tahoe A quick stop way out in Catalina before heading east Waaaay east. Approaching St. Barts And heading home early the next morning.
  15. Hey guys. So, it's been awhile since the last time I did a flight on FSX. Between now and then, and HDD Crash and all my data got lost. So, I reinstalled everything, rebuilt my AI Traffic from scratch and I was finally able, after quite a few months, to log some miles on my flightlog Still a long way to go in terms of how much I can improve graphics and all that. So, I took the Carenado Citation II for a bunny hop inside Florida. 10 minutes of Flight. Last minute checks. A blast from the past while we taxi to Runway 8L Sky's the limit B) Very quiet KMIA today Approaching KFLL's 9R After more than 6 months without flying, this was the most decent approach I could accomplish -_- Flare Old style reversers! Taxi to stand And there we are. Hope you them! :excl: Things used: LatinVFR KMIA Carenado Citation II KFLL2008, available at the Avsim library. ORBX Essential+ Overdrive HD FTX Global Base Pack
  16. I recently purchased the Saitek Cessna rudder pedals from Amazon warehouse deals. I got a really good price on them, but plugged them in and quickly noticed the right toe brake is not working. Everything else functions perfectly. I am a bit reluctant to return them and pay an extra £50 for brand new ones when my instinct tells me this issue can be fixed. Is it worth opening them up and trying to fix them? Maybe this is a known issue that someone can offer some input on? Many thanks Oliver
  17. Article here: http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Cessna-Unveils-Military-Jet220588-1.html
  18. Hello, I am creating a freeware 172 model for P3D/FSX/FSX-SE and I am researching good fligh models for study. I was told that Metzger's 172 FDE is the best. Does anyone have his 172 FDE file ? Where I can find it ? By now my 172 has: Model: 70%. Sound: 50%. VCockpit model: 60% Gauges:40% FDE: 0% (reading some PDFs) Thanks in advance Paulo Rio-Brazil
  19. Hello i just wanted to ask what gauges i should use on my cessna 172 simulator that i am building. I am planing on having 2 computers so all the stress is not on just one. I am building simsamurai's CS-1 and want to know some options for under $100 USD. <_< Thanks. Progress updates to come!!! :lol:
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