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  1. Ok so I have a rather complex flightsim setup. I'm using Steam streaming to run P3D/X-Plane. It works quite well given the speed of the internet connection. I've set it up to run outside of my LAN, so pretty much anywhere with decent WiFi. I'm doing this via ZeroTier (software defined networking) which uses a VPN to trick all the connected devices to think their all on the same network regardless of physical location. I've got several EFB software packages and Google Earth running on networked machines all being fed live positional data via GpsGate which works great. FSUIPC is the keystone piece to make this GPS work smoothly. The problem I'm having is getting my Android application FSRadioPanel to connect to the host using this setup. I tried port forwarding 9696, and no luck. I use this app for autopilot and changing NAV/COMMS. Is there a similar program available that I can test to see if it works in this environment? I'm going for a UAV cockpit design and functionality for this setup. Thanks for your input.
  2. I've been flying RealAir's Duke Turbine as of late. However, I find it incredibly difficult to maintain a steady altitude when the is autopilot OFF. Sometimes, I get lucky, and I am able to tweak the elevator trim to where I can fly with a mostly steady altitude. For this reason, are higher-powered GA aircraft such as the Duke normally flown with the autopilot ON?
  3. P3D crashes when these Saitek panels are installed and powered. Does not crash with panels off
  4. Hello, I've just bought the 777 base back at aerosoft.com. I have a big complicatet problem, i try to tell what happens. When i start a flight with the 777 (with fmc etc.) all is great. Then i take off and and fly a bit manual later on i put on the autopilot and i engage LNav and VNav. The plane is following the route and climbs. But at one point the problems are starting: First I get a CabinAlt waring with 999999 ft. 30 seconds later i get something like a autopilot disagree so the ap, Lnav, Vnav is engaged but the plane slowly starts getting off the route, accelerating and do what it want's. At this point I switched AP modes to heading select, speed and alt hold. Still no reaction from the plane. Now i disangaged the AP and the aircraft starts spinning in the air like it has a million tons of cargo in its back. There is no control at all it just spinns around. Need help! I spended 80€ and now i can't do a simple flight
  5. Hello all. I have been eyeing the Saitek Multi Panel recently to help finish up my sim pit. I have advanced aircraft such as A2A 172, Aerosoft Twin Otter, Flight1 King Air, RealAir Duke V2, Majestic Dash 8 and will get some PMDG products in the future. My question is, how well does the autopilot features of this panel work with these type of aircraft? I realize PMDG and other larger aircraft will have differences seeing as how the panel autopilot is designed around a very simple general aviation aircraft. If I were to be flying the King Air or Dash could I set an altitude, vertical speed and heading and it would all work correctly? Is this just a waste of money if flying these type of aircraft? I feel that it would work just fine with the A2A 172, but I'm not positive. I read somewhere that someone had to use LINDA to get it to work with more complex aircraft and I think that is beyond my comfort zone with FSX. Any help or hearing of any experiences would be a huge help. Thank you.
  6. Some days ago, I used the AP for hight only. I thought this would enable me to fly the headings and turns by hand but that proved to be impossible. The plane wanted to go straight ahaid and not much else. So my question: is this normal or not? Thanks for answering.
  7. Let me start off by saying hi ! Okay. I'm not quite sure how to explain this, so bear with me. On rare occasions, such as today, I will takeoff from any planned airport, and while ascending or at cruising altitude on a valid flightplan (as far as I know), the plane (ranges from different types, this time a 737-700) will trim full left, then full right. It will then try to correct itself by trimming full left again, then full right to fix that mistake. It almost seems as if two lines of code are contradicting with each other. When says go left... the other says to go right, ultimately flying me in a straight zig-zag... wasting a ton of fuel. Now I don't mean the aircraft will bank 30 degrees, but more like 10 degrees or less each time. Yet it keeps happening. When left trimmed, it will be maybe 6-7 seconds when it is full right trim, then back to left all over again. I tried fixing this by switching off Nav Hold, then using heading. Then I went back to nav hold. All the while, the plane is set to follow GPS not NAV. Then I disengaged both Nav Hold and Heading, and corrected it manually until I was steady and on course. I re-engaged Nav Hold, then the plane continued to trim right/left!!! Of course, frustrated, I disengaged master-autopilot, corrected everything, re-engaged master-autopilot and everything else... same thing. Any ideas on the situation? If so, how can I fix it? Thanks in advance. Joe.
  8. Good Day all, I have been a few problems that if I want to roll after the push, does not accept thrust when I have the A / T ARM switch on arm. I need to turn off those first, then it works, the only off then turn on again after take off, otherwise I can not start. After take off I keep the back and then by the autopilot automatically assigned to the thrust. SRY because this post was posted 3 time... if i want to save this post i've become an Error...
  9. Good day! I recently bought the NGX 737 and I love it! I have 2 questions regarding it. 1 - Auto Pilot. I Came from using the stock 737 in FSX so I dont know what the LNAV AND VNAV do...I see everyone uses it in ILS landings but Im using to using VLOC and APP. Somotimes I click LNAV AND VNAV and i dont get a green light saying its been activated...so, how do I use auto pilot for ILS landings (NOT AUTO LAND) in the NGX 737? On a side note...where is the NAV/GPS switch so i can pick which one to use? 2 - FMC.....All i know is to set fuel, ground connections and a few other things like putting in the air port but i dont know the waypoint part since I never have any....I need to know how to use the FMC so it can tell me when to put my flaps and speed and all that.... Please send a link of a video or anything useful that teaches this. Its almost impossible to have a real flight without it. PLEASE give me a good starter flight plan for this so I can learn and last thing, SIDS, I dont even know where to find mine or what it is. Thank you In advance Mirakledba
  10. Good day! I recently bought the NGX 737 and I love it! I have 2 questions regarding it. 1 - Auto Pilot. I Came from using the stock 737 in FSX so I dont know what the LNAV AND VNAV do...I see everyone uses it in ILS landings but Im using to using VLOC and APP. Somotimes I click LNAV AND VNAV and i dont get a green light saying its been activated...so, how do I use auto pilot for ILS landings (NOT AUTO LAND) in the NGX 737? On a side note...where is the NAV/GPS switch so i can pick which one to use? 2 - FMC.....All i know is to set fuel, ground connections and a few other things like putting in the air port but i dont know the waypoint part since I never have any....I need to know how to use the FMC so it can tell me when to put my flaps and speed and all that.... Please send a link of a video or anything useful that teaches this. Its almost impossible to have a real flight without it. PLEASE give me a good starter flight plan for this so I can learn and last thing, SIDS, I dont even know where to find mine or what it is. Thank you In advance Mirakledba
  11. Hi Everyone, First,Im sory for my bad english.. I'm using Sp1c Pmdg NGX and I have a problem with LNAV. After takeoff, I am activating VNAV,LNAV and A/P.Airplane is following LNAV path normal and smoothly.But after 5-10 minutes later,LNAV is deactivating and airplane leaving from the LNAV path.After this, I am trying to use heading for correction, but airplane is not responding to my commands :S Can someone help me about this situation? For information : Im using FSX default weather engine (updating every 15 min) its maybe about weather update ?? Best Regars.
  12. I have recently downloaded the old school 727-200 & -100 from Thomas Ruth (who has some amazing planes). As I was flying the Braniff 727-200 the other day from KDFW to MMMX, I was unable to find a switch on the Autopilot that would control the climb and decent rate ft per minute (ie 1800, -1200). Did those pilots from the 60's, 70's and 80's have to fly to say 30, 000 ft then set the altitude to hold or is there a way to use the auto pilot to control the climb and decent? . Also what about the approach and landing with the ils on the autopilot? Any information would be useful. Thanks. PS. I would rather not install an autopilot that would be similar to a plane like the 737-800. I'd like to fly this plane proper.
  13. Hello. I have the PMDG 737NGX. Usually my first flight goes well. After I land and am setting up everything for my next flight, I triple-check EVERYTHING and ensure that the route is correct and active and that everything is configured properly. However, once I get in the air, the autopilot simply won't engage. Sometimes I try to manually navigate to my route and try to engage it but that still doesn't work. Does anyone know what's going on?
  14. Hi, I've owned PMDG 747 and the other titles for years. All the other aircraft run without any problems (737, MD-11) I also have LevelD 767-300 / 777 and Feelthere A320 so I am extremely experienced simmer. However now and then the PMDG 747-400 sometimes does not allow the master Autopilot to engage. Via the CMD switch on the MCP Panel. It doesn't always not work I'd say about 1 in 10 flights I'll take off all FMC is setup and I'll engage the A/P, the light comes on and all is well, I then engage VNAV / LNAV etc etc. As I said all is well. But sometimes the Master A/P refuses to swich on and illuminate, even by pressing the "Z" key it ignores my request. However the VNAV button will switch on and LNAV but the aircraft will not fly automatically. The Flight director follows the VNAV / LNAV mode but I have to fly manually, which ain't gonna work on a 8 hour flight !! So I have to abort the flight and return to my departure airport. I thought it may be something I was doing wrong, but it doesn't happen on any other aircraft (even the PMDG 737) and I have performed checklists etc to make sure I haven't missed anything, as I said it doesn't always happen. I've also tried loading the default Cesna 172 before loading the 747. But this doens't prevent it. Anyone have any ideas? Getting the same problem?? I can't find a thread which describes this issue... Help appreciated ! Thanks Tom.
  15. Hy Guys! I need your help! I have a problem with my PMDG 737 600 and 700 too I was landing at LICJ on runaway 20 (I set all the necessary for a ILS approach). I disengaged autopilot at 200ft for a manual landing but when I starded to do some corrections (right or left with my directional keys, I dont have a cloche...it's sad I know) the cloche of the airplane start to turn right without reason and remains locked until I fall down without a chance to take control. Everything works fine with PMDG 737 800 (I have 737 -800/900 NGX Base Package SP1c ) I have 737 600-700 and the 737 600 700 expansion package SP1C too. I have this issue only with this model of aircraft and I always lost control of the airplain when I disengage autopilot Sounds like a bug...Hope you can help me! Thank you!!
  16. I am flying the Carenado C182T. Just learning the G1000 because I started out with default GA aircraft learning VOR to VOR navigation. The carenado manual for the G1000 is not an effective tutorial. I have loaded an approach to an airprot, and the CDI is tracking the correct direction, The CDI is set to GPS, but when I turn the Autopilot on and engage NAV mode it does not track to the highlighted waypoint. I thought that the NAV mode should track to the CDI whenever it is engaged. I would really appreciate help with this problem, and more generally if someone could direct me to a good tutorial on the G1000 it would be greatly appreciated. RDS P.S., I have emailed Carenado Support a couple of ties, and their responses are brief and incomplete. They have helped me a bit, but for the most part I get the impression that they have no patience for my questions.
  17. this apc can manage the plain's flight automatically as autopilot. long time ago i found apc for 747 version 1.0 but i can find the weblink now. Overview ======== FSX 747 Autopilot Controller is a gauge for the default FSX 747-400 aircraft. It manipulates the autopilot and automates aircraft operations such as gears and flaps etc. to allow for a fully automated flight to any airport and alternate controls using the keyboard arrow keys. Simply enter the destination airport into the GPS, select the landing runway, apply VNAV and RWY (LNAV), and the plane will fly to the airport and land on the selected runway. This gauge is designed to work with the default unmodified FSX 747-400 aircraft. If the "boeing747-400.air" or "aircraft.cfg" files have been modified or if there are other third party addons, the gauge may not work as intended. i tried to manage a380 using this apc but the plane cannot land correctly.
  18. I have 2 questions:1. After today hotfix, during ILS autoland i have on PDF "SINGLE CH" even after engage second AP. someone else with the same problem? Solutions? and most important:2. I have windows 7 64bit, 4GB memory. Do I have to do paging? I did this before, when I had windows XP(min an max value - 3072) and I wonder: to leave it, or not to leave it,question is now? NGX works fine for me most of time - 22-26FPS, if I move the mouse - 16-19FPS, It's ok for me. But FSX freezes sometimes just for a second - like a slideshow, and it can be very annoying, especially if this happens on take off and final. I don't know the reason - probably CPU overload, but i want to try everything until next year when I plan to buy new system.I have Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.53 MHz, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GTAny suggestions?
  19. Hi! A few questions about how to handle an engine failure during takeoff (after V1). Yesterday I armed a engine failure after V1, manually climbed 1500ft and engaged autopilot but I noticed that I cannot engage autothrottle. Is that normal? Should the autothrottle not be used under any engine failure conditions? How about the landing weight? Would it be normal policy to land the aircraft in an engine failure (not engine fire) occured after takeoff if you are a bit abowe max weight? Say 5000-6000lbs. Or should you circle around to burn fuel with one engine since the 737 has no fuel dump capability? Thanks! Kaj Ekström
  20. Hi, I am considering buying fsx (I am an x-plane a really excited user) However, I do not have a joystick and I dont have the space or cash to buy a good or even a decent one. Therefore I was wondering whether you could control FSX using the ipad/iphone - i.e. an x-plane remote equivalent for fsx? I heard about a couple of apps but I will like to voice my concerns: FSXControl - Very laggy, bad design (+thrust/-thrust buttons - why not have a slider), and no AP control! AirTrack - No flaps/gear/thrust control These are the only two that seem remotely (pun intended) decent. Which one should I choose? I am currently thinking of getting airtrack but I want to know if you can control thrust and gear and all that before shelling out £17 on it. If you can help me - PLEASE reply! Thanks!
  21. After 6 months of working very well, my PMDG B744 has suddenly decided to add 10-20 degrees of yaw whenever the autopilot is flying. It does not happen when the plane is being flown semi-manually by MCP input, nor does it happen when the plane is being flown hands-on manually. Dark & Cold, deleting fsx.cfg, deleting fsuipc4.ini, etc etc do not solve the problem. It is not yoke or pedal related. I am at my witts end, so any lifeline would be appreciated, even though I haven't tried everything. The Cockpit photo is attached. Note the ND photo below :) Thanks in advance,
  22. Is there some logic on the 737-800 ngx fail-operational land3 autoland that makes it disconnect if there is too much drift from the ils on the final or for example coming in too fast/slow due wind shear or in other cases making the approach unstable? I played around yesterday putting some heavy weather to my sim using Activesky 2012. I set up crosswin of 25-30kts, heavy windshear and turbulence just to see how the autoland handles it. Though a bumpy ride, the approach went pretty good but about 200ft agl there was heavy change in windspeed increasing my ias from desired 142 to 158, soon after the LAND3 mode disconnected and I ended up flying the plane manually.. Any explanation for this? I always thought that after LAND3 has engaged its (almost) impossible to get it disconnected the only method being pulling the A/P disconnect bar or pushing TO/GA switch.. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone. After my purchase of MIlviz 737-200, everything looked awesome and I was very happy about it. I planned my route and started my engines for the first time, listening to that beautiful sound of the engines and APU shutting down. Because the route was long, about 1.6 Hours, I planned to use LNAV all the way. OK VRef speeds are programmed to MCP by CDU and everything looks perfect. Just to make things clear I used FirstAir version of the aircraft with FMS/Sperry 177 option - which comes with fully functional VNAV, LNAV and Autothrottle. 50% N1 and A/T engage - V1, rotate, V2... Climbing through 3000, I engage A/P and put aircraft in LNAV+Speed mode. I start to turn the speed knob to 240 knots due to restriction in the area. Suddenly A/T goes crazy and puts aircraft in MTOP mode or 100% N1... Aircraft overspeeds and I disengage the A/T. After few minutes of climbing and manually managing the speed, I engage the A/T again. Nothing happens... My speed starts to drop. Then again disengage and engage again. Now it again puts 100% MTOP and so on... I don't know what can cause the problem. FYI I did not put speed in for every waypoint in CDU. Because I wanted to manage the speed by MCP panel with speed mode... If anyone has a solution for this problem please let me know
  24. Name: Quick Tips: Autopilot Modes Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:32 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided An overview of the mode control panel (MCP), flight mode annunciator (FMA), and what the various modes accomplish. (Okay, so it's not exactly "quick" as far as tips go, but I figured it was part of the Quick Tips mini-series I worked on, so there ya have it.) View Video
  25. Hi everyone I just bought the 777, but there is one issue I have had on most of my flights. This did not happen when I flew the tutorial flight, but every flight thereafter. During the climb (above 10000 feet) and cruise portion of my flight, my 777 will randomly over speed. As an example, I was flying from VECC-OMDB, and I was climbing through 14 000 feet. I was flying at 308 knots, and the red lines on the airspeed indicator were at about 325 knots. Everything was going well until suddenly, the speed popped up to 400 knots, triggering the over speed alarm, and disconnecting the autopilot. Then, just as the situation occurred, it corrected itself. This usually happens multiple times throughout my flight, and usually, during the cruise, the situation doesn't correct myself as it does during climb. I always derate my takeoffs with an assumed temperature, or a fixed derate, if not, both. I don't understand why I am having this issue, I fly my routes just like I flew the tutorial flight, but the issue still persists. I have conducted a forum search, but I got no results, however, I may have overlooked something, if there is a previous topic on this issue, I apologize, and would appreciate if I could get a link to that topic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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