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Found 30 results

  1. I'm not using pedals, and it's hard to control the plane while taking off from the runaway. Is there a way to lock the nosewheel and keep the plane straight? If not, can someone recommend control settings for the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro? What is the elevator trim setting for take-off? At the default value of '0' the plane complains about the trim after take-off. Where can I get a guide or a user manual for the auto-pilot. It doesn't have to be the official user manual. A tutorial or walkthrough would be nice. I googled and a bit surprised to find out that they are selling what appears to be the official manual for the unit.
  2. Hey, so i have a little problem with the controls. First, im not a trained pilot, but already gained som basic experience. Heres my Problem: As soon as i engage the Auto Pilot, the Aircraft leans to the right but flies straight on. Even if the Aircraft is perfectly trimmed out and Wind is set to zero. As soon as i disengage the Auto Pilot, i can fly the Plane completely horizontal and it still flies straight on. I have this Problem with any Aircraft that features an Auto Pilot. What am i doing wrong or is this a known issue? Thanks for your help in advance. Sebi Bockelmann
  3. I've been flying RealAir's Duke Turbine as of late. However, I find it incredibly difficult to maintain a steady altitude when the is autopilot OFF. Sometimes, I get lucky, and I am able to tweak the elevator trim to where I can fly with a mostly steady altitude. For this reason, are higher-powered GA aircraft such as the Duke normally flown with the autopilot ON?
  4. P3D crashes when these Saitek panels are installed and powered. Does not crash with panels off
  5. Ok so I have a rather complex flightsim setup. I'm using Steam streaming to run P3D/X-Plane. It works quite well given the speed of the internet connection. I've set it up to run outside of my LAN, so pretty much anywhere with decent WiFi. I'm doing this via ZeroTier (software defined networking) which uses a VPN to trick all the connected devices to think their all on the same network regardless of physical location. I've got several EFB software packages and Google Earth running on networked machines all being fed live positional data via GpsGate which works great. FSUIPC is the keystone piece to make this GPS work smoothly. The problem I'm having is getting my Android application FSRadioPanel to connect to the host using this setup. I tried port forwarding 9696, and no luck. I use this app for autopilot and changing NAV/COMMS. Is there a similar program available that I can test to see if it works in this environment? I'm going for a UAV cockpit design and functionality for this setup. Thanks for your input.
  6. A couple of questions I'm having regarding tutorial 1. First, when entering the route our next leg after CLACTON begins at UL620. I could not find UL620 on any of the charts provided at the end of the tutorial (it looks like it's somewhere between the right edge of the CLACTON SID and the left edge of the SCHIPHOL Standard Instrument Arrival Chart). Would UL620 normally be displayed on a different chart - like an enroute chart? I'm one of these people who say "Where the heck did they pull THAT waypoint from?" :-) Second, I seem to be consistantly dropping out of LNAV while descending to SUGOL. From initial setup all the way there, the FMC is alerting me that 250kts is unattainable at SUGOL, even though I'm going in and editing the waypoint to read "250B" as instructed. In order to reach 250 by SUGOL, I've been deploying speedbrakes when I reach TOD and the auto-throttles retard to help slow the downhill portion of the flight before SUGOL. That's the only configuration change I make on this segment of the flight. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  7. Good day! I recently bought the NGX 737 and I love it! I have 2 questions regarding it. 1 - Auto Pilot. I Came from using the stock 737 in FSX so I dont know what the LNAV AND VNAV do...I see everyone uses it in ILS landings but Im using to using VLOC and APP. Somotimes I click LNAV AND VNAV and i dont get a green light saying its been activated...so, how do I use auto pilot for ILS landings (NOT AUTO LAND) in the NGX 737? On a side note...where is the NAV/GPS switch so i can pick which one to use? 2 - FMC.....All i know is to set fuel, ground connections and a few other things like putting in the air port but i dont know the waypoint part since I never have any....I need to know how to use the FMC so it can tell me when to put my flaps and speed and all that.... Please send a link of a video or anything useful that teaches this. Its almost impossible to have a real flight without it. PLEASE give me a good starter flight plan for this so I can learn and last thing, SIDS, I dont even know where to find mine or what it is. Thank you In advance Mirakledba
  8. Hey guys, I am having some issues learning how to get the VNAV to work with the FMC and the flight director/autopilot. Everything is working perfectly except it is not auto controlling the vertical altitude even though I can see all of the flight levels in the FMC. The only way I can get the plane to climb or defend to the right altitude is to manually set it on the altitude control of the autopilot. I have attached a screenshot so you can see all of my settings. You can see that VNAV, LNAV, and A/T are all enabled on the autopilot and you can see that the speeds/altitudes are set for each leg.. I can't figure out what I am missing...Can someone help me sort out my confusion?
  9. Hello I have the strange problem, that the mode control panel doesn't show any lights of what is engaged. Also no lights when pushing the test button. The engaged modes are displayed however on the EADI. What's going wrong? Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks a lot. Andi (p3dv4)
  10. Wondering if anyone can help? I've followed the guidance in this video and I find the plane lands correctly about 70% of the time. The other occasions I end up crashing as the autopilot has brought me down too steep. What can I do to resolve this and what am I doing wrong on those occasions as from what I can gather I'm following the same procedures. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just trying to pass on what I have learned. I'm still a rank beginner!
  12. Does anyone else find that the a320's autopilot trims unnecessarily up so that the nose is pointing upwards the whole flight, even when at crusing altitude. Anyone have a fix for this?
  13. Hi all, first post, first problem wich I can not find the solution to.. I finally bought the Lear and also the GTN. Everything of the autopilot works (VS, ALT SEL, ALT HOLD etc.) but not the NAV. In some sceenshots you can see what I have turned on in order for it to normally work. Can someone please give me any insight?
  14. Hey all, After flying the two tutorials, I decided it might be a good idea to read up on the autopilot. Are the electrical release buttons modeled in the VC? I just didn't know where to search them based on the description in the POH. What really puzzled me was section 7.13.3 After Starting A-12 Autopilot, in particular Steps 6 and 8: It says to press the electrical release button in step 6, and it should switch off the pilot and altitude control switches automatically Step 7 just checks freedom of movement and Step 8 says the approach-ready light should be on. The first thing that's puzzling is that in chapter 7.9 it says "The approach-ready light indicates [...] that the Gyropilot has been turned on electrically." So shouldn't pressing the electrical release buttons turn off the blue approach-ready light? It just doesn't make sense to me that it should stay on, based on the rest of what I've read. But I guess I'm missing or misreading something. That made me curious so I started experimenting with the autopilot disconnect key mentioned in the introduction manual. I have still the default z key as autopilot disconnect + additionally assigned a joystick button (through the sim menu). Interestingly they don't behave the same: Z Keyboard key: Turns off servo engage handle (and altitude) but keeps on the pilot switch. (Electric release light is OFF after this and approach light ON). This is consistent with the introduction manual. Joystick button: Electric release light is ON, approach light is also ON but none of the switches moved. (However the electrical release switches should automatically move the pilot and altitude switch to off). I assume this is just something like it can't read two assignments from the simulator or so(?) Finally, a small unrelated questions: There's the throttle interlock that's connected to the gust lock. In the intro manual it states, that It can be moved left and right. I just can't find where to click to move it? Best, David Miller (Using fsx boxed acceleration, Win 10 64-Bit.)
  15. Could someone give me the best settings for Active Sky 2016 that will work along with the NGX? I am having horrid autopilot problems trying to fly with real world weather. I am using the registered version of FSUIPC, but I know that it still doesn't have and weather smoothing built in yet. My autopilot will not follow the magenta line and just turn hard right or left, then disconnect. If I don't catch it, it will bank way too much. I got a comment from ATC on PIlotEdge because I was going off course. I appreciate your help. Thank you, Bob
  16. Hi friends, I have a problem with my 737/800 NGX from PMDG. As soon as I engage the autopilot, it is not possible to change the flightdirection without switching the heading button from the autopliot and turning the headingselection knob. For example: Assumed heading direction is 300. Assumed speed is 250 knots and Altitude is 9000 feet. Now I engage the Autopilot with a chosen speed from 250 knots and an Altitude 9000 feet, both set by the Altitude and Speed knobs. Also the Autothrottle is switched on and the green LEDs are glowing. The plane flies now the 250 knots and holds the Altitude perfect as chosen. But I can not control the plane to change the heading, by only using the yoke, even if I did not engage the Button for holding the headingdirection. To operate a headingdirection change, I have to engage the "Holding Heading" and I have to use the heading selector knob to change the direction by turning it into the wished direction. If I do not so, I can move the yoke full right or left, but the plane moves only unruly a few degrees in the chosen direction, and after putting it back to the middle position, the plane returns to the last headingcourse before engaging the autopilot. It seems to me, that there is anywhere a kind or courseprogramming taking place, that brings the plane to the last flown course, even if the heading selector of the autopilot is switched off. After disengaging the autopilot at all, I can control the plane normal by using the yoke. I have no idea, how to fix this problem. Does anybody has a solution for this strange behaviour of the plane? Thanks a lot. Robert Hammer
  17. Currently we have mods from GNS 430 to G3000. Does any of them improved default autopilot functionality or all "garmin" Mods improve only User Interface? Please share your experience.
  18. Do any of these MSFS 2020 planes have autopilot? Thanks for your help. Cirrus SR22 Cub Crafter X Cub Diamond Aircraft DA40NG Diamond Aircraft DA40 TDI Diamond Aircraft DV20 JMB Aircraft VL-3 Robin Cap10 Robin DR400/100 Cadet
  19. Hello, minor issue here. Sometimes, not always, clicking on the ND to close the pop up, makes the AP to disconnect. Am I the only one? P3DV4.1 Thanks and safe flights.
  20. Hi everybody ! I just started using P3d V4 and i absolutley love it ! however i have some Trouble when it Comes to my Goflight MCP Pro. I searched everywhere but couldnt find an answer. Are the Project Opensky Planes using the Default FSX/P3d Autopilot Module ? Because somehow it didnt work for me with a 737-800 i downloaded. Most of the Default P3d planes work just fine. thanks in advance amd greetngs from LSZH Stephane
  21. Hello, I have the Aerosim 787 and I can't change my V/S. It is literally blank. I have tried reinstalling and etc, but nothing has really worked. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  22. This related to the 747v3 for P3D. I have my flaps mapped through FSUPIC (paid version) to a 3 way switch on my HOTAS joystick. The positions are mapped to Flap Incr and Flap Decr. Whenever I either extend a notch or retract a notch the autopilot disengages. This happens throughout the flap range. I also have the 777 for FSX and the NGX for FSX and I don't have this issue on them. In fact, this is the only aircraft that I have that has this issue. Any idea why this would happen only on the 747v3 for P3D? I would rather not have to submit a ticket. Thanks in advance. John Croft
  23. Hello everyone, I am having an autopilot issue with my QOTS II . I encountered this problem since my first flight with the autopilot system. I set my route as usual following all the procedure. Also, I have already switch on FD then LNAV and VNAV on ground before takeoff. But as soon as I was airborne, I switch on the Left autopilot as it immediately show VNAV ALT and autopilot disengaged. I try to switch to center and right autopilot and the same problem happened again. Here is a screenshot of the problem.
  24. With the release of the TBM 850 version 2 update, some problems were created for the integration of Bert Pieke's GTN 750 mod. The biggest problem is not being able to use the autopilot panel in the VC, which means you lose the ability to set heading, altitude, etc..... As I absolutely love the GTN 750 mod, and didn't want to fly the TBM 850 without it, I created an update to fix the compatibility issue. I contacted Mr. Pieke, and he gave me his permission to distribute the fix/update to anyone who wants to use his GTN750 mod with the new Version 2 TBM850. NOTE: This is only an update for the GTN750 mod. If you don't have the original GTN750 mod for the TBM850, you need to contact Bert Pieke through PM to get it. The update enables you to use the autopilot panel in the VC again (as much as Carenado's autopilot works, anyways), and also adds compatibility with the updated shift+# pop-up windows. If you would like the update, please send me a PM with your email, and I will send you the update as soon as I can.
  25. During my last two flights flying the QOTS II B747-400 the LNAV or Heading Mode Annunciator on the PFD, depending on which was selected, has come up with a horizontal yellow line through (indicating a malfunction), the shortly after this the autopilot has disconnected. The first time this happened was after about three hours into the flight. Yesterday it occurred after about 10 minutes into flight. I am thinking of deleting the aircraft .cfg file - would this be a reasonable attempt to cure the problem?
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