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  1. Hello all. Finished my sim pit, but having a funny problem. Not setting up SPAD at all the flaps switch would move flaps on A2A 172 between 10 and 20 degrees only, not 0 or 30. When setting it for key presses it works perfectly, but only for one flight. Any reset or change or turning off computer or changing weather or anything and it doesn't not work. I have "unset" other things that could effect it, like multiple buttons controlling the same action and have tried to make sure FSUIPC and FSX were not clashing. Also checked to make sure I was on the right SPAD profile and that it was still set up the same. What is going on? Do I need to uninstall and then reinstall something? I updated A2A 172.
  2. Hello all. I just finished my sim pit and am working now at setting it up and fixing all the small issues, but one has me puzzled. I have a Saitek multi panel with the flap switch connected to a powered usb hub and am setting up the A2A 172. Just using SPAD and not FSUIPC, which I do have the registered version, it worked the first time I tried, but would only go from 10-20 degrees, and once in maybe 10-15 tries to 30, but never to zero. I saw that FSUIPC seemed to have a way to set up flaps under Joystick Controls, but it seemed confusing so I avoided it. I tried to set up through FSUIPC Axis and Keystrokes, but it wouldn't recognize the flap switch. I got into SPAD and set the switch to keypress mode, or whatever, and assigned the standard F6 and F7 keys. I also went into FSX and deleted any other buttons that were set to these keys. It worked perfectly! 0-30 degrees any time I wanted. I reloaded the aircraft so I could show my father that it was working. I went to use flaps and nothing happened at all. I went back through, checked my settings, reset my settings and fiddled a ton. I cannot for the life of me get it to respond. Anyone know what the heck could be going on? I will keep fiddling for now. One more thing. I have the Saitek radio, multi panel and switch panel all on a powered usb hub. SPAD recognizes the radio and multi panel every time and allows me to make my adjustments, while SPAD doesn't say anything about a switch panel being connected in the upper left corner. Should it be showing up? Shouldn't it show up so I can make adjustment through SPAD. When I got it a few weeks ago I tested it to make sure it wasn't damaged and the starter knob and more than half the switches worked without changing or setting up anything. Should I try a different usb port? I have no Saitek drivers and I jiggled and unplugged and replugged usb's but it didn't do anything. Any help is great. Thank you.
  3. Hello janvaane. I tried your mentioned work around but couldn't get it to work I did Alt+Tab, selected FSX, but then when I pressed Alt+Spacebar I couldn't get anything to happen. I tried many variation on this and couldn't get any results. Has this worked for you?
  4. Sure. I plan on running it so it is like using a nav chart. I don't want a little plane symbol and I don't want it to track my position or anything other than give me frequencies, terrain, airport orientations and things like that. If I could just run two monitors in full screen mode my FSX setup would already be done. Quite frustrating. I'm sure that if someone knew of a fix it would be all over the forums. So isn't Ethernet where my internet is connected to? USB wouldn't work? I thought maybe the main computer would treat the laptop like an external hard drive or something, but I have never tried it. Again, I thought someone once said there was a way to get rid of the border while in windowed mode. Did I dream this? lol. I think it would be the solution to all of my problems. Maybe I should try a separate thread asking that question.
  5. Yes, NBIDIA, a lesser known competitor to NVIDIA, lol. Thanks so much Onebob. I figured that was the answer. I just changed to "True" and everything else was set correctly. The other monitor was a different resolution, of course it doesn't run as high as my new one and I wanted lower resolution on the older one anyway. I did take a quick look through my cfg, but it seems to be in fine shape. I just built the computer, have not changed any hardware on it, and have tried to keep everything FSX related super tidy and well backed up. I did in fact change the resolution first thing in FSX to make sure it showed up on the options list. I appreciate the help greatly, but I think I will have to disconnect the second monitor and use my laptop as my second screen. I only want to use the second screen for non-moving map using Plan-G to practice navigation without the map/gps always telling you where you are. The problem is that I would have to run FSX in windowed mode and I can't stand the border around the screen when using two monitors on the same PC. Seeing as I have not found a work around for this I hope to build my database from my PC and put it into Plan-G on my laptop. I don't know how to do this yet, maybe just build a database on the PC, save it to an external hard drive, then transfer to my laptop? My laptop, while a high end gaming laptop, takes decades to start up and my PC start almost instantly. This is the only real barrier I have left to figure out besides a few Saitek panel oddities. Again thanks for your help.
  6. Tatave, so would LINDA be anything similar to the key command/control section of FSUIPC? Like " I want this axis to control this, and I want this button/key/switch to turn on this specific light etc...?"
  7. Hello. I just received the Saitek radio panel and in my hurry to see if it worked I forgot all about SPAD. I had read that some people just plugged it in and it worked without using the disk or any other drivers other than what might have install when plugging in the USB. I tried this and it didn't work so I used the provided disk. The radio worked great with all of my planes except the Flight1 King Air and the Majestic Dash 8. This makes sense considering that the other planes radios/gps run off of the FSX ones. And if I remember correctly it wouldn't tune the A2A ADF, but worked fine for everything else. I realize that I may not be able to use it with the Majestic because quite honestly I'm not even sure exactly how the communication/navigation work with such an advanced, complex aircraft. I did notice a com 1 little window in the center console and I did find a screen further back on the center console that looked like it was where you would set frequencies, but that type of aircraft is out of my league considering my current aviation knowledge. Will it just simply not work with this aircraft? The King Air is a little different. For about every 15 "clicks" of the knob the frequency might change once. And I know it won't swap frequencies at all. With this planes G1000 it should be able to do this in my mind. Is there any chance that if I delete the Saitek drivers and use SPAD drivers that these issues would clear up? Thank you for any help.
  8. My monitor arrived yesterday so I went ahead and hooked up two monitors. Not that I didn't believe the folks on this thread, but I had to try using Plan-G on one and running FSX full screen on the other. Indeed the Plan-G monitor went black, but with FSX in Windowed Mode it worked just fine. In full screen mode I did have black spaces on the left and right of the screen, but I was told that I just need to change the wide screen CFG to =True and it should be fixed. I thought I remembered someone saying that there was a work-around to get rid of the outline of "windowed mode," but I can't seem to find that. Does anyone know where I could find this information? Another way I could go is to put Plan-G on my laptop to use just as a map, but it starts up so slowly compared to my PC I would rather not do that. If I do end up going this direction could I connect my laptop to my PC with USB2, let Plan-G build a database from the PC, unplug the USB2 cable, then have that information on the laptop just to use as a replacement for paper charts? I have never connected two computers. Thanks guys. LOVE the new monitor.
  9. Hello all. I have been eyeing the Saitek Multi Panel recently to help finish up my sim pit. I have advanced aircraft such as A2A 172, Aerosoft Twin Otter, Flight1 King Air, RealAir Duke V2, Majestic Dash 8 and will get some PMDG products in the future. My question is, how well does the autopilot features of this panel work with these type of aircraft? I realize PMDG and other larger aircraft will have differences seeing as how the panel autopilot is designed around a very simple general aviation aircraft. If I were to be flying the King Air or Dash could I set an altitude, vertical speed and heading and it would all work correctly? Is this just a waste of money if flying these type of aircraft? I feel that it would work just fine with the A2A 172, but I'm not positive. I read somewhere that someone had to use LINDA to get it to work with more complex aircraft and I think that is beyond my comfort zone with FSX. Any help or hearing of any experiences would be a huge help. Thank you.
  10. Very very cool. But $2000 is the cost of my homebuilt computer and new monitor. I just can't justify that.
  11. Burm, what kind of problems were you having with Saitek throttles? Were they just not working with PMDG products?
  12. Great. I will get to that when I get some time. Mine should be, NBIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Mode=2560x1440x32 Anisotropic=1 AntiAlias=1 DX9 Thanks for your help. Does this explain why it works in "windowed mode" and not in full screen mode?
  13. Update. I just went into "windowed mode" to try to get Plan-G and FSX to run on separate screens. I don't think it is possible. But when I went into "windowed mode" and my secondary monitor went blank, my Primary FSX monitor changed to full screen. It didn't look stretched or strange or anything. In fact it looked DANG good. I will do anything I can to avoid windowed mode, unless someone has a fix to actually get rid of the "window" in "windowed mode," so in regards to my earlier post does anyone know why these two modes would show up differently on-screen? Besides all of this additional info I still need an answer to my first post if anyone has one please.
  14. Merry Christmas Eve to all. I didn't think that this fit in the hardware section. I received my new 2560X1440 monitor today and hooked it up. I opened FSX and selected this resolution from the menu, 2560x1440x32, and noticed that I had two black sections on the left and right. I was under the impression that 1560x1440 was 16:9 aspect ratio, and I am fairly certain that the last monitor I was using was 16:9 aspect ratio which had no black sections on the side. When reading about FSX CFG I read that, I think its called wide screen, should be changed to true. I'm pretty sure I have not done this yet and will try it. I'm just confused that if they are the same aspect ration why is one showing black sections??? Also, when I change wide screen to true, is there a section of the CFG that I need to type in the new resolution, 2560x1440? I wouldn't think so since it already showed up in FSX Setting. By the way, I know a little about changing CFG and editing through Notepad, but am very much an amateur at this, so a child's explanation would be very helpful. Any advice is welcomed and have a merry Christmas everyone!
  15. So crash detection within FSX must be disabled? I also just purchased this and am hopeful that I do not run into this problem. I enjoy the crash detection.
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