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  1. Hi Froggy, Yes, iMacs are not able to use native graphic drivers for acceleration. I installed FSX and X-plane a long time ago before I built my windows rig and used the bootcamp software included with the iMacs. I installed windows 7 at the time, then booted up to windows and installed all there drivers and off I went. Unfortunately, my iMac is a late 2009 model so the CPU wass not able to keep up and the graphics card was pretty weak, so I ended up building the new rig, which is already three years plus outdated. I'm using an i7 3770K clocked at 4.4ghz with a Titan 12 gig card on Windows7 and that still has its struggles. I haven't touched my sim in 8 months now, but may dig back in. Good luck with everything! Best, Jeff
  2. Followup on my situation: So, the other day I went to turn my system on... only to hear the four dreaded beeps and it turned right off..... hmm...I removed the one stick of memory farthest from the cpu, and low and behold, the system booted right up. I did reseat the stick and all is back to normal with both ram modules, but I assume one stick either wasn't seated properly or is on the way out. That said, this in combo with my page file setting may have caused my OOM issue I was having lately. I will look into Windows7 pro.. Thanks for the info everyone....greatly appreciated!
  3. I agree with Brett on the ram. Unfortunately, when I built this rig a few years ago, I made the huge mistake of not getting windows7 Pro, instead installed home which only recognizes up to 16gigs of ram. By the time I went to upgrade to windows7 pro, it was not available any longer through Microsoft. As I do not use FSX any longer, I may upgrade the OS as X-plane is a breeze to backup and restore. I'm on the fence about building a new system, as I don't use my flightsim anywhere near as much due to real world stuff that limits my time. I would love to get a hold of Windows 7 professional though so I can add the extra ram. I'm sure that would be a good option for now. Anyway, I'm hopefully off to test my system shortly to see if the paging file behaves now. :-) Best, Jeff
  4. I completely brain farted on that option... I checked the paging file and low and behold it was set to 0 all of this time, yet never had issues up until now. I set it to system managed on another internal SSD drive. I briefly loaded a session, and no issues. I'll test further over the weekend if I have time and report back. Thanks for the tip sizziano... greatly appreciated:-) Best, Jeff
  5. Hi all, Happy Holidays. It's been a while since I've posted... real life prevents my normal participation in the sim community lately. I have recently seen out of memory warnings using X-plane 11. I had this maybe once before. Now i get it almost everytime shortly after starting a flight. the last instance, X-plane froze completely.. I then did the ctrl alt delete to the task manger to force quit, only to find my desktop at 400X600 like no video drivers were loaded any longer, indicating the entire system was being stressed. I've never had issues before with version 10 or 11 to date. I'm running RC2 or 3. My settings are not maxed either. Lowering them did nothing to fix the issue after a system reboot. I've had the issue while using the Rollin CRJ200, Rotate MD80 and FF 757V2. I haven't tried default AC since this problem showed up just to test, but I think it runs deeper as this issue never existed with these add ons before. I have an Nvidia GTX Titan 12 gig card, Windows 7 home, Crucial 16 gigs ddr4 ram @2400, i7 intel @ 4.4ghz stable always to date. Temps have always been very low on the CPU around 40C and the video card never exceeded 60 degrees C under load. Any suggestions? I'm thinking running memtest as maybe one of my crucial 8 gig sticks is bad? I miss my rare sim time opportunities I have. Thanks in advance and I hope this shouldn't have been in a different sub forum. If so, my apology to our wonderful Mod staff here. I may have some time to test this evening or tomorrow if anyone responds before hand. I'm pretty savy with my system and always careful not to push it beyond what is possible. Thank you again! Best, Jeff
  6. Hi all, It's been a while since I've posted...so hi everyone! I installed (copied over) the Drzewiecki designs New York XP and Miami XP along with New York airports that I had in my X-plane 10 folder. As soon as I went to launch X-Plane 11, it gave me errors and had to be closed. When I looked at my log report, it showed incompatabilities with stuff from X-Plane 10. i removed the folders associated with and still no luck. I thought to myself, now what, I have to reinstall X-Plane 11 all over? Well, I ran the updater, then when it asked to replace nav resources and such, I said to overwrite it. Now all is good again. Just thought I would put this here in case anyone else tries to install older Drzewiecki design stuff without seeing if there are newer versions first. I'm lazy sometimes, and that's what I deserved. Hope this helps others avoid over reacting and reinstalling for nothing. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Best, Jeff
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated. :smile: Best, Jeff
  8. I have a question and please excuse me if it's been answered... With these new textures that are available, (and a BIG thank you to the author) will the Maddog be compatible with DX10 now? The original version does not work for me without issues. Thanks in advance. I don't use FSX very much anymore due to my music endeavours the past several months, so I may have missed something. Best, Jeff
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. :-) My world distance was reset to very high, from just high. That made a difference, however things are not as smooth... just yet (stutters here and there etc...) I am confident that this will clear up as the final release candidate approaches. Until then I'll enjoy 10.45. When the next beta is out, I'll do as I usually do and try it. Have never been let down by the progress in the end. I usually do not participate in betas, but due to the scope of 10.50, I couldn't help myself. Thanks again all for your input. Best, Jeff
  10. Hi everyone, I applied the 10.50 B4 to my extra copy of X-plane. I notice immediately the performance is not anywhere as good as in 10.45. I've been busy as of lately with real world stuff so haven't been able to keep up as much. I want to move forward as I've always have once this is solid, but I am hesitant now due to the FPS hit. I get almost 20 frames or more less with this version and unacceptable stuttering. I'm on an i7 @4.4ghz 16 gigs @ddr2300 ram. Nvidia TitanX 12 gig card and Windows7. Also use a high end 27" ASUS GSync Gaming monitor. I am very pleased with my performance in 10.45. I average about 40 to 60FPS in most cases depending on scenery and aircraft used and sometimes higher. Anything I am missing something here that could be such an impact? Thanks so much in advance. Best, Jeff
  11. Hi Jose, I haven't done it yet either, but may I suggest if you have the hard drive space, copy your X-Plane main folder and create a new folder called X-plane 10.50beta. Paste the copied folder into that. Then open the copied version of X-plane and update that. This way only that copy is the new beta and you can always go back to using your older version if you are not happy with the results. Most importantly, preserving your installation and add ons etc. That's what I do always. Hope this helps! Best, Jeff
  12. Just tried to download from the org and get 404, file not found when I hit the download button. Was it removed temporarily? Ill try tomorrow, but just curious. Maybe it's my browser. EDIT: Yep, must have been me. Working now! Best, Jeff
  13. Hi Michel, You are absolutely correct on the flaps settings.Thank you. :-) I had everything set correctly earlier, but must have overlooked something as it seems to work fine now at flaps 11 etc... I certainly don't want to be misleading. I actually have 10.42 installed tonight as I didn't want to use the last beta to see if the lights issue would resolve itself. I installed a light enhancement that makes lights bigger in Xplane on an older version somewhere, and thought that to be an issue, but this time, let the installer overwrite all my files. The aircraft lights are still much to big IMO, the same as before. Not a game changer for me as I spend 99% of the time in the left seat, not looking outside. I also tried a flight plan from KAUS-KIAH. I didn't have time to finish it, but it was staying right on track. I also changed Xplanes sound settings..Engines and props 70%, everything else at 100%. Now the engines aren't too loud up front. The neat thing the Devs did is that the engine sounds change depending where you are in the aircraft, so if you go to the back they are louder than on the flight deck. Brilliant! Best, Jeff
  14. Hi Chris, Having the same issue with flight plan..won't follow. I could have sworn I read on one of the forums about the nav data that the product uses? I don't know if a solution was found yet, but I plan to look when I have a chance today. Regarding the flaps warning, I noticed that I have to manually drag with my mouse to the first flap setting of 5. If I use my controller, it always goes to 11 and bypasses 5. Even if I set the configs in the cockpit for 11 with proper trim settings, I still get the warning. It seems that flaps 5 is the only option that I can see for takeoff . Best, Jeff
  15. In case anyone has a concern over lighting... which I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it yet...I wrote to the Developers regarding this. IMHO they are too large..especially noticeable at night. The a beacon light is extremely big and not red enough....and wingtip lights size and position colors, and the spill from the taxi lights etc... The Devs had written back to me this morning and said they would make some of the lights smaller. I just wanted to post this so the community knows that they really care about things like this and being taken care of. What a great product. Haven't taken her through a complete flight yet, but she is a beauty. I'm sure they will be making improvements as time goes on. Over all, i am very pleased. I missed the Mad Dog lacking in X-plane, now we finally have her. :-) Best, Jeff
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