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  1. Here are two quick screenshots I took in X-Plane 11
  2. Yes, default scenery is always at the bottom. You can actually see for yourself if you open the log.txt file, it always displays the order in which X-Plane loads your scenery.
  3. Mesh and landclass always have to be in the same file for X-Plane. You can't make a landclass without a mesh. If you want to learn more about how the scenery system works, there's a nice article on Laminar's website.
  4. MisterX6

    Soon to be X-Plane Newbie!

    X-Plane 10.50 will introduce a new system that lets you toggle static aircraft in the options, but it will only work with updated sceneries. I plan on converting all my sceneries to the new static aircraft system as soon as there is a stable WED version.
  5. Boston Logan International is now available on x-plane.org! :smile:
  6. Some new previews for you guys :smile:
  7. Sorry to hear that you're having trouble removing the photoscenery, and I agree that there should be an easier way to remove it. I plan on releasing updates for all my older sceneries once X-Plane 10.50 drops. I'll update them to use my library (taxilines, static aircraft, airport vehicles etc..), use the new 10.50 static aircraft/ramp start system, and seperate orthophotos and scenery so users can remove them if they wish.
  8. It will be freeware, but you're always welcome to leave a donation if you feel that it's worth it. That's actually something I haven't really thought about so far. I personally think the colors look alright, but obviously everyone has different taste, monitors, gamma settings, etc., so it's hard to strike a balance. However, I do appreciate your criticism and I'll see if I can tone down the colors a bit. I think Boston will be an improvement in this regard. Regarding your second question, there isn't an easy way to de-saturate the textures yourself, besides batch-editing all the texture files (but even that isn't great since .dds is a lossy format).
  9. Interestingly enough, I actually find it easier to model vehicles. With Blender it's basically just setting a reference image as background and then tracing everything. Terminals can get way more tedious for me. Also, to expand a bit on the question of learning how to make sceneries, I think the easist way to learn is to just set yourself a goal and then work towards that. I was really bothered by the fact that X-Plane was missing the Golden Gate Bridge, so I set out to fix that, and started gathering the resources I need to put it in the game. You can also start smaller, like maybe you want to add a few more buildings to your local airport, so you can start by reading the World Editor manual and then maybe try to pick up 3d modelling later. Anyway, here's another update on Boston! The scenery is coming along fairly well, with all major buildings in place now. I still need to add a lot of detail to the airport, but I should be able to finish it this month. Terminal E - All international flights arrive and depart here 9/11 memorial General Aviation area Fuel storage East Boston Memorial Park and stadium Airport Hilton Close-up of the control tower Harbor at dawn View from Castle Island Harbor and city Bunker Hill Bridge and TD Garden Downtown Boston
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :smile: I don't really feel like I'm doing anything special. If you want to learn how to design sceneries, there are plenty of great tutorials around for World Editor and Blender. I think the best way to learn is to just watch tutorials and follow them. Sites like BlenderGuru have been very helpful for me. Don't worry, Castle Island and Fort Independence will be there as well. I'll post some screenshots when it's ready.
  11. Hi, I'm currently working on a Boston scenery for X-Plane 10. It will contain both the airport and the city and will be fully compatible with Massachusetts Pro. Here are some early previews: Terminal A, now used by Delta and Southwest since United moved to the newly built part of Terminal B Close-up of the ground textures. Every single marking will be present. And there it is, United's fancy new terminal Terminal C Preparing for the snow. You'll find lots of snow plows and de-icing trucks all around the airport. Also, the American and jetBlue hangars will be open for your viewing pleasure The airport fire brigade in action at the training plane. I plan on expanding this scene with some smoke effects and people standing around, as well as animated lights on the fire trucks. View over Boston harbor. There'll be some city scenery as well which makes for some scenic approaches.