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  1. Hi Seems to be released on Steam!
  2. I think that there is some technical information available: https://developer.x-plane.com/article/changes-to-radio-navigation/ and https://developer.x-plane.com/article/checklist-for-updating-aircraft-for-x-plane-12/
  3. On the moment most intesting seems to be system simulation with Study menu, I have used different simulations, like Aerowinx PSX or LES Saab 340 or Felis Tu-154M but there has always been sublte feeling of missing something. X-Plane or PSX is supposed to be flight simulator, so it simulates flight deck effects sensible to pilot. But what is going inside between different subsystems or ARINC 429 databuses is not shown. Challenger seems to be a little different, Maybe I have always dreamed of aircraft system simulator instead of flight simulator? Like some kind of enhanced flight engineer panel simulation or development iron bird of aircraft manufacturer. And when it flies then it is additional bonus. Trying to resist a few hours more but after then...
  4. Thats interesting. CL650 is supposed to work under Linux but Gizmo supported only Windows and MacOS (at least in past).
  5. Ok - seems that this VK.com page has some nice videos about aircraft. After watching I managed to start the engines, startup switch-box was indeed located near the sidewall of commander seat. In USSR only commander could start the engine or use radar. Nice aircraft!
  6. Seems to be great freeware! 3D cabin, X-Camera views, many working switches. Some understanding of Russian langugage would be good, but not unevitable, essentially there are many-many abbreavtions in use which meaning should be just known. Still some docs or videos or checklists would be great. I managed to start the APU but now starting the engines is small challenge. Both Yak-40 and Tu-154 had nice bunch of toggle switches under the cover to start the engine, nothing similar in 134.
  7. This artificial horizon seems to be old Soviet style - brown up and blue down, so realistic. Had to check Yak-52 documentation, there similar one in use.
  8. Saab 340 is not included with default aircraft in X-Plane 11. There is one produced by Carenado and the other by Leading Edge Simulations. Which one has the problem? Is the condition lever moved to start position?
  9. Logitech (or former Saitek) quadrant has issue with pots, they are tiny-tiny and give spikes. Best results could be obtained by opening the unit and cleaning them with contact cleaner and swab. Opening the unit is not very complicated, just there are many screws to remove.My personal issue has been wires, they break away from soldering points of pots and circuit board very easily. Sometimes I felt that connections snapped due to looking them, then had to solder them back multiple times. So maybe cleaning took 1/3 of time and soldering 2/3. Surely this quadrant was bought 2013, maybe now wires are better?
  10. I think that big full motion simulators and also Aerowinx PSX has "Motion freeze" function - everything is still going on (avionics working, engines burning fuel) but aircraft is in fixed location. X-Plane does not seems to have this option, should make proposal to Austin.
  11. As Pax: Airbus A220 Airbus A320 Airbus A321 An-2 ATR-72 Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-500 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 757-200 Bombardier CRJ-900 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Cessna 172 Embraer ERJ-175 Fokker 100 McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Saab 340 Yak-40
  12. Maybe the mouse right button is stuck - it enables to pan the view but sometimes it gets locked somehow?
  13. Timing is interesting. In July 2014 Microsoft licensed FSX code to Dovetail Games and in December FSX: Steam Edition was released. So Microsoft started the development of MSFS on the same time period? Dovetail released their Flight Sim World in May 2017 and canceled it in May 2018. Maybe they got some information about Microsoft new project and thought that paying for Microsoft to use/modify FSX codebase is not practical anymore? The development is done by Asobo Studio SARL (completely outside of Microsoft), so there should be big business plan behind everything.
  14. The main question seems to be - has Microsoft found secret way to make flight simulation mainstream? When there are 100+ developers working for 5 years and petabytes of Bing map data then then there should be very serious businessplan also. For last 10+ years flight simulation has been niche of niche of gaming, Microsoft FS2020 does seems to be different.
  15. Quote from the same thread (user RichardMcDonaldWoc): "3. I guess that Microsoft will take over most of the market for land scenery and weather simulation. Companies, such as Orbx, will have to concentrate on airport sceneries. As Asobo said, there will have to be adjustments to markets. There appears to be no future for Active Sky, Prepar3D and XPlane." Well - from description seems to have super-capacities (weather system consisting of up to 32 individual cloud layers, aerodynamics modelling based more than > 1000 individual surfaces of the aircraft..). But at first the simulator must be released.
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