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  1. X-Camera freeware addon is very necessary for TrackIR usage - then you can have multiple views. Some views may have TrackIR tracking, others (like PFD view) not. Very recommended! Zwyx
  2. pots

    Neon Controls in VR

    Maybe option " Show mouse click regions in the cockpit" is turned on somehow? It happened to me with first VR preview version and at first it was very interesting. This checkbox should be under Settings menu, General tab, Flight Model Section.
  3. Mr. Young from Laminar Research wants to improve ATC and now needs suggestions and ideas: https://developer.x-plane.com/2018/01/what-would-make-the-atc-system-better/
  4. pots

    My pal Austin

    Last year there was interview with Austin Meyer on PCSimulations.com http://www.pcsimulators.org/index.php/flightsimulators/publishers-developers/laminar-research and the acf-file of his Lancair was included (http://www.pcsimulators.org/images/austinmeyeracf/Current 844X.acf). It has 2D panel and very simple exterior, but it works fine.
  5. X-Plane 11.20vr1 (public beta) is released! After short flight with Cessna 172 - everything seems to be working, scenery is very smooth.
  6. What about Setting window, tab Graphics, small selection box "User interface Size" in bottom row near Done button?
  7. pots

    Reports on ASDG SuperCub?

    Working fine here! Flying is pure fun. Systems are easy and working nicely, takeoff run is very short (even with 150 HP version). Works fine also in VR (with FlyinsideXP). Ground steering is much easier than with LES DC-3, still managed to do few groundloops. Pots
  8. pots

    DC-6 Manuals and Docs

    I think this page is The Vietnam Center and Archive of Texas Tech University - http://www.virtual.vietnam.ttu.edu/starweb/virtual/vva/servlet.starweb. When entering DC-6 military designations C-118A and VC-118A for search, multiple pdf-files are displayed. DC-6 was described in 6 separate files, I added them together and got one nice 490-page document with size of 60 MB. But there seems to be some differences between PMDG and Air Force aircrafts, some systems are different, procedures and checklists also. But still there is lot information in this flight manual. Vahur Põder
  9. Tu-154M from Felis is released (developed since January 2014), waiting for reviews. Seems to be hardcore classic jet from year 1968 - with enough work for 3-member crew. Real docs are included, no tutorial so far. Pots
  10. pots

    Hal Stoen has passed away

    According to his site stoenworks.com he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in September 2015, now has passed away. Obituary from colemanfuneralhome site: "Obituary for Hal Stoen Hal Stoen, 74, died Friday, February 12, 2016 at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, MS. To quote Mr. Stoen, "Born in the town of Lafayette, Indiana I now find myself living in Lafayette County, Mississippi- let the circle be unbroken". He and his wife, Penny, had lived in Minneapolis approximately 40 years before moving to Oxford. Mr. Stoen was a veteran of the United States Navy. He began flying after leaving the Navy, getting his Private Pilot license in 1966. After years as a flight instructor, he became a corporate pilot; a position he held for 18 years. Mr. Stoen flew airplanes for almost 25 years, accumulating over 6,000 logged hours. Mr. Stoen worked as manager of the electrical department of a woodworking company after his aviation career. He has written several books related to aviation and World War II transports. A memorial service will be held at a later date to be determined. Coleman Funeral Home is in charge of local arrangements. Survivors include his wife, Penny Stoen, of Oxford, MS; several extended family members, Geri Berg, Marlene (Ken) Wright, Dewey (Susie) Hibben and Dean (Jeanette) Hibben; many nieces and nephews. His parents, Dr. Harold and Phyllis Stoen, and a sister, Peggy Hedberg, preceded Mr. Stoen in death. Memorials may be made to the charity of the giver's choice. Online condolences may be left on the Tribute Wall at www.colemanfuneralhome.com "When once you have tasted flight you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been and there you will always be." Leonardo da Vinci " I have read his aviation articles from CD for two years and still find new things. Vahur
  11. I think that the whole stream was recorded - I was able to scroll through the whole flight with Youtube player slider. In the end was landing in dark. But lets hope for new preview video. Vahur
  12. Yesterday the video was public from some time. Duration was 3:48, I watched for 50 minutes. In the beginning threre were problems with audio (same sequence was repeated for ~ 6 times), X-plane startup took also very long time. After that DC-6 was started, taxied and took off. Maybe the quality of video was not on the level of PMDG, so it was removed. Vahur
  13. Thats strange.. During live show it was public video. Vahur
  14. pots

    Flightsimcon 2015

    After upgrading from 10.40b2 to 10.40b3, folder interface11 was removed again. So work with XP11 seems to be going on and this was some kind of incidental leak. Vahur
  15. pots

    Flightsimcon 2015

    When upgrading to 10.40b2, new folder named interface11 was created under X-Plane10\Resources\bitmaps. There are 169 icons, 76 are identical to icons in Interface folder, but 93 are new. 36 of them describe weather: turbulence, clouds, precipitation etc. Is this some kind of hint about approaching XP11? Vahur