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  1. Pilot2ATC?

    Pilot2ATC has its own forum here at AVSIM. You'll get an answer there as the developer frequents that forum daily.
  2. Not likely that anyone knows the answer to this as the developer doesn't frequent this forum and rarely communicates with his customers.
  3. You might to contact the developer and see what he has to say.
  4. Thanks Dave. Looking forward to the update.
  5. I'm trying to load a flight from EHAM to EDDH. P2A will load a flight plan from both Simbrief and PFPX but when I hit autoplan P2A goes into thinking mode and never completes the task. I've done other flights with this version so it seems to be an EHAM problem.
  6. They fly better than they drive.
  7. It's a 737-800. It's not as sophisticated as the PMDG or iFly offerings but it is much cheaper.(FREE) This guy took the default airplane from XP11 and then modified the FMC to add many of the functions of the real aircraft. I believed he also modified the flight model. It's a continuous work in progress. They also did a custom sound pack for it which is very good. It's worth the time to download and install.
  8. You might be better served to send an email directly to the developers. There's no guarantee that they even visit this forum.
  9. People get too hung up on schedules. Major airlines can change flight schedules monthly. The airline I worked for sometimes changed them multiple times in a month. What is important is to have the correct airlines operating out of the airport you are in.
  10. I just look a quick look at O'Hare and I while a saw a lot of the new United livery there was still a few aircraft painted in the "tulip" livery. So no, they haven't updated everything which is disappointing.
  11. Yep, that did it for me. Seems to be working.
  12. Dave, The Pilot2ATC_2018.exe is in the C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64 folder. I installed the latest Navigraph cycle for P2A but it's not reading it. P2A still shows 1705 as the active cycle. Would this have anything to do with not being able to import a flightplan like we did in previous versions? Now I get a message, Unable to import flight plan. Please ensure that it is in the proper form. This is using the import button in the lower right of the UI.
  13. You might get a quicker answer of the FSDT forum.