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  1. best atc for p3d v4

    You might want to look at Pilot 2 ATC also. It has a 10 day demo period and a support forum here at Avsim.
  2. Help with the Fslabs a320 in P3D V3

    There isn't one here on Avsim. This is the link to Flightsim Labs Support forum. The developer and other knowledgeable people are there, so they should be able to help you.
  3. Help with the Fslabs a320 in P3D V3

    You'd probably have better luck at FS Labs dedicated support site.
  4. I've seen the same kind of thing with 1.08. I'm one of the poor unfortunates who get the "crop circle" effect so it's unusable at this time.
  5. Split Scimitar Winglets

    You mean this poor horse?
  6. Is this strictly an issue with XP flight plans or does this happen with P3D plans also?
  7. graphics washed out

    Go up to the menu to joystick calibration to set your button assignments.
  8. GTX 1080 worse than GTX960

    I'm glad this was posted. I just got my GTX1070 TI today and will install it tomorrow. I'm sure I would have forgotten to delete my shader folder. Thanks.
  9. Pilot2ATC worth buying?

    It's the only one I use now. I have Radar Contact, PFE, and VOXATC, and it is the most consistent as far as performance. The developer is constantly updating and is here to deal with any problems you might run into. It has a demo period so you can try it out. Another plus, it works with both P3D and XP11.
  10. It will install it in the C: drive per the preferred P3D method. It uses the XML method so it will show up in P3D. My P3D installation is on my G; drive but the installer puts it on the C: drive. Works just like it's supposed to.
  11. P2A should recognize whatever sim you have active. It's installed outside of the sim so that shouldn't be a problem. I use P2A with P3Dv4 and XP11 and P2A recognizes whatever sim is active.
  12. Recent Topics

    Thanks to Avsim and the tech responsible for fixing the “recent topics” issue. It’s visible on my iPad again.
  13. Recent Topics

    The recent topics as it stands right now are completely unusable on a tablet. Works fine on an iPhone because those topics are listed at the bottom of the page.
  14. FsDreamTeam Product bugs

    Have you listed your issues in the FSDT support forum. The developer occasionally visits Avsim but you’re more likely to get help on the FSDT forum.
  15. On Friday I got a notice from Nvidia that the 1070ti's were available. From the time I received the notice, put one in my cart, and paid with Paypal, they were gone. By the time I hit pay now it had been removed from my cart. Now either they only had three for sale, or bit miners are using bots to suck them up as soon as they appear. Whatever Nvidia is doing isn't working.