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  1. mwilk

    Possible flashlight for VC use in 4.4?

    Looks good.
  2. mwilk

    Possible flashlight for VC use in 4.4?

    I don't know why someone couldn't do it. X-Plane has had this feature for a long time, so it's doable.
  3. mwilk

    Not Recognizing AI Traffic

    I’m not sure that P2A sees traffic generated with UT Live. I’ve had the same thing happen. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact UTL doesn’t use a BGL system.
  4. mwilk

    Error Starting pilot2atc

    Dave, the developer of P2A, had emergency surgery this week so he hasn't been available. I'm sure he'll take care of you as soon as he can.
  5. mwilk

    Which 3 Orbx Sceneries To Buy?

    It was extended for another 24 hours.
  6. mwilk

    Virtual Air Canada

    Here's the latest update from VAC's Facebook page. Update#2We have switched to a new web hosting company and presently restoring our website at the moment. No re-launch date has been set as our IT Team will need to test our web and myVAC systems to ensure a stable web experience is provided to you. We had several issues in regards to service availability of our website in the past. Moving forward with the new service provider, we are fully committed to ensuring your overall flight simulator experience utilizing our website will be a smooth and interactive one.Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for Update#3.
  7. mwilk

    Virtual Air Canada

    I know they were having server problems a few days ago.
  8. The scenery is also familiar from Call of Duty. Especially the ferris wheel.
  9. mwilk

    Lights while on APU power?

    I've never been in the cockpit of a 777 but I have some experience with 737's and Airbus. You can run all of the external lights off of the APU. When we moved aircraft from the remote stands you had to have the nav lights and beacon on. You could also turn on the logo light. I don't know why the 777 would be any different.
  10. Great airplane to ride on. It's cool to see the overhead shot of DFW. All of the area around the airport now has been developed. Terminal D had not been built yet. I live just to the west of the approach end of 13R. I worked there from 2003 until 2016 when I retired.
  11. mwilk

    Best Flight Planner

    That's true for US based flights and I believe Australia. Flightaware doesn't list routings for flights in Europe.
  12. Do the cloud extend all the way to the horizon or is this the usual box of clouds around your aircraft?
  13. Try eliminating the AFCAD for KIAD in My Traffic 6.
  14. mwilk

    11.3 Beta CTD

    Nope, sent the crash report. I haven't seen anything on the org that indicated that this was a widespread problem. Is there any way to tell from the log file what caused the crash?