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  1. Guys, I just installed PSXT and it's working fine but how do you minimize it? I can't get it to go to the taskbar so it overlays MSFS.
  2. A few of those shots look like the aviation paintings that you see advertised online.
  3. I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm making good time and looking good doing it.
  4. Dave, Thanks for the quick response. I just checked it and P2A is back to normal. It must have been the internet connection. If P2A's not working then I'm not flying.
  5. I have been using the latest beta version with no issues until today. Yesterday I was doing a flight and P2A was working perfectly until MSFS locked up on approach. I had to reboot the computer. Today when I tried to do the flight again P2A was very slow to load after I clicked on the desktop icon. After it did load I imported the simbrief flight plan. When I click on the autoplan button it takes 2 to 3 minutes for it to add SIDS\STARS. It usually is almost instantaneous. Is there something I can do to repair this or would I just be better off uninstalling and reinstalling P2A. I did reinstall the Navigraph database just to be sure that wasn't it. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I've marshalled DC-9's, 727's, Saab 340's in powerbacks. I even did a 737-200 once. That was not the best idea I ever had. We spent a few hours cleaning up the ramp.
  7. I spent 36 years working for an airline. I have no interest in seeing the inside of the terminals in my flight sim airports. I know some people do so I like the option of being able to turn it off if it helps performance.
  8. P2A doesn't see the sim weather in MSFS. Set it to NOAA weather. If MSFS live weather is accurate it should be the same.
  9. Hopefully you'll be able to see from the screenshot what I'm talking about. Once you pull up the taxi mnt window and click on the airlines tab, scroll down to the very bottom of the airline list. There should be a blank line to add additional airlines. Fill that line in and then click on the save button. You'll see that I added NSZ above the blank line. Try that and let me know if that works.
  10. You can add it to the database yourself. Go into the taxi mnt window and click on airlines. Fill in the information and save it. The P2A manual will give you more detailed instructions on how to do this.
  11. So, on a lark I picked up the Tobii eye tracker. I've been using TrackIR for as long as I remember. My current unit is more than 10 years old. I've tried setting up the Tobii in MSFS using some of the recommendation on YouTube. One thing I've noticed is that there seems to be just a bit of a lag when panning. Another issue I have is even when my head is still it seems like the view has a tendency to drift which can make it difficult when programming the CDU or flipping switches. Do any of you have settings that you feel really work for you? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Yep, have the same thing on my iPhone. It comes up on Chrome and Safari. It only appears when I open Avsim on my phone. It's pushed as a Google customer reward program.
  13. Dave, it looks like the update took care of the problem. I was able to get taxi instructions and no lockup. Thanks for the quick work.
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