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  1. If all else is the same, why is autogen popping better with limiting in sim vs externally? I always thought that was more a function of other parameters.
  2. I never really noticed any either. I think it's more evident in other "games" where you have high FPS and dynamics. In any event, I a 3840 x 2160 res monitor has 2160 vertical scanlines per frame but some number of those (I can't remember how many) are actually off screen, a kind of buffer. So if you set -1 you are telling RTSS to put the tearline 1 line below the last displayed line, so off screen. you can make that -1 or -2 or any negative number less than the number of lines off screen. Setting it too negative will just wrap the tearline back up to the top and down a number of lines. BTW, this is much more than I really know about the subject 🙂.
  3. I chose -1 to put the tear line just below the screen and out of view.
  4. My monitor is at 60Hz. I only use the scanline x/2 with -1 as a parameter. I leave the frame rate in RTSS at 0. Result is monitor refreshes at 60Hz, but P3D is externally limited to ~30fps (by the scanline sync x/2). I'll reiterate that my P3D settings are unlimited, vsync off and TB off. And just to confuse things further 🙂 I select TB in NVI, to put the burden of TB on the graphics card as opposed to the CPU and P3D.
  5. My guess is many people just don't want to install and run yet another add-on utility and elect to use features already installed. @Noel this confuses me, and I think you said it earlier also. Why would you use vsync in P3D AND RTSS scanline sync x/2 (-1)? Just scanline sync x/2 will give you the 30fps result.
  6. You have to start RTSS in some way (manually by double click), FSUIPC as I do, or by a bat file), or start MSI and it starts RTSS. When RTSS is running there will be an icon in the system tray. It doesn’t run “in the simulator”. But as @micstatic said, if you are “full screen” in P3D and can’t see the system tray, check the framerate as he said. Or use any windows method to check on running programs. How are you externally limiting? A setting in RTSS?
  7. You can run RTSS stand-alone by just double clicking the .exe. I put a shortcut in a folder on the desktop for easy access to many programs related to P3D. When you change settings in RTSS the program retains the last settings when you close. Remember to make your P3D changes by selected the Prepar3D program settings. When I run P3D I have entries in my FSUIPC ini to start MSI using an affinity. RTSS starts with MSI. That way I can use the on screen info display if I want and always use RTSS for P3D ScanlineSync x/2 with parameter -1 for my 60hz display. FSUIPC automatically closes MSI & RTSS when I close P3D.
  8. Yes, I'm surprised so few say they use it. I use P3D UNLIMITED, NO VSYNC, NO TB but RTSS ScanlineSync x/2 and it's great. And when I want to monitor performance MSi/RTSS has a great on screen display I can turn on and off.
  9. Does the v5 default flashlight have a "flood" mode? Still on v4.5 but I use Lorby's red flood every dark evening to illuminate the VC for start. Outstanding.
  10. I use RTSS. Scanline x/2 and it works great.
  11. If I use Unlimited + VSYNC OFF in P3D and limit frames in RTSS to Scanline x/2 does FTFF have any effect in AGL mode or just Frames mode?
  12. This whole topic has become so confusing it is impossible to determine what settings to use. In P3Dv4.5 I use Unlimited + VSYNC OFF + TB OFF. I use RTSS and limit frames to Scanline sync x/2 (-1). I have always set FFTF on AGL Mode with AGL Range 0 - 4000 and FFTF Range of 0.01 - 0.4. I fly GA aircraft on relatively short flights and have some intense scenery. But I have been pretty happy with performance (see specs below), but I don't know why anymore... I just tried a variety of settings P3D limited to 60 then 30, then back to unlimited, with AGL mode and then FPS Mode set 20 - 30, and both with and without RTSS scanline. Just one data point, but it seemed like P3D unlimited + VSYNC OFF and AGL Mode with RTSS at Scanline x/2 was the overall best for FPS / terrain loading (stutter & smoothness) / CPU utilization and heat. Does any of this make sense? Not sure it does to me anymore... @Achilles Philippopoulos? @GSalden?
  13. Let us know how these lights work in the Legacy. I fly that airplane a lot and love it in v4.5. I'm still waiting for a few addons (Active Sky, FFTF) before going to v5.
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