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  1. Thanks. I bought the shockwave lights but the installer won't install into P3D and I've no ago removed FSX. I even tried reinstalling FSX just to install the lights and transfer the right shockwave light files to P3D but that failed. I had an issue with the FSX installer and didn't want to risk me P3Dv5 setup.
  2. Thanks @Bert Pieke sorry for delay. I'll try that.
  3. I was using RTSS in v4.5 and loved it. Set UNLIMITED in P3D and x/2 -1 in RTSS and used Frames Mode in FFTF. All great. So far in v5.1 I cannot get RTSS to limit the frames. Or at least when I use the SHIFT Z in P3D it indicates frames well in excess of the x/2 whiuch should be ~ 29 - 30. I have a similar issue with trying to limit frames in NVCP. What am I doing wrong? @Bert Pieke?
  4. I've used FSXFlight for many years, from FSX to P3Dv5.1 and it works great. I always fly on PE and it passes all the traffic to ForeFlight.
  5. Sorry, just saw this. I don't do VATSIM (just a GA guy), so I don't know.
  6. I still use FSXFlight in P3Dv5 since it permits the display of traffic from PilotEdge.
  7. Before starting the sim, uncheck Do Nothing in the communications tab and press Apply, then recheck Do Nothing and again press apply then close Sound Settings. Win 10 will indicate that Do Nothing is active but it's lying... you have to turn it off then back on again EVERY TIME you go fly. I don't know what resets it, a restart or something else.
  8. I have the Legacy v2 in v5.1.1 and all works great EXCEPT for landing lights. At some older add on airports the lights just BARELY illuminate the runway enough to see a taxiway turnoff. I tried to install Shockwave lights but the installer won't allow it. Anyone know how to improve runway illumination at non PBR surface airports for the Legacy?
  9. I'm new to v5.1.1 from v4.5. I have "blocky" terrain / clouds where EA clouds intersect with mountain terrain, is that the same issue? I also have shimmering of terrain in spots and blurry terrain at times. Using ORBX regions. Bruce
  10. Nope, I was right the first time, unless you are already enrolled for the beta when you run ASP3D the log in fails.
  11. Yep, I just got it! Thanks. But I won’t know til I install if my key from ASP4 works since I didn’t sign up.
  12. But you have to already be enrolled in the open Beta right? I took the v4.5 to v5.1.1 leap this week. Have everything installed and set up pretty well. Haven't experimented with EA off yet, but without ActiveSky I'm just waiting...
  13. I think I'm more unsure about other programs and addons. I was going to install everything v5 into the 00 - P3DV5 folder. I'd like to move all the other folders into a P3DV4 folder but I think that will break a lot of links. Here's a link to pic of SSD structure. E: SSD
  14. I am going to install v5.1HF1 and keep v4.5HF2 at least until I've installed everything and am happy with the end result. Do I NEED to get another SSD before I install? It's not the $$ just that my current P3D SSD is a 1TB NVMe with 690GB free. Is there a guide somewhere on how to structure the folders, or just bite the bullet and buy another one?
  15. Thanks Bert, but what worked for me was SPOILERS_SET with parameter 16384 for extend and parameter 0 to retract.
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