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  1. I use the FSUIPC7 .bat that can be created when installed. Then I use the FSUIPC7.ini [Programs] section to start the additional add on I want (SPAD, NavigraphSimLink etc). Works great!
  2. tl;dr -- No you don't NEED it. BUT, I've used FSUIPC for as long as I can remember. In my FSX/P3D days it was ESSENTIAL. I implemented auto profiles, and many advanced capabilities enabled by FSUIPC's very capable assignments, and things like LUA files. I now fly MSFS exclusively and use SPAD.neXt mostly but still have some buttons programmed in FSUIPC. I bought SPAD back when I had Saitek panels and that was the best way to program them. If I didn't already have it I'd probably still be happily doing all my control profiles in FSUIPC. IMHO the flightsim community owe Pete & John Dowson much more than the relatively small cost of the paid version for all that thay have done to advance our hobby.
  3. Probably need a bit more info. Are you only using the MSFS Controls to map? What are you seeing? Are you using the HC Configuration app? My HC Alpha and Bravo were easy to get working in MSFS Controls but for much more flexibility and automatic profile switching I use SPAD.neXt.
  4. Same experience. Thanks for the fix! Bruce
  5. Just to close this out: I kept at it after all and finally got everything working. The key was that the windows 11 upgrade files had some corruption. I had done an sfc /scannow from an admin cmd prompt but since that checks files against cached files they both were corrupt and matched. The critical step I missed before was first restoring the image. So here's the complete procedure: Windows 11 Windows 10 System File Checker is a utility in Windows that checks for problems with files on your computer. To run it, follow these steps: Make sure you've installed the latest updates for Windows, and then restart your machine. To find out more, read Update Windows. In the search box on the taskbar, type command prompt, and right-click or press and hold Command Prompt (Desktop app) from the list of results. Select Run as administrator, and then selectYes. Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth (note the space before each "/"), and then press Enter. (Note: This step may take a few minutes to start and complete.) After you see a message that says "The operation completed successfully," type sfc /scannow (note the space between "sfc" and "/") and press Enter. After you see a message that says, "Verification 100% complete," type exit and press Enter. Finally i had to go to Installed Apps and select Gaming Services and go to Advanced Options Repair. After that all was good.
  6. There's a lot of users having the same issue. It seems to be a Microsoft Store issue. I can open the Xbox app and it immediately comes up with a dialog to download and install the Gaming Services app but it just sits there saying it's downloading and installing, but it isn't. Users have finally fixed it through some combination of updating windows, rebooting, signing out then in to the store, magic and witchcraft, but none of that worked for me. It's not worth the nuclear option of starting from scratch. Going to stay with Win10. On the bright side, the Go Back feature worked great.
  7. yes but even that wasn't straightforward. I finally got it installed and tried installing MSFS from there but got the same gaming services issue. I'll try some suggestions above after I digest it all. Thanks. Maybe not 6 & 7 above yet...
  8. Yep that was one I tried but when the 2nd cmd takes me to the store and I try to install the gaming services it always fails with a msg of “something went wrong on our end”… it’s a never ending do loop. Thanks for trying to help though! Appreciate it.
  9. I tried “upgrading” to Win11 and everything went great until I tried to start MSFS and got the Gaming Services not running issue. I searched and tried every fix anyone else offered up but no luck. I’ve now reverted back to Win10 and have everything back in working order but does anyone have a solution for this? My MSFS is from the Microsoft Store and it uses the Xbox app. I’d like to go to Win11 since my Flightsim pc is on Win10 and my laptop is on Win11 and I use a lot of other apps on both.
  10. Not to take away from your point, which is a good one, I think you mean Megabits per second not BYTES.
  11. Is there a way to reset the flight training activities progress? I want my grandson to start but I want to reset it first. Thanks!
  12. SPAD.neXt and Addon Linker are apples and oranges. SPAD is for binding events etc to controllers and Addon Linker is for organizing and managing addons. Are you thinking of Axis and Ohs?
  13. Thanks, I'll re-check everything today. But it was totally out of control. I checked the sensitivity mappings in MSFS and nothing had changed. Even the taxi required a lot of extra rudder. If anyone has the same issue please advise.
  14. After SU 12 today twice I can’t takeoff in the BKSQ Bonanza with the same saitek rudder settings as always. Anyone with similar issue?
  15. Spad has a very active discord server with lots of help from users and devs. Also links to many helpful videos. It is a steep learning curve but for some payware it’s nearly the only way to get things to work. I am in no way affiliated just a user who also started out very frustrated and now I’m actually pretty good with it.
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