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  1. So now I've found the issue when using FSXFlight (not the Broadcast GPS in P3D). It seems the RealityXP GNS v2 has a sign error in the magvar overwrite and creates the issue. See this discussion at their support forum. Link to thread BTW, RXP was great in looking into it and finding a fix quickly!
  2. No problem, thanks for jumping on it. Just for completeness, I did a flight using the default GPS and changed CRS. HDG, FPL etc and everything tracked fine through FSXFlight to ForeFlight. Then repeated using the GNS430 V2 and the 2 x magvar shift reappeared. Look forward to the next release.
  3. Tested this morning at KPBI (6 deg W var) and here's 2 pics from ForeFlight before turning on gns v2 and after. Sure enough, as soon as I selected the gns v2 pop up the track vector and icon flipped right (west var) by 2 x magvar. And the last pic is from a SOCAL flight with east magvar of 12 deg showing it flips 2 x magvar left for east var. Thanks! Bruce ForeFlight track / hdg without gns v2 Same flight right after turning gns v2 pop up on Flight in SOCAL (12 E var)
  4. Jean-Luc thanks! Your support here on the gns v2 has been awesome. The flying I’ve been doing has been west US coast, California (12 - 13 E magvar) to Portland (16 E). So the heading error seems to be ~magvar x2? I’ll check more closely tomorrow and get a few data points with a spread of variations. But so far I’m just eyeball estimating the error.
  5. I've been trying to track down a nagging problem that wasn't an issue in FSX. I use FSXFlight to send GPS location & traffic data to an iPad running ForeFlight. In FSX it worked flawlessly. But in P3DV4 it has always had ~25 degree left heading error. I have always assumed it was a P3D issue even though FSXFlight doesn't use the P3D Broadcast GPS function, which is notoriously bad. But tonight while troubleshooting I was flying an airplane with a pop up GNS v2 installed but not turned on and the heading was perfect. As soon as I selected the popup GNS and it activated, the aircraft heading display on ForeFlight immediately skewed 25 deg left of the actual heading. Does anyone here use GNS v2 and FSXFlight / ForeFlight in P3D4? @RXP is there any reason this might happen? BTW, I have never flown P3DV4 without the RXP GNS v2, it was that important to me that I wouldn't make the leap until it was released. So that's why I never noticed the relationship before.
  6. Thanks. I'm using 5.12c and I just tried the SimModeIndicator=Yes but no joy. Still the same. I don't think the FSUIPC GPSOut functions are in play for FSXFlight to the iPad. But in the process I loaded an aircraft in which I had not installed the new RealityXP GNS430W v2. The heading was perfect, then when I loaded an airplane with the GNS installed as soon as I turned it ON the heading flipped over 25 deg left. Very odd but I'll query RXP in their subforum.
  7. That's a good point. Thanks. I always back up my entire P3D (and FSX) folder to a network drive so I can revert if needed. In this case it didn't install anyway. Does anyone know if I can use Lorby's to create an xml add-on and copy the gauge and Archer simobject folders to their own folder outside of P3D?
  8. Thanks but didn’t work for me. I temporarily hid the FSX.exe in the FSX root after copying it to the P3D ROOT but the installer still went to the FSX folder. No way to redirect it either. Flight1 wrapper installer.
  9. So, any idea why my heading is off? I’ve used FSXFlight for years in FSX with no issues. I don’t know of any settings that would affect it.
  10. I assume you mean you unchecked Broadcast GPS in P3Dv4. I also have done that to use FSXFlight gps data but the aircraft heading is off by ~25 degrees, not wobbly, just off by that amount all the time. When I connect to PilotEdge I do get traffic.
  11. One of my favorite FSX airplanes since I had it configured exactly like a RW plane I fly a lot. I'm not sure when or if Carenado will get around to making this P3Dv4 compatible. Is there a way to install this aircraft into P3Dv4.1 (I still have FSX installed on a separate SSD just to fly it and another plane)? Thanks!
  12. @RXP GREAT! Got it, and will also get the GTN Touch in a day or two!
  13. Sounds great! I thought it might be 4.1related.
  14. I've been preoccupied a bit lately... did I miss the release of gns v2 2.3.4?