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  1. Thanks. I tried deleting all HC configurator bindings except the LED controls but still seemed to impact the SPAD.neXt buttons. Maybe I missed something. At least for now I have abandoned SPAD.neXt in P3D and I've made some profile in the HC configurator. I may try going back since the HC configurator isn't as flexible with complex controls and doesn't automatically recognize aircraft assignments. I am trying to use SPAD.neXt in MSFS since I prefer that over the organic controls assignments. Not having the same conflicts there.
  2. Sure. But I don’t think SPAD.neXt is the problem or the solution. I think the HC configurator is setting some competing bindings that I don’t know how to negate.
  3. I've spent two or more days getting everything set up for my new Alpha & Bravo. All axes in FSUIPC6 and all buttons & switches in SPAD.neXt. Then I realized the Bravo leds weren't working for the gear indicators or caution / warning lights. I then reluctantly downloaded and installed the Aerosoft Honeycomb software V2200. So, then the leds were all working but it nearly completely messed up all the switches and buttons. I uninstalled the AS HC software and the controls and switches now work again but no leds. I found a set of lua scripts that seem to be tested only in MSFS and I can't figure out how to fix them for P3D. Surely others have solved this problem. I'm trying right now to set it all up for the RealAir Legacy v2. Thanks!
  4. I'm reluctant to advise you on this now. I just went back to the latest release notes for the RXP GTN750 (see above) and it states "NB: While we're working on adding support for the newest GTN trainer version, this release is using the latest databases included with Garmin Trainer and is compatible with the following GTN Trainers: 6.62.4, 6.62.3, 6.50.1 and 6.21." My Garmin Trainers Version Manager show I have both v6.72.9.0 and v6.62.4.0 installed (I don't know why). So if you have installed and are not having an issue I wouldn't fix it until it breaks...
  5. For what it's worth... I have v6.72.9.0 installed and it works great.
  6. This worked for me. Check out more in the CTD forum.
  7. I got an email today about an SWS update to the RV14. It has a file name Installer_SWS_VansRV14_MSFS2020_20220415. I can't see if this is in fact an update to what I have installed and if I do install it does that overwrite your mods? Thanks
  8. Apparently I "lied" about not having any other add ons. A helpful member messaged me and sure enough I had a KBUR ILS 8 mod that was once needed but now was causing the CTD. Removing that mod fixed it. edit: helpful member was @xraythree
  9. Every time I try to start up at KBUR when I try to zoom to details on the map MSFS crashes and shuts down. This has happened with several different aircraft. The only add on scenery I have is ORBX KSBA. I haven't tried deactivating all add ons and using a stock aircraft yet but I will. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. Not Jevon, but I've been using the 100E for quite some time... You need to own either the F1 GTN or the RXP GTN. I have a mod pkg that I prepared for the RXP GTN that has a few extra features if you have that GTN.
  11. I found that quite by accident this past week. 🙂
  12. Thanks all! @Chapstick Just one test flight but texture res to 2048 and dynamic texture t loading kept it below 8GB on my 1080ti. It seemed to me I missed the hi res textures so I tried 4096 with dynamic loading and that seemed to keep everything below 9.1GB so no issues. After the flight I also turned down the detail radius to Ultra from Max. As @SimeonWilbury suggested, I probably only need dynamic loading in that SoCal corridor above LA. I forgot to mention I use adaptive half refresh rate vsync in NCP on my 60Hz monitor so FPS is generally limited to 30 which I find great. Thanks for the help all. Bruce
  13. I seem to recall seeing that msg at some point but not recently associated with my current memory issue.
  14. Thanks. I'll try these and let you know.
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