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  1. bbuckley

    GMA340 Audio Panel

    Understand completely. I always thought it was quite the bonus in V1 to have those gauges. I’ve installed a GMA that looks “OK” but the functionality isn’t great. The most significant shortcoming is not being able to monitor one com radio while transmitting / receiving the other. Great feature for picking up ATIS or monitoring guard that adds significantly to reality. I was just curious but understand the priorities and problems. Thanks, Bruce
  2. bbuckley

    GMA340 Audio Panel

    Hi Jean-Luc! I'm a longtime RXP fan from GNS V1 in FSX to V2 in P3D. If I recall right you had a GMA340 audio panel in V1 that was awesome. Any plans to produce one for V2 / P3D? Bruce
  3. bbuckley

    Asymmetric braking problems

    Great info. I fly GA out of KMLB where Embraer has the assembly facility. Where do you fly the Phenom? You could be great help to us wanna be Phenom drivers.
  4. While this is certainly true. FSUIPC is the most cost effective add-on I've ever purchased. It lets me adjust sensitivities on all controls and allows me to set up profiles for different type aircraft. It's well worth the small price.
  5. bbuckley

    Asymmetric braking problems

    Yes I have the same issue especially in the Phenom 100. I've adjusted the braking in FSUIPC5 and it's better but still very sensitive.
  6. You don't say what sim you are using but if it's P3D or FSX and you have a paid version of FSUIPC these settings in your FSUIPC5.ini file will work great. You can either edit the file directly or assign within the FSUIPC addon menu. [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=RB,32,C65734,0 ; hatswB -{PAN_UP}- 2=RB,36,C65735,0 ; hatswB -{PAN_DOWN}- 3=RB,38,C65671,0 ; hatswB -{PAN_LEFT}- 4=RB,34,C65672,0 ; hatswB -{PAN_RIGHT}-
  7. @Lon Duncombe What are your CPU and memory specs? I recently bought a 1080ti with the intent to go to a 40" 4K from my current 32" HD display. I'm worried my CPU / memory (see specs below) may not hack it, but I'm going to do it anyway with the idea that in the future I'll upgrade my MB/CPU/Memory.
  8. OP: I have nearly the same situation. See specs below. I did just pick up an NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080ti from them at $699 and just got it yesterday. Will install this weekend. I got the GPU since I new that when I do upgrade the CPU from the 4790K I'll want a high end GPU too. But to upgrade the CPU for me requires a new MB (the Z97 1150 is max'd out with the 4790K). And then I'd also need new faster memory so that path is pretty expensive. My 4790K is overclocked to 4.5Ghz and without a better cooler (I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler) I'm worried about going higher. I'll check temps again and see if I can crank it up to 4.7 ish. I'll let you know what I see from the GPU upgrade.
  9. and now out of stock...glad I pressed buy when I did.
  10. It seems NVIDIA has restocked their store and I just picked up the 1080ti for $699.
  11. Will the 1080 be sufficient for a 40" 4K Samsung with an I7-4790K? I've been stalking the 1080ti but it's expensive and out of stock every time I get a notice that it's in stock...
  12. bbuckley

    Pilots Edge

    Short answer: no you do not need to pull up the client to transmit. It would help to have some system info: P3Dv?, Windows?, controls? i.e. Saitek ProFlight yoke?, FSUIPC paid version? With some more info I'm sure we can help. I've been using PilotEdge for several years without issue.
  13. Thanks Jean-Luc. A couple quick flights and all seems perfect!
  14. Yes, P3Dv4.1, just two short flights but A/P GPS NAV mode tracking was great, then switched to VLOC and A/P APR for the ILS approach and everything was perfect. Even the ForeFlight Track Vector issue I had reported as reappearing in 2.3.9 now seems fixed.