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  1. Will the 1080 be sufficient for a 40" 4K Samsung with an I7-4790K? I've been stalking the 1080ti but it's expensive and out of stock every time I get a notice that it's in stock...
  2. bbuckley

    Pilots Edge

    Short answer: no you do not need to pull up the client to transmit. It would help to have some system info: P3Dv?, Windows?, controls? i.e. Saitek ProFlight yoke?, FSUIPC paid version? With some more info I'm sure we can help. I've been using PilotEdge for several years without issue.
  3. Thanks Jean-Luc. A couple quick flights and all seems perfect!
  4. Yes, P3Dv4.1, just two short flights but A/P GPS NAV mode tracking was great, then switched to VLOC and A/P APR for the ILS approach and everything was perfect. Even the ForeFlight Track Vector issue I had reported as reappearing in 2.3.9 now seems fixed.
  5. @RXP I don't even know what to ask ForeFlight. The track vector is fine in real flight, and fine with any P3Dv4 aircraft without an RXP GNS installed, and even fine in one that has a popup RXP GNS installed until I activate the RXP GNS! Then the track vector immediately shift an amount equal to 2 x MAGVAR. It sounds too suspicious.
  6. That's possible I guess, although I don't know what you mean by GNS counter-balancing code". I went back and installed RXP GNS 2.3.6 and the same issue occurs. But it only occurs when the RXP GNS430 (in my case) is activated. I flew an airplane where the RXP GNS is only installed as a popup. After takeoff the FF Track Vector is perfectly normal until I activate the GNS popup, then it immediately shifts 2x MAGVAR. some info: P3Dv4.1, Win10, FF 9.5.3, FSXFlight Can anyone here duplicate issue? FF Screenshot using default GPS. FF Screenshot after activating RXP GNS430W popup. Odd about the links, they are public OneDrive shared links that have always worked. I recreated links above. If it's not an RXP GNS issue I have no clue what to do... Activating the RXP GNS rebders ForeFlight very difficult to use. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi Jean Luc, I have now confirmed the issue has returned. Here are two pics I took of the ForeFlight screen flying straight in to KPDX (var 15.7E). In the first shot I have the RXP GNS off and the track vector looks normal. In the second shot, I have just turned on the RXP GNS430v2 (2.3.9). This is in P3Dv4.1. You can see the track vector immediately shifted what looks like ~30 deg left.
  8. @RXP Is it possible this magvar issue has reappeared in the 2.3.9 release? I've only done one quick flight (P3Dv4.1 still) but it sure looked like the old issue is back. I can do a better check tonight or tomorrow and provides logs and pics.
  9. bbuckley

    Drivable Cars

    @KBUR Thanks! I'll play around with it. It's for my 3 yr old grandson, he's not very picky about realism! His favorite thing so far is to take off in the red Extra 300 and do constant aileron rolls into the ground. As a real world pilot, it makes me break out in cold sweats.
  10. bbuckley

    Drivable Cars

    Thanks, I just downloaded and installed for my grandson to drive around. I have a Saitek Pro Flight yoke and rudder pedals. I mapped the "axis_rudder_set" to the yoke aileron axis for the steering wheel and it works but I can't figure out the other controls. I'd like to map the right brake pedal to the accelerator and the left brake pedal to the brake. Any help appreciated.
  11. I just went to EVGA and did the auto notify, let's see what happens. It's for this: @$739. The next card is: @$749 For the life of me, except for the enclosed case and cooling(?) I can't tell the difference. I checked specs and it looks perfectly compatible with my MB and PSU (Corsair 850W). Thanks!
  12. bbuckley

    Foreflight in V4?

    I do not believe the traffic option is limited to the Pro or Pro Plus ForeFlight subscriptions. I do believe the issue is that you need a source of traffic info being provided to FSXFlight. I'm not a VATSIM user but I don't think that connection provides traffic outputs.. PilotEdge client does. I also do not believe that P3D v4 currently provides any AI traffic output along with the GPS outputs for FSXFlight. So in order to have the Traffic option available and to see traffic you must be using some service that provides traffic outputs. I could be wrong and some P3D v4 or Vatsim expert can correct me.
  13. bbuckley


    Hope everyone has the best Holidays ever! Merry Christmas!
  14. bbuckley


    Dave, I have to ask what you mean by this? for example in a 4 core machine with HT on (8 LPs) 254 = 11 11 11 10 so the RIGHT most bit (LSB) is LP0 and the rest go RIGHT to LEFT. I know I am missing what you mean, your advice is always a must read.