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  1. I've downloaded the Xbox App and the sign in email for that is using the same as the purchase from MS. On the MS Store I have a 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' update of 509.8 MB - is this it? Or am I downloading a fresh MSFS for an Xbox I don't possess. Pee up in brewery doesn't come close!
  2. I''l bump this thread. I've just installed MSFS from the Store and have to turn off AVAST in order to start the program. AVAST shows the offending .exe buried away in \GLOBAL ROOT\Device\Harddisk Volume20\Flightsimulator.exe. I've tried to add exceptions the usual way - both AVAST and Defender appear incapable of registering this. I'm also amazed that AVAST has not cleared this .exe as a 'clean' as there must be tens of thousands of AVAST clients MSFS. As an aside, since installing MSFS, my Windows 10 fails to boot first time and has to be brought into life via the reset button.
  3. Vici, vidi - and I've still not downloaded it. I cannot comprehend the incompetence of this development team in their releasing manifestly untested 'updates' that do everything but actually 'update'. It seem pretty obvious that SU5 was a botch (read dumbing-down) to degrade the PC version to allow the X Box launch. That smacks of pen-pushing accountants driving the agenda - which in turn leads to the question as to what kind of regime Asobo is having to work under when quality is sacrificed at the altar of shot-term financial policy.
  4. Loved the shot from street-level between buildings of the 747.
  5. Many thanks to all of you who have replied. I'll give the July update time to bed down and if nothing gets broken I've got a SSD ready and waiting.
  6. I have resisted buying MSFS. I've seen so many new programs have so many problems for months after launch that I decided to sit back and watch the ensuing mayhem - of which there appears to have been much. However, things seemed to have settled now and with the much-heralded performance improvement coming at the end of the month, will it be time to take the plunge? An additional question: if I purchased MSFS after this update, would the download come with this update included along with all the previous updates - or will they all have to bee downloaded separately?
  7. I am damned sure I watched a youtube report the other day that this latest update was going to resolve the tree size and draw-distance problem?
  8. Great news that he last 'update' that didn't update has been fixed. Now, Asobo MUST learn the lesson for the umpteenth time - DO NOT RELEASE ANY UPDATE UNTIL IT HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY BETA TESTED!
  9. Glad I found this thread; I keep an eye on the MSFS forums for ones just like this one. I was musing whether or not to take the plunge and finally buy the sim as I've been holding since launch in the naive hope that 7 months down the line everything would have been sorted out. Judging by all the previous; clearly not so my cash will have to stay in my wallet for a bit longer. I was also taken aback when I read on another thread that if one buys the sim at this very moment, it doesn't include the updates!
  10. Is Honeycomb doing anything about this? They've had nearly 2 months.
  11. This comment has been made almost everyday since the first week of MSFS launch and the first 'how to import Google' information appeared - so far, nothing from Google. If anything, it has given Google a shoulder-up (if it was needed) exposing how poor Bing mapping is.
  12. Is the MSFS I download now (ie within, say, the next 5 minutes - I'm not going to but I want to know for as and when I do) from MS or Steam the latest, updated version?
  13. ...........and did Austin have his head in the sand and a.rse in the air when he proclaimed such idiocy?
  14. You've clearly never operated with a 250 hr co-pilot during line-training (or even afterwards!)
  15. With that spec (aside from perhaps upping the RAM to 32GB) you should have no problems running the sim at high settings. The general health of your system might need looking at.
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