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  1. good to see rxp is back. are the newer gauges backwards compatible for the purpose of vc integration? ex: i have the realair tduke fsx v1 and carenado planes running in p3dv4, can i integrate the new rxp gns530 like i did in fsx? and i assume waas vertical guidance is still provided?
  2. yes, lights work at night.
  3. lows works fine in v4. just need to update sode to v1.5x
  4. only fsx and p3d installer so manual p3dv4 installation.
  5. 20% off over at simmarket until end of month. for transpacific long haul using the pmdg744 on p3dv4, rjaa (narita) is a great destination. runs fine on p3dv4, not as refined/detailed as ft, flightbeam, fsdt, orbx offerings but not bad for the price. apron, run/taxi way makings and lights are very good.
  6. the only issue with the AF livery was the low resolution pegasus decal on the engine nacelle. 2kx2k texture sheet just wasn't cutting it. if anyone is interested, there's a 4kx4k upconverted nacelle texture sheet at http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=213&linkid=22815 sheet size is only double the original. works for both fsx and p3d versions of the QS2.
  7. which helicopters do not work in p3dv4?
  8. best thing to do is to install kiah and run the 2min demo to see for yourself the performance and quality.
  9. orbx socal is a killer area where it's my proving ground for tweaking v4 performance. one thing that really worked for me (fps and fps stability) is setting FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.133 with max LOD radius and modest (2x msaa) while locking fps at 30. don't get the blurries as i would with unlimited fps, yet it provides sharp textures even at m0.8. monitor frames (min, avg, max) and keep eye on min as dip in fps is stutter. [TextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 AverageFrameRate=2,1 just completed orbx scottland to orbx england egph>egll on the f16 at 1700ft m0.85, asv4 rt wx, mostly avg at 30fps, min rarely dipping below 29. i was expecting low FFTF would result in poor texture load performance but at least on my rig it's working out quite well.
  10. dd lows works after updating SODE to v1.5 (x64).
  11. where is "Colonel X?"
  12. f16 speed brake doesn't seem to be fixed by updating the client, same SCControl.dll in the content area...
  13. FSX-MS

    if you want to get accurate and good quality shadows (in vc or cloud shadows), need steve's fixer addon. fsx dx10 preview default vc shadows are absolute rubbish.
  14. no worries, tduke v1 for fsx works just fine on p3dv4. just have to contend with the crappy default gps for now and some sound missing, same as all the others.