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  1. Also need this on the asobo/wt 787 using the built in efb screen.
  2. gotta love the 787 update, HGS is a work of art. perfect for vc flying. the vc light mod for the 787 beta is available https://flightsim.to/file/52209/asobo-aircraft-dimmable-vc-flood-light-mod-3-pack
  3. so looking forward to the WT treatment on the 787 avionics so uploaded the 787 VC light fixes (got rid of the awful flood light that illuminated the whole cockpit) https://flightsim.to/file/52209/asobo-aircraft-dimmable-vc-flood-light-mod-3-pack Boeing 787-10Spot lights for the landing gear panel and PFD/MFD source selector added.Improved uniformity of glareshield panel flood light. Dome light activates the pedestal and sidewall spot lights.PFD panels project more light into the cockpit.
  4. the small font size is just like on the crj. some have complained about it to deaf ears.
  5. Unfortunately the systems.cfg file is not accessible so can’t fix the cockpit lighting. I hope fixes are forthcoming. But for the price it’s a good start.
  6. this mod will fix the bleed through lights: https://flightsim.to/file/52209/asobo-aircraft-dimmable-vc-flood-light-mod-3-pack
  7. Haven’t had this error since switching from dx12 to dx11 and using a more aggressive gpu fan speed profile.
  8. to celebrate another maddogx update, some lighting fun: https://flightsim.to/file/52235/leonardo-md80-vc-light-mod
  9. finally up: https://flightsim.to/file/52209/asobo-aircraft-dimmable-vc-flood-light-mod-3-pack tbm flood lights plus cj4 and longitude.
  10. brings back memories of fsx dreamfleet bonanza days with the rxp gns530 and wx radar gauges.
  11. g2 headset is pretty good but if you insist on removing them, see https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/ish_3883513-3883575-16#:~:text=Remove the top strap from,separate from the rear gasket.
  12. although disappointing, with the solid c414 in the hangar there's no real need for another twin.
  13. it's a mod adding a custom .fx file, add lines in system.cfg. let me see if i can upload to .to.
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