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  1. Sorry wasn’t clear, the cs757_C*LM.dds are moved. Should count 22 .dds files. This eliminates the dome light effect when the front panel floods are turned on.
  2. create a new folder under the night dir C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\CS_B757-200-III_PW2037\texture\night\New folder and move all cs757*LM.dds and cs757_C_shad_LM.dds (total 22 items) from the night dir into that new folder so it will not be used. only the panels will be lit in the vc, not everything else.
  3. nothing causes a larger spasm in the body avsim than a cs release, the dude who sells the shader mod and begs for $, and peter tishma. personally, p3dv4 cs757 on sale was a good deal, decent sim. night lighting is out of date but looks much better by simply deleting a bunch of bad light map files.
  4. found that if GNS530 is turned on and stays on the db version page (one that tells you the a/p, terrain database version), p3dv5 stutters every 4 sec. once this page is cleared by "ok", then stuttering goes away.
  5. they do work in p3d4 and p3dv5. maybe halo not as bright in v5.
  6. i have pnw with drzewiecki seattle and no ctd, only issue was one of those random controlled flight into invisible terrain coming into kbfi.
  7. absolutely, the federal government said c-19 would beautifully disappear by April.
  8. You’re either not understanding the facts (wapo never said 1.4% of us pop died) or trying to spread false information.
  9. it should also be noted that the bug has evolved and will continue to evolve. and whatever we have at our disposal now will not keep us safe if it hits every community like a tsunami.
  10. 80deg horiz to 114deg horiz would be an upgrade... thank you.
  11. how's the reverb's fov compared to cv1?
  12. doesn't seem deserve any help with this kind of wild claim made on a public forum.
  13. If you can get 70 FPS on p3d using addons with decent eye candy, ignore what I said. Turning off asw gets rid of the juddering when FPS is not high enough and hmd is is in motion. Easiest thing is just try what’s suggested and decide for yourself.
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