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  1. here we go, doing it years before msfs was released, a true fs pioneer.
  2. gee, a martyr for historical wx... an obscure feature of activesky that drives people bonkers? just sad.
  3. yup, this is avsim where old men come together for pilot cosplay fellowship and stalk and complain about developers non-stop. on youtube i see professional 737 and a320 pilots share their enthusiasm and enjoyment of flying the 737 (and a320) in mfs, sharing with the cosplay community how to fly these cool machines like the real thing without the constant complaining on how the texture is fsx or lnav is a total failure; one click to avsim and here it is again, how the 737 is simply a warmed over p3d version and how much grudge they hold against the developer for some creepy personal reasons. it sure is a good time kill reading grown dudes without any sense of self awareness beclowning themselves, but man, this show's been running non-stop everyday now. i'd prefer going to the other subforum and checkout the situation on historical wx and learn why mfs is for gamers, in that case the mods are full in on the conversation and is seriously entertaining.
  4. prediction: once wx radar is available to wasm models with su10, the next point of outrage will be 'it doesn't look like activesky wxr on p3d!' although the activesky wxr was nice, it depicted tstorm cells as pink cotton balls arranged in an neat array, which certainly did not look like real wxr returns. what we now see in the default wx gauge is probably what we'll get for wasm gauge, and as long as the intensity of rain on windshield loosely matches the intensity shown in the gauge, that's the best one can ask for in a disk top sim.
  5. Klga is quite nice and at 40pct off, a bargain.
  6. you're confusing "fully finished" with "perfection." has there ever been a software product that was released in the perfect state, besides windowsME?
  7. Probably best to review your knowledge on IP rights. The copyright owner can choose to assert or not assert the right. just because the modder isn’t commercially benefiting is of no concern. Can you use a Beatles song in your innocent cat video you upload to YouTube? Give it a try. one can mod whatever for their own personal use but if the IP owner asserts his/her rights, one cannot publish it on .to. Sorry.
  8. What’s wrong with PMDG enforcing their IP rights? Besides, modder can ask for their permission. the usual kast of karacters never fail to chime in on creepy personal dev bashing, as on cue.
  9. thank you Jean-Luc and Matthieu for the toolkit, VR is great on mfs. just tried DCS with the openxr + toolkit and seems to be stable and runs good so far.
  10. see https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/179486-landing-gear-retraction-and-extension?p=184223#post184223 on-release is the key. mouse to flip to off works fine.
  11. ah geeze, all this crying and moralizing and finally egg on faces...
  12. Wow, how much time did it take to write all that? never understood the singular obsession with or grievance against a flight sim dev, seems rather creepy and unhealthy. I guess once autopilot is engaged, it’s boredom or back to avsim for gossip and venting. If devs can build an EFB with an avsim forum app, perfect for keeping an eye on fuel consumption while settling scores against devs that “drop the ball.”
  13. so i watch real 737 and a320 driver's yt vids on flying the pmdg737 and hear how they like the model and focus on fly from point a to point b, and then come over to avsim and it's all nitpicking and pontificating on what pmdg should have done this or that about the efb or the textures. with the near-simultaneous release of the maddog, 737, and a320, you'd think this is the golden age of tubeliner sim on such a revolutionary platform, but no, in typical avsim fashion it's about RSR this or that or outrage on the (forthcoming) efb.
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