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  1. see if this helps https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/vr-ctd-without-event-log-when-pressing-buttons/408435
  2. of course, and most settings are at the middle (high/medium/normal/dense) with only cloud coverage at max. i'm only using vr and this accentuates every little stutter/pause as the whole view is 'in your face' rather than 2-3ft away. looking forward to 5.2 that's downloading now, hope rendering performance is improved.
  3. Problem with p3d is the rendering engine is just not cutting it. It runs and stutters with compromised scenery settings (stutter or pause loading detailed airport/new detailed areas). the “game fs” renders 100 times more detailed scenery and runs so smooth with the same HW using dx11, it’s not even funny. Flying at dusk/dawn with ultra clouds? Those clouds were formed from tears of p3d fliers. Regardless, at the moment fsl, pmdg, leonardo are only available on p3d so will keep using it for tubeliner action. Hope lm can improve performance in v5.2 but not expecting much with the constraints placed on the rendering scheme. Lm deserves praise for moving the fs franchise to 64bit and keeping the 3pd ecosystem alive.
  4. people came together to provide an excellent free upgrade to the a320 and it becomes a throwaway just like that... oh, wait, this is avsim.
  5. great news on pmdg coming to mfs2020. with what's already been achieved on the cj4, crj, fbw folks so far, reasonable to expect pmdg will produce excellent jets. hot mfs opinion: fly the mad dog team will beat pmdg to the line this year.
  6. for vr users, couple of items with this model: the default vc eyepoint (cameras.cfg) should be modified to [Views] //eyepoint = -8.20, -0.95, 2.18 eyepoint = -7.51, -0.95, 2.31 also, the vc panel light file is LIGHT_CARENADO_Gauge.fx (pa44 is pointing to asobo's global file), the clipping in vr can be fixed by changing to the following (at end of file) [LightAttributes.0] Type=spot Size=0.0 Range=0.165 Intensity=1.2 Softness=0.0 SpotInner=43.7 SpotOuter=79.152 Volumetric=0 ScatDir=0.0 whenever the model gets an update, these changes have to be made again if it was overwritten. separately, for the pa44 model, vc eyepoint for vr is [Views] //eyepoint = -6.75, -0.9, 1.4 eyepoint = -6.0409104, -0.9, 1.53 both are good models for slow and low, would be nice to get a rxp treatment in the future with hsi driven by the gps. carenado should do the c337 and the pc12 next.
  7. the developer didn't QC the VC using VR. they know the light issue exists because i filed a ticket on it for the pa44 a while back. but there's an easy work around so people can enjoy the pretty carenado offerings in VR. i'll get the seneca soon as she's easy on the eyes.
  8. there's a work around for fixing the clipping of the gauge lights in VR. this is due to the small 'range=0.1' from the default asobo's LIGHT_ASOBO_Gauge.fx file. if it is adjusted to 0.165, the clipping disappears: D:\MFS2020\Official\OneStore\fs-base-effects-legacy\effects\LIGHT_ASOBO_Gauge.fx [LightAttributes.0] Type=spot Size=0.0 Range=0.165 Intensity=1.2 Softness=0.0 SpotInner=43.7 SpotOuter=79.152 Volumetric=0 ScatDir=0.0 i sent a tix to carenado about this a while back but they never bothered to fix it.
  9. there's a basic fix (and fix coming) for p3dv5 vr single pass rendering, edit the shader file per Beau's edits: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=141764
  10. there's a basic fix (and fix coming) for p3dv5 vr single pass rendering: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=141764
  11. i had the same problem with coherentgtdraw timing blowing up after flying in/around photogram area in the vc view. flying back and forth between EGLC and EGLL, frames would go from the 30s to 10s with coherent draw going crazy. this is what mitigated it on my setup (mainly VR rig): HAGS=on NVCP pwrmgt=max perf thread opt=on VR pre-render=2 it's all pretty smooth now and looks great. however, turning HAGS=on isn't working great for DCS...
  12. Main issue here is CTD when AI is enabled (offline, low settings at 20%) and trying to start sim with carenado’s PA44. Never before after updates.
  13. this gasket works well: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PQT73YG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 along with some hook side velcro.
  14. updated to v1.2, installed twice but hsi/gps/vloc still not working...
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