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  1. AVSIM.ru, AVSIMRUS.com and AVSIM.su

    bots and trolls.
  2. there's a terrain 'map' mode on the wx radar, but according to Dave, not expected to be activated until the forthcoming service pack.
  3. trp buttons 'illuminate' when selected. does your panel/flood light work?
  4. just like the classic maddog, you can place the cursor on the alt dial--while press down on the middle mouse wheel--spin it to change alt by the 100s.
  5. Regional Jet Choices in P3DV4

    don't really get the hate posts regarding the crj. it's pretty solid, ap turns little too abrupt but follows the track and captures ils. hope next iteration will nail it.
  6. i'm not seeing the usual ground returns when the wx radar is set to operate in 'map' mode. 'wx' display mode works with active sky. went back to the 'classic maddog' on fs9 and i saw ground returns in the 'map' mode. any ideas?
  7. i had this problem after updating to the new version for p3dv42. to fix this, i went to the load manager>setup>reallight and trueglass and selected some different setting, did a 'save' once. then went back and set it to 'medium' and did a save&exit and restarted the sim. lights worked again.
  8. you'll save the simbrif .mdr file at <your documents>\Maddog X Files\Routes. then open the load mgr and load the flight to load fuel, etc.
  9. take a break from training and watch this video on the maddog.
  10. Unable to login to FSDreamTeam

    think it makes sense to re-title the post, just invites needless controversy?
  11. Flythemaddog is released.

    performance is excellent. vc 3d mdl and textures outstanding, flying in vr using the rift is sublime.
  12. AEROSOFT CRJ-700/900

    it does in fact hold course/ follow fmc for me. crs change should be smoother, hope the next sp will improve this.
  13. VRS Tacpack

    ok iceman. you win.
  14. VRS Tacpack

    it took pmdg 2 days to fix the 744 after p3dv42 was released (thanks pmdg!). they get beta builds from lm along the way. vrs doesn't get beta from lm. it will usually take them just several days to check things out and release the update with new p3d version. so i don't get the consternation about developers taking time to get things sorted out. btw, it's a great combat sim with the globe as its sandbox. when vrs releases the f/a-18f, it will be great.