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  1. for a super short trip, dd lows to orbx lowi is a fun jump, esp on the newly released fsl a320.
  2. looks good, bezel can now be darkened (via editing the values in the config file). gps is working again on v4.1, nice! as a side, i did see the gps freeze up (no response to buttons) once but calling up the config window and rebooting (via switching off tcad) got it going again. not sure what happened, just changed system time to check night lighting... didn't happen again.
  3. download https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=xtreme&CatID=p3dpan&Go=Search and check out the panel configs for adding gns530.
  4. optimize parts is fixed with p3dv4.1
  5. FSX-MS

    would be great if we can get the sewer pipe flying on v4.
  6. if they offer a compelling fsx to p3dv4 upgrade path (unlike what i had to do for a certain 744), i'm get the fsx version first.
  7. Hi Jean-Luc, Great, thanks for the update! Looking forward to it. Not to be a pain, but any idea on the wind vector not showing?
  8. Hi Jean-Luc, thanks for looking into this matter. i think as a first step, would it not be quick and easy to provide a bezel that's black (or an user option to select choice of blackness)? present bezel is something like rgb=59 59 59, a dark gray. since the gns units are really black, going with 14,14,14 (highlighted areas) to 7,6,1 (quite black) would look fine during daylight and at night in the vc. and if you can trick the bezel to load appropriate bezel.bmp based on the crude fs time of day parameter, that would be excellent.
  9. so here's the stock JF_C69 included with p3dv4 with gps added to the AP area: rxp gns530 with vc lights ON, note the bezel, not dark but emissive. next with the vc lights off, bezel lighting is the same, still emissive. next is the stock gps, at night with vc lights on, bezel texture is the "_night.bmp" version, darker than regular: no vc lights, the daylight emissive version is rendered: so it seems bezel texture has to be selected based on the sim time to properly blend with the VC.
  10. Jean-Luc, Bert, reran the 'setup aircraft' from 'addons' pulldown on the tduke and for some reason the tduke is now able to fully function with the gps500. i didn't save off the pre-edit rxp config file so not sure what exactly changed to make it work. so that's good news. now, regarding the bezel at night--is there some thought as to adding a dark bezel .bmp for gauge placed in the vcockpit section? please see https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/520205-lpv-guidance-not-showing-using-gps500/?do=findComment&comment=3713683
  11. yes, weird. and 530 works just fine...
  12. likewise, i see the gs/loc needles deflect in self test when the gps/nav=gps, no deflection when gps/nav=nav.
  13. panel.cfg change. i guess when you operate the gps500, you'll not have the vloc button so using the gps/nav switch, right?
  14. p3d is log file 17/09/25 04:25:41.864 03704 - ] # rxpGNS2.dll version 17/09/25 04:25:41.869 03704 INFO ]
  15. first of all, it's p3dv4 hf1. i thought other than the lpv mode, gps500 was at least tracking the flt pln but i just tried again and it seems to just point north 360 when nav is engaged (with gps/nav sw=gps). maybe the behavior changed with the recent updates, i can't tell. so here's what i'm seeing on my end with the current version: 1) gps500 isn't able to track plan or lpv 2) gps500 on power up deflects hcdi/vcdi needles on the adi but once out of self test, flag comes down. 3) swap to gns530 on the same aircraft works fine. tried this on both the tduke and xproto glj25. g530sim.exe is on the list of excluded processes from the ms av realtime scan.