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  1. Pretty much yea. Apologies! Didn't see chapstick say basically the same thing earlier.
  2. As far as I know they are still on track and are expecting to release by the end of September, possibly earlier. Beta testers may get it by the end of next month.
  3. Yes most haven't posted anything in a long time. The earliest I have seen is Ernie (QW dev). He posted in January of this year but nothing about the msfs 787. He's the last person to speak about the MSFS 787 in March of last year saying they are still around and are in active development. The main guys I think of with QW are Corey and Lars and they haven't posted since Jan/Feb of last year. A couple have at least logged on sometime this year. Most of the posts on QW forums are users inquiring if they have ceased operations.
  4. I’m sure they are aware of it. It’s been posted a few times in their discord already. I don’t think Matt specifically addressed that video in particular but he’s probably addressed many of the issues brought up in that video through various conversations with other chatters. To be fair, I don’t know what issues were specifically brought up in the video as I don’t have the time to watch an hour long video. However, one thing to note is that they are not really planning to add in much more systems than what is already in there as of this moment. They were pretty clear that this project was not set out to be some high fidelity airliner. With VSD in particular, since a few people keep bringing it up, there are no plans to add that in at the moment. Apparently, ASOBO, doesn’t have a horizontal terrain API that they can use for proper simulation. They are addressing quite a few bugs though, and I know they’re throwing some things to their RW 787 pilots testing team to fine tune things a bit more. For me, I’m just happy to have a reasonably simulated 787 and 747 to do long hauls in so I can put in some nice long APL flights. I don’t do betas, so I haven’t flown it yet, but I think this will hold me over nicely until the pmdg 777 comes out. Of course, I am still looking forward to seeing what Heavy Division will bring to the table with their more in depth version of the 787.
  5. Appreciate the response! Those are definitely valid. That doesn't quite answer my question about how loading weight/balance, pax, cargo in the EFB is much different than using the weights menu, though.
  6. Is entering W&B, Fuel, Pax in an EFB really more realistic? More convenient? Sure. More realistic? ... 😉 Kidding! Joking aside. I am curious. If I remember correctly, the QW could only allow you to load business, economy pax, fwd, aft, bulk cargo. The sim allows you to load business, econ, pilot/copilot, fwd, aft cargo. Not too much of a difference there, are you saying that it reflects CG more accurately?
  7. At what point in mid-flight? I have adjusted the cruise level while actually in cruise quite a few times before and it automatically registered in the cruise phase.
  8. Ah OK! Yea glad I can help make that more clear. I still find it useful, albeit limited, but obviously having manual tilt would be even better.
  9. I tried this a month or so ago. I have the maddog, and I put in a custom precipitous cloud layer a few thousand feet above the airport. I took off and flew through and above the layer. What I observed is what Matt stated in that the weather radar seems to have a conical vertical return. The higher I was above the cloud layer, the further away the rain is shown on the weather radar. If I have time later, I can try to do it again and record the video of it.
  10. Maybe it's because I purchased this plane for p3d such that it doesn't bother me. Honestly even with all the 3rd party enhanced cockpit textures, though I can see the difference, its not something I really notice in flight. I'm usually looking more outside than in I suppose.
  11. Fair enough. I'll leave the more technical explanation to you as that is not my forte. So am I correct in that they are approaching it this way so they can basically low their aircraft to be compatible with an Xbox release?
  12. Leonardo generally is more of a work behind the scenes privately, and make an announcement shortly before the release kind of dev. He doesn't give regularly scheduled updates like the other major devs do. Essentially every release is a bit of surprise sort of thing. That being said, at least from my experience with them in p3d, they are always working on improvements and new features so it's not like they sit on their hands for long extended periods. In terms of textures and sounds, I don't think they have really addressed it. Personally, I find the textures adequate enough so I don't care one way or the other. Must be blind. Sounds, I get, and would like to see an improvement but the systems win it over for me.
  13. This question seems to come up quite frequently. The reason, from what I gather, why other devs like Leonardo, Fenix, and FBW can have a fully functional EFB so quickly is that they are running certain aspects of their programming outside of the sim. This allows them to get away from the current challenges presented by the SDK. The XBox environment does not allow for this, so those devs decided to essentially either temporarily shelve that or just not offer it for xbox. PMDG, in order to reach the Xbox market, decided to try to forego those options and are trying to find ways around the limitations. Note that they code in c++ and use wasm, so that's where a lot of the limitations stems from.
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