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  1. It definitely is. I think a lot of studios are looking to the release of Shang Chi to see if it's financially feasible to release in theaters due to the pandemic (hence Bob Chapek's experiment comment). Right now, it's not looking that great.
  2. I'd imagine that if you fly on vatsim a good deal, having appropriate taxiways is pretty helpful as well, especially for non-3rd party airports.
  3. Probably won't get it personally. It is a bit pricey, but given that they edited over 1000 airports and corrected taxiway signage, etc, that is quite a bit of a task. I'm not sure how much effort was put into that, but the cost of two high-end airport addons doesn't seem ridiculously outrageous to me. Maybe it is, I don't know.
  4. If you look up some pics of Prado Dam, you will see some vegetation in there. Whether there's water actually in there as of this moment, I have no clue. I pass by there from time to time on the 91 but never go close enough to see what's on the other side of the dam.
  5. It depends on your setup. if you are using a logitech throttle and yoke, yes, getting some form of variable rudder control is a good idea. However, for those that have a rocker on their throttle like on some hotas setups or a flight stick with a twist axis, I find that it isn't as necessary. It's good if you want to be more accurate in terms of controls that pilots use irl and having toe brake axis controls that rudder pedals can offer is a nice thing to have as well.
  6. Just so that I can get an understanding, the youtuber is taking some forum community post from Asobo as some official release notes for the hotfix and WU. He's upset because Asobo didn't flat out say that they don't know what's causing the CTD's, though they stated that they are investigating the CTD's (which implies that they are not sure what's causing the CTD's). He's upset because they are not releasing it in a timely manner, but hotfixes rarely come out in 2 weeks time even for more established sims.
  7. Wouldn't the criticism levied against msfs about planes moving about in the air, perhaps in an overexaggerated way, be the very definition of not flying on rails?
  8. What are your settings? It's odd. I noticed some of my friends are having their cpu pegged at 100% almost constantly. I'm using a 4790k and on high settings, it's about 60-90% consistently depending on location. For the FPS, I hear with developer mode enabled, you can find an FPS counter in the options.
  9. Something else to consider, to possibly give you a little bit more hope, is that I don't see any feedback comment in regards to "undulating" runways/taxiways in the feedback snapshot.
  10. At the risk of just parroting what was stated earlier, I don't understand why people are so hung up on streaming/caching such that they believe offline would be absolute trash. As they stated, cities are still recognizable and can be used for VFR as it is stated in the preview. It has the building/water/terrain data and it's still a reasonably accurate representation. At least judging by the footage in the video, it certainly looks more accurate than what I have now. Is this really different than what other sims are doing? In terms of selected areas being more realistic than others, that's how P3D and XP is as well. Even with all the addons, you only have a select regions with any good degree of accuracy.
  11. Question purely out of ignorance. As you said, seasons is more than just snow on the ground. I would also assume that the snow/weather would affect the frictional coefficients for the runway/taxiways/etc. However, you stated special climate, lighting, and weather conditions. Wouldn't that all be a given with them taking real world weather data, with the exception of lighting?
  12. That looks like the typical moire effect that happens with dynamic lighting at night. Pretty common to see with various airports. When you disable dynamic lighting, it tends to go away. Not sure how to fix it though. If I remember correctly, the airport designer had to do something with the maps
  13. Am I correct in that you only see this during the night?
  14. Certainly would be an interesting/bold advertising approach, for sure. FSLabs provides stunning new previews & details for their vaporware, A321-X
  15. We're not talking about release, we're talking about alpha which likely includes people selected from all over the flight sim community and quite possibly newcomers as well. Not to mention that they had to take on the baggage left by Flight, and build up trust again, which lead to the whole Seattle event. Regardless, even though they were able to convince many of the more established critics, it is quite obvious here that many are still not convinced.
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