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  1. I don't disagree that, at that price, they need to be on their game as they will be compared to the likes of PMDG/fenix/etc, and rightfully so. I think it's fair though to say, though, that it's not the most expensive addon when you take the price breakdown into account. That still goes to the MaddogX, at least for now. The base and extended systems package, it's $75 usd vs 75 euro (roughly 81.55 USD) for the MaddogX.
  2. Do you know of a video where I can see this done?
  3. That's what I mean. I don't see this as Matt is necessarily correcting Robert but merely saying that his avionics does this. That doesn't necessarily negate what Robert said either.
  4. I'm trying to figure out what record Matt is trying to set straight. Robert is saying that many developers don't do something. Matt comes in and says his does it. People are taking it to mean that Robert is being put in his place.
  5. Just throwing this out there. Did Robert say that all developers aircraft read ARINC 424, but do not have full compliance for all leg types, or did he just say many?
  6. Thanks. That's the main thing that keeps me from flying it as the only way for me determine any kind of v speeds is to use some external program and the ones I've tried were a bit of a pain to use.
  7. Does FBW have a takeoff calculator included yet?
  8. I'm not the developer, so I have no skin in the game really. Ultimately its your opinion. It is what it is. I'm only trying to probe in to understand why you think halting any development on another airliner is worth it over fixing sporadic bank variations that happens that I would venture a guess that most either don't notice or are bothered by it. That sided with the fact that PMDG is actively working on fixing it. Either way, you made your position clear in how you view me and the conversation. Fair enough. No hard feelings. We will part ways here.
  9. Every fs addon has something obviously wrong. Are you saying that a company should not release anything new until everything is corrected? If it was an issue that basically made the plane unflyable, then I get it. The issue you're bringing up isn't close to that. What I am asking is if you feel your issue of it not tracking a turn 100% correctly is enough to justify halting development of a release of a high level long haul aircraft that many consider the sim sorely needs? On top of that, it is stated that PMDG is actively working on the upgraded LNAV for both the 777 and the 737. With that in mind, you still want them to halt the development and release of the 777 for this?
  10. Pretty nice update, imo. Happy that the efb is coming to the xbox crowd. Glad they went into detail on the issues they are experiencing so people are aware. Yea a little wordy. Probably didn't need to tell us about the accident to make it shorter, but glad to hear his arm wasn't broken. The picture looked better to me than the preview video. It's nice that they seemed to be adding tire wear logic in the sim though, so I don't mind him talking about the gear like that. Out of curiosity, what's your standard for completion? While nobody is ignoring the fact that there are issues like the ones you stated, I would say that the vast majority would not say that the plane is unflyable. It does the vast majority of things well. Sure there are some quirks that need to be improved, like the issue you're mentioning, but if you were to ask people whether they would rather wait for every single issue gets hammered out before they see a 777, I would venture to guess that most people will say that they'd want the 777. It's not like he's completely abandoning it. He's saying that once it's released he's going to start implementing many of those upgrades to the 737. Also, not sure why you cut off the quote before, "We also have SU15 to pay attention to- so changes will be coming for the 737 no matter what. It is just a matter of stacking resources on the 777 to get that one into release right now." Hopefully their improved LNAV that they are trying to put into the initial release of the 777 will fix the issue you're seeing and they will move that over into the 737 in good time.
  11. If I were to venture a guess, Bob's talking about Torsen's comment. Hopefully PMDG will be able to release their updated LNAV with the 777 as intended.
  12. Might have been directed towards me. No, I do not have that installed.
  13. Can you provide a screenshot of it so I know exactly what you are referring to? I took a quick snapshot of london (default) from my sim and this is what it looks like for me.
  14. Just want to probe a bit more. You're saying that you don't like programs that punish you for using time acceleration or pausing because that's what the benefit of a sim is vs a real plane. I can see why you approach it that way since you are a real life pilot. However, I would imagine that the majority, perhaps the vast majority, of simmers are not and maybe they are trying to approach it from the opposite angle in trying to get more realistic challenges to their flight simming. You can of course argue the extent to how realistic the program is, but ultimately its goal is to provide more realism to the simming experience. Note, I'm not against the idea of taking away the pause and time accel penalties. I'm indifferent to it. Don't very much care if I ended up getting penalized for having to pause a flight for whatever reason.
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