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    several questions

    Hi there, Not sure if this will help. The beep at 10k sounds like what happens when the seatbelt switch is on auto. If you have it set to on or off, it will not beep when you pass 10k. As for the FPS, is it basically stuttering for you (it looks fine for a second or two, then it freezes briefly)? Another question I have is if you don't even sign into P3D, but have your computer on for 5 hours, and you launch P3D does it actually stutter right away? I've heard of Navigraph Simlink.exe causing those issues for a few simmers as well.
  2. I remember Umberto stating that they are planning on updating KLAX to native P3Dv4, but they want to get KORD and KJFK out of the way first since they are in more need of an update.
  3. The only three that I am waiting on is KORD v2 by FSDT or DD, Flytampa KLAS, and SSJ KDTW
  4. Kevin_28

    Best KLAX for p3dv4?

    I have FSDT KLAX and I really haven't noticed much performance issues with the airport. I know they were renovating a 1 or 2 terminals last year so I wouldn't mind seeing a v2 integrate those changes, but I am quite happy with the one I have now.
  5. Kevin_28

    Latin VFR Miami V4 Update Released

    Just received a response that I have to remove it manually by deleting a couple of folders.
  6. Kevin_28

    Latin VFR Miami V4 Update Released

    Just need a little help. How did you uninstall v3? It doesn't give me that option through the usual uninstall method.
  7. Kevin_28

    Flythemaddog is released.

    Yup that's what I get on the left and 1.03 on the right.
  8. Kevin_28

    Flythemaddog is released.

    Yea I noticed the site has been a bit slow today. I'll tinker with it a bit more when I get home tonight. Thanks again Richie. Yea if you can provide me with the EPR value when at Edwards AFB with only clear weather that should be good. I know I tried hitting F1 to bring the throttles all the way back to idle, but it might still conflict with the calibration. We'll see.
  9. Kevin_28

    Flythemaddog is released.

    Thanks RichieFly! Yea I figured that it depends on MTOW. I actually have never started cold and dark, and just had it load up in the ready to fly scenario, so I just assumed it would be close to MTOW. I could be wrong though. But it inching forward even on parking brake is a bit odd to me.
  10. Kevin_28

    Flythemaddog is released.

    Haven't really had much of a chance to test out the plane or admittedly read up through the tutorials. Just hand flew it a couple of circuits to get a feel, but with the parking brake and (and to a much less extent with the parking brake on) does the plane start moving forward? I haven't seen this happen in a long time with the default aircraft. I was just wondering if that's normal. The throttle and joystick is calibrated.
  11. Kevin_28

    KORD and KCVG announced for P3D v4!

    They also have KSNA for xplane 11. I wonder if they will release that for p3d v4. I do have latinVFR's which is a great, but it would be nice to see a comparison there.
  12. Kevin_28

    RW arrival gate vs approch choice question

    Sure that makes sense as well. I also assumed that runway length had a bit of say in it as well. I generally see longer runways being used for departures over shorter.
  13. Kevin_28

    Any Simbrief experts out there?

    Not sure if someone mentioned this or not. If I am missing a sid or star, one thing I do is change the runway then change it back. Everytime I change the runway, simbrief queries me if I want simbrief to automatically change the sid/star. That may get it to add it in for you. I generally stick to routes on flightaware though so I don't do that often.
  14. Kevin_28

    RW arrival gate vs approch choice question

    I'm sure it's taken into consideration. KLAX has 4 parallel rwys and, by and large, the intended terminal dictates which runway they take (usually either 24R/6L or 25L/7R). They usually use the longer runways on each side for departing traffic. Of course that is not always the case.
  15. Kevin_28

    “Real” pilot job interview

    Sketch reminds me of the ol' Quagmire (Family Guy) announcement scene.
  16. Kevin_28

    Slowing plane down on taxiway

    21.1 sounds about right. At that N1 the plane should be gradually slowing down not speeding up. It definitely doesn't require much thrust to get going compared to the default planes. I usually never have to go past 30% to get it up to the speed I want at a good rate.
  17. Kevin_28

    NGX clock resets to 0 after 100 minutes

    I generally select the ET switch to start the clock.
  18. Kevin_28

    Slowing plane down on taxiway

    So if you cut power completely (F1), it doesn't slow down? What is the N1 reading when idle? -Kevin Woo
  19. Kevin_28

    Throttle Settings While Taxiing

    You can skip over this, as I don't have an answer to your question. I do find it a bit odd that the N1 rating for taxiing from one throttle to another would be vastly different, assuming aircraft weight and environmental factors are the same. It wouldn't be a calibration issue to me. Assuming default loadout for cargo/pax, I would say that for my Thrustmaster HOTAS X, it only requires about 23-25% to maintain speed while taxiing. At 29-30% N1, it would definitely be accelerating. - Kevin Woo
  20. Kevin_28

    Wing Flex on PMDG's aircraft

    If it's predetermined, it could be that it is done as a result of a limitation in the sim as well. I don't believe the sim accurately depicts changes in wind/pressure/ground surface at such a micro level, so maybe they specify periodic bumps to make it a bit more realistic. Again, I can't say for sure. It's a good question, though. -Kevin Woo
  21. Kevin_28

    Wing Flex on PMDG's aircraft

    Are you talking about the wing bobbing up and down and not fluidly flexing? If so, the bobbing effect to me is more realistic due to inconsistencies in air pressure and speed when taking off. Inconsistencies on the ground surface also causes this. I'm by no means an expert though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but most planes I've been on acted this way. -Kevin Woo
  22. Hello there, I've been using the PMDG 737NGX for both FSX:SE and P3Dv4 and, firstly, I want to say thanks for making such a fantastic study-level addon! When I installed the 737NGX in P3D v4, I noticed that all the VC views were zoomed in quite a bit compared to the FSX:SE edition. Doesn't matter if it's the overhead panel, FO seat, wingview, or even spot view. It looks like all of the default zoom values are a bit too high. Should I go through and try to adjust all the zoom values on the config to get it to look the same as the other? I probably would need to provide you with a bit more information, but let me know if need to. Sorry if this question was already covered. I did a brief search but couldn't find anything. If you can post a link to that one, that would be much appreciated. Sincerely, Kevin Woo
  23. Kevin_28

    PMDG 737NGX 800 - P3D v4.1 Viewpoint Issue

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did change the camera cfg file to .6 or something like that. The problem for me is when you switch to different views on the default planes. At that point, I get the fisheye view. The main vc view is ok though. I know I could go in to each planes config file and change the initial zoom settings on the various views, but that seems excessive. I wound up just disabling the wideview setting and changing the initial zoom settings for the PMDG views. I do wonder if anybody else had to do this. It’s a bit strange that I would be the only one that needs to do this.
  24. Kevin_28

    PMDG 737NGX 800 - P3D v4.1 Viewpoint Issue

    HI there, I did end up setting it to wideview. However, I got a fisheye effect with the main vc. The other views look good though. I wound up changing the default camera zoom on the camera.cfg file which corrects for that, but now the other planes have that fisheye view whenever I switch outside the main VC, like the F/O seat. Am I missing something else? Sincerely, Kevin Woo
  25. Kevin_28

    PMDG 737NGX 800 - P3D v4.1 Viewpoint Issue

    Ah ha! Got it. Thank you so much. Of course, this was listed under the introduction and I missed it like the goofball that I am. Thanks again for taking you time to help me. Take care. Sincerely, Kevin Woo