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  1. bill10

    Falcon 50 - Vewpoint Angle ?

    I used to fiddle around with this in FS9, so it has been awhile, but I believe its in the panel.cfg file view_forward_dir Enables you to change the default value of the view direction. Enter values for Pitch, Bank, and Heading.
  2. bill10

    Networked FSX

    Hello Sky56 .... sorry for the late reply. cmpbellsjc gave you a great answer! I would add that before you try to network some addons make SURE the networking of your 2 computers is spot on and working. Get the folder permissions, windows defender exclusions and so fourth working BEFORE you attempt to network your addons. This will save you some headaches down the road. #3 If you are talking about AiviaSoft's EFB its works great in a networked config. The manual has an in depth process to get you up and running. Not sure about 3 or 4 either since I don’t use those products. As stated above the performance gain is probably minimal at best but the ability to use Aiviasoft's EFB moving map and have the Active Sky window open on a separate screen is why I have my setup networked.
  3. bill10

    Networked FSX

    Hello Sky56, I have an FSX setup that has FSX on one machine and multiple addon's on another machine. I have Active Sky, FSUIPC Wide Client, AiviaSoft EFB along with PFPX and Navigraph Charts. Of course the last two are not networked, they run stand alone, but the others are networked. I mainly have it setup this way so to have the addon windows open so I can refer to them during a flight. What addon's do you want networked?
  4. CORONA!! 😉 Nothing owed glad to help out.
  5. Do you have the TV set to COMPUTER picture mode? Do you have the FULL UHD COLOR set to ENABLED?
  6. Full screen mode ? Are you holding down the ALT key to make the Menu Bar appear?
  7. bill10

    Looking around the cockpit

    I'm no expert in XPlane, in fact I don't even have it, but I have been researching it. I believe most agree that XPlane's internal view system is pretty robust. If that doesn't work for you, try looking up a program called X-Camera. Sheldon
  8. Thanks. Those are great shots!
  9. Hello Ryan ... that's X-Plane right?? Default scenery?? Sheldon
  10. Hello Louis .. I also found it impressive when looking for a way to make some of my cockpits a little brighter. The program works great and is highly customizable.
  11. Hello Carl, Sometimes you can see an issue with dll.xml file by looking at the first few lines. I've experienced this myself. Follow Jim's advice and you'll get it fixed.
  12. Can you post the first few lines of the dll.xml file? First 6 or 8 lines.
  13. bill10

    FS Navigator?

    John, I believe Bob's site just has a download of the same file as the site you linked. If I remember correctly you get 20 sessions free before you must pay and register the software.
  14. bill10

    Rex present Skyforce.