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  1. Unfortunately, most of these are unable to be purchased except possibly on ebay or a lucky Amazon search as a CD/DVD. Merging with a POSKY model is probably the best bang for the buck for a lot of them. B737NG: PMDG or iFLY. B747-400: PMDG or iFLY. B757: Just Flight's repackage of PSS's B757. Unfortunately, it has a nasty FMC bug that limits the amount of SIDs/STARs that can be displayed. Captain Sim's 757 is also nice (and has more stuff), but it has a nasty control acceleration bug that prevents many users from precisely dialing in the MCP speed in the window. B777: Just Flight's repackage of PSS's B777. It suffers from the same FMC issue as the B757. B787: I haven't found one. A320, A330, A340: Wilcopub's Airbus package is decent. A380: I haven't found one. My current fleet: PMDG 737, 747, MD-11 packages, Leonardo Mad Dog (2008), Wilco-Feelthere 737 Classic, Tin Mouse 737-200, Wilco-Feelthere EMB-170/175/190/195, Captain Sim B757 package, Just Flight PSS Concorde, Just Flight PSS Dash-8, Wilco-Feelthere A3xx package, Flight 1 ATR-72, Level-D 767, QualityWings AVRO RJ/BAE-146 package, Ready for Pushback 747-200 package, VirtualCol Saab 340/2000. Flight 1 Iron Knuckles DC-9 (unfortunately this was a FS2002 product and it doesn't currently work). Project Tupolev TU-154, SSTSIM Concorde. For me - I could care less about a virtual cockpit and, while visually appealing, the external model is also secondary. Do the systems work as close as reasonably possible to the real thing, especially the FMC? For example - putting in a 2nd route for ETOPS, redispatch or alternates. Being able to enter a hold, entering PB/PB or PBD fixes. Sort-of accurate FLEX TO/Reduced thrust performance. Does it climb like a rocket when lightly loaded and like a dog when close to/at max TOW? In that regard, I offer the following: The ATR-72 allows for hotel loading of the STBD engine (run the engine without spinning the prop, to supply power). Leonardo's Mad Dog *will* give you a hot start if you don't start the engines correctly, and it will cool them down if you then motor the engine per the checklist. JF PSS Concorde *will* get to M2 at FL580. The Fuel system is a bear without the Virtual Flight Engineer. RFP 747-200 allows you a semi-realistic fuel loading capability, and the ability to configure the fuel system. The PT TU-154 is very difficult to operate - properly starting the AC and properly using the RSBN navigation system are a challenge, but provide a great feeling of accomplishment. That everything is labeled in Russian (in Cyrillic alphabet) just adds to the challenge.
  2. So - this is a really late posting in comparison to the last one. I currently have a custom FS2004 KORD scenery from 2016 (freeware) that still has RWYs 14/32. How can a guy who has never done scenery design stuff edit the scenery to remove these runways and associated ILS? No intent to worry about AI traffic, which I have turned off in FS2004 anyway.
  3. This is the ideal time to switch from FS/P3D to X-Plane 11 and get the Rotate! MD-11 when it comes out.
  4. Two reasons. 1. All of the addons I have: PMDG MD-11, RFP 747-200, FSNavigator, Leonardo MD, multiple sceneries, etc. that I purchased before I had a PC that could run FSX. 2. Not having a PC that can run P3D or XPlane 11 with full graphics capabilities (Dell XPS 8300 = not enough room for a bigger power supply = not able to install a more powerful GPU.) I've made a few concessions - buying FSX-SE to be able to buy AS16, so that I can use CPS-X to do flights for my PSS Concorde; reverting some payware scenery to newer freeware versions for airports that have added new runways, etc.
  5. I've been out of the flightsim scene for awhile. I'm going back in and exploring various paywares I've purchased over the years that I never got too into before. One of those is the Wilco A380. I'm not impressed. I've been trying to find a file from Maxime Konareff for FS2004 that merges the PA A380 with the Wilco A340, to no avail. Anyone know where I might find it? Thanks! -John Powers
  6. You might have to bite the bullet and do a complete uninstall and reinstall. Install to *any* location other than the default and run the install as an admin.
  7. Try and look for Blue Spruce routes.
  8. Again I ask the question: what stops a developer from releasing an addon on their own? Is it just that they can't label it an "official" addon? What stops a developer from releasing freeware that can be unlocked to a higher fidelity payware model or payware that doesn't time out after a few minutes use? I completely understand PMDGs position, but without knowing more, it seems like there wouls be ways around the onerousness of selling on Steam at a loss. Of course, I'd draw parallels to Dungeons and Dragons - 3rd edition sold like hotcakes because of the OGL license but 4th edition tanked because of the onerous GSL license (with terms like not allowing you to continue using the OGL and publishing for 3rd edition if you were publishing the same product for 4th edition under the GSL...) Seems like DTG wants to profit off of the backs of other developers. Had they actually developed FSX themselves I'd say they had that right. But they are profiting off of ACES hard work as well rather than the sweat of their own labor. John Powers
  9. So I guess I'm a bit confused by the DTG / Steam situation. Is there something that prevents any 3rd party developer from selling an add-on on their own? That is, when MS sold Flight Simulator, did add-on publishers need their permission? Wasn't the situation such that they didn't need permission but MS wouldn't be in a position to provide tech support? How is this any different than buying 3rd party parts for your car? Once the first sale of the car is made from the dealer, what you do with it is up to you. Isn't that the same situation here? Once you install the software, they have no say on what add-ons you use. John Powers
  10. Not sure what you mean by "validate your purchase and download updated cycles," but the Navigraph website has updated Airac cycles. Unfortunately, it seems that they currently do not include updated TPs.
  11. Previously, the PMDG Airac files from Navigraph were PMDG/PIC767 compatible. The 0713 Airac doesn't mention PIC767, while there is a separate LD767 Airac file.Which one should I use for the older PIC767?
  12. Ok - I've seen the posts on using a merge for the PMDG panel with the POSKY 737-800 for FS2004.Question - Can I use the same merge for a 737-800/900 in FS2002? I've got the PMDG 737-600/700, but I don't have FS2004, so I can't use the PMDG 737-800/900.
  13. >I'd do a reinstall. Trying to trouble shoot and restart and>reboot all the time can really drag out. Once you get going on>the reinstall it's not as bad as you think. You'll get most of>it the first time, then think of something that you forgot and>put that in. If you don't have it, download a new one. Only a>few vendors charge for downloading again and when they do it's>not much. Then, once it's done, it runs amazingly faster, or>at least in my case it did, and there is a real satisfaction>knowing that all the junk is off and you have a clean install>with only what you want installed. It's like a fresh start,>breathes some new life into your flying. I'd go so far as to>an o/s install and really start fresh. It would be a good>project. Keep your mind really busy for a day, and instead of>just drowning your sorrows with fs9 it'll run so great you'll>be happy she isn't there bugging you. >>billg>I strongly caution against doing a reinstall until you determine if the problem is hardware or software. A quick check of the event log will tell if the problem is in Flightsim or with another software module. If the error indicates anything other than Flightsim, then checking out what caused the error needs to be done.Flightsim could be crashing because of something else. If you simply do a reinstall of FS, now you've wasted all that time and maybe haven't fixed the problem.Look at what you last installed and whether FS worked before that - if so, deinstall only that add-on.Run a virus scan, run a spam/spy/malware scan. Defrag the harddrive and run diagnostics to eliminate any potential sources of problems.Try playing other video games that are heavily taxing on the CPU and GPU. If they crash too, then most likely you've got heat problems.Having done all that, reboot and check the bios and POST diagnostics - you could have some memory going bad or a faulty fan. If the fan speeds are slow, take the cover off and dust out the inside.ANYTHING but doing a reinstall before its time to do one.I can remember the last computer I had was acting up. I reinstalled everything (from the OS on up) and still had problems. I ended up getting a new mainboard and *still* had problems. Turns out I didn't do my homework and only needed to buy a replacement power supply as the current one wasn't properly regulating things and when doing something that drew a lot of power, the P/S would crap out.
  14. One thing that many people overlook is heat. What kind of computer do you have - a desktop or a laptop? It may need a cleaning of the cooling fans, or spending a few bucks on a laptop cooler.I got a brand-spanking-new Dell laptop with a docking station and monitor. Worked fine until I started playing games (Flightsim, Jedi Knight, Falcon 4.0/Allied Force, it didn't matter). I finally realized that the graphics card was locking up due to heat.
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