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  1. Ok thanks, it does not look like there is a website to download from?
  2. Good Evening, I have just watched a you tube clip about FS 2004 (Why Am I Still Using FS2004?!?) and i was very impressed by the ground textures and grass. What is the best pay ware or freeware to improve things. I do have all the UK VFR scenery by Horizon but wondered where the you tube textures are likely to come from. Thanks Jonathan
  3. OK still not there despite getting a guy out, however can anyone shed any light on something i`ve discovered in FS9 Properties. So i right click on FS9, then select properties, then security tab, then advanced tab. Within the permissions the first entry which is me TYPE NAME PERMISSIONS INHERITED FROM Allow Jonathan(Jonathan-PC\jonathan) Full Control <not inherited> Could this have something to do with it as all the other entries below the first one have C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.lnk in the INHERITED FROM COLUMN?
  4. Finally tonight i`ve managed to get it working on my son`s profile rather than mine, i have a computer guy coming to look at it on Weds. Must be something to do with the security settings on my profile. Fingers crossed, think i will give up on the Wilco Citation 2 D cockpit and be thankful i will not need to do a complete reinstall. Thanks for all your help J
  5. Very frustrating no further forward Anti virus turned off, UAC off still no joy?
  6. Hi, Thanks again, don`t appear to have the back up folder in the main directory, i just don`t understand what the cause of this is?
  7. OK thanks, but previously i tried to install the update and it would`nt install, surely does it not have anything to do with what i have done with the clicking and unclicking of hidden/ read only etc?
  8. Hello All, I really hope someone can help me with a fairly serious problem i have now developed on FS9. Following issues with Wilco Citation x, Wilco asked me to send them a copy of the DLL XML file which i have now discovered doesn't exist for FS9. Anyway before i found this out i began searching for that file which involved me right clicking on files in FS9 then ticking hidden files before looking and not finding, after which i unticked the hidden box before pressing OK. The Read only boxes are not ticked but are just coloured blue. Now the problem when i select FS9 from the desk top it starts to make the noises from the disk before it comes up with the following message. FLIGHT SIMULATOR CANNOT RUN FROM A RESTRICTED ACCOUNT AND WILL NOW QUIT, PLEASE LOG ON AS AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT AND RESTART FSIM. What i don't understand is that when i click on the Fs9 icon on the desktop i always right click run as administrator, i`m using Windows 7 64 bit without the FS9.1 update. I sincerely hope i don`t need to do a reinstall as i have loads of add ons. I really hope and will appreciate and help. Thanks Jonathan
  9. Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it.
  10. Hello, can anyone please help me of how to locate the following file DLL.XML in FS2004? Thanks
  11. Hi All, still trying to solve my problem of which Wilco are helping. They have asked me to locate the DLL.XML File can somebody tell me where this is located?
  12. Hi Max, again thanks i have all of these?
  13. Hi Thanks for this, sadly i cannot see this line in the aircraft cfg?
  14. Hi Max, any chance of looking in your Citation X panel folder and listing what files should be there. Thanks
  15. Hi, and thanks for helping. The CitationX.gau file is already in the panel folder and i did reinstall as an administrator, still no further yet but not giving up. Thanks
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