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  1. SoloPilot

    Is ASCA worth it?

    I recently purchased AS16 and REX 5, and heard that ASCA is really good. I’m already loving the two add ones that I purchased. I’m wondering, is it worth it? What are your opinions on it? What benefit do I get from it, considering that I already have AS16 and SkyForce 3D?
  2. Regardless of the aircraft or altitude, after apprx 200nm the clouds stop and the "ActiveSky Weather Theme" goes to a default clear skies. Tried to re-select ActiveSky Theme and to run debug on AS16 as to reload the weather with no luck. Every time AS16 tries to install the weather the Theme on FSX revert to Clear Skies.
  3. I installed the latest steam update. Fired up the sim and missing are all of my A2A, PMDG, and other payware aircraft from my hanger. My Girlfriend unplugged my external hard drive where I keep Steam so she could plug in our Christmas Tree, UGH! Not sure if that's the problem though.
  4. I know this is not the UT Live support forum, but there are a lot of knowledgeable users here. Perhaps someone will have some information that will help me. I am also posting this in the UT support forum.I just purchased and installed UT Live. The installation went smoothly without errors and I followed the InstallGuide to the letter. After the installation completed, I started UT Live and proceeded to configure it as per the InstallGuide - set the UI to run as an administrator, started UT Live and checked that Dovetail Games FSX Steam Edition is the current active flight simulator and attempted to start the simulation.First problem - the hide/expand/close options are not visible on the screen and neither are the Save Settings or Start Simulation buttons. The UT Live window extends above and below the limits of my monitor's display area. (Screen resolution is set to 1920 x 1080.)I am only able to exit the application using ALT-F4. For some reason the hide/expand options do no respond to keyboard shortcut keys. Through a process of trial and error, I was able to determine the sequence of buttons accessed by the Tab key and then by pressing Enter could save settings and start the simulation. I know this because text appeared indicating the save process was successful and the simulation was initialize and running.I have FSX-SE running with no default (or any other) AI. My airports are completely devoid of aircraft other than the one I am using in the sim. I next start UT Live. (NOTE: I read in another post somewhere that UT Live starts automatically when you start FSX-SE. Is that correct? If I start the ui, the flight map and the status are not active until I start the simulation as outlined above. I can see flights moving on the map and the status board changes as flights arrive and depart, but nothing happens in the sim.)Second problem - there are still no aircraft at any airport I visit Lambert Field in St. Louis, JFK, Heathrow, etc. Nothing at the gates, nothing on the ground anywhere, nothing in the air, nothing landing or taking off. I have a flight world inhabited only by my own aircraft. How frustrating!The only way to get traffic is to put the trafficaircraft.bgl back in to Scenery/World/Scenery.What have I done wrong? Is there, perhaps, an entry missing in the fsx_se.cfg? Was it an error to install UT Live on my G: drive where my FSX-SE lives rather than the default 😄 drive? I can't find any help anywhere at this point.Can someone point me in the right direction, please?Ken in Kansas
  5. I would like to delete most of the pre-installed standard aircraft from FSX-SE. I rarely fly any of them, including all of the helicopters, and they just clutter up FSX-SE. The same is true of a lot of standard sceneries. The problem I have is that the first one I tried, the Microlight, turned out to be critical to the running of FSX - it wouldn't work without it. Does anyone know what can be safely deleted without causing it to crash?
  6. This problem just started. Set up a flight and notice everything was running in slow motion. Frame rate is ok, but the clock in my aircraft does not keep up to real time. for every minute of real time, aircraft clock will advance about 40 seconds. FSX:SE Windows 7 64 bit. Nvidia GRAFX card. ORBX Global with open LC and Vector. FSXMeshX. What I tired so far. Tried various planes with the same result. Did a file verification on steam and let it run it course. Downloaded and installed the latest video drivers. Deleted the last add-ons I added since my last flight in which the clock was keeping time. restarted the computer a few times. Renamed the FSX.CFG file and let it built a new FSX.CFG. None of these items fixed the issue. Anybody had the same issues or have a fix? Regards, John Cottreau
  7. dlunior

    OPUS lic Issue

    Just bought OPUS. Getting the following error Installed Folder: C:\OPUSFSI_V5 FSICONFIG Sim Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX FSICONFIG Sim Folder: OK FSIGENCOM Initialise: OK Data Download ... Data Download Initiated Data Download Ready Data Download Completed Data Download Checked Data Download Validated Invoking DLL Checks ... 1 DLL Errors Detected. OpusFSI Licence Missing. Installed Files: P3DSERVER.EXE Version: , Sunday, March 5, 2017, 8:16 AM Hrs FSXSERVER.EXE Version: , Sunday, March 5, 2017, 8:16 AM Hrs FSDECODER.EXE Version: , Sunday, March 5, 2017, 8:16 AM Hrs FSISYSTEM.DLL Version: , Sunday, March 5, 2017, 8:16 AM Hrs OPUSFSI.DLL Version: , Sunday, March 5, 2017, 8:16 AM Hrs OPUS.DLL Version: Correct , Monday, October 29, 2012, 7:24 PM Hrs DLL Checks Fail Code 4 FIles Present in C:\Opus Software xxxxxx_xxxxxx-opusopusfsi_v5.key OpusFSI_v5.lic OpusFSI_v5 Proof_of_Purchase_OpusFSI_v5 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I had wished to get the Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche, but their SALE clock ran out on me. However, I was happy to be able to pick it up today from the JF website's (continued) MilViz products discount. This Piper Twin is a likable (also capable and fast - with service ceiling 20k) aircraft that competed with Cessna 310 and Beech Baron. The aircraft, however, is noted to have initially suffered a string of accidents (its first flight was in 1962) involving loss-of-control in single-engine flight (causes been attributed to both engine-design or/and pilot training). Piper then modified the plane's single-engine behavior which later resulted in the PA-39 version with counter-rotating engines, that significantly reduced the accidents compared to the conventional PA-30 model. So, Piper extended similar engine development to its other light twins. This plane is known to be robust and durable. One Twin-Comanche, on record, was flown twice around the world (in pilot-skilled air-races), the first such U.S. aircraft to do so, which is a testament to its capability. The Milviz model (true to its era) is said to be for those who would rather fly the plane than let an autopilot have all the fun. Personally, for this flight, I have taken advantage of their (custom-coded) KAP 140 autopilot configuration for basic ALT/HDG control. Please find, below, a few snapshots of this plane flying on an (early morning) sightseeing tour of New Mexico's northern (Sangre de Cristo) mountain range, which is part of the Southern Rockies. The displayed topography is based on MSE V3 New Mexico, which I recently picked up from their SALE. This flight coverage is from Raton (KRTN) to Santa Fe (KSAF).
  9. Man, I just love how Concorde crashes right? No, but seriously, it's a pain in the butt to get this plane working. I have done many tests with this airplane, and I've read many forum posts about this, and still haven't found an issue, and I just decided to give up. For some reason, I NEVER had a problem with P3D v3. It's just installation, and BOOM, it's working! I'm not too sure why FSX:SE is so unforgiving with this plane, so if anyone wants to fly this, I recommend P3D v3. Test #1 - FAILED Installation completed - No errors Aircraft loaded - No errors Scenario loaded - "Aircraft initialization" message popped up with loading bar - No errors END RESULT: Gauges black, no landing gear. I've had this problem MANY times before with FSXSE, and never had it in P3D v3. Test #2 - FAILED Installation completed - No errors Aircraft loaded - No errors Scenario loaded - "Aircraft initialization" wasn't present, and I was skeptical it was going to crash again. END RESULT: "Aircraft initialization" was popping up for a dew seconds, then the game went black, and crashed. This was the first time I saw this. Also, keep in mind, when I first flew this plane, it was about 1 year ago, and the "Aircraft initialization" wasn't there. At the time, it was "FSL_ConcX.dll loading" or something like that. So, I was surprised to see a different message box when loading. This test was done WITHOUT SERVICE PACK 2 Test #3 - SUCCESS????? Installation completed - No errors Aircraft loaded - No errors Scenario loaded - "FSL_ConcX.dll" message box now?? END RESULT: Aircraft loaded!!!! But, the game crashed for about 2 minutes with an "Error 1044" and I have posted this a long time ago on AVSIM, but wasn't able to get it fixed because I switched to P3D. So, I heard MOST crashes are due to incompatibility with Windows 10. Now, I can't do much about this, because I don't own Windows 7, and reinstalling everything is just not worth my time and there's no guarantee that it'll work in Windows 7. I recommend anybody who wants to fly a good Concorde, buy P3D and the ConcX for P3D v3. FSX:SE is very buggy, and P3D v3 has advantages over FSX:SE anyways. However, I WILL NOT be using the Concorde X. It's just unstable with Windows 10 and FSX:SE, and i'll be waiting on the P3D v4 version that FsLabs might bring out. So as of now, I'll be flying Concordless. But this was for people who wanted a Concorde, and will hopefully read this so they know to get P3D instead because with all this stuff happening I don't think it's worth it. Have a good day! -AK
  10. Hi, I have the strangest problem: Whenever I use the Page Up & Page Down key the following occurs in the sim (FSX-SE) Page Down: Throttle Lever(s) decreases to IDLE and the Thrust Reverser(s) is engaged; if the throttles are already in idle - thrust reverser(s) engage. Page Up: Throttle Lever(s) advance incrementally; So I checked the key mapping in FSX-SE and there is nothing with page up and page down, I also checked Chaseplane (my camera program) and the page up key is mapped to "MOVE UP" and the page down key is mapped to "MOVE DOWN". I even deleted the key assignments in Chaseplane, but the same results. I also have FSUIPC installed, but NO KEY MAPPINGS assigned. Everything else behaves normal and I can still operate all Installed aircraft: PMDG B737; B747-400/800; B777-200; Aerosoft A318/319/320/321; Eaglesoft Citation X G2; All aircraft behave the same way, except in the Aerosoft Airbuses and the Eaglesoft Citation - Page Up does NOT increase the throttle; Page Down is the same issue. Has anyone seen a similar problem? Thanks for help
  11. Hi guys So I just started on my new Asus ROG Strix II, pretty cool machine to fsx and other processor dependent games. The only problem is the floating runway in BGSF (Kangerlussuaq) and Keflavik International Airport, the BGSF is freeware scenery/mesh from and the Keflavik Airport is from Aerosoft. The problem in BGSF is the runway is weird, its floating and the have curves midline - so my aircraft floats about 10 feet from the actual scenery runway. How to fix it?? The Keflavik Airport and around the Buildings has also whiteout/greyout zones, I installed Iceland X too on that, maybe it is the problem? Do you have any experience on those Things? Just getting the ultimate laptop for fsx and those airports being bad is no go, hope for your help. Regards
  12. Hi guys, Could use a couple more beta testers for a little project (ha!... he said little), I have been working on. Looking mainly for FSX / FSX:SE simmers but if you do fly those and a P3D version we would take that too. Don't worry we know we know we are smack dab in the holidays so there won't be any "crackin'-the-whip". If interested to find out more check out our post here. Happy Holidaze... Clutch
  13. I just installed FSUIPC and made some flight control re-assignments, NOT including anything around starting the aircraft (Cessna 172. Or Waco YMF-5). On Free Flight, I had the default flight set up “cold and dark”, in other words, all switches off. Now when I try to start the flight, everything works up to hitting Cont+E to start the engine. Nothing happens. I’m sure somebody has had this problem before and can help. Also, if I load a flight other than the default, sometime the engine is started, other times, not. Any ideas?
  14. Today, I felt like taking the CS B737-200 out on a flight, for only the 2nd time after its re-install on my FSX-SE. For this flight, I also wished to do a step-by-step cold & dark start-up, unlike the previous flight with it. This procedure went without any hiccups. This particular 737 SIM, through the years, has remained one of my favorites (along with the MilViz 737 that came later). This CS 737 model here, is the original Boeing 737-200 variant (not the -200 Advanced). It does not have FMC, nor is it capable of being integrated with any FW CIVA INS due to some inherent peculiarities of the CS version. So, the en-route navigation is manual and by means of VOR/ADF etc. (probably the right thing here considering that's how these planes were initially meant to be flown). I recall, however, there is a way to make the CS 737-200 follow a GPS Flight Plan Route for longer flights, if so desired. There is much interesting information available about 737, which was meant to be the replacement for the legendary 727. 737-200 was the precursor to the pioneering 737 Classic series. Initial 737 designs featured engines on the aft fuselage (like 727), but, Joe Sutter (of subsequent 747 fame) decided to place the engines under the wings instead. Joe Sutter, a Seattle native, was later to be credited for leading the group of 4500 engineers solely dedicated to the design and creation of the 747. The earliest 737-100 variant, first flight in 1967, was launched by Lufthansa (first non-American operator to launch a Boeing aircraft). The 737-200 followed exactly a year later, first flight in 1968, launched by United. Just another year later, in 1969, Aloha (the worthy competitor to Hawaiian) acquired and started their 737-200 operations. So, please find below the Aloha livery in one of its earliest (Flower Power) colors on a short hop within the Hawaiian islands. Aloha ceased all operation in 2008 due to complex (and unfair?) market dynamics. You might remember the case of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 (also a 737-200) that, in 1988, suffered an explosive decompression in mid-air (at 24K) while on a regular flight within the Hawaiian islands. Since then (among other airliner policy improvements), an additional outer layer of skin was added to the 737 fuselage to prevent metal fatigue. Hope you enjoy these set of pictures here even though this plane has been often and extensively covered in the various SIM forums. Thanks for viewing. [CS/MSE/REX]
  15. I don't know whats happening but I cant launch my fsx se anymore after installing reshade. the splash screen wont even show up. Ive been searching through forums and other people are getting this problem but I cant find a fix for it
  16. Ok so whenever I download the from library, and I set things up, everything seems to be fine but however the only issue is that the sound isn't working. Did I install the sound correctly or do I need to do something else? It tells me to copy the soundai from the default A320 but the only thing missing is the sound. Here is the download link:
  17. This problem is sort of related to another ReShade issue I'm having in P3D ( I decided to install Reshade into FSX:SE to see if it gives me the same issues I have in P3D. I selected FSX using the Mediator, then installed the files from post #44 here ( The FSX main menu loaded fine, but the usual ads on the 'Home' page did not appear- it was only a white space. Also, the aircraft preview window has turned blakc. I tried loading FSX, and it got all the way to 100%, but stopped and would not load the flight (it did not crash, it just failed to go from the loading screen tot he flight.). What's going on here?
  18. I was looking at the Bargain Hunter's Shack today for the Black Friday deals and decided to pick up (at 50% SALE) the Drzewiecki EPWA (Chopin) - to gain a SIM foothold in Poland for my intra-EU airliner flights. I also wished to install (from my own archive) the Wilco A380 and give it a try because I have not touched it in > 4 years. Here are a few sample shots of EPWA and the Virgin Atlantic A380 livery, along with some additional pictures of the plane taking off and landing at this airport. Thanks for viewing....And, Happy Thanksgiving to the folks in the U.S. and equivalent greetings to the others!
  19. Hello friends, I am struggling with big problem. I have new computer, there are spec: - Motherboard: ASUS P9X79-E WS - Proc: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40Ghz (6 cores) - Graphic: 3 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X (now no in SLI mode) - RAM: 2x Samsung M378B5773DH0-CH9 2GB (this is only because I have my Corsair 4x8GB sent on guarantee - but I have read that FSX don't need more - and I see this because when it is on, Memory is on about 70%) PCU: Corsair HX1200i Monitors: Samsung 4K UE40JU64 (but I have it in 1920x1080 resolution) 60Hz - Acer 1920x1080 60Hz System: Windows 8.1 64bit -------------------------------------------- Yep, so I have installed FSX:SE firstly on my SSD (where is my system) but due to problems, which I will describe you in moment, I uninstalled it and installed again on my HDD. But problem still occurs. (yep, I defragmented the HDD disc). I have no addons (but I tried with PMDG and it is no different). So my problem is that I have a lot of sttuters in game, it doesn't matter where, which aircraft, what time. Flight is very smooth and everything is so good,( I can get 300 FPS on one monitor), but these stutters are so annoying. It is for about maybe one second (sometimes it is no stutter but something like slowing down simulator). There is NO FPS drop (or maybe counter can't catch this drop, because these stutters are very fast). I've tried everything, tweaking FSX, changing NVIDIA settings, fully uninstalling fsx, hyperthreading on and off, overclocking cpu and default clocks and nothing helps. I found out that the fps limiter in fsx sometimes causes more stuttering (I don't know why) so I downloaded RiviaTuner to lock FPS. Problem still is there. Finally I downloaded Process Explorer. And there I saw something interesting! The picture with description is below, but in generally: I have some stutters (purple arrows - maybe some of these smaller bars were stutters too, but I couldn't see them); and the biggest mystery VERY BIG USAGE OF CPU in regular intervals. I think if we knew why it is, we would be closer to eliminate stutters. But really weird thing is that stutters appear on the begining of this "jump", after everything is okay... until another stutter. 😞 I think you can help me, because I am struggeling with this for 5 days! I spent about 30 hours of reading topics, testing and everything. Please help me with this:( Thank you in advance! This is photo of CPU usage from Process Explorer: Intervals between green high bars are about 1 min. PS. I added this topic in this forum because it is stricte connected with fsx and no (I hope) with hardware issue.
  20. My FSX-SE loads slowly. Is it OK to leave FSX paused and minimized all the time to keep loading time down ? Dave Hinson
  21. Hi guys After long consideration I just ordered the laptop Asus ROG Strix SCAR II GL504GS-EST056T with i78750H with 2.2 ghz base and 4.1 ghz on turboclock, GTX1070 8GB GPU, 16GB DDR4 ram, 256 SSD and 1TB Firecuda harddrive with 144hz 1920 x 1080 screen. How do you think this will do for FSX:SE? I have bought Orbx Global, Vectors and fly alot of PMDG aircraft and Aerosoft products in aircrafts and sceneries..will this laptop do the job? I am excited to this upgrade from my last Lenovo Y520 with i5 2.3 ghz to 2.8 ghz turboclock with 6GB GTX1050 GPU. I cannot buy desktop for the girlfriend and the aesthestic measures at home,, regards
  22. I had wished to try the SibWings AN-2 simulation (as I recall - it was excellent and highly authentic), but apparently during the years of my hiatus from SIM, SibWings has ceased existence. So, I recently picked up, on SALE, the Aerosoft version of the AN-2 (by Alexander Metzger, who had also created AS's Wilga, an equally good SIM, for which I had posted a VFR flight earlier). This AN-2 aircraft has been well-tested in the forums, but I just wished to share a bit of my enjoyment in taking it into the air for the first time (with engines ready-to-go). It's a learning SIM, for sure, that would require a lot of dedication. AN-2 is truly a classic utility aircraft (reminds one of the famous and rugged bush-plane DHC-3 Otter). It was produced continuously between 1947-2001, making its production run, for a time, (according to the Guinness Book of Records) the longest ever for any aircraft - to be eventually exceeded by the 4-prop C-130 Hercules. Most AN-2s (over 13000 of the total 18000) were produced at the Poland's WSK factory. Curiously, AN-2 was powered by the Shvetsov-62 radial engine, which was essentially a version of the American (Curtiss-Wright) R-1820 Cyclone, produced under license in the Soviet Union. Please see the close-up shot of this radial engine. This aircraft is known for remarkable durability and adaptability, and is capable of lift-off from extremely short and rough runways. Per record, AN-2 has effectively no stall speed, a fact which is quoted in the operating book. Hope you enjoy these few pictures of this unique aircraft in flight (around wintry Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport). [AS - AN2/UUEE, REX]
  23. I don't understand where everyone is finding this bufferpool setting. I have searched all over the fsx.cfg file and like the OP said, I have no such entry of poolsize, or any other related entry. Using FSX-SE. AG
  24. iwebber

    The A340

    The A340 I'd been flying the Flight1 ATR (in FSX:SE) and the Majestic Q400 (in P3Dv4) around the Greek Islands, the Azores and finally the Canary Islands, and I was looking forward to flying something a bit meatier. I'm usually a tubeliner sort of guy and planned these turboprop flights when there was a sale on at Majestic and I'd just ported the ATR over to FSX. I'd thoroughly enjoyed myself but wanted to go back to long haul. I had been to all the Canary Islands and I was doing a sector to Casablanca GMMN, it was to be my gateway to long haul. So, I was parked up at Gran Canaria Airport loading people and fuel when I saw a Volga-Dnepr An124 and I thought to myself, 4 engines, that's what I need... That's me in the background, that little green smudge. As we pushed back and taxied out I started thinking about what and where I could go next. Climbing out over the Canary Islands and making our way to Africa proper I started to have a think. As we pass Fuerteventura and Lanzarote I get a dim recollection that Etihad operate to GMMN, they might do something interesting. Indeed, a quick search reveals they fly an A340-600 from GMMN to OMAA. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I have the Wilco A346 and I've not flown it much, mainly because it's clumsy, at best, but as a reintroduction to tubeliners I thought it might work very nicely. Descending into Casablanca I have a moment of clarity, Etihad ditched their A346's near the end of 2017, that wasn't going to work, however it did spawn a little investigation of who *does* still operate the A346. Sat on the ground, unloading my virtual passengers and vacillating between feeling relieved that my little puddle jumper flights were over and I can now get on with some proper air transportation and a slightly morose thought that I might actually miss throwing these capable little aircraft around these beautiful islands. At this point QW released their 787 and, as I was in Morroco and Royal Air Maroc operated the 788 I figured, when in Rome... So I became RAM 218 to Washington Dulles. Here we are sitting at the gate loading up the pax and getting ourselves ready. Now pushing back and making our way out to the departure runway. Shortly after take off... Looking out of my window at the city of Casablanca as we climb out... ... and head out to sea. Not an awful lot happened for a few hours, the sun shone, the clouds gently floated past and the sea twinkled. I did have a chance to look up who still operates the A346 though, it's a short list. Virgin, Lufthansa, Qatar, Mahan Air, South African Airways and Iberia appear to be the only remaining scheduled operators, there's a few charter/adhoc company's that seem to have a few as well. I couldn't find a repaint of the Mahan Air so the plan is to try and stitch together a bunch of real life A346 flights from that little list... We hit the east coast of the US and we joined this BA jumbo on it's way to IAD. The approach was uneventful... That's a lie, I had a CTD, no error message, no event log, nothing at all, one second I was looking out the window marvelling at how good P3Dv4 looked, the next I was looking at the desktop... No idea what it was, rumours were the 787 was a likely culprit but I had no evidence of this, it could have been the FB KIAD as it loaded, again, possible but I had nothing to go on. I reloaded and rebuilt the aircraft as best I could and shot the approach. Nice passenger view in the later stages. Settled on final approach. Taxiing in in the fading light... hang on, who's that parked up there? Etihad send a 787 to KIAD? Hmmmmmm, interesting.... Parked up and unloading as the sun sets. So, Etihad 130, KIAD to OMAA, a seriously long way, not the longest but long... We had potentially dodgy RR engines on this one so I planned the flght limited to 140 mins ETOPS Still not an issue though... Loading up at about 9:30pm, getting ready for the long night (and day) ahead. Taxiing out it all seems quite quiet, it is pushing 10pm so I'm not surprised. Donkey! It's looking a bit busier than I thought, I'll need to employ a cheeky intersection take off... I've run out of shots now, a whole thread about the A340 without a single photo of an A340 in it, I'll try and do better next time... (spoiler alert, I won't) Hope you enjoyed, Ian
  25. Good morning, everyone, A few images are often more telling to introduce our small team whose primary goal is to bring the history of Swiss military aviation back to life through our flight simulators: Our first success was the Morane D-3801, a French fighter built under license in Switzerland during the last World War... : Today, our team consists of four members: a "conductor" former militia pilot of the Swiss army; a technical manager, former mechanic on all Swiss army fighter aircraft; a developer for the entire aircraft modeling (myself); a developer for all the scenes of the aerodromes rebuilt as in the past. And we can also count on several enthusiasts and former Swiss military pilots for all our tests! We are currently working on the DH-100 Vampire which was the first jet aircraft in our army....: We attach great importance to details, not only visual but also technical: our aircraft have a flight model that is as close to reality as possible, controlled and tested by former Swiss military aviation professionals... And to complete the picture, our DH-100 Vampire has a functional weaponry thanks to VRS TackPack...! I hope you will enjoy our work. Best regards, and have a good flight!