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  1. Installing FSX-SE on a new Win 11 machine. Transferred my Logbook.bin from my old machine Documents\Flight Simulator x - Steam Edition Files to the same directory on my new machine. Started FSX-SE, logbook entries blank. Exited FSX-SE, found a new blank logbook.BIN file in a different directory, Documents\Flight Simulator X. Copied old Logbook.BIN file to that directory, now FSX-SE finds the correct Logbook. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim Driskell
  2. Hi yall, I am curious if anyone has a recommendation for an airbus addon that hits that blend of systems depth and good fps performance for a lower-spec pc? My 2.6ghz laptop can't handle Aerosoft's line, but would Justflight's F-lite series be an acceptable trade-off? Perhaps even the freeware Project Airbus lineup would be the better solution??? I know Blackbox and Wilco?? make a baby-bus lineup, but I have heard they are not worth the pain. Any thoughts??
  3. I have seen numerous people complain about this issue over the years but the threads never seem to go very far - so presumably the complainants ended up living with it as I have. But with Winter here down under coming I use this time each year to further refine my FSX setup, add more scenery and fix anything up that is less than perfect that I discovered over the year. About the only really significant annoyance I have still remaining with FSX that might possibly still have a resolution is - as the title says - a "slowdown" of the repeat button repeat rate after a certain period of time has elapsed when running FSX. The only solution is to save the flight, close FSX and start it up again. And this can often cause problems with complex add-ons where saving the flight does not really save everything like it does with simple, stock aircraft. This issue seems to only effect movement of the controls pertaining to throttle, mixture and prop rpm. What will happen is that when you start the flight, the "speed" of the response to pressing the associated button is fine (as I have it setup, thus how I intended it to work) but at a certain point in time during the flight, the response slows down to less than half the speed it used to be. This is incredibly annoying given that at the time when you need throttle response to be as fast as possible (final approach and landing), you have a very sluggish throttle that simply does not respond quickly enough. As I say there has been quite a few discussions in the past about this and many solutions or theories offered - but none of the solutions or suggestions ever worked. My theory is that it might have something to do with the FSX engine prioritising certain things - and when too many non-essential things get "piled" up by the FSX engine and don't get processed, the engine seems to start cutting corners and not doing things correctly anymore. Examples of this are ever increasing blurries, wind shear that goes completely nuts with 180 degree shifts, ATC messages that start to "lag" behind or no longer make contextual sense etc - things people have complained about regularly in the past. Most if not all of these problems go away when more processing power is thrown at the sim, or things turned down (the latter not really an option any of us like). I did notice that as I built more powerful machines, the issue with the slowing throttle response tended to not appear 100% of the time or took longer to appear - these days it can happen within about an hour to 90 minutes. And I also notice it tends to happen when (of all things) ATC gets heavily caught up firing multiple messages to a large number of aircraft at once (including my own when I might get half a dozen instructions within a minute). This suggests my "priorities" theory might be correct. Anyway, I just thought I would check to see if anyone ever found a solution, though I suspect short of running FSX on a state of the art 2023 machine with an ultra fast processor (or turning things down or off to the point where it is no longer is a decent simming experience), this is likely one bug / issue that I have to live with (just like the other things mentioned as well as the mouse slowdown, etc).
  4. Hi all With Steam announcing its shutting access for windows 7 next Jan would it still be playable in offline mode after that date. I would still like to run a PC on windows 7 as I have other software that is not compatible with win10 I have tested and I can play in offline mode but I assume steam updates after the cut off date could render the offline mode a no go as well Cheer Rhys
  5. ¡Hola a todos! Este es mi primer mensaje aquí y realmente necesito ayuda. Estaba instalando la Actualización de ayudas a la navegación para FSX:SE y todo se instaló correctamente (o eso parecía ya que en la instalación no vi ningún error) y dentro del juego todo funcionaba bien excepto los "datos del aeropuerto" y cuando lo intento para hacer una aproximación en un aeropuerto con ILS, la torre me da una aproximación visual, algo que antes no pasaba. Las otras cosas de la actualización funcionan, excepto la actualización de ILS. Quisiera saber si alguien me puede dar alguna idea de como solucionar esto, muchas gracias! English translation: Hello everyone! This is my first post here and I really need help. I was installing the Navaids Update for FSX:SE and everything installed correctly (or so it seemed since I didn't see any errors in the installation) and within the game everything worked fine except the "airport data" and when I try to make an approach at an airport with ILS, the tower gives me a visual approach, something that didn't happen before. The other update stuff works except the ILS update. I would like to know if someone can give me some idea how to solve this, thank yo
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the woai package for the airline "Air Astana", the flag carrier of Astana. If anyone had those and could give me a download link I'd greatly appreciate it, as Central Asia has 0 traffic in my sim except Turkmenistan. I'd also like to know if an Uzbekistan airways Package exists, and if it does someone could give me a download link for that one as well.
  7. Hi all Posted this in the Milviz support forum with no luck so thought I would try here Now that I have the FSX se version of the great milviz uh1c I thought I would Set up a sling load free flight Like I have with other helicopters which all work successfully.I have copied the hoist and sling entries from my other aircraft and copied to both the air cfg file and the saved flight file like my other sling load flights but the uh1c is not showing the attached cable.When I launch the uh1c saved flight the enabled hook show up very briefly on the top right of the screen then disappears.Just wondering if any one could shed some lightCheersRhys
  8. Following FSX add ons have caught my eye, being nicely discounted in the sale: FS Global 2010 (anything has got to be better than default mesh but without the bloated mesh of MSFS). Air Hauler 2 - Looks quite interesting to add some purpose to FSX. However can you save and resume flights in progess, an issue with other similar add ons such as FS Passengers or Airliner Pilot. DC10 - Think this is the Just Flight/CLS version. Any or all worth buying?
  9. I have these weird mouse stutters/lag, every time I use PACX for FSX-SE (im still poor enough to only being able to fly fsx), it seems like every 3rd sec there is a mouse lag where the mouse becomes unresponsive for a certain amount of time. Has anyone had the same experience? or any fixes for such?
  10. Hi, I have recently installed the RFScenerybuilding LSGG for FSX steam edition but when I load it up the scenery appears but it has weird black spots where the jetways or taxi way signs are but when I zoom out it is fine. Can anyone help me?
  11. Hi all I have a full scale MD500e simulator with T shape instrument panel. I have HSI. VOR1 and ADF instruments plus I have a stand alone wet compass The HSI is centered in the middle of my instrument panel with the VOR1 and ADF bottom left I'm using the default FSX se radio panel. I want to keep the hsi, but as for the vor1 and adf which instrument should I keep I want to keep the sim more VFR than IFR Cheers Rhys
  12. I just reinstalled FSX steam because some addons arent available in P3d V4...and it runs worse...I'm getting 18 FPS in FSX where I get 60 in P3D in the same situations...I have a new modern computer and I was expecting it to shred FSX...I'll post my specs if needed. Any ideas?
  13. When I use the A220-100 It works fine but when I use the A220-300 I get an error message like visual model not displayed. This is on FSX steam can anyone help?
  14. This is really weird. Just now I planned a flight from KSLC to Honolulu. I have had the Level D 767 installed in FSX-SE for many years. But this time, when I went to the select aircraft menu, it's not there! I checked the root library of FSX and the 767 is still there, in its own folder (Level D simulations) not in the simobjects, but that's the way it has always been. Tried rebooting FSX, but still no sign of the LD 767. Any ideas where that 767 flew off? I didn't post this in the Level D forum, because it's quite dormant. Eytan Ornstein
  15. I know TrackIR 5 is the standardfor head tracking technology. There is another company AMIXY that offers a head tracking solution that doesn’t require a IR sensor on a hat or headset. It does all the tracking by camera. Any one using this tracker with FSXSE? Thanks!
  16. Has anyone got recent experience of using this aircraft in FSX-SE? I downloaded the current up to date version from Simviation, followed all the install instructions. I can set up a flight from the planner screen and the aircraft displays in the window, however once I hit fly now get a brief black screen then CTD. Other aircraft work fine so this appears to be a RFP specific issue. Any suggestions welcome, thank you.
  17. I've always wanted to try this plane but only have FSX:SE and from what I can tell, it seems to say it's only compatible with the old boxed version of FSX. Does anyone know if the Captain Sim B707 works with FSX:SE? I appreciate anyone's help, thanks.
  18. I lost my hard disc and started all over. I require the payware storch but can't find it after days of searching. can anyone help me? ptrev (40 years a simmer) FSX steam.
  19. I have a couple of utilities like GoFlight config that load from the .CFG file at FSX SE Start-Up. Is there any way to auto respond with Yes to those prompts? Thanks!
  20. I've been meaning to do a bit of exploration into the Norwegian airlines, and my interest was revived this past week, due to a sequence of excellent images of the "Tail Fin Heroes" themed (Norwegian) B738s seen here lately...[Side Note: Norwegian's unmistakable livery consisting of a red nose, followed by a thin blue ribbon and white fuselage, with the vertical stabilizer, initially featuring historically distinctive Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, and Finns, has since expanded to individuals of other nationalities across Europe and the Americas..See images below.]...Plus, coincidentally, I've been recently watching a few Episodes of the Netflix mini-series called "A Storm for Christmas", depicting a curious set of intertwined characters and events all filmed on location at Oslo Airport in Norway (mostly inside the terminals), while a dangerous (winter) storm is raging outside...bringing (holiday) air-traffic to a complete halt...and leaving transit passengers (and a Pilot) stranded in the Airport... Anyway, in this post, I focus on "Norwegian Air Shuttle", trading as "Norwegian", (and "NAS" for short, see e.g., the Tail of the legacy "NAS" Fokker 50, in the first shot below, for this logo). The "Norwegian" of today is not to be confused with the historic "Norwegian Air Lines" of bygone years, Norway's oldest and original flag carrier, founded in 1927, that would eventually lose its identity by becoming one of the 3 country-specific founders (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) to create, in 1948, today's SAS. But there is also an indirect connection between "NAS" and "SAS". "NAS" was originally founded, in January 1993 (it will be exactly 30 years old in the upcoming New Year, January 2023), to take over the role of the regional subsidiary "Busy Bee" operating for (then) Braathens (or Braathens SAFE) - see one shot of Braathens B737-500 below. Braathens, for most of its history, was the largest domestic airline in Norway. Following Busy Bee's bankruptcy in December 1992, NAS took over three leased Fokker 50 aircraft (see one F50 shot below), and thus was born its very first (official) flight operations. It would later go on to deploy 737-300s (one shot below) and 737-500s, prior to being 738-exclusive. In 2001, Braathens and SAS would merge to first become "SAS Braathens", and then later renamed to only "SAS". Until that juncture, "NAS" was in wet lease agreement with its mother company Braathens, i.e., fully dependent on it for (a/c, crew, maintenance), but after that juncture, with its mother company bought and dissolved in SAS, NAS would be forced to grow up in a hurry, by itself, and be independent ...operating routes and selecting a/c in its own right. Around that time too, in September 2002, this little "bold" (LCC) airline would re-brand itself as "Norwegian"...to become Norway's de-facto (and largest airline), and, in fact, the second-largest airline in Scandinavia, behind SAS. In the decade (2010-2020), with ambitious visions, it would next add long-haul routes (New York City / Bangkok) to its operations using Dreamliner 787s (recall its "regional" roots very similar to SWA and Ryanair). For fun, I've also included a what-if "NAS" B767-300 "Hero" livery (see 5th shot below), if "NAS" had not started directly with B787s for its long-haul operations. By 2017, Norwegian's rapid (fleet) expansions had made it Scandinavia's largest airline...! Unfortunately, as of now, in 2022, both "NAS" (and "SAS" too) have been bracing through a volatile and unstable period of existence in their aviation sectors...e.g., "NAS" has now terminated all its long-haul operations and reverted back to its original (short-haul) roots...still with an impressive fleet of 737s (70 "-800"s (see one shot below) and up to (planned) 80 "MAX8"s). NAS's now-dead "low-cost long-haul" model, though, was supposedly considered attractive to travelers, and was operated with sparkling new 787s, could not be sustained, due to impacts of the Pandemic and other (competitive) business factors. Interestingly, however, from the remnants of these very same now-discontinued (budget-priced) long-haul operations of "Norwegian", has now arisen another new entrant (and a separate) airline...a Norwegian too, based out of Arendal, Norway, called "Norse Atlantic" (see 2 pictures of its 789, below), which mostly uses the same aircraft that were previously in Norwegian's (long-haul) fleet, and flies many of the same routes as Norwegian's (past) long-haul operations. We should wish Norse well...after all a $110 one-way flight across the pond, in the Dreamliner, may be worth considering...🙂...but only the market forces would tell for sure of its future success. I was impressed to read on their website, "Our Dreamliners...are some of the most modern, efficient aircraft in the skies. Our brand is inspired by the Oseberg longship in Oslo, a symbol of the long-lasting ingenuity of Viking explorers. Here at Norse, we consider our aircraft longships, following the tradition of Norsemen and Norsewomen, who explored the world generations before..."...Surely, no one can dispute that heritage...with the legendary explorer "Roald Amundsen" coming to mind... (however, we'll no longer get to see the "Heroes" on the Norwegian 787 Tails...so, I've included a few NAS 789 pictures below...including two with the iconic British singer/Hero "Freddie Mercury"....and two of "NAS" UNICEF...) Thanks for viewing and comments are welcome...!! Merry Christmas... (while I now go out to see how much snow the overnight blizzard has left for me to clean...🙂...) ...!
  21. [I've flown the JF/AH DC-3/C-47 on occasions, but do not recall flying the JF/AH C-46, though I have owned it for a while. Here is a most remarkable story of one (and same) C46 Commando, I came across today, in two distinct airline colors...] As aviation enthusiasts, we're lucky to find WWII-era (iconic) airplanes preserved in a museum, and the Curtiss C-46 is a most interesting (but less talked-about) WWII-era a/c that was designed and built under the shadow of the legendary Douglas DC-3/C-47 and flew 5 years after the DC-3. Though, the C46 Commando served, in the military, in the same role as the C-47 Skytrain; for civilian pax transport, in spite of being twin-engined, it was actually aimed to compete with the "4-engined" likes of Douglas DC-4 and Boeing 307 Stratoliner. The C-46 was the biggest twin-engine airplane in the world when it first flew - not only much bigger than the DC-3, but, surprisingly also longer, taller and with wider wingspan than the (contemporary) "4-engined" heavies such as the B-17 Flying Fortress or the B-24 Liberator...! Nonetheless, compared to over 10,000 C-47 Skytrain variants (alone) of DC-3 built, only ~3000 total C-46s were manufactured. The C46's most distinguishing feature is the unique shape of its fuselage...originally designed and patented by Curtiss to enable it to better withstand the pressure differential at high altitudes. It featured a roomy (and cavernous) "double bubble" fuselage, with a cross-section in the form of two segments mated together, top and bottom (see images below) ...therefore nicknamed "The (Flying) Whale" due to such a whale-like appearance. The C-46 was manufactured in mind-boggling variations (just as the DC-3 was), and to be precise, the model shown, below, here, is a "C-46D", the Final large production-run variant. The C46-D had arrived on the scene during the Final year of WWII, and therefore, just as the DC-3/C47, found subsequent applications, post-War, as a passenger (and cargo) transporter with world-wide operators. Anyway, (year 1945 to year 2022) gives us 77 years...And here is the amazing story (and images) of a Curtiss C-46 Commando, that was delivered factory fresh, to the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), back in Feb. of 1945, ~6 months before the end of WWII. First, it served with (USAAF/USAF) for 16 years, then it would be acquired and operated, for 12 years, by Capitol Air (a charter airline operating of out of its hub KJFK in New York City). During this Capitol ownership, under fortuitous circumstances, this C46 would be leased out in Europe, to Lufthansa, for 5 years, between (1964-1969), serving Lufthansa's Cargo operations to various German cities, in the LH colors (though still with Capitol's Reg. N9891Z, the ID you see in my Lufthansa pictures below), and actually "Operated by Capitol Air". Then, after going through, nearly 10 more successive airlines/owners, finally, in 1994, the a/c would end up with Buffalo Airways, based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, this airline, being of the reality television series "Ice Pilots" fame. In the Buffalo Airways livery, it carries the Reg. C-FAVO (the ID you see in my Buffalo Airways pictures below) ...and is amazingly still active and current, as of this year (2022), with Buffalo Airways, after 77 years of lifetime and continued service...! So, the two sets of C46 pictures, below, indeed, belong to the very same airframe, but merely dressed in different uniforms...! One giveaway, in the Buffalo livery, is the (left-over) Lufthansa "Blue Crane" logo that can be spotted on both sides of the forward fuselage, just under the cockpit windows. Of course, you can also spot this same "Blue Crane" logo in my pictures of the Lufthansa livery too, in identical spots of the fuselage. So, interestingly, it appears the airlines that this C46 went to, after Lufthansa, respectfully retained the iconic Lufthansa "Crane" on the fuselage, as a proud mnemonic of its past heritage and European operations.... Please find below, 20 pictures, as a symbolic tribute and testament to the strength and durability of this remarkable plane that was born, 77 years ago, under the subsiding clouds of WWII, but, unbelievably, is still active today, in 2022: first, 10 pictures (shots #1 - #10) of it in the Lufthansa colors lifting off from a German airport, and next another 10 pictures (shots #11 - #20) of the same a/c in the Buffalo Airways colors, landing somewhere in the wintry and desolate Northwest Territories... Hope you enjoy this collection of pictures of this classic (and amazing) example of a workhorse...that was originally built by Curtiss-Wright, in their Buffalo (New York) plant, in 1945, and has finally returned to an airline (coincidentally) also called "Buffalo"...🙂... [Side Note: The (same) Curtiss company also produced a phenomenal ~14,000 units of the (iconic) P-40 fighter (all) also built at the same Buffalo (NY) plant (btw, please do see the beautiful pictures of a special P-40 "Gloria Lyons" in the latest post by Jankees...🙂...) ...] ...!
  22. In this (follow-up) Part II, I show Air Canada colors on the 787-8, to which I'm partial because it's my namesake...🙂...Among the trio (767/777/787), the 767 had flown first in 1981, the 777 flew next, 13 years later, in 1994, and the 787 Dreamliner flew last, another 15 years later, in 2009. So, clearly, these 3 airplanes exhibit 3 levels of aerospace technology innovations over a period of 30 years...in terms of Design methodology, computerization, avionics, and use of composite materials etc. It's said e.g., that the Triple Seven was the first commercial aircraft to be designed entirely using 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD). All 3 a/c (767/777/787) were/are extremely successful and popular among world operators, being pioneers of the times, in their respective categories. The 787, though still smaller than the 777, is, of course, the most technologically advanced and most fuel-efficient too, within the group of (767/777/787). Among the 787's many innovations, I was reading e.g., a bit today about its (innovative) landing gears designed and built by the (French Company) Safran Landing Systems. While these gears may look similar to those on other a/c (e.g., see the B767 main gears in my pictures of Part I), composed of "two" sets of "four" wheels under the wings (I've included close-up 787 belly-shots, below), the system was designed with many remarkably advanced features, for the first time. To complete my Air Canada story, please find below, first, 2 images (shots #1 and #2) of the most recent Air Canada livery (the one that followed the "Toothpaste"), on a 787-8. I've interjected these two images, below, to start with, of the current livery for ease of side-by-side comparison. This latest "white-black-red" combo livery is now well-known...with return of the roundel on the tail and the distinctive (eyeshade) masking on the cockpit windows, because of which this livery is sometimes called the "bandit" or “raccoon". In this latest livery below, you'll also notice that the fuselage (maple-leaf) roundel has been moved below the window line compared to that seen on the Toothpaste livery, where the roundel was placed above the window line. Anyway, whether it's called a "Toothpaste" or a "Bandit" or a “Raccoon” ...🙂...I like both the "new" and "old" liveries, which have got their own unique appeals, but that's, of course, just my opinion...just as everyone else's on-line, so, I'll (should) let you decide for yourselves...🙂...Hope my pictures, here, help a bit...!! Thanks for viewing...!!
  23. Here is a topic that has been the subject of many (on-line) discussions among Air Canada livery enthusiasts...including both the Canadians and non-Canadians...🙂...e.g., someone says, "I cannot stand the Toothpaste Blue..." or another, at the opposite end of the opinion spectrum, says, "I actually quite prefer this color..." and so on...Oh well...one thing is clear, we (aviation) fans of a certain airline livery (no matter whether of our own nation or another and whether the livery is 10 years old or 50 years old) ...surely have our (unique) preferences (i.e., personal likes and dislikes...so to speak) whenever a new or/and revised livery is introduced. Nonetheless, the new livery moves on, dictated by the principles of the respective corporate identity and other significant (business) factors such as "branding" and "fashion" etc... Eventually, we have no choice but to get used to the new livery...sometimes maybe grudgingly...🙂...until the livery changes colors again... While I was recently exploring the Varig 767 (if you wish, please see my earlier 767 post), I recalled that though I'm rather fond of the 767, here is a plane, I've actually travelled on, just once, to the best of my memory....(as opposed to e.g. the 757, I distinctly recall many flights on AA 757s; while noting also that both 757 and 767 were introduced into service almost at the same time, and remained contemporaries for nearly 25 years...). Due to some reasons, I never got to fly transoceanic on a 767, and the only (short) B767 flight of mine, had occurred with Air Canada, from Toronto to Montreal, that too fortuitously due to a substitution of a/c arising from equipment malfunction with the a/c of the originally scheduled airline. It was possible due to both airlines being member of the The Star Alliance. You'll notice this Star Alliance logo on both sides of the cockpit windows of all the Air Canada airplanes, I've featured in my posts, here. Anyway, the livery of that Air Canada 767, I flew on, was the so-called "Toothpaste Blue"...🙂... (subject livery of my 2 posts) ... The Toothpaste livery or more formally known as Air Canada’s "Old" livery is the 2nd most recent livery. Air Canada traces its historic roots back to April 1937 with the formation of Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA). With over 85 years of history, and (officially) renamed Air Canada in 1965, the airline has naturally gone through several livery revisions. Around 2004, after doing away with the classic cheatline schemes that we've come to love in the even "older" Air Canada liveries, Air Canada, till about 2016, would go with a light turquoise fuselage color aka: the Toothpaste Blue livery. With this look, the graphic (iconic) maple leaf on the tail would stand out more strikingly, but without the circular (roundel) outline. On the fuselage, the wordmarks, making the words "Air Canada," as well as the other (maple-leaf) roundel, got larger and thicker. The roundel on the fuselage appeared above the window line. The aircraft's engines would also take the same (turquoise) color as the fuselage. The "turquoise" is kind of a delicate "bluish-green" color (or is it "greenish-blue"?), based on the mineral (gemstone) of the same name. To be precise, "turquoise" color actually comes with many gradations (Light turquoise, Turquoise blue, Medium turquoise, Dark turquoise, Bright turquoise etc.), and the Air Canada Toothpaste livery belongs to the very first tone i.e., "Light turquoise". Please find, here, in my 2 Part POSTs, 3 sets of images of Air Canada (Toothpaste) Boeings: First, in this Part I, 10 pictures (shots #1-#10) of a 767-300 (Reg. C-GHPF) on take-off, and then also 10 pictures (shots #11-#20) of a 777-200LR (Reg. C-FIUA) on climb-out. In the below pictures, visually speaking, the 767/777 might look similar to the layman (yours truly included), but a couple of distinguishing features of the 777 are its enormous engines and the much larger wingspans (see shots below). And finally in my Part II, you'll find a set of images of the Air Canada Boeing 787-8, also in the phase of lifting off and climbing to cruise... Hope you enjoy this collection of Air Canada (Boeing) 767/777 pictures, in the "turquoise" colored livery. Please also see my Part II for the "turquoise" colored Air Canada 787... Thanks for your interest and good flying...!!
  24. Today I came across two repaints of Varig/Gol 767-300s... Varig was the historic and leading airline of Brazil, that existed for nearly 80 years, before giving up its (own) original identity and being fully integrated into Today's Gol Airlines. Since 1961, Varig had utilized, on its a/c, one of the most recognized logos of the world...the famous "compass rose" (or the "star"). You'll see (a version of) this iconic logo on the (blue) tail of the 767 in the below images...and the "bold face" font "VARIG" appearing prominently across the fuselage. Note also the small Brazilian flag next to the Registration ID (PR-VAB) on the rear fuselage. Of course, later on, with sale of the airline to Gol, the Varig brand would be replaced by that of its (new) mother airline... This specific (Varig) 767 is one of the 25 767s that were once part of Varig's proud fleet (that also consisted of many 747s, DC10s, MD11s, 777s etc.), and would be now 22-years old, that had served with Varig/Gol between 2007-2011. It's powered by Pratt & Whitney PW4060 series engines. As I happened to catch sight of a flight, on FlightAware, that this (Varig) 767-300ER (PR-VAB) actually did, years ago, from Barcelona, Spain; I've included, here, a (sample) set of pictures with my 767-300, also, flying out of LEBL (Barcelona–El Prat Airport) on its way westward to LEMD (Madrid–Barajas Airport)...cruising at FL310, over and across the spectacular Iberian Chain of mountain ranges of northeastern Spain (see a few screenshots of this region, below)... Regarding the SIM of choice, here, it's one of my perennial favorites and classic (old gold) SIMs...that I go back to once in a while, for nostalgia. From the legacy look of it, I'll let you guess the maker of this 767 SIM...🙂... Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures of this classic Boeing airliner...in the color of an equally classic airline...once one of the largest and better-known South American airlines...! Thanks for your interest and good flights to you...!!
  25. Yesterday, I'd posted (if you wish please see the Topic, "The "Final" 747 Jumbo has left the building..."), about the Final B747 that rolled out earlier, this week, from the Boeing Everett Factory...thereby marking the official end of the B747 production line. For symbolic representation, I'd shown there a set of pictures of an (iFly) 747-400 in the Atlas livery... As if on cue, a repainter has delightfully read my mind...🙂...Among today's upload files, I was so pleasantly surprised to catch a repaint of the (RW) 747-8F Atlas Air registration (N863GT) "Bare metal" rollout livery...in the (pre-painting) Factory Green color... Please note, below, in the images, the sticker "The Last 747..." on the rear fuselage. This is the 1,574th 747...which would be the last one to be built in Everett, in the cherished history of the Jumbo... The model credit, here, is thanks to POSKY/Skyspirit... Hope you Enjoy this set of (perspective) pictures of this Final 747 airframe...prior to its actual delivery to Atlas in early 2023...!! [Edit: BTW, folks, I just noticed that the Reg ID on this repaint says "N683GT" but not "N863GT" as it should be...I'll leave a note for the repainter...]
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