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  1. I have been an Flight Sim user for 50 years, so this is very strange... In FSX-SE. I am pretty sure that KSAN is not a detailed city or airport in FSX, so I installed an addon scenery. (Normal installation, creating a KSAN folder on my external drive and creating a scenery folder inside that, Then putting the file's bgl's in there. Then adding it through the Scenery Liobrary, as I've done for decades (although this is the first time using a separate drive for addon scenery). It now has cruise ships, several hangers, etc. So it worked. I also added several other sceneries... Here's what is strange. After adding another scenery that did not seem to be changing anything, I went back to the scenery library and, as a test, disabled the KSAN scenery (unchecked it) and hit OK . When I loaded up a flight at KSAN, the addon objects were still there. I went back to the Scenery Library and this time deleted KSAN. No change. It still looks like the addon. I was also wondering why I had zero AI traffic at my KTUS addon so I thought maybe the addon had changed something, so I deleted that airport. But KTUS still looks the same. To be honest, I am not sure if what I am seeing at KTUS is FSX default or the addon but if I disable that there is no change...same as KSAN. So I see 2 possibilities. 1- KSAN and the San Diego area is a lot mor detailed than I expected the FSX default KSAN to be, which means the addon isn't showing (even though I got no error messsages when installing it through the Senery Libray). 2- The addon installed but, for some resason, I can't deactivate it (which makes no sense whatsover.) 3- FSX is not recognizizing any of them, even though, when I examine the sceneries in the Scenet Library, they all have the correct location (external drive) and look like they are installed. Somebody help if you can. Pete
  2. I have a problem with the layout and display of the Keflavík (BIKF) airport display in FSX-SE. I don't have any additional scenery or terrain features added. Reykjavík (BIRK) airport displays OK. I've attached a couple of screen shots for BIKF and I'm wondering if someone who is more familiar with scenery design can help he correct this problem. As it now stands, BIKF is unusable. Thanks, Jim Driskell
  3. Hello Co Simmers, I downloaded the very nice LSZB Bern Belp scenery from Wolfgang Allers from avsim library and installed with updates as told in the readme. I use FSX SE, WIN 10 on a machine with i57600, Geforce GTX1050 ti. All went fine, but the scenery shows several great and sharply contoured all black areas on the apron; to see when approaching or in shift F12 aerial view or when parking on èm. New download and installation did not help.The textures listed in the avsim zip view seem completely in my Installation. Some black textures begin with a $ sign, example $panel1.dds ??? I contacted the author, he identified it as a texture problem, that never occured until now. Was very kind, but couldn´t help, having no FSX Maschine to check. W. A. was not sure, if FSX SE may cause the anomaly. I don´t think so, never had a texture anomaly with other sceneries ( only with an effect problem on Kefallinia Island by McKeough), see my other post). Someone here with this scenery? Similar problems? Someone here here with a solution? Thanks and happy flights Ulrich
  4. Just downlaoded and installed the F-86 addon from MilViz. Everything works fine except the virtual cockpit under DX10 preview mode, as shown in the attached screenshot. I already have the free DX10 fixer addon installed. Anyone knows how to fix it?
  5. Exactly as title says, I have gotten this to work before but every single time I do this it says that it was unable to load some program files and to reinstall. I use FSX SE, so I install and run and works fine, then I simply move the other files and DO NOT overwrite anything, and then it somehow makes it unable to load, uninstalling and reinstalling without removing the non default files does not work. I am completely stumped with this, unless somehow the files themselves are corrupt from the copying process, I have no clue what would trigger this. For clarity, I FSX runs just fine on my other pc, just somehow the exact same setup fails when put on my laptop. If anyone would know how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hi, I have just started using FSET (FS Earth Tile), along with FreemeshX Global terrain mesh scenery 2. Im finding it a great way to improve my FSX experience however I do have a problem. Anywhere i have created my own airport and with scenery created with FSET, i can see the runways, taxis, buildings etc but the landclass is not of the airport and FSET autogen covers the airport. I have tried changing the scenery priorities in FSX but to no effect. Dave
  7. I have been unable to get into FSX-SE through steam or directly with FSX-SE. It had been working fine since firt installed in win11. Recently its a no go. Some how I show the Beta edition now and not sure how I got that unless out of frustration I clicked on it. Either way the previous version was not starting up. I would get the sunrise start picture but then it would disappear and no program. Multiple attempts. I did see that my fsx-se looked short of items when i checked that. I thought it re-loads on every startup??? If this could be an issue does anyone have and ideas on how to correct it? How would I get rid of the Beta version if that is a problem. Thanks for any info. Sterk03
  8. I'm fling the arctic rescue and no matter what I doit fails. Any tips or incites would help thanks. Screenshot
  9. I downloaded FSX 2 months ago, and since the first moment i opened it, i started noticing stutters and FPS drops every like 10 seconds, even at the lowest settings. My Laptop specs are: Win10-64 Bits Central Clock APU - AMD Radeon(TM) RX Vega 10 Graphics - Main/Integrated VRAM - 1024 MB - DDR4 1200 MHz Graphics - AMD Radeon(TM) RX Vega 10 Graphics Graphics Card Manufacturer - Powered by AMD Usable Memory Size - 1024 MB Core Clock - 1400 MHz Memory Type - DDR4 Memory Clock - 1200 MHz Memory Bit Rate - 2.40 Gbps Total memory bandwidth - 38 GByte/s 8GB RAM
  10. Hi everyone. I've had FSX SE running for a few years. Lately it's getting really buggy. Even after upgrading to a better graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 20260, and a new 450 GB SATA SSD, I get annoying stuttering and ctds. Is there a log file somewhere that would indicate what the underlying problem is? Ethan
  11. Hi I hope someone out there with Sode knowledge can help me I have just installed version 1.8.0 of Sode into P3D and i also selected the option for FSX steam addition, the install for P3D seems to have worked as i can select the required gate from the sode menu ( for example Gate 111 at UK2000 EGKK and all works normally) Something seems to have gone wrong the the FSX install as even though the initial screen let me register and activate for both sims i am getting no SODE entry on the FSX menu. I then select repair from the installer and i am getting the following error message under the FSX entry Registration error exe.xml Sucess dll.xml Success * Simobject Path entries * FSX.cfg (Main) file not found FSX.cfg (common) file not found Just wanted to add this machine has never had the boxed edition installed and the FSX.CFG file is in the right place (Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX) I really have no idea what to do next 😞 kind Regards Darran
  12. My computer (Dell Vostro 7510) specs are: i7-11800H, RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU, 16GB memory (I know this won't matter much) and plays the game usually under 1920*1080 My problem is that when I am in the addon airports such as Flytampa VHHX, the FPS would drop to around 15 (typically around 40 without addon airports) Is there any solution to boost the FPS to at least 25?
  13. is there any other methods or sites where i can download freemeshx 2.0 global other than in flyawaysimulation? its 45gb and i dont have money for pro membership, and the nintwopro links are broken, any other methods? thanks in advance.
  14. hello for those who have fsx steam edition I must download only the fsx steam edition compatible planes?
  15. Hello Nico, First I would like to wish you Happy Holiday's. I know you are taking a break from PSXT until after the new year, but was hoping you can help me when back. I am running psxt on fsx-se ( I understand that it is no longer being updated ) it has been working fine but when I tried to run it today got this error Error 98: This version has been reverted, download version 5.2.0 Did something change on your end? Thanks as always John
  16. Happy new year all My sim pc is Asus mother board i5-4690k 3.5 (4CPUs) 8gig ddr3 Invidia gforce GTX 1650 Tuf 4g ddr6 windows 10 Home DirectX 12 Not the best PC but for the time being does the job ok I am also running steves DX10 fixer I have some tweaks in my cfg file [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 HIGHMEMFIX=1 [BUFFERPOOLS] PoolSize=0 When putting in the tweak is there an exact location in the cfg file that the tweaks need to go Regards Rhys
  17. Hi all Sometimes when I start FSX se, when my flight loads within a couple of seconds I get the blue spinning icon and fsx se stops and I am back to the desktop Looking at event view I have located this error message which is below Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.62615.0, time stamp: 0x559f9a9a Faulting module name: API.DLL, version: 10.0.62615.0, time stamp: 0x559f9ab5 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x000e3b9a Faulting process id: 0x1ddc Faulting application start time: 0x01da217ff04c1970 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\fsx.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\API.DLL Report Id: 151187a8-414b-4c4d-8cd8-c55360c1cec2 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Doesn't do it all the time but a little annoying and wondering if anyone here as had the same issue and is there a fix Regards Rhys
  18. Hi people, STEAM warning people that from 01 January, no more running on Win 7 and 8! Im ask if have a way to keep my FSX-SE running without steam client, because im still on Windows 7 and can´t update for a time this machine due other works.
  19. Hello all, I know we are still dealing with data issues due to RT, but I have an observation. I notice as I fly along my route and pass other airports I am not seeing traffic at those airports. For example I depart KHPN to the south and as I fly over KLGA I am not seeing any ground traffic. Is that to be expected? Thanks in advance John
  20. Hi all I read a lot that anti-aliasing setting should be set to application controlled in the Nvidia setting, Should I then untick ant-aliasing in fsx and that filtering is the best Cheers Rhys
  21. I am trying to make a flightplan. I am trying to use the MRAI Gen program, all is good but it generates a Zipped folder as to which I dont know what to do with it. Maybe the MRAI Gen is not suitable for FSX SE. If not, can anybody tell me a good program to use? Traffic Tools is for FS9 and 2002 only. I tried MRAI Flight plan installer but...again, its only made for FS 2002 or FS9. I'm out of options. Any help would be very much appreciated. Lee
  22. Hi fellow simmers! Im posting here because I would like to know if anyone wants to make some buildings/landmarks for the FS Community. Default objects are ok if your not able to design them with textures. It would be a plus if you can. I have pics to show the object, let me know what you can do. Lee
  23. Hello All, I am noticing that landing aircraft are not deploying their landing gear and in turn landing and disappearing into the runways. I am using "Just Flight Ultimate Traffic" Models. I know that simconnect plays into all of this, is there a way to look at simconnect logs to see if the landing gear are being engaged by PSXT? Should note that using FSX normal AI no issues with landing gear. Thanks John
  24. Yesterday, I'd posted (if you wish please see the Topic, "The "Final" 747 Jumbo has left the building..."), about the Final B747 that rolled out earlier, this week, from the Boeing Everett Factory...thereby marking the official end of the B747 production line. For symbolic representation, I'd shown there a set of pictures of an (iFly) 747-400 in the Atlas livery... As if on cue, a repainter has delightfully read my mind...🙂...Among today's upload files, I was so pleasantly surprised to catch a repaint of the (RW) 747-8F Atlas Air registration (N863GT) "Bare metal" rollout livery...in the (pre-painting) Factory Green color... Please note, below, in the images, the sticker "The Last 747..." on the rear fuselage. This is the 1,574th 747...which would be the last one to be built in Everett, in the cherished history of the Jumbo... The model credit, here, is thanks to POSKY/Skyspirit... Hope you Enjoy this set of (perspective) pictures of this Final 747 airframe...prior to its actual delivery to Atlas in early 2023...!! [Edit: BTW, folks, I just noticed that the Reg ID on this repaint says "N683GT" but not "N863GT" as it should be...I'll leave a note for the repainter...]
  25. Yes I've tried reinstalling multiple times, yes I tried veryfing files, yes I tried installing the honeycomb configurator to see if that helps(thats what I need) but nothing happens
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