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Found 1,229 results

  1. Hello, Just started flying the DC-10 HD by CLS, and I noticed that in some weather, the airspeed will go down to 0. I have fixed this issue before on the 737, by turning on the heating, but doing the same here does not seem to help. I have attached screenshots of my panel settings below, as well as of the airspeed indicator. Is there another setting on the panel that I also need to change? Thanks
  2. Hello, As the title suggests, I am unable to see through the VC windshields for the Airbus Collection: Long Haul product on FSX:SE. I have other CLS products like the DC10 and BAE146 working fine, but this one doesn't want to cooperate. Please note that it does work when I turn the DirectX10 Preview setting off, but as I hope everyone would agree, the game looks pretty bad with that setting off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I was looking forward to flying the wide diversity of liveries that it comes with. Solutions attempted: "Rain" fix from various websites such as JF, CLS and Flight1. This happens even in clear skies, so I don't think this patch is relevant in this case. All other available patches from the JF site. I previously purchased Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer and it unfortunately doesn't help in this situation. One other interesting note, is that when the plane first loads, and you switch from external (F11) to VC (F9) view, you see through the windshield for a fraction of a second, after which it greys out. Subsequent switches like that no longer offer this glimpse, until you reload. Screenshot of problem:
  3. I recently decided to activate direct x10 preview on FSX because I wanted to see self shadows and other things in some of my aircraft. I did a test flight with the World of AI aircraft installed and saw this: The plane is grey/white. I'm also noticing this on some of my Freeware addon aircraft as well. At this point I believe that these birds are older and not ready for Dx10. And I'm also questioning if Dx10 is worth it for FSX-SE.
  4. Approach light strobes does not work anymore. I did in the past or if I recall it from box FSX. Anyone knows anything about this? I have asked in the STEAM forum but no reply at all. Does anyone have the "running rabbit" working in FSX:SE? I've checked with ADE and there are approach lights set that should have running strobes, just tested MALSR but no strobes. TIA /Per W Sweden
  5. I've run into VAS consumption issues lately and was curious as to what could be the cause, so I ran some tests and scribbled down some numbers. This post is not a comprehensive test to determine the impact of addon x or y on your VAS consumption, but rather a helper as to what type of content and settings to look at when you run into issues. It kind of supplements the 324534218734287342 other analyses already done by others (or at least Word Not Allowed's, back in the day). All numbers and observations are for my FSX configuration. Your mileage may very well vary. Computing environment: i5 4670K at 4,0 GHz (in turbo mode) 8 GB 2400 MHz RAM GTX570 Sandisk 128GB SSD (Windows) & Crucial 256GB SSD (FSX) Windows 10 x64 FSX Steam All updated and featuring the latest drivers. FSX environment: Ultimate Terrain X USA v1.6 410 AI airlines plus a global, autogenerated GA AI file (136MB) with mostly FSX native models, i.e. tons of AI Water, cloud, etc...textures with stock resolution and filesize FreeMeshX FSX settings: 1680x1050 and fairly high, but pretty much irrelevant in the context of these tests as configuration changes and the impact on the result attained with my baseline configuration will be mentioned for each step anyway The readout for the remaining VAS was obtained via FSUIPC. Take note that lower numbers are worse than higher numbers. Settings used in my FSX are not The first test was observing the impact of aircraft, AI, mip mapped textures for AI aircraft, terrain mesh and various fsx.cfg settings. For this test, I've put the default C208, at 6:30am on this very Friday (Aug. 26th) on the active runway at KMSP. MSP uses a custom airport layout file, retrograding it into its mid to late 1980s state. Weather was the default "cold fronts" theme, viewpoint was exclusively from the VC and FSX was restarted after every configuration change, even if it was not really necessary (e.g. after changing aircraft). The C208 was used to establish a baseline result in the simulator to detemine the relative VAS impact. Configuration changes were done individually from the baseline config. I didn't care to write down the exact radout in bytes, so the numbers you see below are rounded. VAS remaining in the FSX main menu: 3.55 GBVAS remaining in the baseline in-simulator scenario: 2.68 GBVAS remaining with the (modded) RAZBAM Metro 3 as the aircraft (one of the two OOM offenders): 2.13 GB (-0.54 MB from baseline)VAS remaining with the (modded) RAZBAM Metro 3 and deactivated airport layout files as the aircraft (ADEX/AFX/AFCAD): 2.14 GB (-0.54 MB from baseline; +10 MB gain compared to the previous setup)VAS remaining with the (modded) Sky Simulations DC-9 as the aircraft (the second OOM offender): 2.50 GB (-0.18 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with Tom Ruth's (modded) 727-200ADV as the aircraft (no OOM offender): 2.50 GB (-0.18 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with the LOD radius increased from 4.5 to 5.5 in the FSX.cfg: 2.54 GB (-0.14 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with FreeMeshX disabled: 2.70 GB (+0.02 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with AI disabled (flight plan folder deactivated in the scenery.cfg and path to aircraft folder deactivated in the fsx.cfg; affects the visible portion of 227 aircraft in the AI bubble*): 2.80 GB (+0.12 GB from baseline)VAS remaining with AI textures without mip maps (reducing a 1024 px DXT5 DDS texture from 1.33 to 1 MB; affects the visible portion of 227 aircraft in the AI bubble): 2.72 GB (+0.04 GB from baseline, VAS hit for AI in the scenario: -33%)VAS remaining with AI textures without mip maps and ground vehicles (road and all ship traffic) at 0% (Note: I run custom road traffic): 2.74 GB (+0.06 GB from baseline, +0.02 GB gain from the previous setup) Observations: Airplanes are a huge VAS offender, especially ones with a lot of high resolution textures like the RAZBAM Metro. The LOD radius setting in the fsx.cfg will also incur a hit on remaining VAS Disabling AI helps if there is a lot of it Removing mip maps from AI textures is a way to save a bit of VAS space. For the second test, I've put the default C208 onto the active runway at JFK. The date was set to this Friday (Aug. 26th) at the default "Day" time of day (around noon). The weather was again set to "cold fronts". The viewpoint was the VC and FSX was restarted after every configuration change. AI and custom airport layout were disabled for the test. FreeMeshX and Ultimate Terrain X remained enabled. The scenerio was lanuched and allowed to settle for a bit before noting the remaining VAS. The objective for this test was observing VAS usage in relation to the scenery settings picked from the FSX "display" menu. Configuration changes were made sequentially instead of individually. The interesting part of the results is the relative decrease in remaining VAS as one visual feature after another is enabled and set from its minimum to its maximum. VAS remaining in the FSX main menu: 3.55 GBVAS remaining in the baseline in-simulator scenario (with all scenery sliders left and off): 3.27 GBVAS remaining after putting the "Scenery Complexity" slider from "Very Sparse" to "Extremely Dense": 3.12 GB (-0.15 GB from baseline)VAS remaining after putting the "Autogen Density" slider from "None" to "Extremely Dense": 3.00 GB (-0.12 GB from previous configuration; note that I use AutogenDescriptions_Min.spb)VAS remaining after putting the "Level of Detail Radius" slider from "Small" to "Large": 2.74 GB (-0.26 GB from the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Mesh Complexity" slider from "0" to "100": 2.73 GB (-0.01 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Mesh Resolution" slider from "305 m" to "1 m": 2.65 GB (-0.08 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Texture Resolution" slider from "10 m" to "7 cm": 2.55 GB (-0.10 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after enabling "Land Detail Textures": 2.53 GB (-0.02 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Water Effects" slider from "None" to "Max 2.x": 2.45 GB (-0.08 GB to the previous configuration)VAS remaining after putting the "Special Effects Detail" slider from "Low" to "High": 2.45 GB (no change to the previous configuration) Quick follow-on testing using the previous configuration above as a starting point: VAS remaining after putting the "Level of Detail Radius" slider from "Large" to "Small": 2.88 GB (-0.39 GB from baseline; +0.43 GB from the previous configuration)VAS remaining with AI and custom airport layouts enabled (with LOD radius at "Large"): 2.29 GB (-0.98 GB from baseline and -0.16 GB from the second to last configuration with 479 aircraft in the AI bubble*) Observations: The worst offender in terms of VAS usage is, again, the LOD detail radius, followed by scenery complexity and autogen Other scenery detail options may be adjusted to conserve VAS. Putting the maximal mesh and texture resolution at 19 m and 60 cm respectively and dropping water to 2.x low conserves about 0.11 GB of VAS. A quick third test dealt with the "DisablePreload" line for the fsx.cfg. The objective was investigating whether the presence of the line in the fsx.cfg made any difference in VAS consumption by preloading the location of your default flight (BGR in my case) when you wish to start from another airport. This builds upon the scenerio for the first test (i.e. C208 at MSP at dawn) with the difference of using non-mip mapped textures for the AI aircraft. After launching FSX, I let it sit in the main menu for five minutes and watched FSUIPC's reported remaining VAS before loading the testing scenario. VAS remaining in the FSX main menu without "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 3.56 GBVAS remaining after starting the testing scenario without "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 2.72 GBVAS remaining in the FSX main menu with "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 3.56 GB (no change compared to previous config)VAS remaining after starting the testing scenario with "DisablePreload=1" in the fsx.cfg : 2.72 GB (no change compared to previous config) Observation: The "DisablePreload" line in the fsx.cfg has no practical effect in FSXSE. Whether this is due to Dovetail's improved scenery unloading or a broken basic functionality due to recompiling the simulator, I can't say. Maybe the unloading only affects full fledged add-on sceneries like airports. Bonus tests: Impact of texture-related settings on FSX' VAS. The setup is as in test #2, with the difference being that AI and airport layouts are enabled from the start. The starting point was "Global Texture Resolution" at "Very Low" and all eyecandy settings on the aircraft page disabled. Settings were again enabled sequentially. VAS remaining in the baseline in-simulator scenario: 2.40 GBVAS remaining with all aircraft eyecandy settings enabled : 2.40 GB (no change to baseline configuration)VAS remaining with "Global Texture Resolution" at "Maximum" (4096 px in FSXSE) : 2.30 GB (-0.10 GB to baseline or previous configuration)VAS remaining in DX10 mode: 2.35 GB (+0.05 GB to previous configuration; note: No anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering are set since I normally don't use DX10)VAS remaining in DX9 mode without anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering (forced via NVidia Inspector): 2.30 GB (no change to previous DX9 configuration)VAS remaining in DX9 mode with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled in FSX: 2.25 GB (-0.05 GB to previous DX9 configuration) Observations: The global texture resolution seems to have an impact on VAS The AA/AF impact from the FSX-internal options as well as the VAS improvement in DX10 mode is a bit odd and could have another cause (AI aircraft becoming visible or else) Conclusions: It's hard to pinpoint a single cause for OOM problems, but testing on my configuration shows that the user aircraft, AI and level of detail radius are the worst offenders in terms of VAS use. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no other, less important setting that can be adjusted since I'm very much fond of a living 3D world with a reasonable area of detailed ground textures. Furthermore, these tests were static. The benefits or drawbacks of each setting on an entire (long) flight were therefor not determined. One could, however, say that any VAS usage improvement in a static scenario (or at the beginning of a flight) may prove useful during the flight itself. Also note that the impact of AI models themselves is fairly low, accounting for just 0.16 GB even in the NYC area with its three busy, major airports. Testing also shows that the general rule of thumb for FSX remains: Anything that needs to get loaded from disk negatively affects the amount of FSX' remaining VAS. Hope this is useful to someone. Just wanted to avoid throwing the paper with my notes away. * "AI bubble" describes the radius in which FSX creates and tracks AI aircraft. AI only incurs a VAS hit from the moment its lowest detail model becomes visible on screen, making it hard to determine how many AI aircraft are actually visible around the user aircraft.
  6. FSX-SE

    Yes I've been away from FSX for a long while so in the interim bought a new machine, bought FSX-SE, installed Tileproxy and at the weekend bought the above. Despite all my best efforts I see nothing, I've now installed it twice, it lets me select UK East and West to add then takes ages to load 39 of something. Where have they gone. Any help on this would be really appreciated Thanks Paul
  7. I am curious, what are some free or cheap FSX addons that could enhance my overall experience? I already have the PMDG 737, 747, 777, TOPCAT, PrecipitFX, GSX, and several airport addons. I mostly do airline flying and would like to know how to enhance that experience. For example, I heard of an addon that simulates your life as an airline pilot, so you get dispatched to an airport and you start up at the airport that you left off from (I can’t remember the name of that addon, please help). Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  8. My FSX:SE home screen has stopped displaying the Dovetail FSInsider page and I don't know why. Screen shot below shows what I now have - and I am running online with a good internet connection. I'm not aware that I changed anything other than the normal Win10 updates and driver updates. It doesn't seem to be causing any disruption but I'm REALLY curious to understand what's happened. Does anyone know please? Thanks
  9. Hello! So I have now the Carenado Cessna citation S550. Since everyone including me are getting low FPS with this aircraft, I have disabled the cmeteo.dll file which gains me 3-5 FPS. But on the other hand I think the texture 4048x4048 is kinda high, I guess even PMDG has lower. So I want to lower the texture resolutions to 2024x2024 instead. The quastion is, but how? I believe it will gain me a bit more frames.
  10. I recently came across the DynamicFriction for FSUIPC, but realised that asoon as I apply manual braking (even a split second tap) braking returns to default and the plane comes to a halt within seconds. I also noticed that applying and releasing the parking brake fixes this, but this is a bit of a pain in itself because if I take a turn at low speeds, I'll come to a halt anyway by applying and releasing the parking brake. Quite a dilemma! I was wondering if there was a fix, alternative or just something that provides a similar feel just without this rather frustrating bug. Thanks! EDIT: Just tried the Friction lua instead of DynamicFriction (not sure if they're the same or not) and it appears to also happen.
  11. After my system crashed and I repaired the system, I opened my Scenery Config editor and the message below greeted me I installed my flight sims both P3Dv4 and FSX:SE, I also have boxed edition of FSX installed but I don't use it Before the system crash I had exactly the same installation and the SCEditor worked fine, I don't know what to do Please anyone has any idea what's going on here Help please Many Thanks ahanson277 Uncaught Exception! This shouldn't happen! (SCE Version: 1.1.9) Please copy the contents of this box to a support request java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at Main.main( Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at Main.main( Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/mozilla/universalchardet/ReaderFactory : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassCond(Unknown Source) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at$000(Unknown Source) at$ Source) at Method) at Source) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source) at vo.scenery.util.SceneryParser.sceneryFileToString( at sce.actions.providers.LoadActionProviderImpl.load( at at at sce.swt.SceneryConfigEditor.main( ... 5 more
  12. I'm using FSX-SE. My default airport bldgs are no longer showing. I reinstalled FSX-SE, but have the same problem. I'm puzzled. Help.
  13. Flight simulators have a way of bullying me. If it ain't one thing it's another. This afternoon right out of the blue they got me again with something I never saw before. I tried to start FSX_se and got this message: Migration Tool has disabledFlight Simulator X to prevent corruption of configuration files. Disable redirection in the tool to run the simulator. I went to FSX/Orbx/troubleshooter and ran the migration troubleshooter program and it says everything is fine. I then forced a migration but it didn't fix anything. It's not easy being dumb as a load of bricks when it comes to flight simulators. Noel
  14. Ok, I'm sure this topic has been posted before i just cant seem to find it. I have downloaded and added a number of third party scenery offerings over time with really no issues, however, lately I have encountered two separate new 3rd part airport scenery paks I downloaded, that "AI Flight Planner" has eventually identified, but FSX-SE has not. I have tried everything I know and FSX-SE still do not show these airports in the (FREE FLIGHT - SELECT AIRPORT) window. I actually viewed and edited each of these airport files in AFCAD and saved successfully. AI Flight Planner see's them, FSX-SE does not!! I know this fix is simple and right in front of me , but, I DO NOT SEE IT! HELP!! Thank you in advance, sws56
  15. My King Air has no engine sounds when looking forward, forward/left or forward/right. Other views and external are ok. I've searched the file library for a replacement sound file but not found anything. I have set my FSX-SE sound setup to my speakers. Any suggestions either for a fix or source of sound file please? Iain Smith
  16. First of all I tried posting in the Eagle-soft Forum and had nothing but trouble logging in so I figured maybe I can get a solution here. I can't install the Eagle-soft Citation X FSX into my FSX SE, is it compatible? I didn't see anything on their website that said FSX SE. I did see FSX and all the PREPARED Versions. If is is compatible then when I try to install I disable my Windows Defender. I install the Resources first, then Binaries. My FSX SE is in my ( F ) Drive, that's where i installed it. It's not in my hanger. I went into my files and saw the downloads in the Sim Objects > Aircraft and this is what it looks like; FS Labs A320iae, FS LabsA320cfm, and FS Labsa32x. It's in Sim Objects but not in the FSX SE Sim.
  17. Been away for a long time. Old Win 7 machine took a big dump and I lost everything. EVERYTHING! Now I'm getting a brand new top-end machine running Win 10, and I'll be re-installing FSX SE, ORBX, most of the A2A and PMDG inventory, and everything, FSUIPC, TrackIR, EZDok, etc., etc. Question is, how do I set up Win 10 to run FSX SE clean and proper? Do I worry about DX10? Is there a list of things to change in the OS like there was in 7? The new machine will run FSX and DCS World exclusively - no personal data, no e-mail, no browsers, no nothing. Just 4 TBytes of drives and 32 Gb of fast RAM and a NVidia card with lots of RAM, too. Someone out there must have a list of preps for this. Any input will be appreciated. I can't wait to get back I the air.
  18. FSX-SE

    The sound randomly shuts off at different points during the flight, and seems to have no relation to anything I am doing. Any ideas on why it randomly mutes? This current flight I was flying the PMDG NGX, and using RC4.
  19. Strange problem here. Running FSX SE, EZDOK, ORBX, REX4 My FSX camera keep rolling. I noticed that EZDOK was shaking a lot, so I disabled it. Upon disabling EZDOK the FSX camera was rolling clockwise, like rotating. So FSX tries to roll the camera while EZDOK tries to keep the camera steady, which results in something that looks like a word not allowed earthquake. The camera does this in VC and some aircraft views. Not in tower, runway etc. This happens on all my airplanes. I have tried to replace the cameras.cfg file in appdata and the FSX directory. Did not change nothing. Have anyone encountered something similar and know how to fix it?
  20. Hello, I need some help setting up a new computer ( M/B, i5 6700k, memory, SSD, HDD running Win 10 ). I recently purchased Fsx-se and installed it on my new system and it works fine. I would like to reinstall some add-ons that I have, that were running on my old system (Win 7, Fsx Gold edition). I have REX Essentials Plus, REX Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds, Orbx FTX Global, FTX Orbx Vector, FTX Trees, all on CD's. I Have checked online and all of these programs are compatible and supported and should work with FSX-SE. What I would like help with is, how do I install and configure these programs so that FSX-SE recognizes them and they work on my new machine. Thanks.......Doug
  21. Hi everyone, my flight sim has been very stable since I got my new computer a few months with only a few CTD's and no OOM's. But over the last few days, i have been running out of memory on every flight. This happened first on a flight between Miami and Quito. The new Quito airport is not present in the flight sim so i downloaded some simple freeware scenery online. During the flight, i left my desk to grab something to eat and I came back to find the dreaded OOM message. I just clicked ok and the sim closed in the usual way. I put it down to something being wrong with the free Quito scenery i downloaded, so i removed it. My next flight was between New York and Anchorage and after around 3 hours with no warning, another OOM. A few days later i decided to do a BA flight between LHR and JFK which again ended in an OOM. My next flight was going to be LHR to ORD, on this flight i was going to make sure i monitored the VAS very carefully. On the ground at the gate with nearly 100% AI traffic it was holding steady at around 3.6GBS's. Before pushback i decided to be safe and turned the AI off, it then went down to around 3.3GB's and remained steady (bear in mind I was using the pmdg 747 with uk2000's EGLL). I taxied and took off and climbed to Fl350 with no issues at all. By this point, VAS was down to about 2.6GB's so i turned the AI traffic back on which didn't affect it. As i was crossing the Atlantic, VAS remained low until crossing into Canada where it jumped to around 3.0GB's. Then a short while later with no warning with VAS at only 3.4GB's, the dreaded OOM message pops up. The strange thing is i have not made any changes to my sim at all over the last week or so this has been happening. The only change was downloading that freeware Quito scenery. Plus, i don't use any global scenery add-ons, everything is default. I do use some freeware add-on clouds, but I've been using them for years with no problems. What could be causing the OOM message to display with VAS so low? Any help appreciated with this strange issue.
  22. FSX-SE

    Hello, I am learning to fly the PMDG 737 on FSX:SE. What is Ezdok camera and what does it do? Where can I download it? Also can you please recommend where can I learn to fly the PMDG better? thank you
  23. I installed The latest version of Scenery Config Editor 1.1.9 using FSX_SE in Windows 10. Whenever I exit the program it asks me if I want to quit without saving or save and quit although I have saved before in File/save. I than save and quit and when reopening none of the changes have been saved. I made sure that both links are pointing in the right direction, one being the FSX directory and the other the scenery.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\ . I reinstalled the program twice even entered the cfg location user defined, but no changes are saved neither in the config editor nor in FSX. However when I enable or disable scenery in FSX itself it syncs with the Config editor so there is a working connection. I am rather stuck here and would appreciate some help. PS: I had the same installation (same FSX-SE,same Scenery config editor 1.1.9) working fine before on the exact same machine before a complete reinstall of windows 10 and everything else.
  24. I didn't read the error it gave me, but I just assumed it was one of those innocuous things that you just don't pay attention to and didn't even read it, but whatever it was caused FSX to crash, and I haven't flown since, mostly due to not having time. Anyone else had this issue with AS16? I was flying from CYVR to KSFO in the PMDG 737 NGX V2.
  25. FSX-SE

    If you have been wondering whether Flight1's "Ultimate Traffic Live" is worth purchasing, let me assure you that it is. Other than Orbx, I can't think of another product that has done so much to enhance my pleasure and immersion in FSX-SE. There are plenty of positive things to say but I'll keep it to a few: 1. Because all the models used are FSX native, the FPS is amazing. One of the things I missed from the FS9 days was airports with LOTS of AI. Now you can have this with very acceptable performance. For many areas I've tried it in so far, I've had the sliders at 100% AI (GA and Airliners) and NO stutters or problems of any kind. Also, because the models are all FSX native, you can turn the aircraft shadows on the ground without risking the AI suddenly vanishing or even having the slightest effect on FPS. The visual quality of the aircraft models is very high - I've been very impressed with some details I have seen when getting up close. 2. I don't think I realized how much time I wasted constantly tweaking AI and trying to convert various packages so they would work in FSX. Those days are over! I can actually (gasp) use my sim time for flying!!! The only thing I miss is military traffic but I have enough FSX packages to keep me happy and the good folks at MAIW are coming out with some major FSX upgrades - all of their F16 and P3 packages are now available in FSX native models, with more on the way. (C130 is my guess)... I'm hoping the developer may add some military options. I think this is an aspect of the hobby that has grown considerably, if the increasing number of outstanding payware military planes is any guide. Personally, I would even be willing to pay for a separate product that achieved this on the same level as UT Live. I'm sure there are going to be some posts from people who have had problems with UT Live - as we all know, systems are different and there are sometimes problems that happen for one person that don't for others. All I can tell you is that so far it has been virtually flawless. In three days of using it, I have discovered ONE wrong texture and it took me 30 seconds after I found it to replace it with the right one. (If you're interested, it was the Dash 8 400. I was seeing shadows on the ground but no airplane. Luckily, the shadow easily identified the culprit and it was a single .bmp file which I replaced with .dds from another source.) I don't think I've ever posted what some might see as a "product endorsement" - that is not my intention. Just sharing with my fellow sim addicts that this particular product has been a really great experience for me Cheers Ian