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Found 764 results

  1. Don't know if this is where this question belongs, but I'll start here. I have a recent FSX-SE installation. I'm sensing that several magnetic headings are off. I have applied Hervé Sors latest magnetic corrections to my FSX-SE installation. For instance, when I line up for takeoff at KMWH on runway 32R, my heading seems to be about 327° rather than 324° which is shown on the current approach chart. Evaluating KMWH with ADE 1.76 indicates that the runway heading is 342.1527°. Magnetic declination is 15.65° E which gives a magnetic runway heading of 326,5°. The approach chart says 324°. Apparently the runway heading of the stock airport is incorrect but I don't know why, or maybe I don't understand where the problem is. I'd appreciate more insight into this apparent discrepancy and suggestions for possible fixes. Thanks in advance, Jim Driskell
  2. Hope you'll enjoy a bit of Lockheed history and nostalgia. Today, only for the 2nd time each, I was flying the two classic large airliners (the CS L-1011 and the PMDG MD-11) on FSX-SE. MD-11 and L-1011 remain two of my favorite airliners in SIM, for both of which I had earlier provided posts of my 1st flights with them in SE. It all made me wonder a bit that from the tiny Lockheed Vega to the gigantic L-1649 Constellation, Lockheed has manufactured an amazing range of aircraft. And, for our simulation, there are many Lockheed aircraft to fly (FW/PW - civil/military). As for Civil Air Transportation, however, below is the complete Lockheed list according to Wiki. So, please find below these SIM images collected together with the exclusion of two models: (1) Model 75 Saturn was created by Lockheed in mid-1940s as a feeder airliner to service the small towns with limited airport facilities, but it fell victim to the ubiquitous (post WWII) surplus supply of DC3/C47s. Only two Lockheed Saturns were produced. No SIM available for this. And, (2) Lockheed Constellation Model L-649 was very similar to L-049, and was quickly superseded by L-749. SIM available for this, but not pictured here. These below images are on-the-ground shots, but these aircraft are all flyable. For historical interest, I've included the image (image #2) of Amelia Earhart's famous (red-winged) Lockheed Model 10E Electra (Reg. NR16020), in which she mysteriously disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937. For Lockheed Constellation, I have included the very first Constellation (Model L-049 by Just Flight) and the other/larger variants by Manfred Jahn. The L-1011 Tristar is from Captain Sim. These pictures are taken at PAJN (Orbx) airport, and they appear in the order of the list below. Thanks for viewing the images of these historically interesting aircraft. Lockheed Vega Lockheed L-10 Electra Lockheed L-12 Electra Junior Lockheed L-14 Super Electra / Hudson (Military Version Pictured) Lockheed L-18 Lodestar Lockheed L-75 Saturn (Not Pictured) Lockheed L-188 Electra Lockheed L-049 Constellation Lockheed L-649 Constellation (Not Pictured) Lockheed L-749 Constellation Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation Lockheed L-1649 Starliner Lockheed JetStar Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
  3. My FSX:SE home screen has stopped displaying the Dovetail FSInsider page and I don't know why. Screen shot below shows what I now have - and I am running online with a good internet connection. I'm not aware that I changed anything other than the normal Win10 updates and driver updates. It doesn't seem to be causing any disruption but I'm REALLY curious to understand what's happened. Does anyone know please? Thanks
  4. Hello, My gauges in the 737 and 777 will not expand when i try in the cockpit, the gauge will go black and the expanded part does not show, i have re-installed Steam and PMDG 737 and 777 twice and with no luck, any ideas, your help would be much appreciated. Regards Tj.
  5. Glad to have these two sims finally installed and operable in my FSX-SE after their last use several years ago in FSX. Performed two short flights with these aircraft, starting cold & dark in each case. It took me a rather long time to get the start-up procedures figured out...(please excuse my (slow) re-learning curve!). Eventually, it all worked out fine without any mishaps! I just need to find more time for repeat flights with these excellent aircraft. For these test-flights, I have chosen a couple of random liveries here. These two connecting flights (one at dawn and one at dusk) go across Northern Spain (from Pamplona (LEPP) to Santander (LEXJ)) and then (from Santander (LEXJ) to A Coruna (LECO)). Thanks for viewing. [iFly/PMDG/MSE/REX]
  6. XLS_DRiver

    Best 737 payware?

    I'm looking to get a payware 737 for FSX Steam, and wondering which one seems to be the best, in terms of realistic behaviour, detail, and functionality. My use is for training purposes. Thanks in advance.
  7. I was looking through my FW (FSX) aircraft. Here is a collection of 10 that I would remind myself to fly periodically. I took them to the air, for a couple of minutes on each, for the below screenshots. If you wish, for a bit of fun, you could try to guess, but the names appear after the last image. Thanks for viewing and good rest of the Sunday! The planes are as follows, in the order they appear (from top to bottom): Emb-120, B-T45C, HS-748, PC-6, DHC-7, C-47, Aerospace-Fletcher, Avia-57, Ju-52, Beech-D18S
  8. The Tupolev company has been a major aircraft manufacturing company (most of its aircraft were produced for the (former) USSR and the Eastern Bloc). Tupolev is also noted to have a rather curious connection with the famous German aircraft pioneer Hugo Junkers, who founded a clandestine aircraft factory in the suburbs of Moscow in 1922 (to evade the terms of the Versailles Treaty). This start-up company was then turned over to the able hands of Andrei Tupolev in 1925. Tupolev carried forward the innovative (all-metal duralumin-skin) design approach of Junkers defining the subsequent trends of heavy-aircraft development. Unfortunately, Tupolev aircraft (and the Tu-154 variants in particular) have been known for very poor safety record (For Tu-154 alone, there were 110 serious accidents between 1970 and 2016) - although, to be fair, it is to be noted that Tu-154 often operated under very harsh conditions in the rural areas with little or no regular service available to these aircraft compounded by lack of adequate pilot training facilities (estimated 50% of accidents due to pilot error). In 2006, Tupolev was merged with Ilyushin, Mikoyan/MiG, Sukhoi, and Yakovlev to form the United Aircraft Corporation. Here is, Tu-154-B-2 variant in the colors of INTERFLUG, flying between St. Petersburg (ULLI) and Moscow (UUEE). I've attached one unit of CIVA INS for navigation of this flight (Tu-154 used Doppler system) and also included a few pictures of the Sheremetyevo Airport add-on (result of looking around a bit with BOB). Sorry, no VC for this aircraft. Thanks for viewing these images of this interesting 3-engine aircraft (the Soviet equivalent of Boeing 727 and HS Trident). [AS/Orbx(BOB)/MSE]
  9. Hi, I have the strangest problem: Whenever I use the Page Up & Page Down key the following occurs in the sim (FSX-SE) Page Down: Throttle Lever(s) decreases to IDLE and the Thrust Reverser(s) is engaged; if the throttles are already in idle - thrust reverser(s) engage. Page Up: Throttle Lever(s) advance incrementally; So I checked the key mapping in FSX-SE and there is nothing with page up and page down, I also checked Chaseplane (my camera program) and the page up key is mapped to "MOVE UP" and the page down key is mapped to "MOVE DOWN". I even deleted the key assignments in Chaseplane, but the same results. I also have FSUIPC installed, but NO KEY MAPPINGS assigned. Everything else behaves normal and I can still operate all Installed aircraft: PMDG B737; B747-400/800; B777-200; Aerosoft A318/319/320/321; Eaglesoft Citation X G2; All aircraft behave the same way, except in the Aerosoft Airbuses and the Eaglesoft Citation - Page Up does NOT increase the throttle; Page Down is the same issue. Has anyone seen a similar problem? Thanks for help
  10. I'm seeing little black squares in my scenery. It's in FSX SE, not in my PREPARED v4. I have a fairly good computer. intel i7-8700k cpu@3.70 Ram 16.0GB 64 bit Windows 10 The settings in the FSX SE are fairly low; Mesh Complexity@80 Autogen is Dense Texture Resolution is 30 Ground Scenery Shadows are off Water is 2x low Cloud Density is Dense AI Traffic is 50% Ga Traffic is 20% Vehicles are 10% 10% 10%
  11. Hello, so i tried installing the Qualitywings 757 in FSX-SE, and since it was updated about 2 years ago it came with the an old version of the addon manager. It installed that addon manager on my computer and when i tried running the sim. i pressed never run addon manager thinking i would still have the most up to date one. when i spawned in, the addon manager menu has disappered and now i tried everything i can but it still wont come back. is there a way to try to run the coatl that is responsible for addon manager?
  12. I've found the need to move my FSX:SE install to a different, faster SSD. I spent quite a bit of time tweaking my config to get it to a state where I have decent performance, so I don't want to lose that. I do have a bit of fan-made scenery in my Addon Scenery folder, but it's minimal and all specific to BC, Canada. I also enabled the Adventure Creator, which if IIRC requires some tweaking of an XML file, which was problematic and frustrating. I have Joystick, rudder pedal and throttle quadrant, so I definitely want those settings backed up and reinstalled. So my question is; what do I need to backup other than the FSX.CFG file? I also have concerns about my 3rd party addons. Most were purchased through Steam and I don't expect there to be too big a problem, because most required adjustments in the FSX Settings menus and IIRC those are all written to the FSX.CFG. I have Accu-feel, Active Sky Next, FS Global 2010, HD Airport Graphics, Natural Tree Environment X, and Ultimate Terrain X Canada. I do have some custom settings with Accu-feel, but most personal configs with it were for fan-made Aircraft for which I disabled it. UTX Can is my biggest concern, as it required a lot of tweaking to get acceptable performance. UTX Can installed to it's own folder though and it has an option that allows you to reset the path where FSX is located, so I'm assuming that would recreate the settings in a different location. Without having used that feature before though, I'm not sure about that. If anyone has any experience reinstalling FSX:SE to a different drive on the same PC, or knows of a good doc/reference explaining and listing the important files and settings, I'd really appreciate hearing about it. [Edit] Probably should have mentioned that I also have Steve's DirectX 10 Shader fix. it's files though are installed in one of the User folders on my C (system) drive, so I'm assuming it would continue to work with a new FSX:SE folder location too.
  13. I re-installed my Cessna Mustang from the Flight1 website, and conducted a flight. Please note this is a re-install of the Flight1 Version 1.11, but not the updated Version 2 that is also made compatible with P3DV4. I had almost forgotten about this old aircraft order - probably one of my very 1st purchases from F1- (but thanks to a recent tip-off via one of Ryan's posts here), I got to re-activate my KEY today and fly this (decent, although a bit dated) plane again - after many years. Cessna's Mustang production is noted to have ended last year due to lack of customer demand, ironically due to competition from within Cessna's own (faster and larger) Citation M2 Jet. Here are a few images for a flight from Samedan (LSZS), Switzerland, to Venice (LIPZ), Italy. Thanks for viewing [F1/MSE/REX]
  14. Hey Guys, So I'm having a issue with my sim at the moment. Running on Windows 10, just upgraded from 8.1 and everything ran fine believe it or not! But ever since I installed FSX on win 10, I have gotten very bad lag/stuttering while panning around the cockpit. I have it set to 30 fps, it runs fine while in cruise but really dips sometimes. Here are my specs- Intel i7 4720HQ. Nvidia gtx 960m 4gb . 16 gb ddr4 vram. 2tb ssd. I have done basic tweaks to my cfg and used nvidia inspector. Still no luck. Here's a video of the issue. And yes I have a laptop for college😂 but it's a very fast computer for everything! I do have a nice built pc at home😊 and didn't bother screen recording this video either lol.
  15. I'd picked up SEQU from AS Airport SALE, and tried it today. This (old) Quito airport was permanently closed in 2013 (had been in operation since 1960). It had to be closed due to many risks such as (a) being one of the highest-elevation airports in the world, it already has high-altitude operation risk (b) surrounded by enormous (volcanic) mountains requiring very steep angle of approach (c) inability to handle increased traffic volume, and (d) located in the middle of a dense city. There were several notable accidents prior to its closure. As I was checking the precincts of this historic airport on a personal tour, frankly, the eerie silence was a bit overwhelming - with absolutely no souls around and no airport movement at all - almost like a ghost-city or a Hollywood-set. Below are screenshots from the airport (with 1st Person Bob as my Guide). MS's (Orbit and World Travel) Airlines. however, seem to have missed the closure notice! The Orbit A321 Captain appeared to be looking at me and Bob, and wondering what we were doing there, and, of course, the feeling was mutual...I thought I also briefly saw a service vehicle moving at a distance (or it could be just my imagination). I have included a few in-the-air shots around this airport to show the cramped (17/35) runway. In the last shot, my TBM is about to be secured in a hangar (that I located at the far-end of the airport - no shortage of hangars here) - with the moon overhead showing up for comfort. But, I was thinking, maybe, I should get back in the air and fly over to the New Quito airport (SEQM) only 8nm away! NOTE: The old Quito airport is now the Bicentennial Park, where people ride bikes on the runway and enjoy a wide variety of activities on the grounds. Nice! Thanks for viewing. [Carenado/Orbx/AS/REX]
  16. Hi, I have installed Zurich Airport add-on on my new computer (the add-on was installed on my old one) but now I can not upload the airport (fsx give only the basic airport) the zurich airport are exist in the DLC steamapp folder. can someone help me? please regards Aviv Shefer
  17. reeves_55

    CPU Overload

    Hi, My first post so hello, I have recently go back into FSX and bought the SE version. I have a reasonably good PC and over the last month or so I have had a few problems. I had a message that i ran out of memory however I think I have solved this with freeing up some hard drive space. However last night I was making an approach into an airport when I was asked to go around. As I climbed back up to the require altitude the game started to stutter and glitch. This included the video but also the sound. I was wearing a headset however I could hear the CPU fan running really fast. I windowed out of the game and looked at the task manager and the CPU usage was peaking at 100%. I tried to shut down some stuff however it still did not help and I could see in the list that FSX was contributing the most to the CPU load. Is this a common issue, is there anything I can do to sort this please. I am considering, not because of this, replacing my HD with a SSD, will this help? Any ideas would be very welcome. Thank you Reeves
  18. Hey all, I have a problem with my ezdok Whenever I load in a heavy aircraft and move with it, when I take a right or a left turn the camera just moves out of the seat to the same direction, its not at all steady and its really irritating. I even switched to chaseplane and same problem appears, I use FSX-SE. I even asked some of my friends and they said its because of fsx and works fine in p3d. Do anyone have a solution for this problem? Thank you, Reuben
  19. For a change, lately, I have been thinking of getting to a couple of my turboprop simulations. Of course, MJC8 Q400 probably ranks at the very top at this time (coincidentally, I just got to see Ryan's wonderful post on the Q400). But, long before I came to know of MJC8 Q400, I have had very fond memories of the PMDG JS41 as being the pioneer and the trend-setter that set the standards of authentic simulation for a turboprop aircraft. After a nearly 4-years break from my last flight with it, today, I got to re-install and fly this aircraft. The process was a bit challenging and time-taking (with "forgotten" peculiarities of many kinds - this is a touchy aircraft for sure). Nonetheless, with some help from the internet/forum peers, here is a complete test-flight starting cold and dark at Liverpool (EGGP) to prop-shutdown at EGFF (Cardiff). I've opted to fly the Manx Airlines livery in memory of this Isle of Man based UK operator that existed between 1982 and 2002. Manx Airlines eventually got absorbed by the British Airways (and lost its identity). During its existence, it deployed an impressive range of propliners (Vickers, Fokker, Embraer, BAe, BN, DHC, Saab, Shorts, ATR etc.). Thanks for viewing these images of this interesting (past) aircraft simulation by one of the leading developers (even though it may seem somewhat dated by today's metrics). [PMDG/ORBX/REX]
  20. Hello. When I install pmdg 737 ngx on my fsx steam edition, I get an alert saying: fsx 10 0 6 1355 (sp1 at least required . you have 100695 0.install fsx sp1 or later .what should I do?) if you could explain to me step by step because I'm not at all expert, even novice. thank you all
  21. LINDA 3.0.9 provides compatibility with the new Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4) 64-bit flight simulator and all existing 32-bit flight simulators (FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv3.4). It should installed into the Flt Sim's module folder. Each adult Sim requires its own installation. This version adds the new GSX Library for working with the FSDT GSX2 add-on (lib-GSX.lua v1.3). This release requires a registered version FSUIPC5 5.122 or later to work with P3Dv4. FSUIPC4 4.972 or later is required for other 32-bit Flt Sims (FSX, FSX-SE or P3Dv3.4. LINDA WILL NOT FUNCTION WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF FSUIPC. This release provides full support for all existing features including VRi Combo MCP panel operation. Please read all the enclosed release notes for all details on new features. Most of the changes are under the bonnet (US hood) based on user feedback: Fix to Sync To Sim orange highlighting of aircraft selector. Adds Sounds function for use with QW787 and other modules. v3.0.8: Fixed issue with sounds function. Fixed issue with hotkeys (ie. CTRL+ALT+R restarts LUA Engine). Fixed new Aircraft Module available aircraft searching. Fixed issue identifying aircraft add-ons. Added extra device logging. v3.0.9 Added New GSX Library (see notes) - now v1.3 (28 Sep 18). Corrects LINDA LUA version number. All issues and problems should be reported on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Download: LINDA 3.0.9 Formal Release v4
  22. XLS_DRiver

    Throttles won't move

    Just made a new installation of FSX Steam version and for some reason, the throttles can't be taken out of idle. More accurately, they can be moved, but they snap right back into the idle position. At first, I thought it was an issue with my throttle quadrant but after disconnecting all my hardware, the problem still exists (including the default aircraft). So for instance, I can push the throttles forward with the mouse, but they just move right back to idle again. Strangely, the problem went away yesterday but it's back again today. Could this be an issue with Windows 10?
  23. Hi, I'm installing a Steam compatible add on from Carenado, but I'm not sure which is the correct path for the installation. Can anyone point it out to me, please?
  24. Today, I got to extract the LVLD -767 installer from F1 (thanks to the multiple ways, F1 lets you recover your past purchases, mine was nearly 4-years old!). Then, I installed it on FSX-SE, and flew a test-flight (KPDX to KHQM) - all done B2B without running into any issues...always a bit of worry about dated SIMs, but the (old-gold - fs9 origin) LVLD-767 proved its merit. I fondly remember LVLD-767 as the SIM, that for the 1st time, made me realize that there is hope in our SIM that an airliner simulation can be "reasonably" approximated (before that the default B737-800 was, pretty-much, the high-point of my airliner simulation experience). Of course, now, we have advanced by leaps and bounds in terms of airliner simulation!! Hope, this brings back a few memories. For this flight, one 767-300 livery caught my eye - SBA (Santa Barbara) Airlines, (Venezuela). It seems, however, that the Airline has now ceased all operations as of April this year - reasons being cited are economic problems compounded by other issues. Anyway, I have opted to fly the LVLD-767 in this less-known livery. Thanks for viewing. [LVLD/Orbx(PNW)/REX]
  25. Hi all, I recently started using my computer for the first time in 6 months...FPS was terrible. I uninstalled my GPU driver and had Windows 10 re-install the stock one, suddenly everything started working. A week later I'm having the same issues. Basically I'll get smooth 30+ FPS then suddenly it'll go down to 5-10FPS while my GPU will spike to 99%. It's a Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB. Any ideas? My i7 utilisation still remains only at 50% during the time. Thanks