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  1. Does anyone know where can I get freeware 3D lights scenery? 3D lights in the USA or Asia can be good, thanks in advance.
  2. hello i recently downloaded the shader release 3.2.3 in the avsim library, then I ran the setup as admin, and it said it couldnt locate the shader10 directory, and told me to remove the dir manually, i removed it and it still cant install, anyone help me?, thanks in advance.
  3. Great, I'm currently downloading it, thanks a bunch :D
  4. Just noticed, theres no landing gear in outside view
  5. Yes the steam edition one
  6. hello i recently got the pmdg 777-300er and a philippine airlines livery for it, when I load a flight with it all the controls arent responding and I cant click anything on the aircraft, fsx is still running and yet the aircraft is not responding, anyone please help me, thanks in advance.
  7. is there any other methods or sites where i can download freemeshx 2.0 global other than in flyawaysimulation? its 45gb and i dont have money for pro membership, and the nintwopro links are broken, any other methods? thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, when i try to multiplayer then clicking login in the steam sign in, the "signing in" sign just loads for 5 mins and the game closes, this happens everytime, anyone can help me?
  9. Edit: I was aiming for mach .67 while im at 160 kias coz of this error.
  10. Hello, So I'm In the default b738, i set the speed to 280 KIAS climbing for 30k feet and im at 22k feet, slowly the aircraft slows down and the throttle stays at 50% until i stall, anyway i can fix this?
  11. I'm at 280 Knots climbing for FL380 at an altitude of around FL180, and I have the Pitot Heat Switch on.
  12. I'm at FSX Steam Edition, uh Alt AP is the Alt Hold button, my fuel load is at max
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