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  1. Last time it happened, I couldn't get to work either, so I didn't respond as i didn't want to nag. I'm going to ask my son in law, who is a programmer to help me with this issue.. Thanks for your support so far Ray. Eytan Ornstein
  2. Hang on a sec. I ran RC with fsx from LSZH, after loading a flighplan LSZH-EDDF in RC, and starting it. The RC command window appears in the top right corner of the cockpit view, but it does not respond, (both the wx and the clearance requests).
  3. Tried that. All that happens is that RC sinks down to the task bar. When I enlarge it back up, it offers to quit! No registration window appears.
  4. But all I see is the RC user interface, with the load flightfplan, general, keyboard, voices, rebuild scenery, etc. Eytan
  5. I got a new pc with W10 64 bit. Reinstalled fsx-se and downloaded rc4.3 and key generator. After the installation I ran rc once. I read a post that says- when you run rc first time it generates a product code, which then is pasted into the key generator, etc. But where is that code situated? I looked at the rc4.3 folder, but no trace. Eytan
  6. I notice I have two RC folders- rcv4, and rcv4x. When I want to do what you said for rcv4, I get a window saying- do you want to apply this to this folder or...to all subfolders... etc? As to the rcv4x, the unsetting of read only went smoothly. Eytan
  7. Hi I'm not that computer savvy. How do I ensure RC4 has write access? Eytan
  8. Just a small correction to my previous post. The ATC I heard was the default FSX running in the backgound, not RC. Eytan
  9. OK. I managed to install the dll file and register it. Here's what happens now. I start fsx, load a flighplan and hit fly now. I open RC, select flighplan and start. I go back to fsx. The little rc window is there, haleluyah. Press 1, and the wx cmes on. But nothing happens when I ask for clearance. Weirdest thing, I can hear clearance control interacting with other planes near me! Go back to the RC window and the dreaded error75 rcfsuipc.rc4code appears and RC shuts down. I tried running RC as adminstrator, but in windows 10 when I do that, I'm asked to reenter the licence code (which I don't have anymore as RC4.3 is installed and running) So what now? Eytan
  10. I recenetly installed FSX. I downloaded the free RC4.3 from the icloud and installed it successfully. I open up the RC program, choose a flightplan, and hit OK. This error message appears- please install the MSSTDFMT.dll file. I searched the web for it, got it and installed in the reccomended location, but still get the same error. I have windows 10 64bit running on my pc. Eytan Ornstein
  11. Problem resolved. I right click RC and run as admin. It runs just fine. just wondering, what setting in windows do I change in order to start RC without having to run as admin. Eytan
  12. Hi I've had RC4.3 running great for years, until... My pc was screwed up due to a malware attack. Took it to a shop. It came back clean, malware removed. They also, without asking me, removed AVG and installed Microsoft Security Essentials instead, saying it was good protection. Then I ran FS9 with RC4 and got the dreaded error 75 RC fsuipcrcv4.code. I uninstalled the MS antivirus and reinstalled AVG. That didn't help at all. Still got the error. Ran a registry cleaner- same thing.Tried to rebuild database in RC, got an error message. How do I get this fixed? I have Windows 7 64bit. Eytan Ornstein
  13. Gatwick by uk2000 is just great; I have it with Active Sky, Radar Contact, and Ultimate Traffic running at 80% ai, and it runs very nicely-no noticeable stuttering. Get a good graphics card- that may help.EytanNobleair va at EGKK
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