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  1. misgav

    Runtime error 75

    Thanks. Eytab
  2. misgav

    Runtime error 75

    Problem resolved. I right click RC and run as admin. It runs just fine. just wondering, what setting in windows do I change in order to start RC without having to run as admin. Eytan
  3. Hi I've had RC4.3 running great for years, until... My pc was screwed up due to a malware attack. Took it to a shop. It came back clean, malware removed. They also, without asking me, removed AVG and installed Microsoft Security Essentials instead, saying it was good protection. Then I ran FS9 with RC4 and got the dreaded error 75 RC fsuipcrcv4.code. I uninstalled the MS antivirus and reinstalled AVG. That didn't help at all. Still got the error. Ran a registry cleaner- same thing.Tried to rebuild database in RC, got an error message. How do I get this fixed? I have Windows 7 64bit. Eytan Ornstein
  4. I had to reinstall FS2004 and the Airbus series from scratch. Installation went OK. there was that old issue of the flickering cursor, but a Google search provided a quick solution. But now the aircraft will not lift at takeoff. I pull back on the yoke and can see in spot view that the elevators don't move. Or sometimes they do, but it has no effect. I am using the Thrustmaster T Flight X HOTAS. I do not have this issue with other addon aircraft. My only choice is to slew the a/c to 2000 feet and then continue from there on AP. What's wrong?. Misgav
  5. Sorry guys- my mistake! Just Flight do have the duchess and Archer as separate addons, . When they first came out the JF site had them as bundles. Misgav
  6. misgav

    maxing the sight distance

    Harald, Where does the fs9.cfg: hide on the computer? I searched for it, but the "search programs and files" tool failed to locate it. I do use Active Sky v 6.5. I have it on 59 miles max vis. I'll try a lower setting and see how it looks. Misgav
  7. I am more or less happy with display settings in fs9. I've had been running the sim since it came out. Like most people I've upgraded my system since then- at least three times. So while most of us complained about graphic performance when fs9 came out, everyone is equipped now to run it with high settings. Except one feature- sight distance (Settings-Display-Weather- sight distance). I've experimented with this, from 70 miles to 130. But when I look at the scenery outside the cockpit, or in spot view, it doesn't make much of a difference. Here is what I do: In Scenery, I choose Medium high, then go to Weather and play around wuth varying sight distances. Still they all end up visually the same. Another curious feature of fs9- if you choose top down view and expand the range, soon you can see that the area of textures is actually shaped like a cross, not a circle around the aircraft So is sight distance more or less limited? Misgav My Specs Intel Core i5@3.30 GHz RAM- 16 GB Windows 7 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 2 MAG monitors, 19" and 22"
  8. The only problem with the GA addons is that they are purchased with the entire Aerofly package. Present owners of aerofly cannot buy the duchess and install it, as in other sims. Bummer! Misgav
  9. misgav

    FSX reinstall and DirectX

    But will it affect other games? What does DirectX do anyway? Misgav
  10. After a pc upgrade recently I wanted to fire up FSX. (new motherboard, more memory, and reinstall windows 7 from 32 bit to 64 bit) It was installed on D drive and so FSX remained untouched during the upgrade. When I hit the FSX.exe, I get this message- FS cannot run because the version of MS DirectX® installed on your pc is incompatible. Please reinstall DirectX 9.0 by running FS setup, or download the current version, etc, etc I have other games/ simulations, and I guess these won't run on an older version. Like Aerofly simulator. So what shall I do? BTW I reinstalled FS9 and got no such message. Misgav.
  11. misgav

    Only this far

    Thanks for the advice. BTW, those "Meatwater" voices. Are they meant to be a complete replacement to the RC voice set? Misgav
  12. misgav

    Only this far

    I ran RC as system admin and this time it worked correctly. Now maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the speech is somewhat broken. I clicked the ABOUT button, and it says it's version 4.3.3845, and below that it's v4.2. In the voices section the number of pilots\controllers is only half of what it was when I last used RC (before the pc upgrade) I remember there was an update after RC4 was released that added many voices and smoothed out the speech. So should I update or am I OK so far? And if so, where can I get it? Misgav
  13. misgav

    Only this far

    . I repeated the same sequence as in my first post. The fs9 default atc was turned to zero. The key commands in RC remained untouched. Then an RC window opened and announced a Run-time error 75 Misgav
  14. I had to reinstall RC after getting a new motherboard and reinstalling Windows 7 64 bit(previously 32bit) I got the license key and activated the software. I fired up fs9, created a flightplan and was placed at the departure airport. I opened up RC, chose the flight and hit Start. The RC adv window showed up ok. I hit the 2 button for wx, but get the atis scrolling message- no voice. I tried the clearance button- no response. What's wrong? Misgav
  15. misgav

    Keys Issued

    I just reinstalled RC 4.3. I need to get a new activation key. There's a standard format for sending JD the email with the key request. can someone tell me what it is. Thanks. Misgav