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  1. Happy to report problem solved. Tried within FSX, options-settings-controls-controls, pressed reset default settings, and bingo, the HOTAS throttle worked fine. Now it gives accurate control of engine power, from idle to full thrust. I passed the info to Thrustmaster support, as I know it's a problem quite a few simmers have faced. Eytan Ornstein
  2. Two things: 1." All add-on file locations." Where do I find this in my FSX library, and how can it help? 2. Thrusmaster support have insisted It's a hardware problem, and I should return the device to the seller. They also said to try testing the device on an other pc. So I installed the drivers on my wife's laptop (Dell inspiron 15), plugged in the HOTAS, and what do you know?! The throttle function works- from 0 to 100% power. I then reinstalled the drivers on my pc, and upon testing the throttle, it was the same problem- no idle option, i.e. the aircraft engine starts at 50% power. Eytan
  3. Hi This is really weird. I had the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One for years with FSX/SE. It worked great, always reliable. Then a month ago, the throttle lever started giving me a range of 50% engine power to a 100%. Pushing the throttle all the way down has no effect. No idle position. The minimum power setting starts at 50%! So obviously I cannot fly any plane. The only way to bring the power to idle is by hitting the F1 on the keyboard. The same phenomenon happens in the Aerofly 1 sim. When I calibrate the hardware inside fsx, the throttle bar is shown halfway up, even though the physical throttle is in the lowest position. So i thought, OK, my joystick is 8 years old, time for a new one. So I bought a new Hotas One, installed the latest drivers and firmware (1.17), and what do you know? Exactly the same problem! What a waste of money. This is so frustrating. I don't have a clue where to start solving the problem. Eytan Ornstein
  4. So it looks like I'm not the only guy that waits forever for fsx to load! Just wondering if anyone here also has P3d to compare with. I understand that most of my addons would be compatible with P3d. Eytan
  5. Hi fellow simmers, I'm wondering how much time it takes you to load fsx, and the how long it takes after you hit FLY NOW. Lately fsx is very sluggish in loading. I reinstalled fsx after I experienced stuttering. That did the trick, but loading times have remained annoyingly long. (Down below are my specs, plus installed addons.) Times to load: From hitting the fsx icon on the desktop to the main screen- 95 secs. Ultralight at bar harbor and FLY NOW to seeing the the ultralight over the scenery- 2 mins, 26 secs! I could make myself a sandwich! From the previous placement to A321 at KLAX- 55secs. From main screen to default A321at the gate EDDF (payware) - 4 mins, 23 secs! Almost gave up on this one. Then switch from that to gate at EGKK (payware)- 45 secs. In addition I've noticed that if I switch view positions too much, it can cause a freeze up. Eytan Ornstein Specs: Intel core i7-7700 3.6 Ghz 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 Windows 10 64 bit Scenery addons- Switzerland Pro X, England VFR vols 1,2,3 by Horizon, Aerosoft airports-Frankfurt, Barcelona and Berlin Tegel UK2000 airports- EGLL, EGKK, EGCC, Bristol and Edinburgh Traffic 360 by Just Flight Aircraft- Level D 767. BN-2 Islander, Pilatus pc-12
  6. I reinstalled 3 times, but it causes fsx to crash. Eytan
  7. Follow up to the above. I purchased the Level D 767 and installed it with the service packs. Upon selecting the 767 and hitting fly, I get this message- "Panel initialization failure, Reinstall Level D sim B767-300", then the program crashes. Reinstalling did not help. Support on the level D forum isn't much help. I opened a support ticket with Flight1, but haven't heard from them. I seem to recall that someone posted on one of the flightsim forums, that the above issue is related to a windows 10 update, which affected fonts, and cause all kinds of problems, go figure. Luiz, you said you have the Level d installed on your FSX SE. You didn't experience the above problem? This is frustrating, grrr. Eytan.
  8. I'll most probably get the iFly 737- it looks like the real thing. About the Level D 767, glad to hear it's compatible with FSXSE. I'll get it from Flight1 Thanx for all the advice guys! Eytan
  9. Hi I'm looking for a realistic Boeing aircraft 767 , 737, or 757 for FSXSE. I was disappointed with the Quality wings 757 (there is a glitch with the panel display). I used to run the great Level D 767, but I understand it's not compatible. I'm looking for systems fidelity like a realistic FMC' options for cold and dark states, etc. Any ideas? Eytan Ornstein LLHA
  10. Here are the screenshots showing flattened topography. First Swiss Alps, note the distant peaks affected. Second Italian Alps. Eytan Ornstein
  11. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden the mountains in Europe in FSXSE have been reduced to mere hills. Curiously enough, this doesn't apply to North america- the Rockies look rugged. I have Switzerland Pro X installed. When I fly over the Alps only the nearby peaks are shown realistically. In the middle distance and beyond, the topography is flattened. Weird! The Italian Alps have been reduced to rounded hills My Graphic Settings are high. Mesh is at 5m. In the scenery library the first two layers are mesh 5m, and I have no idea how these got there, maybe some scenery addon. Perhaps it's related to a Netherlands VFR scenery that I installed two months ago, from freewarescenery.com. I took some screenshots, but I have no idea how to attach them here. Eytan ornstein
  12. Wow! Those videos are amazing and educational. Didn't know they existed. So I assume there is a default scenery on the cd's that come with the sim for those who wish to fly offline. The option of precaching scenery is great. My internet connection varies- from 12MBs on a bad day, to 25 on a good day, thanks to my inconsistent internet provider. Is this a range that enable me to fly online and enjoy the scenery? Eytan
  13. I've seen all the great videos showing the progress of FS2020's development. Yes, I was swept away! Now the product is coming out, but I don't understand one aspect- global scenery. How does MS expect to load all that VFR photo realistic quality scenery into the sim? We would need a mainframe computer for that! Is it done by streaming? Separate scenery packages to purchase? Am I missing something here? Eytan Ornstein
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