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  1. Yes. But I get much lower frame rates in DX9. I'd like to make it work in DX10.
  2. Just downlaoded and installed the F-86 addon from MilViz. Everything works fine except the virtual cockpit under DX10 preview mode, as shown in the attached screenshot. I already have the free DX10 fixer addon installed. Anyone knows how to fix it?
  3. Don't know whether Bojote is still following this thread. But I'd like to ask you whether you can provide a new version which enable all SM 3.0 features except water. Because just as what many REX users here have reported, the new water shader dramatically changed the style of in-game water. And no matter which animation I choose in REX, the actual water animation in game looks all the same, especially with those low-resolution white reflection texture on top of waves. I love every aspect of the mod, except the water effect, even after using Wally Dog's waterconstants.xml. This significantly limits the choice of water animation. So would you please consider making a new version which reverts water shader back to 2.0, for us REX users? Best regards,
  4. Hey guys, I'm also an ATI user. And I'd like to ask you some questions. 1. Is this the only way to enhance AA for DX10? Can't I enable AA in game and then use "enhance application settings" in CCC to get a better AA? 2. How do you set up the game and CCC? What scenery do you use? And what FPS do you get? I'm using a HD 6970 2GB and set my in-game settings according to Word Not Allowed's guide, but with bloom turned on, highest water and a bit higher traffic settings. The add-ons I use are FTX NA Blue and REX Essential (with DX10 optimized texture enabled). With a resolution of 1280x1024, I only get a FPS slightly above 20 when spawning in the default flight. P.S. My CPU is a 4GHz i7 920.
  5. Are there any guides written for ATI cards?
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