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  1. Hi, I having a problem with my X-Plane 10 The game freezes for 5-10 seconds, works for 1-2 seconds and then, freezes again. However, if I move the mouse cursor to the top of screen, the menu bar comes down and the problem magically disappears. My game works just fine if i do that. When I move the mouse cursor down, the menu bar hides and the problem starts again. I want the know if there is any fix for that or a temporary solution like force the menu bar to stay down and see if this works. Thanks in advance Edu
  2. edu2703

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Just update to 4.4 version. I have a medium spec PC First thing I noticed is that it's taking a little longer to load the game compared to the previous version. Fortunately, it was the only thing I did not like in the update. Performance improved substantially. I noticed a gain of 10-15 fps on my payware scenarios and aircrafts Edu
  3. Thank you for being rude withe me with this stupid PMDG rules and not solving my problem I already discovered what was causing the problem: One of the FSPX 777 Immersion effects (Volumetric Lighting) Just disable this effect and now is working fine Anyway, thank you again for your fast response! Eduardo
  4. I have the PMDG 777 installed in my FSX:SE, as well as FS Recorder 1.331. I noticed a thing that only happens with the PMDG 777. During playback, the landing lights flashes repeatedly, and these lights are much brighter on playback. I already tried to turn off the lights and disable "lights" to be recorded, but I still have the same problem. I wonder if this is a normal bug or a problem on my software.
  5. edu2703

    TFDi 717 Strange fonts on displays

    Thank you guys! I found the file and the problem was fixed
  6. edu2703

    TFDi 717 Strange fonts on displays

    Yes! C:\Users\(My name)\AppData\Local\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads ''Downloads'' folder is empty
  7. edu2703

    TFDi 717 Strange fonts on displays

    Strange. The ''Downloads'' folder on my PC is empty. I wonder if I can download this file somewhere
  8. edu2703

    TFDi 717 Strange fonts on displays

    Is only the TFDi 717. Other aircrafts are normal
  9. I recently bought and installed TFDi 717 on my FSX: SE, but something seems not right, judging by the fonts that are too big and makes it almost impossible to read the instruments Is there any way to fix this?
  10. edu2703

    FS Recorder problem

    Sorry! I forgot to add my name. Eduardo
  11. I have the FS Recorder v1.331 installed on my FSX: SE and it was working fine until now. But since today, my FSX: SE shows an error in the startup saying ''Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program'' Name: FS Recorder Version: 1.3 Company: Matthias Neusinger File: C:\Program Files (x86)\FS Reco...\RecorderFSX.dll Do you want to run this software (not recomended)? If I click '' Yes'', FSX crashes without showing any other error message. But if I click ''No'', the game works normally, but without the FS Recorder working. I wondered if there was a solution for that. I have not made any changes on my FSX:SE in the last few days. I have not even installed new scenery or aircraft or changed game settings.