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  1. Definitely interested in this one. Curious to see what the first impressions are.
  2. Curious to see if this will work for 4.5 as well. Although may have to reinstall 5.1 for this 🤔
  3. Lol! They had a few down in Rockwall this morning. I'm sure they're long gone by now. I was going to swing by Micro as well if I ever ended up on that side of town to take a look. Still on the fence though however.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Some days v5 is a dream some days it isn't although I remind myself the fact that it's still fairly new and move on from that. However, I also still have 4.5 installed and between that and XP11 I think i'll be ok until dev's get the addons lined out. It is excited however to see what's possible.
  5. Holy smokes! Just to think, I almost scrolled passed this! Lol. Definitely going to be a nice addon.
  6. Good Morning, In regards to the quote exceeded message. I've always just right-clicked, selected copy, and moved it over to my Google Drive then downloaded it. Thus far I haven't experienced any issues. Hopefully that will work for you sir.
  7. My condolences to Mr. Ralph and his family. His Md-83 panel was amazing. Great person and did not mind helping at all.
  8. The best recommendation I can give is to check out a good tutorial and start from the basics. It's hard to resist the temptation and just dive right it but I will say the Maddog is a bit daunting and requires a little study. I would also check out the flythemaddogx support forums as well as Chuck's Guides he has an awesome guide that includes a tutorial I believe.
  9. No I don't think you've missed anything as I looked around for it and doesn't seem to be modeled just yet.
  10. Thank You Capt. Ernst, you inspired alot of us in this hobby and in the industry. RIP my friend.
  11. I believe your referring to your CTOT sir. Your autocoarsen or autofeather computer feathers your prop in the event of an engine failure. I haven't pulled the trigger on this one just yet so can't comment on Carenado's rendition.
  12. Ha! It's funny you mentioned Deer Valley. Being from Mississippi and the storms we get I figured I'd seen it all until I flight trained at DVT. Everything from the Virga's over PHX to steering clear of rotors in north AZ around Payson, some of my most memorable weather related moments have been in Arizona not to mention the flights that got cancelled due to density altitude. Nevertheless gorgeous location and great flying experiences especially Sedona! (Sorry, didnt mean to hijack post) So sad what happened in SXM, thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved.
  13. You will take my upvote and like it! lol Thanks for the update Ryan
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