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  1. Welp! That settles that. Thanks for the heads up @jon b will definitely check this one out.
  2. The pleasure was ours Raul! Safe travels home!
  3. Just to chime in we had an amazing time. Unfortunately missed @Steve Dra due to an interview appointment, the number of attendants present was indeed amazing to see. In addition to being very family friendly, I was able to bring the entire clan. Tons of smiling faces and hand shakes, was a short drive for me but planning on happily traveling to wherever the next one is being held.
  4. I’ve been looking at this one as well. If it’s anything like the SR22 should be a solid addon.
  5. Super excited to see this! Tried to send the 300 on a quick trip but for some reason couldn’t get it to accept the standard elevator trim inputs via the switches on my Honeycomb Alpha. Perhaps it was something on my end 🤷‍♂️ Aside from that, looked pretty good in sim
  6. Love seeing shots of my home state! Great work my friend.
  7. Definitely an interesting bird. https://orbxdirect.com/product/p750-msfs
  8. We had the opportunity to interview Mikey McBryan from 'Ice Pilots NWT" he was amazing to talk to. Enjoy!
  9. Strange, for some reason DLSS doesn't come up as an option for me after TAA, still on version 516 drivers and tried both DX11 as well as 12.
  10. We had the opportunity to speak with Nick from FlightFX, very insightful and touched a several topics regarding the Hondajet and their upcoming project. Thought I'd share it here hope you guys enjoy! Link to the live show replay is in the podcast description as Nick also showcases the upcoming Vision Jet. https://anchor.fm/closedtraffic/episodes/
  11. I pulled the trigger, great looking airplane and fun to fly. Unfortunately no TDS capability, just the PMS. The WT G3X pairs great with it however. Hopefully we see TDS capability at some point.
  12. Been keep an eye on this one for sure. Looks pretty good.
  13. Hello Noel, Thanks so much for the feedback! Will work on captions for this video and videos moving forward. Thank You Johnny
  14. Hello All! Few days ago we had the privilege of interviewing Kerry McCauley author of "Ferry Pilot" and also appeared on Discovery Channel's "Dangerous Flights". We had an awesome time and wanted to share it here. Podcast verson is also available at most outlets. https://www.closedtrafficpodcast.com/post/the-infamous-aviator-extraordinaire-kerry-mccauley-joins-ctp-live-tuesday-5-31-2200z
  15. I had the same problem, found out they had some issues with the store. Seems to be working ok now I was able to download and install the latest.
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