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  1. Hey Adam, maybe Rex fixes it?...last flight in NZMF I had a few weeks ago, IIRC had frozen sea ice which never happens there... same issue at MtCook and Glen Tanner
  2. Looks fantastic....hope they sort the unseasonal snow and ice issues....and Wanaka is next! Edit: I thought Sergio was involved with NZA now?
  3. Excellent! That worked thanks Byronb! Great community we have here at Avsim with people that know their word not allowed and willing to help!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion.... will have a look Edit: I'm afraid this didn't work either ...I'll see what A2A has to say about...
  5. I suspect it is something wrong with my system, but in saying that, every other addon works as it should. There is no sound inside the plane..outside is okay. No the accusim service isn't running properly. The updater dosent work and has errors. I have to reinstall the Comanche every update. Yes the sound is turned up on the tablet.
  6. Useless.... Inside sound dosent work anymore with the update (yes I have tried all the suggested fixes) ... and the updater never works for me so I have to do a complete reinstall of the Comanche for every update...I'm done
  7. Agree with what you say and your list mostly but what about the FSreborn Sting?
  8. No I don't... I know about it but haven't tried it. I will give it a go. Cheers BTW ..my hours and all the changes (speed fairings etc) are all there!
  9. Cheers thanks.!... just run the CCcleaner so hope that's tidied things up a bit I'm still having problems with msfs itself as seems to hang and not sttart when I start a flight with add on aircraft and airports. The way around this is that i hop into a default aircaft first and then back into the aircaft I want to fly...bit annoying all these issues as I have limited time to fly and spend most if it fixing and updating!
  10. Thanks Adam! I will try that as my PC probably needs a cleanout. Since my rant I have managed to uninstall the a2a files from the start menu and reinstall the Comanche! Yah !....only problem I think I've lost my hours on the Comanche.
  11. Can't even access a2a forum which is annoying to say the least to report this probelm. Tried updating to 1.2 ...wont update as I get error... manually took out of community folder and then reinstall as advusd on a2a forum. Won't reinstall as it says to remove through apps Uninstaller. Tried that and get another error as it says it could not remove the input configuration link...so Iam completely stuck. Actually I am word not allowed off and want a refund as I have never so much trouble installing updates of an aircaft in 20 years of simming .
  12. It didn't work for me either but I deleted the Comanche from the community folder and reinstalled
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