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  1. Looks like Sim Skunk Works (check out their Facebook page) are developing a SF-260....maybe we will have two eventually?
  2. Ok cheers. Hopefully it's solved soon!
  3. Does anybody know what happened to this project by Simcoders and JRollon for MSFS? I thought it would of been out by now as it was under development as early as 2020.
  4. Does the world update include NZ as well as Australia?
  5. I would if I could but can't get into the Orbx forums for some reason ...Ok now I'm in....
  6. I think it looks great but I agree that Manukau could have more high rises depicted, especially since you see these on approach to NZAA and NZAR (depending on what runway is in use). Also the ASB building in the CBD is no longer the ASB building (hasn't being for some years) and the signs should come off.
  7. Flightbeams NZAA for MSFS will be out very soon I believe
  8. Awesome ....be picking this up soon. Am flying from one of end of NZ to the other and the next leg is NZNE to NZAR so the timing is perfect.
  9. I only have the Seneca but the wind screen anti ice doesn't get in the way for me.
  10. ....and just released! https://www.facebook.com/523077631163948/posts/2298429136962113/
  11. Just announced on FB. Looks sweet .. https://www.facebook.com/523077631163948/posts/2296842543787439/?sfnsn=mo
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