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  1. Hi markadeane Thanks for your help FYI I did as you suggested did a simple flight plan from NZTG to NZAA using LENGE as the approach point and it worked perfectly. So it looks like your are correct, that TOONA is not in the data base. So I guess now I need to use little nave map (which I have open on a separate machine) to randomly select approach points until I find one that is in the data base? Thanks again for the help. Best wishes. Bob PS I think I am going to enjoy the ATR very much. I like the 42 as opposed to the 72, also the level of detail is fine by me.
  2. Hi Thank you very much for the reply. That sort of makes sense as I don't have navigraph or any nav data installed. (I guess the PMDG 737 somehow has this nav point in its data base as the PMDG 737 finds TOONA?) I will have a go to see if I can set a SIMPLY flight plan from NZGS to NZAA via one of the points you recommend and see how I get on. However I feel I need more BASIC info on FMC use. As most of the time I am simply guessing what to enter. As I say at the moment I am not interested in following correct flight plans STAR SID or and V-Nav stuff but do like to be able to set a nav point then get a the Autopilot to follow it. Very much what I do in a GA aircraft . which I use most of the time. Thanks again for the help. Best wishes. Bob
  3. Hi all Excellent video's I am really enjoying the ATR However I have a question that hopefully someone will be able to help me with. Relating to entering my own independent flight plan into the FMC. I would like to enter MY OWN VERY SIMPLE flight plan into the FMC say only a departure, one nav point which is approximately 20 NM from the arrival runway and the destination runway eg. As a Kiwi I usually fly in NZ, so I would like to depart from NZGS arrive at NZAA using TOONA as a approach point to the Auckland runway. I can enter the DEP / ARV no issues but don't seam to be able to enter any nave points? I cant even get the FMC to accept a direct to nav point other than the arrival runway. I am not very familiar with using a FMC, BUT in other aircraft I can normally get this to work. (e.g. in PMDG 737 or the Airosoft CRJ. Note: I am not bothered about following proper flight plane e.g. STAR or SID. So even if I could simply enter a direct to TOONA I would be happy. However no mater what I try to enter into the FMC it reports "not in database". I like to manual fly the departure and arrival / landings but use the auto pilot for the boring bit in the middle. I am aware this is probably my lack of knowledge, So is there a FMC for dummies video or document somewhere? Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes. Bob
  4. Hi all I have not tried it for a while but I gave up on DX12 and frame generation due to CTD I put it down to DX12 still being beta so I hope it is still being worked on? Best wishes Bob
  5. Hi all For some reason I cant get the pilot to show in the external view with the just flight PA28 Arrow III or the Just flight Turbo Arrow. I can get the co-pilot to show if I select in in the tablet. But no pilot. Any suggestions? No problems in other add-on aircraft Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes Bob
  6. Hi all A question before I wast time. I got board and felt like revisiting IL2 for a few combat missions. Its been years since I used any flight sim but MSFS2020 and I have the honeycomb Alpha and Bravo set up perfectly for MSFS2020. However I disconnected my honeycomb kit and reconnected my CH HOTAS kit to have a go at IL2. I desperately don’t want to loose all my honeycomb kit settings in MSFS 2020 (configuring flight controls is one thing I find frustrating in MSFS2020). So, if I load MSFS 2020 with my CH HOTAS kit attached to the PC in the short term, will MSFS2020 be clever enough to remember my Honeycomb set up when I I disconnect the CH HOTAS kit and reconnect the honeycomb kit. Alternatively are there some flight control files I could copy for when I re attach the honeycomb kit Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes Bob
  7. Hi all Thanks for the reply and suggestions. A quick update. I chose to accept DX12 is still beta so until it is out of Beta I will stay with DX11 Something Adamski_NZ said to me the other night got me thinking about my monitor. I was mistaken, it is not locked at 60 refresher rate, it was however set at 60. It can indeed go up to 120 So I set it at 100. In MSFS2020 it was a smooth as silk. However lost of screen tearing. so in MSFS 2020 I enabled V-Sync at 50% of refresher rate. I now believe I am getting 50FPS locked everywhere which has removed the screen tearing and minor stutters when panning. Not quite as good as having the the frame generator thingy on but as the frame generator thingy requires DX12, which is causing my crash to desktop I will be more then happy with DX11 and locked 50 FPS which appears very smooth to my old eyes. Best wishes Bob
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply. I did wonder about NVIDIA drivers so I updated them today but with the same result. Perhaps its just the beta thing. It not a big issue Its just with DX11 and DX12 I seam to need v-sinc enabled to stop the screen tearing. With DX11 It feels as like the FPS cant quite keep above 60 all the time (60 is my monitor refresher rate) so my theory is, the game drops to 30 for a few seconds particularly when panning etc. However with DX12 it is super smooth in all situations. My theory is DX12 stays well above the 60 FPS so it never drops to 1/2 of the screen refresher rate ie 30 FPS. At least that's my theory, but as a old Mechanic Engineer what would I know about all this stuff. Best wishes. Bob
  9. Hi all. I recently bought a new PC Intel I9 12 gen with the NVIDIA 4090 card, I am still on Win 10 pro. If I select DX12 and the frame gen thingy I get Crash to Desktop after about 30 min of flying. It seams to be not dependent on aircraft or location etc. If I revert to DX11 all is stable but not quite as smooth! Any suggestions of what might be causing the Crash? Or is this just something I need to expect as DX 12 is still Beta? Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes. Bob
  10. Hi all I also have the 4090 card in a new machine. when I turned on DX12 beta with frame generation it certainly was a lot smother. Sadly MSFS crashed 2 times with DX12 and frame generation on (the crash was with 2 different aircraft in 2 different places, all temps are fine and no overclocking etc. I am still using win 10 pro and the cpu is a i9 1290kf ). So I went back to DX11 and re tried both flights which seamed fine. I guess it is due to DX12 still being beta??? Anyone have a suggestion as to what may be causing the crash? or is this simply something we need to expect with DX12 still being beta. Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes. Bob
  11. Hi all Can some one advise how i can remove TrueGlass from P3d V5.3? Thanks in advance if you can help. best wishes Bob
  12. Hi Thanks for the reply That was very helpful. My instinct was that it had something to do with Chase Plane but I could not see it. I mapped tilt up tilt down pan left and pan right to the hat switch and it now seams to work. Thanks again Best wishes Bob
  13. Hi all I just got a new flight sim PC I also have the honeycomb alpha and bravo controllers. The Honeycomb kit is working fine in MSFS 2020. Also all the buttons work in win 10 control panel. However for the life of me, I cant get the view panning to work in P3D V5. I can assign it in the sim and it reports that pan is assigned to the hat switch BUT in the cockpit nothing happens. I am also using chase plane I cant find any reference to chase plane needing any thing special with panning views If some one could point me in the correct direction as to what I may be doing wrong it would be appreciated PS I have downloaded and installed the software. At this point I am not interested in a profile I just want to get the panning to work. so I can move from there Thanks in advance if you can help. Best wishes Bob
  14. Hi all Quick update from me. (topic starter) After using Active Sky for the past several days, I am very satisfied. To the kind folk who recommended Active Sky I thank you. It is simple to use and a considerable improvement to P3D in general. Thanks again. Best wishes. Bob
  15. Hi all Thanks for the recommendations. I have taken the advice and bought Active Sky P3D. installed it and just completing my first flight . All seams to be going fine. I have a few questions to start with: 1/ How do I know if it is using the Rex Sky_Force 3D cloud shape and texture rather than P3D cloud shape and texture? At present everything looks vert different to what I am use to (far more clouds than I normally get. It also has a more gray feel to it which is good) 2/ What are the biggest factors that effect sim performance *FPS) It seams to be performing fine at the moment. However, I am currently using the Majestic Dash 8 which always went fine. Given the increased details of the clouds I am expecting a more FPS hungry aircraft will hit FPS somewhat. Thanks again for all the help so far and thanks in advance if you can help with my questions. Best wishes Bob
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