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  1. Hi all Quick update from me. (topic starter) After using Active Sky for the past several days, I am very satisfied. To the kind folk who recommended Active Sky I thank you. It is simple to use and a considerable improvement to P3D in general. Thanks again. Best wishes. Bob
  2. Hi all Thanks for the recommendations. I have taken the advice and bought Active Sky P3D. installed it and just completing my first flight . All seams to be going fine. I have a few questions to start with: 1/ How do I know if it is using the Rex Sky_Force 3D cloud shape and texture rather than P3D cloud shape and texture? At present everything looks vert different to what I am use to (far more clouds than I normally get. It also has a more gray feel to it which is good) 2/ What are the biggest factors that effect sim performance *FPS) It seams to be performing fine at the moment. However, I am currently using the Majestic Dash 8 which always went fine. Given the increased details of the clouds I am expecting a more FPS hungry aircraft will hit FPS somewhat. Thanks again for all the help so far and thanks in advance if you can help with my questions. Best wishes Bob
  3. Hi all I have been using FSX and P3D for many years however I never bothered with live weather. I would like to give it a try. I have Rex SkyForce 3D installed (also for several years) as I enjoy what it does to the clouds etc. However I never tried the weather engine. I gave it a try the other day and to my horror it stopped P3D V4.5 form working at all I had to reinstall P3D V4.5 to get it working again. To test my theory I again turned the weather engine in Rex SkyForce 3D on, with the same result (P3D V4.5 crashing to desktop after it tries to load a flight). So after a 2nd full reinstall of P3D V4.5 as you can imagine I will not turn the weather engine on again. However I would like to try live weather, so any recommendations for a SAFE weather engine ? I am not bothered by the cloud shape and textures as I am happy with the REX SkyForce 3D cloud shape and textures. Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions recommendations. Best wishes. Bob
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply I did figure that, I guess its just a coincident that my connection issues started at the same time. Best wishes Bob
  5. Hi thanks I guess it makes me feel a little better to know I am not alone. Out of interest, do you have the updated ORBX NZ mesh? I ask as I have this and the connection issues started after activating the mesh. In my mind I cant see a mesh causing a internet disconnect (But what would I know) Later today I may do a little experiment and turn the mesh off and see if it makes a difference. Best wishes. Bob
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply I tried the test you suggested (on my laptop which is connected by wireless to the same modem as my flight sim PC however the flight sim PC is via wired connection) I have decided to give MSFS a rest for the minute turned the PC off. However the results are: download 47.57 mbps Upload 38.99 mbps latency 3ms Jitter 3ms connection line quality is excelent I guess this is fine? best wishes Bob
  7. Hi all I am constantly getting connection lost errors and the Bing Data world graphics turning off I did a short flight from NZMF to NZQA, (about a 20 min flight) and had it disconnected about 10 times. Anyone else getting these errors? When I get them the sim keeps rolling but my controls are locked, making landings shall we say somewhat interesting as I got one just before touch down Please note My internet is fine Best wishes Bob
  8. Hi Thanks for the reply I am looking at the event viewer at the moment but how do i know if anything relates to P3d? Also I tried a reinstall of the client to see if that helped but it made no diferance Thanks Bob
  9. Hi all I am hoping someone can help with a issue I am having with P3D v4.5 The issue is ORBX NZ and A2A aircraft no longer like each other. If I load P3D V4.5 select any airport in NZ and an A2A Cessna 172 the sim completes the loading screen then simply is black then Crash to desk top However if I load A2A Cessna and an Australian airport (also ORBX) all works fine. if I select Airplane Heaven DC3 with a NZ airport the sim loads fine So what could it be about the A2A and Orbx NZ causing the crash to desktop. What I have already tried tried. Update windows Update Nvidia driver Uninstall and reinstall Orbx NZNI and Orbx NZSI Uninstall and reinstall A2A Cessna 172 deleted the content of the shades folder. But so far nothing has helped. I also tried the A2A Cessna 182 at NZ which also CTD at NZAA With my limited PC knowledge I have no clue as to what else I can try I also don't know if I should ask Orbx or A2A for help as it would appear to only be a combination I have tried dozens of P3D loads and reboots last night and this morning all with the same result. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated . Best wishes Bob
  10. Hi Adam Good to hear from you The 737 is a work of art However life with MSFS2020 appears to be. Get a magnificent add on on Wednesday. Then a sim update screws up another magnificent update on Thursday. Was P3D like this? Best wishes Bob
  11. Hi Thanks (I think) I disabled Orbx NZ mesh and the elevation issues have gone away Although I think this sim is a excellent piece of software I am beginning to wonder if there will ever be a update that does not screw it up for some users. Thanks again Best wishes Bob
  12. Hi I am using the Orbx NZ mesh I will see if that has an effect Thanks. Bob
  13. Hi all Could someone have a look at the terrain elevations around NZQN after today’s update. Mine have gone very wrong. Rivers on hillsides and cliffs where there should be no cliffs. Thanks in advance if you can have a look and or give advice. Best wishes Bob
  14. Hi all Thanks for the help earlier today re my right engine not going above 600 RPM the right engine was locked into feather. My Honeycomb Bravo Throttle had a default key for feather which I cleared and now both engines are working fine. Best wishes. Bob
  15. Thanks I use a honeycomb throttle but only one axis to throttle I am sure it is not this as the aircraft controls move fine also the manifold pressure moves and the engine does go SLIGHTLY above the complete idle
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