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  1. I've answered my own question by looking at the Rex website - the Alpha is time limited but unfortunately there's no update to replace it. Sooooo I'll go back to using the released version.
  2. Hi Folks. I cranked up Rex Skyforce tonight - its public alpha version 2.6 running with P3Dv5.2 HF1 - and was greeted with 'Test Version - Expired'. When you press the Ók'; button, Skyforce shuts down. Has anyone else experienced this? Regards, Alex
  3. Did a couple of short flights between Auckland and Whangarie in the mighty Dash 8 (… Whangarie’s short and hard-to-see runway at makes for a challenging approach). NZAA is detailed and gorgeous, and has little/no impact on my frame rate. In fact, P3D (v5.2 HF1) has never looked this good on my system - it’s stunning! I have volumetric fog turned off in Prepar3D.cfg, EA turned on but using classic clouds (AS, ASCA and Rex). Thanks Mir (and Team), your NZAA is a benchmark for others to emulate.
  4. Hi there. I had (and still have) exactly the same problem when EA is *not* enabled. My issue is not only papi lights, but runway lights too for some airports. However, with EA enabled everything is fine. Despite help from the community and Simbol, I couldn’t find a root cause.
  5. Hi Simbol. Apologies for the slow updates, my opportunities to enjoy my favourite hobby are limited atm. Unfortunately, the problem persists with AILRP using P3D default scaling AND Envshade uninstalled. Probably not much more you can do and I thank you for the help you've already provided. The only thing I haven't tried (lately) is reinstalling AILRP - might give that a shot. Regards, Alex
  6. Hi Simbol. I followed your instructions re: AILRP settings (and then reset AIRLP settings to default and also restored the original AI lights) and the problem persists. The only thing I haven’t done is uninstall AILRP and see if that fixes that problem, but I can’t see how they would do anything different? Maybe I have to live with EA on for night flying as I really don’t want to do a full reinstall of P3D and my squillions of add ons!
  7. Hi Simbol. Finally had time to do your suggested fault finding and yes, I am running v1.30 of your fabulous addon. Unfortunately the problem persists regardless of AILRP settings. I also performed a P3D Client repair to reset shaders, and deleted all the Envshade related files and folders I could find with ‘TOGA’ in their name. I can’t help but wonder if Envshade has messed something up deeper with P3D’s config.
  8. Thanks Simbol. I'll report back within the next few days. Regards, Alex
  9. Hi folks. I'm aware that Simbol released an AILRP update some time back to resolve this issue, however for whatever reason, I'm still experiencing missing PAPI and (some) runway lights when EA is turned off. I discovered it recently during my first night flight since installing P3Dv5 HF1 (from scratch) late last year. I have many (many) add-ons installed including Envshade/Envtex (all up-to-date), AILRP (latest version 1.30), ASP3D (latest version) and a plethora of Orbx and 3rd party scenery addons - everything is up to date. I posted a question about my problem in the general AVSIM P3D forum and Simbol kindly suggested that perhaps "Envshade hasn't taken my changes.. disable Evnshade temporally and see if that resolves it?" Unfortunately it didn't resolve the problem. The easy thing to do would be to leave EA enabled, but I don’t like EA and prefer the ASP3D+Envshade combination at this juncture. Like all these things, my problem is likely caused by something simple but it has me stumped atm. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? Any suggestions for fault finding? Regards, Alex
  10. Thanks Simbol. My work-life balance is terrible atm (!) and I won’t have the opportunity to perform fault finding until this weekend. I’ll report my findings then. Regards, Alex.
  11. Hi Simbol. I can confirm that I have the latest version of your excellent application. It performed its own upgrade to 1.30 quite recently and it is generally always up to date. Perhaps I should uninstall and then reinstall? Hmmm I’ve also just noticed that I have the dreaded glowing terrain/mountains at night with EA turned on (all is fine when EA is off), and I have the latest Envshade updates ... something weird had happened Regards, Alex.
  12. Hi folks. Sorry about resurrecting an old thread, but I have exactly the same issue as that originally stated by the OP. I discovered the issue on the weekend during my first night flight since installing P3Dv5 HF1 (from scratch) late last year. I have many (many) add-ons installed including Envshade/Envtex, AI Lights Reborn Pro and ASP3D. The easy thing to do would be to leave EA enabled, but I don’t like EA. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? Regards, Alex
  13. I’m not a pilot IRL and cannot vouch for its realism, in an absolute sense. But I do find it ads to the immersion by reacting to local weather and introducing turbulence that I would expect, eg. around mountains, and have also had wind shear a couple of times near storm fronts.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll install and see how it looks.
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