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  1. Is this referring to bright mountains at sunset, ie. distant mountains are much brighter than those in the foreground? If so, I have the same issue (I too use Envshade) but haven’t yet found a solution. Is it acknowledged as an envshade problem?
  2. Howdy. I’m a long time flight simmer and stalker of various forums, and first time poster here. After updating all my P3D components to 5.1 HF1, I was still quite underwhelmed by the EA experience. That was until I took Simbol’s advice and deleted the VolumetricClouds.cfg file and BAM - what a dramatic and completely changed EA experience. Large voluminous clouds with structure that towered above my flight level, storms, multiple cloud layers etc ... very immersive for my humble tube-liner needs. Clearly there is work remaining, eg. the Mars sunset that also makes distant mountains look weird (much lighter than the foreground) and clouds that disappear (but shouldn’t) over time, but P3D, EA and Active Sky are all moving in the right direction and I thank LM and HIFI for their ongoing hard work.
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