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  1. Hi everyone, 1900 SP1 on FSX-SE WIN 7 x64 Not sure what happened, one minute the weather radar was working, then it would do one sweep only through an entire flight, now does nothing?? Any ideas?? Peter
  2. Phoned the number on the activation screen and it was an automated service, straight forward, but rediculous that I had to do it. I paid for it, after all
  3. My biggest complaint with 1900 would be the vague and misaligned adjustment points for the nav and ap. Incredibly annoying and it would appear slap dash. Surely, if you make an aircraft that is this popular and to a high level of detail (as this definitely is), you wouldn't at least make changing frequecies etc to be at least as easy as a vanilla a/c that comes as standard?? Unfortunately this has ruined my favourite aircraft. PMDG 1900 worked much better, alas not so easy to port over as half the gauges need changing and the vc quality looks crap on Fsx. Can the gauges be fixed??
  4. Sorry if this has been covered, couldn't find it if it has. Trying to install Orbx global and vectors to steam but it always defaults to the FSX orig folder and there is no where to change install folders. Same with UT 2, wants to install app data in FSX folders and can't change it! Anyone know what to do?. Regards Peter
  5. I'm surprised more people haven't thought to add this option onto their aircraft?? Flight1 ATR, Corenado B1900 etc. Guess it's time to get the PDFs out! Lol Thanks for your help Apliance, it is exactly the set up I was looking for!!
  6. just checked it out, excellant, just the set up I was looking for, just one picky bit .......... Is there something abit easier?? Amazing aircraft etc, but will take me a year to start the engines :huh: I normally fly B1900, so, just abit simpler than that one many thanks Peter
  7. Hi all, Please move this post if it's the wrong place. I've been racking my brains on a set up so my son can be my co-pilot. The idea is, that I run fs9, in vc on one pc while he's sat at a networked pc with the co-pilots vc view but has his own controls and is able to interact with the same controls I can (flaps, gear etc), like a real co-pilot does ( he is only 10 also). Is there a way to do this?? I have a registered copy of FSUIPC and WideFS. I can run my weather etc from the networked pc. I have FS9 installed on the second PC also. Spent a very late night (morning), pulling my hair out last night and being frowned at by my wife!! Anyone help or send me in the right direction?? Regards Peter
  8. Not being funny mate, but I know my PC, had it long enough and considering its a fresh install with only the 9.1 upgrade and the large file upgrade added to it at this point, I disagree and would happily post images of my processor use, nay a damd video if you like?? Just wanted to add info to the forum and maybe get some USEFUL feedback to explain why it is as it is, because I do not know why it uses BOTH CORES. See other posts, trying to find the answer Peter
  9. I'm using and old amd 64 x2 6400. It's not great, but can't afford upgrade. My fs9 uses both cores, (I have 9.1 upgrade)?? Actually maxes both cores So, if fs9 is single core, how come it uses both and could this info be useful to the original poster??
  10. Hi to all, Not that it is something I plan to do, but, when attempting a landing in some user defended, nigh hurricane weather, I crashed. Normally this means you hit the ground and and a green bar comes across the top of the screen saying crash, then restarts. Mine seems to go underground, spin around uncontrollably, then throws you high up into the sky spinning, you then have to manually end the flight or it carries on and on. Anyone know why this could be, it's got me stumped. I have tested this with add on aircraft and stock aircraft, and has the same results. Peter
  11. As a bit of reverse psychology, will any fsx gauges work in fs9??
  12. Will it not run on win 7 in XP combatability mode??
  13. Hi all, My son wanted me to build him an airport that runs through our back garden (he's 10). I have figured out all the exclusion and background polys, i can make the runways etc with ADE9, but buildings im stuck with. Is it possible to move or copy an airport & buildings, then place it where i want??? Many thanks Peter
  14. He wants an airport named after him in the back garden, that he can fly a 747 from ....... Hmmm time the flatten the town and exclude all the buildings then!! Need room for Benjamin International!!! I'm sure they won't mind :| Peter
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