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  1. Hi all, Ok, these have probably been bought up in other strings and i could be here all night trying to find the answers (That would de-tract from my ADE time !!! (SHOCK) ) I'm trying to find out if i can ..... - Get better taxiway lighting, the small blue ones at the adge are just too dim and the greens centre line lights look a mess at junctions - Make taxiway marking clearer, stand out more from the concrete - Flood lighting affect for aprons - How to extend an airports flat area, if you look on the "look down" view, you can clearly see an area for the airport that is different from the scenery, how do i make that bigger or add new bits?? - Buildings ...... need some ^_^ Any other easy beginner level bits and bobs you guys can think of. I've learnt how to make flight plans using AIFP2, how to add 3rd party AI aircraft, how to change airports with ADE (mmm ADE :lol: ), how to add airfields. Would love to build my own airport from scratch, can't seem to find anything spacifically about that on the net at all ?? Any info would be great, but keep it simple Thanks Peter -
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