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    oculus rift

    pmdg 747, 777, fsl320 etc. all run smooth using p3dv4 native vr if oculus tray is used with asw=off.
  2. kdfw__

    ATR Progress?

    bad idea speculating in light of facts saying otherwise....
  3. kdfw__

    MaddogX working in 4.3?

    no problem here getting the incremental patch.
  4. kdfw__

    MaddogX working in 4.3?

    there are full and incremental updates for 4.3 in the official forum.
  5. temporary work around for me is to comment out the window entry for the 'light sensor' in panel.cfg like //window18=Light Sensor (777) until a solution is offered. not sure what the light sensor gauge is doing, but i'd rather fly than have a white box in front.
  6. it zooms in/out like you do sitting in the vc.
  7. just tested out the new v4.3, single pass rendering is now working good. you can now zoom in/out in vr, and pop up panels also show up in the vc (you can move it via combination of keys and left mouse button but settings are forgotten when panels are closed). single pass fix makes for smoother flights and looks like dynamic lighting isn't as heavy as before.
  8. i see this on the 777 as well as the fsla320.
  9. kdfw__

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    if you read the p3dv43 change list on the very first post, you'll know if vr performance was improved or not. as for why the rush to update, thanks for the advice but updated anyway.
  10. kdfw__

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    don't need to uninstall fsl, just go to \Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs and rename 'add-on.xml' to something like 'xadd-on.xml' and it will prevent fsl stuff from loading and allows p3dv43 to run.
  11. kdfw__

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    toga should engage without the need to press the at button. in fact, pressing the toga button the throttles should engage the at button. this still needs to be fixed.
  12. kdfw__

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    Evolution of VR hw (HMD and UI) are essential for FS. What’s available now is quite amazing but looking forward to new hw with improved performance.
  13. kdfw__

    FSL Website hacked ??

    40 year old 4chan trolling.
  14. For those who are enjoying the VR (mind blowing) experience, the following VC eyepoints are correct per FCOM: 744 [Views] eyepoint = 78.972, -1.745, 16.1282 777-200LR [Views] eyepoint = 80.029, -1.825, 7.7540 777-300ER [Views] eyepoint = 96.344, -1.825, 7.7540 3D rendering of the VC allows the eyepoint to be set per FCOM without the yoke blocking the view of the main instrument panel or the need to set the eyepoint to capture enough of the the main flight instruments in the forward view projected on a 2D monitor.
  15. kdfw__

    P3d v4.3

    For VR users, they fixed the single-pass rendering bug so 4.3 is eagerly anticipated.
  16. kdfw__

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    no eye strain but not a problem taking vr off and use the 55" 4k while in cruise phase and surf the web, then putting vr back on for descent/land.
  17. kdfw__

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    VR is one of those things where “seeing is believing.” For $400 one can get a HMD that’s perfectly suitable for flight sim and yes, next gen HW will improve performance on the margins (wider FOV, higher resolution, larger focal sweet spot) but again, unless experienced, it’s hard to accept how good the 1st gen consumer model is—supersample tendering in full 3D... I’ve tried 3D goggles in the past and have a nice 4k tv with trackIR, but VR is without a doubt a more immersive and realistic way to enjoy flying airplanes like the PMDG tubeliners (and helicopters, fighters, etc.). Can’t read and program the FMC in VR? Well, I need to lean forward towards it, just like one would do in the real cockpit. Trying VR with new or 2nd hand HW is getting cheaper so if one already has capable HW (CPU, gfx card), it’s definitely a good time to give it a try. I got my OR CV1 few months ago half expecting to return it to Best Buy after getting disappointed with 1st gen HW but once I “sat” inside the PMDG 744, I became a true believer in VR. Seeing is believing. Life is short.
  18. kdfw__

    Eric Ernst

    thanks Simon!
  19. kdfw__

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    Indeed, the FS world lost a pioneer in the high fidelity desktop airliner sim genre, but most tragically, Eric left his family at such a young age... I remember going to the local Micro Center and buying a box of the Wilco 767PIC for FS2000 and it was such an amazing simulation--the team led by Eric showed that a desktop computer can accurately model a complex airliner with a fully functional AP and FMC! Thanks to Eric and his team's efforts, we have a thriving hobby for learning and flying complex aircraft--making flying and learning aircraft systems accessible to everyone who dreams of flight. https://www.avsim.com/pages/0301/767pic/pic.html
  20. kdfw__

    Eric Ernst

    Actually, Simon is putting together a write up on Eric to be placed in the ‘in memoriam’ section so we can all pay tribute to the pioneer of high fidelity desk top airliner simulation.
  21. kdfw__

    Disappointment at Wing Creations Tokyo Narita scenery

    this rjaa is a little dated but if bought during sale, a decent rendition of rjaa. airport surrounding is also underwhelming so this afcad mod will make things look more like the real place. https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=200846
  22. kdfw__

    Best KLAX for p3dv4?

    Umberto, pay no attention to trolls and the professors of flight simulation. klax is just fine.
  23. kdfw__

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    i use the p3dv4 native vr , recenters to those coordinates which give the proper perspective within 3d space. not an issue for me, have buttons on ch yoke, throttle quadrant mapped to the usual functions (ap, toga, trim, at disco, etc.), the mouse does the rest. if keyboard has to be accessed, just peek down the opening down the nose... as for poor resolution, running with oculus tray with >1.8 supersampling clears things a lot (turn asw off), one doesn't need to see the smallest detail in the vc to know what the instruments are saying (90% or 91% EPR, splitting hair). it's personal preference so depends on what one values: 3d immersion or 2d clarity. for me personally, the 55" 4k with tir has been nice but will fly flight sim in the rift any day.
  24. kdfw__

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    the field of view for the oculus cv1 is about 110deg, like wearing goggles but quite adequate for simulation. it's like being in plane, 1:1 if you like; if you turn your head 90deg to left, you're looking 90deg to left in the virtual world. everything is rendered in 3d so there's depth in the vc, depth to the outside world (in the 747 you're way up above gnd).
  25. kdfw__

    PA-24 Fatal Crash caught on traffic camera

    if you want to see mainly GA accidents compiled in the U.S., this is a good site http://www.kathrynsreport.com/ so many cases where GA fliers confront IMC and go down, sometimes taking their whole family with them.