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  1. new open beta released yesterday, vc is even better, night lighting is superb.
  2. kdfw__


    Use oculus tray tool? Set supersample >1.5 for image quality and asw=off to prevent stutter/jitter.
  3. kdfw__

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    $140 is about 4.3 carenados (@$32/model on sale to be generous), which makes the fsl bus a great bargain. Don’t get me wrong, c337 and pc12 are great (after rxp gauge and Bert’s fixes) for what they are supposed to do.
  4. yeah, rift cv1 is a good value and will keep me going until cv2 with newer vid card become available in few years. life span is finite, is it worth waiting for 'the' version to come out or enjoy cv1 now which is nothing short of amazing compared to a large 4k screen with tir? i'd argue for the 2nd option. the p3dv4 native vr is quite good now--with decent supersampling things clear up ok and the zoom function makes instruments crystal clear.
  5. https://qwsim.flight1.net/forums/ultimate-787-version-1-1-2-released_topic11378.html
  6. what's with the -400 base activation failure? is this something i need to submit tix to fix?
  7. great, option for mouse control will make usage in VR easier. thanks.
  8. i run or on cores not used by p3d just to keep things separated. or at least not on core0 where the main p3d thread runs.
  9. my setup is perfectly fine for p3dv4 helicopters over complex orbx scenery with good wx depiction. helicopters are relatively light compared to complex tubeliner models so can get good fps in vr.
  10. kdfw__

    Is VR blurry?

    use oculus tray tool to set the profile for p3d (super sampling=2.0, asw mode=off).
  11. kdfw__

    who stole the plane

    Would be interesting to see how wsj frames this story. Probably more balanced than the 40yr old 4chan guy here.
  12. kdfw__

    FlyTampa vs FSDT performance impact

    Just try the fsdt demos, no need to speculate on performance and waste time. Fsdt stuff run perfectly fine. If it doesn’t, setup is suspect.
  13. kdfw__

    World/cockpit scale in P3D v4.3

    Things are cramped for a reason: need to reach knobs and switches from either side and read from common gauges like eicas. So perspective inside vc using vr is correct, subject to the quality of the modeler’s effort. You shouldn’t be hitting the your head against the oh panel if your eye point in aircraft.cfg is correct.
  14. just tested out the new v4.3, single pass rendering is now working good. you can now zoom in/out in vr, and pop up panels also show up in the vc (you can move it via combination of keys and left mouse button but settings are forgotten when panels are closed). single pass fix makes for smoother flights and looks like dynamic lighting isn't as heavy as before.
  15. kdfw__

    oculus rift

    pmdg 747, 777, fsl320 etc. all run smooth using p3dv4 native vr if oculus tray is used with asw=off.
  16. kdfw__

    ATR Progress?

    bad idea speculating in light of facts saying otherwise....
  17. kdfw__

    MaddogX working in 4.3?

    no problem here getting the incremental patch.
  18. kdfw__

    MaddogX working in 4.3?

    there are full and incremental updates for 4.3 in the official forum.
  19. temporary work around for me is to comment out the window entry for the 'light sensor' in panel.cfg like //window18=Light Sensor (777) until a solution is offered. not sure what the light sensor gauge is doing, but i'd rather fly than have a white box in front.
  20. it zooms in/out like you do sitting in the vc.
  21. i see this on the 777 as well as the fsla320.
  22. kdfw__

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    if you read the p3dv43 change list on the very first post, you'll know if vr performance was improved or not. as for why the rush to update, thanks for the advice but updated anyway.
  23. kdfw__

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    don't need to uninstall fsl, just go to \Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs and rename 'add-on.xml' to something like 'xadd-on.xml' and it will prevent fsl stuff from loading and allows p3dv43 to run.
  24. kdfw__

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    toga should engage without the need to press the at button. in fact, pressing the toga button the throttles should engage the at button. this still needs to be fixed.
  25. kdfw__

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    Evolution of VR hw (HMD and UI) are essential for FS. What’s available now is quite amazing but looking forward to new hw with improved performance.