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  1. I don't know. No matter if FSL comes with an A330 and have a brief monopoly on that aircraft, I don't think we still live in a time in which you can sell a product at $149.99 and then ask $60 for each variant and then again $70 for sharklets. This time has come to an end. PMDG has a monopoly on most Boeing aircraft and I don't think the 777 will cost as much as it cost on P3D. Even on the A330, I don't think FSLabs would have a monopoly. Fenix might come with an A330 at some stage, maybe even before FSLabs. About the A320, there is so much choice right now (Fenix, LatinVFR, FBW, and soon Inibuilds) that FsLabs would be fool to come with another A320 and even more with their former P3D prices. Most of us bought the Fenix now and only few of us would buy a FSLabs A320 now. It would have to come with specs never seen before in msfs for most of us to switch.
  2. £39.99 for all the different versions of the A319 CEO and A321 CEO? At that price, it's an absolute bargain. They could have easily priced it at £50 and it would sell like hot cakes. Honestly, day 1 purchase for me, those kind of developers need all our support. I won't compare Fenix with FsLabs, each has it's pros & cons, but just remember how much simmers paid for the different versions of the A319, A320 and A321 in P3D.
  3. Let's hope that PMDG's secret project is the 787 so we will be able to close the Quality Wings subject for good. When msfs was released, I remember I chose the Deluxe version because I told myself that I didn't need the 787 in the premium because the QW 787 was not far away. How wrong I was! I since bought the upgrade during a sale and don't even care about QW at all. They probably are gone for good.
  4. I made the mistake to buy the Ifly 737 for a FSX a long time ago. I won't do it anymore unless the PMDG 737 MAX cost three time the price of the Ifly. I don't say that Ifly 737MAX will be bad and the Ifly for fsx was pretty decent, no complain about that. But I remember on fsx, updates were less frequent and I always has troubles to find the livery I wanted when it was always available for the PMDG.
  5. I don't really see where is the problem. I buy a lot of add-ons but it's clear I will never have them all. I have to make some choices with the aircrafts I want to buy & fly and the destinations I want to fly to, the quality of the add-ons, etc. Just like anybody else I suppose. People have different tastes, different destinations, so there is a market for every add-ons. Yes, some developper will walk into another developer shoes, and they will have to share the cake. Or one of them will rush it's product to come first. Or another will have the best add-on and sell more. yes, It is a competitive market, especially for sceneries developers.
  6. Always the same story... People were waiting for the 6.0 to be a game changer. It wasn't... Now, the hopes are on a 7.0 with a new engine... Sadly most developpers completely abandonned P3D, and I don't really trust the few that still try to tell promises (we'll have a look at P3D once our products will be available on msfs). Do we really think that FsLabs or PMDG will return to the current P3D when their full line will be available on msfs? In 2026? 2027? Come on, let be serious! About a 7.0, it is still rumors, we don't even know if LM will ever release a 7.0, or I will say it they would make it available for the public. My 2 cts with the 6.0 is that they don't care that much anymore about the leisure market.
  7. It's not a mistake in the meaning that they are losing money. It's a mistake in the meaning they could have easily earn way more. I repeat myself but considering the quality of their product, they priced it too low. It's not that it makes me sad. Like everybody else, of course I'm delighted to have such product at that price.
  8. Or maybe the fact is Fenix outpriced their product. Honnestly, they had to build a name first but they could have sold their A320 at $60 and people would have bought it anyway. Of course I prefer it this way as we had a wonderful product at a low price but I really think they made a mistake.
  9. It's a fantastic update, can't wait to come back to the Bae146. And even more incredible, it's a free update for current users. Thanks you Just flight and I definitively will buy more of your produtcs in the future.
  10. It's more complicated compared to an Airbus & Boeing for sure. But like for everything, there are tons of tutorial videos on YT to master the beast.
  11. Wow, it's not reassuring... the MD-11 is really an aircraft I loved to fly in fsx so I that's really an aircraft I would like to have in my msfs hangar. Hope things will get better by the time it is released
  12. Another gem coming to msfs. Can't wait and definitely a purchase for me. It's not ready yet but our patience will be rewarded.
  13. It's a shame but completely understandable as there are no room for two actors on that airport. it's a shame because msfs has the tools to bring us quality airports but far too often, it is becoming a race between developpers to be first on a market, even if it means a lower quality.
  14. Too soon to tell. It will mainly depends on what msfs2024 will be and what it will bring compared to msfs. It will also depends of it's stability and if the current add-on will be easily compatible with the new version. If msfs2024 really start from the current status of msfs with improved ATC, improved features like a weather radar, improved default airports and new and improved default aircraft, then it will be a combo difficult to beat. Some will tell, that we will have to pay again for the new sim but honnestly for most of us, with the amount of money we spend on add-ons for msfs, I really think the price of msfs2024 won't be a huge hurdle. And even if asobo say that msfs will still be updated, history tell that their focus will mainly be on the new version. Developers may also take profit of new features in 2024, so soon or later msfs will become obsolete.
  15. Another ghost developper is FS Labs. I'm sure they are working on something for msfs (at least the concorde) as they won't stay financialy afloat very long with P3D. But are they working on something else? How far are they in their development? It's the complete mistery. Even if the concorde is something special, it remains a niche aircraft, something not everybody would buy. And if they also work on their usual A32X, the market is already completely flooded. It would have to be something never seen before on a A320 to see most people buy a FSL A320 when they already own the Fenix. Our best hope is that they switched to the A330 as they would only have Aerosoft to deal with on that project.
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